Michelle Obama’s secret 2024 plan just took this dramatic turn

M. Obama Photo by The White House via Wikimedia public domain

Polls show Democrats don’t want Joe Biden as the nominee.

But to get rid of Biden, the Democrats need a viable alternative.

And now Michelle Obama’s secret 2024 plan just took this dramatic turn.

If Democrats are going to get rid of President Joe Biden they also need to find a way around their Kamala Harris problem.

Harris is the most unpopular Vice President in recent American history but she is next in line and checks the right Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion boxes in a party that zealously values identity politics.

The only Democrat who can cut that Gordian knot and replace Biden without causing a vicious intraparty civil war is former First Lady Michelle Obama.

While she’s repeatedly denied any interest in running for President, there has been a flood of leaks and comments from her and those in Obamaworld that look like direct attempts at undermining Biden’s position as leader of the Democrat Party.

Former Obama chief strategist David Axelrod fired the latest salvo at Biden’s re-election campaign during CNN’s coverage of former President Donald Trump’s blowout win in the Iowa Caucus.

Axelrod warned Democrats that the Biden campaign’s message was still falling short and that the obsessive focus on Trump as a dictator ignored the fact that Biden was down in the polls because most Americans blame him for the inflation that’s eating away at their paychecks.

“The President and his campaign need to get into gear, and they need a message, and they need a message that is – that takes in not just democracy, but the day-to-day concerns that people have, and they need to prosecute it every single day through every single surrogate. That’s what winning campaigns do. So the people who have to sort of get in gear are not those who have concerns about what might happen in November, but the campaign itself, and there are signs that that’s beginning to happen,” Axelrod began.

Axelrod also called Trump a “formidable candidate.”

Former President Barack Obama also put the Biden campaign on blast using similar language about their re-election strategy and Trump’s chances of winning in a story planted in the Washington Post.

The coordinated message about Biden’s team and Trump’s strength as a candidate was no accident.

A poll out of Georgia showed Trump leading Biden by eight points.

If Biden can’t carry Georgia he’s also likely to face problems in a state like Arizona.

Trump flipping Arizona and Georgia would put him one state short of winning the Electoral College.

Democrats will do whatever it takes to keep Trump out of the White House.

And that could mean Obama allies setting the stage for a dramatic move to replace Biden with Michelle Obama at the convention this summer.

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