Mike Pence hit Joe Biden with one reality check that Democrats feared the most

Polls in the Presidential race are tightening and Democrats are beginning to panic.

Joe Biden’s lead no longer looks so secure.

And Mike Pence hit Joe Biden with one reality check that Democrats feared the most.

Joe Biden emerged from his basement bunker after the Republican National Convention because his poll numbers were dropping like a rock.

Recent polls suggested President Trump’s attack on Biden for tolerating riots are taking its toll.

Biden’s handlers shuffled him off to Pennsylvania where he delivered a bizarre speech where he lost his train of thought and tried to claim he took a strong stand on the riots.

Appearing in Pennsylvania, Vice President Pence ripped Biden’s phony claims to take a tough stance on riots.

“Yesterday, we heard Joe Biden kind of mouth words against violence in the streets, but then he very quickly criticized law enforcement. He described an unwarranted police shooting, while an investigation is still going on. He never mentioned Antifa. He never mentioned the radical left mobs that have been tearing asunder and setting fire to many of our major cities over the last three months. And I think that what the American people know, and they saw it today in Kenosha with President Trump’s visit there, is we have a president today, who is going to stand for law and order. We’re going to stand with the men and women of law enforcement.”

Pence also blasted Biden for being too weak to stand up to the radical left and reflexively attacking police officers in his speech.

“Jacob Blake, that’s a tragic situation that’s under investigation today. … But I want to let the investigation play out. It’s remarkable that Joe Biden, yesterday, announced that it was an unwarranted police shooting before we have all the facts in. But, frankly, if you look at the last administration, Joe Biden and Barack Obama often reflexively criticized law enforcement,” the Vice President continued.

The momentum in the race has turned on this issue.

Biden is now even traveling to Kenosha, Wisconsin to try and shore up his support in the wake of his supporters burning down the city.

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