Mike Pence hit Donald Trump with a 2024 curveball that no one expected

Mike Pence likes to play up his role as Vice President in the Trump administration.

But now Trump has another thing coming.

And Mike Pence hit Donald Trump with a 2024 curveball that no one expected.

Mike Pence is clearly setting the stage to run for President again in 2024.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Pence sounded like a Presidential candidate by slamming Joe Biden for his miserable failures on foreign and domestic policy.

“At a time when we have inflation at a 40-year-high, gasoline prices more than doubled since we left office, a crisis at our southern border, war in Eastern Europe, a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, maybe this just comes from living back in Indiana again, but, those are the things I’m focused on, and frankly, those are the things people talk to me about everywhere,” Pence told Fox News Digital. “The issues that are bearing upon the American people are, as is often the case, not what Washington is focused on.”

Pence tried to dodge talk of a 2024 campaign by claiming his sole focus was on the 2022 Midterm elections and making sure Republicans won control of both Houses of Congress.

“I think whatever success that we’ve had, it’s been by focusing on the work at hand, focusing on the job in front of us, and then, opportunities have come,” Pence added. “First things first—we need to win the Midterm elections, we need to elect and re-elect Republican Governors around the country—and I put equal importance on those two things—winning the Congress and winning the State Houses is of equal importance.”

The elephant in the room is Pence’s relationship with Donald Trump.

Trump still blames Pence for not rejecting the Electoral College results on January 6, whereas Pence states the Constitution gave him no leeway to do so.

But Pence sure sounded like a Presidential candidate when he told Fox News Digital that he and his wife Karen would make a decision based on what they were called to do.

“Karen and I will do what we’ve always done—we’ll take time to pray about it, we’ll seek counsel of trusted friends and advisors, and we’ll go where we’re called,” Pence added.

But Pence did conclude by saying he would run for President in 2024 even if Donald Trump was already in the field.

“One thing I’ll tell you is that I won’t let anybody else make that decision for me,” Pence stated.

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