Mike Pence delivered the knockout blow that Robert Mueller was dreading

Robert Mueller is witnessing the tide turning against him.

Last week he faced a series of brutal setbacks in court.

Now Vice President Mike Pence stepped up and delivered the knockout blow Mueller was dreading.

The Vice President was interviewed on NBC’s Today Show after President Trump secured the release of three Americans held hostage in North Korea.

Naturally, the left-wing network tried to trap Pence in a “gotcha” question about the Mueller probe.

Pence refused to take the bait and instead declared that for the good of the country Mueller should wrap up his investigation.

Mueller’s investigation has dragged on for a year.

And he has not produced a shred of evidence tying Trump to collusion with the Russians or obstruction of justice.

At this point, it is just a politically-motivated hit job.

Mike Pence knows this and called Mueller’s bluff.

If Mueller isn’t holding any evidence of wrongdoing he needs to acknowledge this fact and end his investigation.


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44 Responses

  1. It bothers me to no end that Robert Mueller was given an investigation into Russian collusion. He has found no evidence of this purported crime. Yet he continues to waste taxpayer money, time and resources. We’re not talking $1000’s, we’re talking $1,000,000’s. He’s now way out of his mandate and no one wants to put and end to this waste. He’s got a good gig going here.

  2. Stubby says:

    Mueller is doing exactly what Trump said he was doing, turning this whole thing into a witch hunt. What the hell does Stormy Daniels or Michael Cohen have to do with Russia or collusion? I am convinced Mueller is working for the Democrats and trying to get as much dirt on Trump as he can to either have him impeached or force him to resign. That’s how unscrupulous and conniving the Democrats are. Mueller is just their puppet.

  3. zee says:

    > 0h & 0ne more thought re VP Pence. Let’s Go, Mr. ‘Gravitas’. <<< Am Sure, you Understand 'the Capish'. Thank you.

  4. zee says:

    TOTALLY TIME NOW for Veep to ‘step up’. Be Strong & FIRM. After all, MR.VP Pence = You ARE the USA VP. Thank you.

  5. Bob Higginbotham says:

    Mueller had a part of the Clinton uranium one treasonable fraud. In order for the Clintons to pull the sale off they needed cooperation from the FBI when Mueller was director. That is a real crime that has been committed and should investigated at least be someone outside of D. C. and hopefully an independent council.

  6. Steve says:

    Mueller should be investigating his own organized crime

    • Carole says:

      Mueller and his team of Clinton-loving witch hunters need to be charged with hindering the President in his duties. That is a crime.

      • Richard says:

        Yes usurping the office of the President is TREASON. We the people want the charges pressed and the witch hunters and their puppet masters brought to trial.

  7. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Who do you side with in this fight??
    Mike Pence @ (100%)=307,888,309 US voters

    Robert Mueller @ (0%)= voters
    Do You Approve or Disapprove of Donald Trump’s Job Performance??
    Disapprove – @ (0%)=4,808 voters

    Unequivocally Approve @ 100%)=311,105,421 US voters

  8. Herbert says:

    Many things can be said of Mr. Mueller, but honesty would not be one of them. Comey as well as others fit into this category, in my opinion.

    • Ray Anton says:

      Right on Herbert!! Ironic how Andrea Mitchell a known anti Trump ‘journalist” (just look at her sarcasm when she interrupts Pence twice) speaks highly of Mueller (ex marine etc) but didnt say the same about Mike Pompeo, (#1 in his class at West Point, Harvard Law Graduate, Gulf War veteran) when nominated for Secretary of State. Mitchell is as dishonest as they come!!

  9. Martin says:

    This is just a continuation, to find something, anything to get President Trump out of office. These folks, for all the efforts they made, and all the efforts they continue to attempt to make to dismantle OUR government and rid themselves of President Trump. Are not serving the people because of the hatred and vendetta that they continue to combat till their left wing doctrine takes hold once again. These politicians are no longer working for the people, but for their own private constituency. It is ridiculous already. And as far as foreign policy is concern, keep your strategy and consul private until it is appropriate to make it public. Period. And there should not be any special privilege given to the press. They are there to report the facts, not offer commentary, or manipulate or sway a popular a opinion of the day. Talk about a bunch of narcissist. Shut up already, blah, blah, blah. Get over yourselves already.

  10. Ronald Mitchell says:

    One should have readily have known that this was a witch hunt when we saw the list of people Mueller selected for his crew. Not one Republican in the bunch, all Hillary lovers. Why is everyone in the news keep saying that Mueller is a Republican. This is a bunch of BS.
    He is continuing this farce to protect his own butt. The president should order Sessions to fire him immediately.

  11. Frank says:

    Mueller’s investigations should have prosecuted Clinton, et al for collusion with Russia and Comey should be prosecuted for perjury to congress for the lies he told & the one sided investigation into Hillary’s private server, pay for play, uranium one deal; etc

  12. jdw says:

    This so-called mueller investigation, the rape of the taxpayer needs to end. What really needs to be done is an investigation of mueller and his minions. Reading ‘Mike W’ post above, I had no idea of comey’s financial worth and his ties to the clinton machine. Why are these people, piles of human excrement in the form of a human not incarcerated below the prison? These evil creatures of the dark world need to be purged from society.

  13. Mike W says:

    Mueller is as crooked as a dogs hind leg. A trojan horse who maneuvered his way into the FBI . He is a long time buddy of James Comey and the Clintons. When Comey was on the board at HSBC Bank in England – that bank was busted for laundering drug cartel money. Mueller was in on the investigation – the end result was that – even though HSBC was found guilty of laundering billions of dollars of drug cartel money- the members of the board had to surrender a portion of their yearly bonuses for a few years OUCH!! Remember James Comey has a “reported” net worth of $13,000,000. That represents his entire life’s work. Almost half of that money came in one year working for Lockheed Martin – in
    2010 James Comey “earned” $6,000,000 in salary and bonuses. That was the year that Lockheed Martin received several huge government contracts signed off on by then Secretary of Take – Hillary Clinton. 2010 is also the year that Lockheed Martin became “donors” to the Clinton Trust – I mean “Foundation”. Now if you remember further back to Mena airport in Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor – all the accusations about the Clintons being involved in a cocaine smuggling ring through that little airport. Of course the Clintons have always denied this – BUT – Bill Clinton gave a “Presidential Pardon” to his brother – Roger Clinton – who was in prison for cocaine distribution. They have been many reports of Hillary’s cocaine abuse over the years from Secret Service agents. Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – openly admitted using cocaine. Comey and Mueller – two obvious Clinton – useful idiots – involved with a bank laundering drug cartel money. The dots start to connect.

    • zee says:

      Good ‘brief’ post, Mike. yah – EX: HSBC. + more etc.
      > So Many ppl Need to ‘know’. Furthermore, the ‘elected’
      Need to ‘come clean’ – DO their ‘sworn in’ jobbee.

      • zee says:

        Furthermore, Mike W. > IF All ‘these Issues’ DID NOT Affect An
        Entire Country / population, (much less the ‘world’) well then, ‘that’ would be an entirely
        different level of ‘personal transgression’ . However, these ‘issues’ are not the case /& causing ‘Greater Harm’ /+ Continuing to do so.

    • True Believer says:

      Again, you hit the nail on the head. The cocaine started way back when Bill was Gov in Arkansas during the Iran Contra Affair. My son knew one of the pilots that flew the drugs into the Mensa (spelling) airport and then Obama giving Hezbollah the go ahead to import drugs thru Mexico into the US and then launder the money thru used car dealerships in Iran. You forgot two things about Comey 1 he was Clinton’s attorney on Whitewater, he and Loretta Lynch at one time worked for the same law firm in DC. That is why Comey is soooo cocky because he things he cannot be touched. Just wait. All one has to do is see who is with whom anymore and you know the truth, just like the main stream media who have a number of relatives to the Clintons etc. What a devious web we weave and most of main stream votes don’t even have an idea and I guess don’t want to know either. I love it when Jesse Watters goes out and asks questions of the run of the mill on the street especially with the youth of today.

      • Robert E. Davis says:

        Yes, Waters asks many questions, “of the youth of today”! And most of those questions are mostly very simple. However, “the youths of today” appear to be too ignorant & stupid to answer even the simplest of questions! Like, what color of hair does that man over there have on his head?….you know the one with black hair?
        They all seem to get this blank look on their faces, drool a little bit and then say I’m not really sure……maybe Paul Mitchell …..

    • GySgt. Lew says:


    • Bruce Lindsay says:

      keep up the great investigative work friend. To bad we can’t have your merit of individual on an investigation

  14. Mike I says:

    “Hush hush sweet Charlotte”,
    The investigation has lead to one issue after another Mueller has gone this far let him finish the investigation. The nation deserves to know the truth whether crimes were committed or not. If crimes were committed then all those responsible and those that colluded to cover it up should prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If the president didn’t, then he and his supporters can say I told you so.
    The cost is of no consequence considering the money that gets pissed away flying to the Florida whitehouse every weekend.

    • Jim says:

      The ONLY issues it has lead to Mike leads right back to the DNC and the Clintons! NOTHING at all leads to Trump or any of his people.

    • Gerry says:

      Mike — this 3-ring circus has gone on for over a year with absolutely ZERO evidence that Trump or any of his campaign people colluded with Russia. The only evidence coming out is that the real collusion was with obama, clinton, and himself with Russia which NO ONE,and I’m sure including you, don’t want to talk about. The cost is of consequence — the dirtbag dirty cop and his band of scumbags are raping the American taxpayers –and you want to let it go on !!!!! BS. The only that should happen now is that mueller be charged for his part in the Uranium 1 fiasco.

    • Billy Wages says:

      You’re right, Mike. Lets investigate those criminals. Lets start with the Clintons and Obama cartel.

    • Bruce Lindsay says:

      you must understand the amount of protection that is required to protect the President. He would not be allowed to use his own jet for security purposes. I am sure he would prefer the luxuries of his over US 1.
      So you are complaining aboutthe cost of spending his [time/weekend] at a home he owns. Do you know how much it cost tax payers for Nancy to travel to her recent expedition to cause interference, min 250,000.00 +

  15. mueller has BEEN AGAINST TRUMP from the GETGO, he is nothing more than a SLIME BALL,time for mueller to SWING FROM A OAK TREE.

  16. charlotte says:

    Meuler is making a career out of this. Costing the American Tax payer too much money for nothing. He just wants to take the President down.
    We, the American People want Trump to be our President!!!!!

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