Mike Pence delivered the knockout blow that Robert Mueller was dreading

Robert Mueller is witnessing the tide turning against him.

Last week he faced a series of brutal setbacks in court.

Now Vice President Mike Pence stepped up and delivered the knockout blow Mueller was dreading.

The Vice President was interviewed on NBC’s Today Show after President Trump secured the release of three Americans held hostage in North Korea.

Naturally, the left-wing network tried to trap Pence in a “gotcha” question about the Mueller probe.

Pence refused to take the bait and instead declared that for the good of the country Mueller should wrap up his investigation.

Mueller’s investigation has dragged on for a year.

And he has not produced a shred of evidence tying Trump to collusion with the Russians or obstruction of justice.

At this point, it is just a politically-motivated hit job.

Mike Pence knows this and called Mueller’s bluff.

If Mueller isn’t holding any evidence of wrongdoing he needs to acknowledge this fact and end his investigation.

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