Michelle Obama suffered the biggest humiliation of her life with this defeat

Michelle Obama was furious.

The former First Lady was used to always getting her way.

But she just suffered the biggest humiliation of her life with this defeat.

Many authors believe making The New York Times bestseller list is stamp of career validation,

If you top the chart, it means you made it in the literary world.

But that is not the case.

The bestseller list is just as fake as the news The New York Times prints about Donald Trump.

And that harsh truth was exposed when Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro’s book not only outsold former First Lady Michelle Obama’s book last week, but also outsold the book that The Times listed as number one on the bestseller list.

Breitbart reports:

The New York Times bestseller list appears to have denied Judge Jeanine Pirro the number-one slot on its ranking system, despite the fact she sold over 17,000 more copies than Michelle Obama, and 6,000 more copies than the author who led the list.

There’s a mismatch between the rankings on the New York Times bestseller list and NPD Bookscan, the leading book-sale tracking service.

Statistics shown to Breitbart News by an NPD Bookscan subscriber show that in the past week, Judge Jeanine Pirro’s book has dominated the competition in terms of weekly book sales, with 26,950 books sold in launch week.

However, this does not appear to be reflected in the New York Times bestseller list, which currently places Jeanine’s book third in the rankings, behind Michelle Obama’s Becoming — despite the fact that the latter has far fewer weekly sales.

According to the NPD Bookscan figures sent to Breitbart News, Becoming had 9,677 sales in the past week, less than half that of Pirro’s book — yet it’s ahead of Pirro’s in the NYT rankings, at second place.

In a previous lawsuit, The Times admitted under oath that the bestseller list is not a true measure of book sales.

The Times takes editorial decision into account.

And they clearly artificially boosted the positioning of Michelle Obama’s book and downgraded Judge Jeanine’s so as not to offend the former First Lady.


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417 Responses

  1. The Real M says:

    JD & Spanky, You two are living examples of the sayings,, “Democrats accuse Republicans of what they (Dems) are guilty of also, tell a lie enough times and it becomes TRUTH!”
    JD is a phony Dr. of liberal polls specializing in how to make polls appear the Republicans are behind so we will be discouraged and not bother to go vote.
    Spanky is a cartoon character pretending to be a elitist expert but, should stick to comedy!
    Both of you are trolls not to be taken seriously!

  2. BobT says:

    Not only NO,but HELL NO!

  3. Fallingroc says:

    Why would I EVER purchase Mike’s book??? Would it help me in any way???? Would I better understand WHY he hates America???? Like we are supposed to even WANT to know what it’s like being a tranny living with Barry in the WH with someone elses children acting like they are your own children???? Where did the money come from to purchase the recent multi MILLION $$$ property??? Did you also get $$$ from the Ukraine??? China??? Iran???? How do you sleep at night???? Plenty of room at Club Gitmo!!!!!

  4. Scott says:

    I don’t support leftists of any persuasion. Why would anybody buy a book supposedly authored by this person. Absolutely NOT.

    • chief1937 says:

      Have no interest in her book it is probably just like their time in the white house all fake. Her husband did enough damage to our nation to account for millions of book sales. Judge Jenny now that is a different story she seemed to at least be sensible mostly.

  5. renato says:


  6. Dr, J.D. says:

    I have nothing negative to say about Melania. She is certainly one of the more beautiful of first ladies we have ever had. Seems we Americans have been blessed with many great first ladies, who all work to help America in many ways. I only hope Melania does not have to experience such vile, venomous and nasty hatred like Michelle gets from posts like here. It is not only that you hate Michelle, who did a very good job as first lady, but that you continue to bring back post after post to vent your vile and nasty comments. Seems your venom has no end, your hate has no bounds.

    • Scott says:

      Hatred of the USA is why I dislike these people. THEY are evil and why people voted for them twice dismays me. an ILLEGAL Alien usurper of lawful claims to being president were thrown out by the leftists just so they could say we elected a minority. I don’t care about that, I would have voted for Thomas Sowell if he would run, and he would do much better than ocriminal.

    • Jane says:

      Sorry DR. But you need new prescription glasse ,you need an appointment soon!
      I hope OBAMACARE will pay for they!
      GOOD LUCK!!!!!

    • reconviper1 says:

      Melania gets nothing but vile treatment from the left and the press. Your hope goes unanswered. Big Mike is a traitor along with her/ his “husband”. It will not be long now before all the truth comes out and they end up in Gitmo.

      • KATH says:


    • SweetOlBob says:

      D. JD:
      “She did a good job as first lady” ???? What the hell did she do ? She made our kids go hungry because they wouldn’t eat the tasteless and unfilling garbage she made them take as lunch. Then she lied about “her garden”. Then she slolpped down from AF1 looking like a ghetto car wash employee. Then she tackled and hugged the Queen of England whom one does not touch. Then she took three or four MILLION DOLLAR VACATIONS on the taxpayers tab.
      Boy ! Did she ever do a good job ! (of embarrassing America)

  7. h8aliar says:

    You have got to be kidding. Nothing embarrasses this person. They married 44 didn’t they. Notice how easy it was to keep gender out of this post.

  8. Walter Deveau says:

    Her book is good for starting fires, but only if you don’t have to pay for it????

  9. Armando B Bernal says:

    You and your husbands tenure of “stinking up” the White house is over, now you’ve taken in the “shorts” again with 99% of a recent poll saying they wouldn’t buy your “rag” of a book. What qualifies you as a writer anyway? all I’ve ever heard coming out of your mouth is “hot air” give it up woman, you’re wealthy now just leave America alone and move out of our “newly renovated” country. P S good riddance !!!

  10. Dan says:

    I would believe the news that comes out of the back of comic books before I believe the new jerk times.

  11. ABC says:

    Seems the GOP has better issues than to attack someone who is not even running, especially with all the growing and substantial evidence and obstructions of Justice of Trump. With your continual attacks, especially on women, have you just given up on the largest voting block (?), since 2/3 of females do not support Trump?

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson published an op-ed with Daily Caller co-founder and publisher Neil Patel zinging Trump for his call with Ukraine’s president. “Donald Trump should not have been on the phone with a foreign head of state encouraging another country to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden,” Carlson and Patel wrote. “Some Republicans are trying, but there’s no way to spin this as a good idea.”

    • ks says:

      Seems to me you are defending “fake” rankings if it benefits a Black Former First Lady
      and has NOTHING to do with reality. Just the typical liberal thinking – fantasy over reality

    • David Kelly says:

      Wow. I would have NEVER believed ANYONE could be as delusional and STUPID as you just showed yourself to be. It must be really cool to live in your world of unicorns. Please, don’t walk out into traffic thinking it’s a nice, cool stream. It’s no wonder the illegal Bathhouse Barry Soetoro was placed into the White House.

    • Frank2525 says:

      It just so happens USA has treaties with those countries, and President Donald Trump is fully within his rights, as Commander in Chief of Military, and President of USA, to remind those countries that Democrats are not representing our country. They have been and still are, accusing our President of what they have done, (both major parties) for many years, been satisfied with STATUS QUO. In other works, talk and lie, but do nothing, and let the Executive Branch rule country through Executive Orders and Executive Memorandums.
      ——–Donald Trump is a valid leader of USA, and thus the free world countries. And he is reminding them of their duties, as any good leader does. Donald has applied heat to NATO, and the dictatorial leaders of free countries, that are allied with USA. And he also let them know, we know which USA citizens, was in those other countries, lobbying, and taking part in corruption. That has to put tem on notice, they may be paying (funding0 double agents, who are also triple agents. I would believe the Biden family, and others, will find their funds from foreign countries, will dry up in future. Leaders in those countries, will have to ask themselves, if USA leader knows this, what else does he know? Think about that for a while.

    • 2WarAbnVet says:

      What is this “growing and substantial evidence” of which you dream? Did Trump steal 90% of the Haitian relief fund, sell 20% of our Uranium to Russia, or delete 33,000 emails that were ruled to be handed over?

  12. jj says:

    the Screw York times is a joke

  13. Steve Reed says:

    These comments suggest that the average reader of Patriot Pulse is sub-mental, unable to think, spell, or formulate humanoid sentences.

  14. Joyce says:

    I would use it to burn my trash

  15. NOBODY says:

    screw that list, I’ve not bought a times paper in ten years because I seen what they do, When I caught them in lies, that was then the end them for Usof, after all why pay for lies when you can see them On TV for free .like CNN,MSNBC,NBC,CBS,ABC AND OTHERS……

    • SweetOlBob says:

      The days of their naming great books are gone with the pandering to Ghetto Queens like Moochie !
      No book get top honors unless it it claims to be written by some liberal, America hating, political hack or a nothing like the Mooch.

  16. Ted says:

    Muslim scum Obama was never a PRESIDENT in our White House, he was only a RESIDENT. Thank God those invading muslim scum are gone.

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Our Founders fought and died for religious freedom.
      The first casualty in the fight for that freedom was a Muslim: Crispus Attucks. He was also a slave.
      America’s first, and most faithful aly is a Muslim majority nation: Morocco. American has many Muslim allies.

      • William says:

        And, stop throwing useless facts, as they have nothing to do with Obama. Stop embarrassing yourself.

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          They are only “useless facts” if you are short sighted, like Trump supporters. Ted brought up the idea of “Muslim” Obama, another falsehood but still centering on a hatred of the freedom of religion. Alaskan woman wanted to end the vilification of people by their religion, a solid part of the foundation of America.

          What I would like to expand on, is that Trump spends the vast majority of his time ATTACKING someone instead of praising someone or uplifting America (this week in October is is Romney, the Bidens, Democrats, or profession his “unmatched wisdom” Gag!). Women especially dislike this kind of tactic, and that is why only one woman in three support this president. I have also noticed that some of the nastiest, most hateful and venomous rants come from those who I.D. themselves as males. You cannot win with less than half of the populace.

          • Denise says:

            Well I’m one of those three. You need to read up on the Facts of what YOUR president HAS accomplished and compare it to what the Dems HAVEN’T done. They have done Nothing for the people. Too busy NOT doing their job.

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Say what you will about the little muslim fraud and his bigoted wife. (I say plenty, whenever I get the chance) but at least they didn’t try to steal the furniture and “fixins” the way Hillary did !
      She wouldn’t have missed the White House because she tried to take it with her. HEH !

  17. Mike Huntstinks says:

    Q – What has the face of a gorilla, and the ass of a hippo?
    A – Fishsmell Obama the former First Primate.

    • Alaska Woman says:

      The first primate was Adam, so sayth the Bible.
      Kingdom: Animalia
      Phylum: Chordata
      Class: Mammalia
      Order: Primates
      Suborder: Haplorhini
      Infraorder: Simiiformes
      Family: Hominidae
      Subfamily: Homininae
      Tribe: Hominini
      Genus: Homo
      Species: H. sapiens

    • Taylor made says:

      Who has the brain of a primate? Answer: racists like Mike H., an outdated racist who needs to die off so that new ideas can blossum. Not all conservatives are racists, a few are like Mike. Do you realize how that hurts your party as the support among African-Americans for Trump is only 9% and 25% among Hispanics?

  18. Mike Huntstinks says:

    Fishsmell is a transvestite. He has a pecker that fag Barack sucks on, and visa versa. Queers don’t belong in politics.

    • Scott27 says:

      And shouldn’t you be in school at this time of day, Mike? Or have they expelled you from the 5th grade again? If you can’t add anything intelligent and above the juvenile level, please just keep quiet.

      • The Real M says:

        Scott27, You are a fine one to be telling anyone to keep quiet if they have nothing intelligent to contribute! If there was a distinguished award being given to an unintelligent troll commenting and attempting to pass themself off as intelligent, you would win, hands down!
        Awww, don’t cry, JD troll loves you!

    • Dr. J.D. says:

      I have posted many times that I do not believe most Trump supporters or GOP are racists, and that at times, that term is way overused. However, in people like Mike’s case, he is a total racists and filled with venom and jealously for two people, the Obamas, that are much better educated, intelligent, and classier than people who act like Mike H.. Mike is part of the outdated times where people were falsely inventing excuses how whites were supreme, and judging people by the color of their skin, religion or country of national origin. The young are more likely to judge people by their character – – which is really bad for people like Mike H, who shows his vile, venomous and racist character and his lack of civility.

  19. Mike Oxbig says:

    President of the United States is a job. A job that very few white men, and no blacks can do.

  20. Steve says:

    She / he / it can’t be humiliated , you have to be human for that , not a terrorist .

  21. JJ says:

    And is anyone really surprised by this?

  22. h8aliar says:

    Nothing can humiliate this person. The beard for 44 has no shame. They (she) doesn’t care.

  23. dan p moody says:

    Maybe she-he should’ve written a book named “MY LIFE AS A MAN”.

  24. bagster53 says:

    first of all blacks don’t buy books they buy drugs , so who bought this freaks book , if i want to read fantisy i’ll buy alice in wonderland ,

  25. Michelle suffered biggest humiliation Because of the Obama

  26. N says:

    Under President Trump, best economy in decades, lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks,Hispanics,Asians EVER (women in 15years)lowest unemployment ever, The list is endless. Best president ever, President! Keep America Great! The unstoppable KAG train full steam ahead to 2020 and beyond!

    • KATH says:


  27. Michelle reads her own book A new book from Michelle is to make laundry Obama’s money

  28. walter says:

    moochel’s book was like killery’s publisher paid a lump sum and then filled the dumpster.

  29. Howard Johnson says:

    If moosekakes were stuffed and trucked around in side shows, ”she”d be an embarassment

  30. Paul Fishman says:

    In addition Michelle Obuma was a busybody and tried to push her pet projects on Americans NEVER being a positive role model for any of them. Never once did she have a good and kind word to say for anyone.

    • Martin Michaels says:

      (S)He never has a kind word for ANYONE or anything except herself and Barrack, in which case, THEY are the saviors of all life….NOT!

    • Ed says:

      What can this Low Land Gorilla have to say that would any TRUE AMERICAN …She longs back on the Streets of Chicago….

    • SweetOlBob says:

      Ahem ! Queens, even self appointed ones, don’t have to say good words about anyone ! They just don their wigs, gather their many servants, and proceed with their nose in the air.
      Note: Almost thirty “personal servants”, all paid for by the taxpayer. Of course ! Queens don’t pay bills either.

  31. Paul Fishman says:

    Michelle Obuma is the trash heap lady. She was the very worst First Lady in ALL American history. She always spoke negative and discouraging with a pity party attitude of racist entitlement. Much of the time her taste in dress was poor and she always exhibited bad manners even when putting on a fake appearance.

    • masoume says:

      Michelle was never more than a high class Escort Madam. She put in shame the Hollywood actresses in fashion. V.P. Pence wife was complaining re. the cost of her dress during inauguration,2017, yet Escort Madam Obama earned the highest medal for the most expensive and sexiest outfits. Of course when her husband Muslim Hussain Obama hand deliver $157.00 billion to Iranian Radical Mullahs in exchange for a fat commission for himself, then Escort Madam wife can bit any Hollywood actresses in ultra expensive fashion. Indeed Michelle Obama is the trash heap lady. Hussain & Escort Madam should go to jail. Can we name any thing, even semi good, this trash Escort Madam did during eight years of her shameful Fist Lady ship?????

    • KATH says:


      • Valli Neal-davis says:

        The democrats are a bunch of cowards and thugs Nancy Pelosi and the democrats are nothing more than a joke and can’t stand the fact that the American citizens got their number which is anti-American and 000 bye bye oh don’t forget Maxine waters, shiff, Elizabeth Warren, Schumer and the rest of your crew you have no significant any more and credibility and anymore. Bye bye we Americans have spoken.

  32. FERNANDO ORTIZ says:


  33. jack says:

    don’t really understand why anyone would want to read anything, from this racist, America hating he/she. It is not real intelligent, and just speaks in jibberish.

    • KATH says:


    • Martin Michaels says:

      “Her” book should be called “Becoming (a Woman – not REALLY!)”

      • Nguyen says:

        The RATS don’t care , their only purpose is to overthrow the PRESIDENT Every one with enough judgement must see that The book of this she gorilla should be called «  From primate to human , from man to woman , « 

  34. Surly Curmudgen says:

    The next time she flies commercial put her through the Xray scanner and publish the pictures, that will be her biggest humiliation.

    • George says:

      It amazes me that those who claim to be, “enlightened”, can be so blind, they claim to be compassionate but they fully embrace abortion and will fight with their last breath to defend the killing of the unborn, they say they are for the envoirnment but when Obama, twiddled his thumbs while millions of gallons of oil spilled into the gulf, no one criticized him, they claim to care about the migrants, but refused to work with the president on immigration reform, and refuse to acknowledge that Obama deported more illegals back across the border than The president. They hate hate hate, yet they are against racism. They claim to be against violence but they have goon squads called Antifa. They hate patriotism, have ruined a great American pass time by injecting politics. They hate law enforcement, individualism, the military and freedom. They pretend to be enlightened, yet they are blind guides, they don’t even know the author of wisdom. Maybe that’s the root of the problem.

      • Robert Mendez says:

        You are a typical right winger all you know what to do is blame Democrats for everything, if a bird falls out of the sky a democrat had a hand in it. You’re about as dumb as a box of rocks. Obama does not work on oil rigs you dumbass. The oil industry drills ocean floors just about anywhere they want. The Exxon Valdez spill happened during (R) G. H. Bush was president is that his fault? Abortion is a woman’s right, have you ever heard of Roe vs Wade? Here is something you don’t know; the illegal immigration issue is decades long neither Republican nor Democratic Administration have done anything about. So don’t come here in spreading your BS. It’s American big businesses who impede reform they want and need the cheap labor, that is why nothing gets done both parties are guilty, you have to face those facts. No one denies under Obama a record number of illegals were deported earning Obama the moniker “Deporter in Chief” just who is denying it? Antifa is a free group who follow their own dictates and conscience they are not under no ones tutelage. The rest of your haranguing are no more than the ravings of a madman. I think I speak for many a democrat when I say I love my country I have served my country I am for law & order. The root of your problem is your hatred of other Americans who hold ideals different from you and you are so ignorant not to realize it.

        • Douglas Mayne says:

          You’re the idiot the Exxon Valdez spill happened under Ronald Reagan as president you retard do your research before you start throwing assumptions out there cause that’s all you’re doing your typical liberal Democrat that doesn’t really give a ship about the country it just spread rumors just like every other Democrat does which are ghost witch hunts of trump collusion with Russia are you seriously go pound sand retard

          • Nanci Natale says:

            Sorry – it was under Bush – but I still blame the D’s for jsut about everything that is going wrong in this country!

        • Estela Davis says:

          Your statement could be directed at the hateful left wing. Even wanting Trumps MarALago to be hurt by the hurricane. It’s so sad to see how Democrats hate Trump. Horrible things to all his family. That’s not very American.

        • George says:

          If you vote Democrat, you are the one who is ignorant, did Obama send a thrill down your leg too? I’m sick of the left doing everything to resist positive change, I’m sick of the stupid references to his hair, insults about his family and him being racist, Joe Biden is the most racist a-hole in politics and the rest of the gang of wannabes don’t have a coherent policy between them. Go ahead vote like an idiot, if your guy wins you can suffer like the rest of us! I for one will vote for the guy that had done more for this country than any of the past presidents Dem or Republican. If Donald Trump had done half of the crap Obama did the idiot left would have been screaming impeachment. I don’t see how you can listen to your party spew their vile crap and still vote for them, remember it was them who turned their backs on the troops when they returned from Vietnam, my father died hating them for the crap they pulled, I have never voted for one Democrat and you being a veteran shouldn’t either, you are the ignorant one here. Bite me!

    • Greg says:

      Excellenet idea!!! Or else we’ll have to wait for an unbiased medical examiner when she croaks!

  35. bagster53 says:

    talk about stretching the truth , who bought the book ,#1 blacks can’t read ,#2 they are poor and use their money for drugs , #3 if they wanted the book they would steal it , or maybe the obomas just handed them out in prisons to make it look like they sold a lot

    • Blacks can’t read..wow..talk about stupid..i can just as easily say..whites can’t read either..because it takes more than just the black vote to have put obama in the white house…racist comments won’t help anything..

    • Scott27 says:

      bagster… You must be harboring an extreme jealousy of those more intelligent than you, which would be just about anyone on the planet. I’m sorry you have such a dark and ignorant soul… your are a poor excuse for a human. You are, however, a perfect example of a drumpf supporter.

  36. George says:

    I can’t get this vision of a gorilla typing on a typewriter, scratching its head and looking around, smiling and continuing with a big smile, OMG, I won’t be able to remove this image from my head all day, my co-workers will be looking at me wondering what’s so funny?

  37. Alaska Woman says:

    Insult, hate racism … and this is assumes to be a “conservative” site.
    The world now sees American “conservative” as extremely bigoted.

    • Patricia Overbey says:

      NO Alaska Women it shows exactly how low the democrats can go & you are a prime example. Trump 2020.

    • alicia cervera says:

      Its not an insult its the damn truth. The paper was dishonest , racism is what the journal showed, they feared to be callled RACISTSfor printing the TRUTH! Stop your blindness ad your love for two frauds who are worth little.

  38. ChuckB says:

    Not only would i NOT BUY one of mooche’s books, but you could not GIVE me one either. I have zero interest in her racist, anti-American BS.

    • Douglas Mayne says:

      Exactly I remember hearing that which yell after Obama was elected it was the 1st time she was proud to be it an American. I’m a service connected disabledAnd decorated veteran and I wanted to slap that bits right in the faceFor that comment out of all the years I served and fought and seen men around me die for this country and for the freedom of others she was proud the 1st time in her life the day her husband got elected president she can go pound sand I’d rather buy a qur’an then pay for her bookAnd I’m a Catholic

  39. Dan Winright says:

    Mike’s new best seller will be .EMBRACING MY JUNK! Find it on barnes and noble

  40. PapaHarley says:


  41. mark says:

    I thought that her getting caught on video grabbing and shifting her MAN JUNK would be the worse ? I do not blame her husband for being a crack head now

    • But Imagine what would happen if people found out Michelle Obama was a man .. iwould be shocking and a blessing.. They go to jail for fraud and lying to the people… and all obama laws will be in the threading machine..

    • Eagle109 says:

      There is a reason she/he is not running for president. You know they want it so bad. I think they are afraid the truth will finally come out about their structure and their past. Things that no one would ask, but now it would be open season as payback for the way they treated our President Trump.,

  42. FIREBALL says:


  43. 32eagle says:

    Michelin blimp is as sorry a man as his gay lover BoraxOhBummer-how about that real Mombasa birth certificate the fake news folks refused to air or have anything to do with it is more of a good read than Blimp’s garbage about some nonsense probably about the eight years of pure communism and his ruining school lunches with junk a hungry locust would not chew.I liked the kids-not the so called parents(freaks) anyway glad to see Trump get the place disinfected with Lysol and the “A-Team of cleaners”that gay funk had to go

  44. Gidget says:

    The Only reason I would ever Open up a Book that Moochelle Micheal Obama wrote would be to Wipe my Ass if I ran Out of Toilet Paper! I would NEVER contribute a Penny to this Ugly Wo-Man between her and her husband they Ruin Our Great Country in the 8 years they Invaded the White House!

  45. The Real M says:

    Everybody! Please stop replying to Spanky, “it” is a dark skinned racist t-oll and does not deserve one minute of your time! “It” is here to make us angry and mean and wants us to sink to its level…. Now that I know what it is, I am done! There is an old saying “if you argue with a brick wall, it just won’t argue with you!” I had rather be a silent brick wall than a sucker for a troll………………

    Judge Jeanine rocks! Congratulations on fabulous book sales!

    Michael Obama’s book sales? Why are we STILL talking about and acknowledging the Obamas? No matter what the t-olls on here say, BHO has been exposed for what he and his eight years really meant for America!


  46. Stephen Norman says:

    Escapee from the he zoo, no?

  47. MIke NOBAMA is a DUDE!

    HEs uglier than sin, hes bigger than Borak and whats that swinging between her legs. that looks biger than Borak as well! Bet Borak likes it “up the butt, Bob!”

  48. Stephen Norman says:

    In a previous lawsuit, The Times admitted under oath that the bestseller list is not a true measure of book sales.
    – only in the delusional world of a demoloon.-
    Crying “we want, we want” doesn’t make it true

    Sorry losers.

  49. Mo says:

    Michelle ‘s book is suitable for wrapping fish, training puppies or lining bird cages!

    • Glory says:


    • Sandra Manning says:

      Big Mike is as big a loser as her FAKE.” HUSBAND.”

    • Mark says:

      Like michel once said.(all this for a dam flag)

      • 32eagle says:

        he never understood that it was for the fallen and living USA soldiers and the living and deceased USA citizens -the flag symbolizes everything great about us as a nation the flag identifies our ships,our planes,our space shuttles-our trip to the moon(from the surface of the moon where one or more stand today)you would think that as the gay lover of a man that mike is- that his gay pride would include this USA

      • SweetOlBob says:

        So well spoken by the highly prejudiced, Ghetto Queen with 30 personal servants on the Governments Payroll.

    • Jesse says:

      Now that is not true if there are pictures in her book it would cause all the Animals refuse to use the bathroom which would be animal cruelty at it’s worst.

  50. Eva says:

    Michaels book is so irrelevant to we the people….it was a pity purchase from the elite losers…you know they didnt read it just selved it in their libraries. ..lol

    • Valli Neal-davis says:

      Who cares about Michelle’s remarks she’s a joke and anti-American liberals that wants to destroy and change the United States citizens maga 2020 I am a proud American and black citizen of the United States of America.

  51. Bender says:

    Humiliating? Like being tricked by Russia to vote a reality tv personality for president? Who is dumb enough to think the people won’t notice he drew on a map with a marker. Or he thinks the people are that dumb they won’t notice. Either way you guys should be the ones humiliated.

    • Johannes Odijk says:

      You are just like Micheal Obama, throwing a hissy fit LMFAO.

      • Hillary lost, get over it says:

        Remember when Baracks husband, Big Mike, went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and his winky cum untaped from his leg? Big Mike up there prancing around, that schlong just jumping around those loose pantsuit. Ellen’s eyeballs about popped outta her skull. My lawd, that was some funny schitt.

    • Bender, I was in NO way tricked.USA far better off with OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP. I will again vote TRUMP!!!!!

    • Jim says:

      Are you famiiar with the news that Mueller reported there was no Russian collusion. Do you realize that HIllary dished on thousand of AMericans like me when she branded us as “deplorables.” Do y ou realize that Hillary broke the law and destoyed (or tried) her emails that were not personal. Did you know that Hillary with the DNC hired a brit who phonied up a dossier that was used by liars to get Fiasa approval to spy on Trump. Of course you are no – You are living in your own little world. No facts. Just hate.

      • Tony says:

        Not to mention she got 4 men killed in Benghazi. Took money from the state dept and ran guns through there. How much money was that again? I hope to be reading her obituary soon.

    • Frank2525 says:

      Get over it bender. Obama accomplished noting to improve USA, and his efforts was not good. Just got USA closer to being their world country, but Donald Trump had the education, experience, and has been the most qualified for the job of anyone we ever elected. Global and Domestic. Business, and Political. Your hero was a dead horse, and did us no good. Took Race Relations back to the post cave days. And if you do not understand that, you need help.

    • Patriot says:

      Bender they are humiliated, ashamed, embarrassed, disgusted, disgraced, and angry that they let this happen, thats what angry people do they look for someone to blame for their stupidity, they see their leader attack clinton or better yet obama so they follow suit if it’s good enough for him well then it’s good enough for them that’s what followers do their incapable of following their own common sense, most of us and the world laughed at sharpi- gate they cried and now their lasing out trying to hide their shame, lets just continue to laugh and enjoy the circus of clowns on parade.

  52. neo says:

    I believe Moochelle’s book ,as is others , sales are a way of laundering illegal monies for favors granted….need to check ALL so called book sales to determine correct amount of royalties they earn ( not sell 3000 books and declare a “best seller” and claim 200 million in royalties)…

  53. ELizabeth says:

    Her book has been reduced in price $20.00 and not even this way people buy it. That means something. For me, it is not a good material, nothing to learn from.

    • way2confused says:

      soon it will be at Sam’s Club for $.99

    • SweetOlBob says:

      TWENTY BUCKS ! ! You’ve GOT to be kidding me ! And you’re telling me, that she, who had Thirty Personal Servants ………… Wrote it ! I’d sooner believe she could fly ! Sounds like the phony pictures of her gardening !
      Better, she should write (or dictate) a travelogue on the fine service rendered to individuals on Million Dollar vacations, with a large staff in attendance, who personally pay for nothing. (Be sure and get comments from the waitstaff on her lousy tipping)

  54. Spanky says:

    Renato. Is just like cheeto man he’s a pedophile pervert!!

  55. File says:

    I wouldn”t buy her book. It is filled with lies I am sure.

  56. Love babies not kill them says:

    Most people use it for toilet paper but not her gay muslem he uses his hand.

  57. mlhtd51 says:

    The former blank blank was used to always getting her way, that’s because
    “blank” had the biggest D##K in The House.

    • Spanky says:

      51. You just admitted what White Women have been saying for decades black men are hung, unlike cheeto mans tiny little cheeto thats why he’s been married so many times has sex with hookers and always lashing out at Obama GOD short changed him. He’s jealous poor little baby boo hoo.

  58. Ronald says:

    The Obamas should just go away. We are sick and tired of their moronic views.

  59. what was michelles book about gorilas

    • Crawfish Festival says:

      Trying to pretend it is a woman.

      Remember when the US deep state media’s talking heads were glorifying it, by stating, “look how beautiful her shoulders are” = made me physically ill.

      Pitching this FRAUD PIG as a “distinguished attorney” during the 2008 presidential campaign, had me researching her case work = LOST LICENSE to practice law in 1993, for an insurance SCAM and client INTIMIDATION = had not had a license to practice law for over SIXTEEN YEARS.

      That’s before the revelation of its family jewels jangling as a true agitator, a SICKO – whose time as First Lady was an Embarrassment for our country, and a DISGRACE how it acted on the world stage – when visiting other countries. World Leaders identified this TRASH for exactly what it was = a VACATION JUNKIE.

      God Help US!

      God Blessed us w President Trump = MAGA and KAG!!!!

  60. Gerald Mitterer says:

    Just finished reading the Judge’s book. For a very informative read about the deep state I highly recommend this book.

    • Braveryder says:

      I am presently reading Judge Pirro’s book. It is opening my eyes to the strategies the left is using to bring President Trump down.. It states clearly the actions the Democrats in the House and Senate are doing to make people think President Trump isn’t doing what he said he would when he took office.
      If you lean toward the Democrats or are unsure of which way to lean, you should read “Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge”. Buy it, borrow it, get it from the library and READ IT with an open mind and a growth mindset.

      • Spanky says:

        Bravewhatever. I’m sure it leaves out any and all reference about reagen, bozo barr,bush family, doug cole, oliver north, the family also showing on net flix but to mention these people would destroy the republican party, so if your so desperate for an open mindset and growth of intelligence then openly take in the coruption of your party untill then don’t try to push your brainwasing propaganda on those of us that are already informed, i already know about the drug connection to clinton in Arkansas but why don’t you want to ask bozo barr where he buried all the body’s

        • Bird says:

          Poor Spanky you obviously can’t read. Well go back to school and oh by the way your comments are of that of a 3 yr old but thank goodness most 3 yr olds are with a higher intelligence than you.

  61. Scott says:

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Everything that the Obama’s do and are is a fraud. Two guys, one a transvestite, the other a Kenyan born fraudulent gay man with a serious drug problem

    • Spanky says:

      Scott. Why because your White Supreme Leader said you must hate Blacks and Browns ???

      • Spanky says:

        Scott. Or is it because you live such a pathetic lonely life in your mommy’s basement you come on these sites to spew the exact same hatred as your racists friends or gay lovers you sure seem to look up to them i know you just desperately need some one to love you and you find solace and comfort here like so many of you do this sickness you all have is not normal I’m not going to ask you to seek help I’m pleading with you to get your gun and blow your head off thats the only way to save America.

        • Kate says:

          Oh my. Kinda drastic aren’t we? Maybe you should do the same.

        • Jan says:

          Spoken like a full fledged koolaid drinking hate filled demonrat! Always playing the RACE and VICTIM card! Calling for someone to put a gun to their head and you actually have the nerve to think promoting such violence is okay! You’re one sick individual! You’re the reason our country is so screwed up. Yes ,spank me boy , you are part of the problem!!

          • SweetOlBob says:

            Let this little putz lie. He’s just an agitator for the idiots on the democRAT party.
            Speaking of which, we have only one party. The democRATS who are held together by the hate of PRESIDENT TRUMP, and PRESIDENT TRUMP.
            You can discount a goodly number of supposed Republicans (remember the primaries) and the lack of support from the GOP in general for a far and ahead favorite of THE PEOPLE.
            Even now, PRESIDENT TRUMP is still faced with some elementary school, jealous, resistant, jerks that are supposed to be Republicans.
            If the entire party ever backed him up his success would be blinding instead of just Amazing !

      • Brigitte Boulton says:


  62. Mike Flanagan says:

    Liberals continue to lie … they don’t know any better Obamas lives have always been one big LIE including their hatred for the USA and osama husane Ob being born a citizen of the USA … don forget he’s only half black the other 3/4 is WHITE buddy.

    • Scott27 says:

      Mike, gotta say that cracked me up. Half black and three-quarters white. I take it math was not your strong suit. But it’s so typical of your ilk… spouting garbage… math isn’t your only failure. So is your sense of reason and understanding of reality.

  63. douglas miraldi says:


  64. Loyd says:

    Micheile Obama was and still is a spoilt brat. Anyone who has been been in the limelight so to say and now she is pouting because someone else is getting a little credit for something that the did, she is like a lot of Politicans today and her husband only think ME ME, the world sorry to say is full of these kinds of people.

  65. Tina says:

    I doubt that anyone with a lick of ethics or integrity would buy this loser’s book. They were and are an embarrassment to this country.

    • Spanky says:

      Tina we say the same thing how could anyone with integrity empathy ethics any beliefs in god or jesus or love of their own family or life ever vote for a demonic monster zombie oh I’m sorry her name is tina

  66. lee says:

    Why would anyone with two cells between their ears think th NY Times could report the truth about anything??
    Even the canary can’t stand it in the bottom of the cage!

  67. george briar says:

    what?? moochie writing a book, didn’t know the fool could write. also believed that if she ever had an idea her head would explode.

  68. h8aliar says:

    No surprise here. Every claim they make about how special this woman is, is FAKE. She has never accomplished anything in her life in the country she said she was never proud of until 44 was elected.

    • Eileen Ross says:

      He’s a fake woman. A tranny.

      • Spanky says:

        Eileen i know it takes one to know one I’ll bet you grabed her crotch just like your White Supreme Leader does he bragged about it on axsis hollywood tape we all saw it we know he’s a perverted pedophile or are you jealous he ain’t grabed yours yet. Go to his ralleys stand outside with sign stating free crotch grabs I’ll bet that you get plenty of inbred hillbillies ready to take you up on that after all thats pretty much the type of people that show up anyway perverts just like him. Most of them got no teeth either they’d be happy to num you to ecstasy have fun get back with us lets us know how much fun you had num num num.

  69. Bruce House says:

    Why would I by a book from the same people that basically tanked our economy and put us 20 trillion dollars farther into debt just to prime globalism and the division in our great country?

    • Spanky says:

      Bruce. I reserve most of my posts to point out hypocrisy, your statement that Obama left us with 20 trillion in debt proves that Obama lowered the debt by 1 trillion, because when he took office he inherited 21 trillion dollars of debt from your other White Supreme Leader Bush.
      Once again now that you have another White Supreme Leader in charge the debt has increased to 23 trillion dollars.
      Just like all your White Supreme Leaders going back to White reagen you give out trillions of dollars of free money to the ultra rich White People from us the american tax payer with no proof or idea how to pay for it other then to destroy ss income medicare medicade food stamps, not to support pro life but to promote and imbrace Pro Death policys.
      To all of you racists out there that like to make outrageous claims of someones identity, I’m the wet dream of all you racists weather it be KKK NEO NAZI WHITE SUPREMACISTS WHITE ARIANS or any and all your groups you belong to, I’m as White as White can be 6′ tall blonde hair and blue eyes 180 lbs it don’t get no better or purer than that.
      But im proud to claim that i denounce your radical ideology I’m married to a beautifull woman of hispanic origins “love my brown sugar” my true intent is to breed the White out of my family.
      I was so happy to see Prince Harry marry Meghan Markle the look of disbelieve and anger in Queen Elizabeth ll face was priceless the diversity coming to the Royal family is the future of mankind, the power of the White man is coming to an end, not today but it will happen like it or not.
      Just like the Pharahos of ancient Egypt inbreeding was a way to keep their family in power sick but that was their idea of power submission oppression and supremacy they simply sped up their own demise.
      The other night on Steven Colbert he showed a picture of Ivanka in a green dress big puffy sleeves bellowing in the wind she locked just like a green Lizard with her split tongue slithering out of her mouth who in their right mind would want to marry a Lot Lizard.
      Anyway say all the discusting things you want about the great Obama’s your just showing your hatred for America and the diversity the will over take your WHITE RACE. ????????????????????????????????☻????????☠????

      • Ms.Jan says:

        Damn Spanky, it must be hell to hate your own race. What’s that like? Is that why you’re so angry and racist against whites?

      • juan murillo says:

        smacky I am Mexican feel sorry for your wife,where did she find you?she needs to take you back.

      • FIREBALL says:


  70. CAROLE says:




  71. bagster53 says:

    someone should write a book on how she made millions in chicago ,from the healthcare insurance companies , for selling out the poor in chicago , and how about the billion dollars of tax payer money she handed her friend in canada to make the obomacare web site that never worked , they could write a real book on the corruption in the oboma family , they want to lock up people for buying their kids way into college , so why aint the obomas included , you know their kids ain’t smart enough to pass the tests ,but get a free pass because of their last name

  72. bagster53 says:

    most blacks can’t read , so who bought the book,

  73. Ann says:


    • Spanky says:

      Ann. No I’m not a troll I’m a professional fisherman i just like to hook the big SUCKERS the bigger the better.

      • Rani says:

        You’re the biggest sucker of them all if you believe in the garbage being used to cover up the worst President in American history, Barack Obama.

        • Spanky says:

          Rani if thats your opinion fine I’m good with that everybody has opinions, when the cah cah hits the fan just remember you voted for it, thats my opinion!!!????

          • Jan says:

            Hey Spanky, you most certainly will be IN SHOCK when the cah cah hits the fan……with Attorney Durham’s investigation of the investigators surfaces! It will show how the top tier of the last administration’s evil acts has been the worst in the history of America! There will be a lot of people lined up to be indicted and outfitted for orange jumpsuits, and this possibly goes all the way to the top of the heap! Just you wait, Spanky!!!

  74. VN says:

    Beside Stacey Abram, Michael obuma is the most ugly black (man) I ever seen. Calling her first lady, it is really insulting American women.

    • Elizabeth Galloway says:

      total agree with you VN

    • jw says:

      Obumer might be female , but like Abrams she is far ,far from being a lady!!!

    • Cynthia says:

      I agree with you vn too. The he/she is a fugly piece of crap. The gruesome twosome was the worst thing that could have happened to our country. And about reading, they can’t even speak English. So shut up he/she.

    • Traveler says:

      I don’t know about that about Stacey Abram but Maxine Waters could give her a run for her money.

    • Spanky says:

      VN. You left out WHITE WOMEN I’m sure thats what you meant. Also your grammer needs a lot of work you must have flunked english.

      • The traveller says:

        Spanky, YOUR “grammar” needs a lot of work, as well. Also, the word “English” needs to be capitalized. Coming from an English Grammar teacher from the 70’s, who is trying to help. I don’t think English has changed that much since then.

      • Debra M Stoddard says:

        Oh Spanky- you just misspelled something. “Grammer” is “grammar”! You’d better check your own ‘grammar’, before you correct others, hmm? Oh yes, and you forgot to put an apostrophe in ‘thats’, it’s ‘that’s’. Again, you need to check your own grammar and be sure to proofread, before you correct others. Otherwise, you will continue to make a fool out of yourself on here!

        • The traveller says:

          Thanks for pointing out the apostrophe fluke! I knew I missed something. Too busy eating the Texas BBQ! Y’all come on down!

        • Spanky says:

          Debra what ever makes you feel good I’m all for it at least you read my post you studied it you critiqued it I’m “lovin it” believe me theres more studying to come hey i got a good idea why don’t you apply for cheeto mans “grammar” teacher he deffently needs it more then i do, do you teach art also he needs help with his sharpie pen and reading maps you’d be a great help maybe you could save him a whole lot of embarrassment, we can only wish i guess anyway good luck with your new job maybe you’ll get lucky and he’ll grab you you’d like that wouldn’t you.????????????????????????????????????

        • Spanky says:

          DMS I’m glad you notced tou- che

  75. Ted says:

    Fishsmell Obammy is a disgusting pig. He, she, or it is really a guy who has a dick between it’s legs. And queer Barack sucks on it. Everybody knows that’s the truth but the democrats think it’s ok because it’s them. They are a disgrace to the USA and should never have been allowed into the White House. They are traitors and should be shot to death, or stoned to death like any common muslim scum.

    • Cynthia says:

      Wow Ted. Well said.

    • Spanky says:

      Ted&Cynthia. Yes and just think that ORANGE ORANGUTANG MONSTER is sleeping in that exact same bed as the Great Obams at least they slept together as man and wife, that ugly slant eyed commie POS pig of a wife cheeto man has won’t even sleep with him i guess she is afraid she’ll get crabs,clap, syphilis, aids, gonorrhea, or some other horrible disease because he slept with so manny hookers and how many of those were really women or men remember he’ll F anyone with two legs also don’t ever forget the golden shower tape putin has in his vault from cheeto mans visit before he even became potus you want sick you got it he likes cheeto man that is girls peeing on him

  76. Archangel III says:

    First of all… Ernst… What success from Obama?… Weakest economic recovery since the 40’s…2.1% average economic growth, and never got our economy above 2.7% in any of the eight years of his presidency. First president to accomplish such a feat, despite his claim that he presided over the steadiest economy in history… We are now at 3.2% GDP economic growth under Trump, not seen since Reagan and Clinton… An average of 9,2% unemployment in the first 3 years of Obama’s presidency, and he only created 8.8 million jobs in 8 years… Not the 16 million he lied about… Trump has created 7 million jobs in just under three years including another138,000 this past month, with unemployment claims being less than 0.6%… Michelle Obama’s book sold less than the actual third and fourth place sellers but I’m talking about the New York Times here, and we all know that when any Obama is involved oh, they will be put before a conservative…. they’re just as corrupt as the FBI and the DOJ

  77. Ernst says:

    Michelle Obama seems to want to claim a career from the success of her husband. She has never held elective office, and she has even been stripped of her law license. Who wants to read a book by an awkward, ugly, egotistical, presumptive racist who never accomplished anything?

    • Mysty says:

      Great post, Ernst!!! She throws childish tantrums & expects the world to bow down & kiss her feet! Wonder if she’ll expect GOD to bow down to her!!!
      She won’t even be ‘anyone’ in hell, either!!!

    • Mysty says:

      Ah…Archangel III just made a good point…OBAMY HAD NO SUCCESSES! HE TRULY WAS THE WORST PRESIDENT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER HAD! Maybe some day his name & picture will even be totally removed from the rolls of U.S. PRESIDENTS…He won’t even be recognized as having existed.

    • Jonathan Conover says:

      Michelle Obama Is a Princeton graduate and received her law degree from Harvard university. You don’t fall off the turnip truck and be accepted to those Ivy league schools. There are exceptions of course, your parents can get a child accepted if they are wealthy and politically connected. I doubt George W. Bush was Yale material and he was allergic to the “libarry” Michelle Obama accomplished a great deal during her life and she is only 55.

  78. Dee says:

    Where I live…people would walk by and just turn Michelle’s book OVER. It went on sale quickly after publication. Soros backed destroyers of America…she? and o. are STILL at it.

  79. Evie says:

    I’m sorry but the people writing on here can’t read nor comprehend anything that is written. They are ignorant low class Southerners, most of them.

    • The traveller says:

      Not as low class as you Yankees!! Y’all can’t even COOK right…Y’all can’t EVEN come close to cookin’ a good pot of beans right.

      • Spanky says:

        traveller. That is surely some poor “grammer” expressly coming from an English teacher from the 70’s “comin”
        “Y’all” sounds hillbilly to me!!!

        • The traveller says:

          Grammar is spelled with “ar” ending the word, not “er”, like some would believe.
          Y’all is a combination of two words, “you” and “all”. The word got its start down South, but gradually sneaked North, West, and East, as it slowly was accepted as a word, indicating either one person, or many. Hope this helps.

          • Spanky says:

            Traveller i just agreed with you it’s a combination of inbred hillbilly slang that still don’t make it proper English come on now correct my use of “dont doesn’t can’t won’t couldn’t shouldn’t ” i dosent care but as long as you do thats all that matters fur you’s wittle bitti brain. This coulda shoulda woulda keeps you bisy for a whilllllle

        • The traveller says:

          Spanky, how about I say it this way, “How about y’all coming over for some good, TEXAS bar-b-que tomorrow evening at the fairgrounds! Gotta have that good sweet tea with it, along with coleslaw and baked beans. Dessert will be good old PECAN PIE!! Hungry yet? We Texans can do it up right.

          • Spanky says:

            Traveller I’m allergic to redneck hillbillies but y’all have fun choking on them big bones i prefer home made mexican chilli nothin beets home coocked reel food made wit love from a beautifully brown sugar girl and i meen notin yall com bak now yall heer

          • Patriot says:

            The only place to get real BBQ Kansas City!!

      • Patriot says:

        You can’t they fall right through the grill right?

        • The traveller says:

          Well, one usually cooks the beans in a pot, slow-cooked, on the grill. That’s where the good, smoke taste comes from.

          • Patriot says:

            DAH i thought they had to sit on the coals to get more flavor I’m from the south I’ll try to put them in a pot but just how do you get the flavor in the pot you pour in beer or something i plenty of beer

    • Ellie says:

      For someone to call southerns low class must be a low class dirt bag

    • Mysty says:

      Hmmm…and here YOU ARE!!! ????
      Good self-portrait!!!

    • Mysty says:

      Got that right, Traveller!!! ‘Evie’ has given herself away with her own post…SHE READS AND POSTS ON HERE!!! THAT MAKES HER EVEN MORE IGNORANT…

    • Ms.Jan says:

      Well hot damn, you just earned the stupid comment of the day award!

    • Charles says:

      Carole…………..the Obumer’s should be thrown out………..back where they came from deep in the Jungles of Africa

  80. Dave says:

    who care i wouldn’t read the book the she-male wrote since back terrorist just like her POS husband does.

    • old man coyote says:

      Michelle Obama wrote a book? What, NIGHTMARES FROM MY FATHER?

      • Dude says:

        Ernst, Who wants to read a book by an awkward, ugly, egotistical, presumptive racist who never accomplished anything? Why Democrats do ! Such proven failures such as the NYC Mayor the Dem’s voted for him. In CA you have to be a proven failure as well to get elected by Dem’s. Gavin Newsome became the GOV of CA by being a total failure as mayor of SF. Apparently, DEM’s love having human waste, used needles, and loads of homeless all over their city streets and bankrupt. A failure such as Newsome is what turned on the DEM’s in CA. They love electing proven failures.

      • Dude says:

        Old Man Coyote, She might of wrote that one. But her first book should be
        “Nightmares from my Husband.”

      • Patricia Overbey says:

        good post. Sequence to “dreams of my Father [which he didn’t even know]”

  81. Don Juan says:

    I wouldn’t read Michael’s book even if someone gave it to me with a $100 bill attached to its front cover.

    • Donny Jr says:

      Don someone gave you 100 bucks to read a book and you turned it down, boy now that’s just stupid I’d take the 100 bucks and buy me more bullets to off mexicans now that’s smart your stupid

  82. DOUGLAS PRATO says:

    Just one more example of why the Media , Democrats, Liberals and Leftists cannot be trusted. No sense of ethics, ,moral values, or standards,
    The lie, they cheat, they scam the very people that support them, they fabricate, and are a total bunch of hypocrites who sucker millions of people daily into believing the nonsense they feed them. Wake up folks
    they been scamming you for years.

  83. Spanky says:

    James. Then why do you hate the constitution so much to vote for a dictator that breaks constitutional law everday, the Emoluments Clause, seperation of Church and State,the National Prayer Breakfast, his kids in the administration, falsifying NOAW weather map, until you read and understand the constitution and bill of rights SHUT THE F###UP YOU MORON and don’t get made because Michele the most beautifull gracious woman to ever grace the whitehouse so much better than this ugly commie pig we now have that can’t even smile but hey i guess she can’t smile just look at that orange orangutan, rapist,child molester,pervert, pedophile, mexican murder, mafia conman,pu#sy graber,womanizing slob that she married guarantee once we vote that POS OUT the divorce papers will be filed

    • Sick of snowflakes says:

      The Obamas ruined this country. Shut your mouth and go crawl back under your rock. Your an idiot and a loser. God I am so sick of these ignorant snowflakes!! Go get a job and get a life.

      • Alan L Patrick says:

        I agree, his elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor, even then top floor is toys. Shame they can’t open their eyes and see the Truth right in front of them. SMDH

      • Spanky says:

        Oh poor wittel babi got you poor wittel feelins hurt boo hoo wah wah wah what a cry baby loser stock up on WHINE your soon goin need it GUARANTEED !!

    • Irish 19 says:

      I think Hanky Spanky needs a whoopin. Melania Trump is so beautiful and gracious. Michael Obama is ugly! How can she be beautiful . She’s a He. Barry Sotoro is gay. You didn’t know that? Get with the times Spanky. We love Donald J. Trump. MAGA 2020. Obama has no legacy. Trump is the greatest POTUS of all time.

      • Donna says:

        Irish 19 very well written. Poor Spanky needs his head and eyes examined. Just another delusion lowlife.
        Trump 2020 ????????

        • jw says:

          Poor sparky can’t see out his mommies basement windows , they ‘re painted yellow , the same color as B.O. spine!

          • Spanky says:

            At least my daddy didn’t paint himself ORANGE and wear a fake wig now thats classy i must admitt real classy and don’t forget the hair die my god only steers and queers from tx do that, you must be so proud to own a fake human pervert

      • pink says:

        Irish 19. My family loves our FLOTUS. You’re right! Melania is beautiful and classy. Michael is good for picking cotton in Alabama.
        KAG/Trump-Pence 2020.

        • Pat says:

          Please……we don’t want Michael anywhere near ALABAMA. (that is just to close to where I live.)

          • Spanky says:

            Oh my god you survide hurricane dorian cheeto man said you all were toast he even drew the map crude but hey what can you expect from a ORANGE ORANGUTAN with a sharpie

        • Spanky says:

          Inbred hillbillies are not to smart i agree but you’ll soon return to your Neanderthal caves to sit around and grunt have fun we’ll miss the entertainment but I’m sure you’ll be back with another round of circus clowns as in 2016

        • Patriot says:

          Whats flotus I’m from the south can someone tell me how to bbq beans they keep falling through the grill little rascals

          • The traveller says:

            As I explained to Spanky, one puts the beans in a pot, puts the pot in a grill, and slow cooks the beans, that way the smoke flavor injects the beans right there. FLOTUS=FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES.

      • American says:

        WOW! Finally someone with a brain & logic to go with it.
        Thank you for your post.
        All other ass wipes posting need to learn that TRUMP IS THE DUMP who should have never made it to the White House.

        OMG, it’s MICHELLE you asshole. And Spanky is the only smart one posting here.
        The rest of you are nothing but racist jerks who voted Trump the Frump in office to destroy what’s left of country that has always been great.
        MAGA? It was always great you hypocritical white supremesist pigs.

        • Ms.Jan says:

          I love it when Democrats realize they’ve lost the argument and start name calling and playing the race card. Sorry Spanky and American, we’ve already played the TRUMP card. Game over!

          • Spanky says:

            Ms Jan if you truly have any idea of the actual facts or the ability to process facts”cognitive thinking” then you would truly understand and realize that the game is rigged, the ones playing and owning the deck or playing the cards in this game are not republican or democrat.
            They only manipulate the players in their game of White Supremacy White Power World Domination the one World Order.
            They don’t like, respect, care, love, have any feelings, empathy, or have religious beliefs.
            Its Power and nothing will stand in their way of getting this Power.
            Let me try to explain this in layman’s terms.
            You have lets say 5-6 people or men they decide to pull off a big bank job, following me here, anyway the day comes for the big heist, remember their all friends they’ve known each other for decades going back to their good old school days. They fully TRUST each other come life or death. The heist works they go off to their hide out to split the proceeds evenly, next thing you know one guy claims he needs a bigger share because he planed the heist, one or two guys claim they deserve more because they stood gaurd, then they all agree the driver took the least risk so he should only get a smaller amount,as i stated earlier they’er school buds from way back, a fight soon erupts guns are drawn bullets fly in all directions, when the smoke clears maybe one guy walks away with all the cash,loot,dollars,dinero.
            Now let’s inject this story into moderen day politics, Pence flys off to Ireland for big metting with powerfull people, remember there is plenty of nice secure motel’s hotel’s very secure resort’s to stay at, but no because Trump has resort many miles and hours away and Pence wants to visit family while there, he wastes millions of tax payer money on basically a family vacation, mean while back here in america those evil democrats investigate the violations of our constitution the “Emuluments Clause”.
            Call it what you want,blame democrats all you want, bring up the past if you want, deny it if you want, what we’re talking about here is current event’s not past event’s thats a story for another day.
            Mean while as he faced the public today to claimed nothing to see here as he stood there stuffing all that cash in his pocket, he said nothing to see here folks nothing to see.
            I’m just trying to say i don’t care of your political views your LOVE for cheeto man i don’t care if you hate me because i hate your Supreme Leader, I’m just trying to warn you no one and i mean no one in politics cares about you or me not even human life, well only their power and their own life in alot of cases not even family life these are very evil people, I’ll go as far to say they are of the “ANTI CHRIST”.
            When the day comes and it will come there will be no warning there will be no shots fired no missiles no invading army’s it will be biological warfare you can’t go out and shoot it with your guns you can’t wear some sort of mask to protect yourself you can’t see it there’s nothing you can do about it, well there is one thing and one thing only we must VOTE THEM ALL OUT INCLUDING YOUR SUPREME LEADER THAT ORANGE ORANGUTAN MONSTER!!!
            And YES all democrats also if we refuse to send them a stong message of unity we will all lose each and every one of us for if you believe that trump cares about you in anyway your incapable of “COGNITIVE THINKING”

          • The Real M says:

            Jan, This inbred low life, low class, bl-ck racist tro-l, Spanky, has let obsessive hate of DJT run it bat dung crazy! I have never heard such dribble and babble of meaningless words and attempt at logic in my life. It tries so hard to appear intelligent and knowledgeable but, I would be surprised if it has even a single digit positive IQ number. Poor thing is really a mess with all its hate, anger and black heart! It will cause itself to expire at a very early age which will be a relief to any sane Dems who are being embarrassed by its rants and tirades. It can’t be soon enough for me since it comments ALL the time and every so often I will stop and read one of them. I immediately realize what a waste of time to bother to read more of its hate and contempt for all with opposing views. Nothing new in fact, nothing at all worthwhile………………………………. 🙁

        • Spanky says:

          American tou-che American tou-che.
          Who in their right frame of mind would invite the terrorist talliban to camp david???
          Who in their right frame of mind would support someone willing to raid military spending budget for his pathetic wall ???
          Who in their right frame of mind would support a pathological liar???
          Who in their right frame of mind would support a cartoon artist???
          “Sharpi- Gate”
          Who in their right frame of mind would support a proven womanizer????
          We as humans have been blessed with the ability to have cognitive thinking. Then why do so many refuse to use this god given talent???

          • Dr. J.D. says:

            Exactly and well put, Spanky. But most of the Trump supporters are not critical thinkers and operate more on emotive, not cognitive. Now Trump has BETRAYED another ally, the KURDS, who fought ISIS and other terrorists right next to American soldiers in Syria – — will that change their minds? No. I learned long ago as a professor, you cannot teach those who will not learn and also, that once a person “turns off” that critical thinking, they have become sheeple, and can be lead anywhere, following any false leader or direction. For most of us, we follow the axiom of “by their fruits you shall know them.” And Trump’s fruits are rotten, molded and self-serving. But the Trumpers, as even Trump said (Probably most honest thing he ever said) was he could do anything, even murder some one in broad daylight on 5th avenue, and they would still support him.

          • The Real M says:

            JD, That was a mediocre attempt to sound intelligent! What happened was you made a whole mass of intelligent people run for the bathroom and tegurgitate!
            PLEASE GET REAL!

        • The Real M says:

          American, different name, same troll……………..

      • Spanky says:

        Irish. Yes so great to be known for sharpie gate nothing like being the laughingstock of the entire world, China is laughing so hard i can hear them from colorado and we got pikes peak in our way but hey if someone from the looney bin is what you want to lead your country then cartoon networks must be your favorite channel of course you love him your too stupid to see what the whole world see’s and that he is a total loser get with the times everyone agrees that white women turn into fat ugly pigs or slant eyed commie pigs if thats your idea of beauty your completely blind any and all women of color have so much more beauty and grace forget 2020 that ship already sailed and maga nobody in their right mind want to make america gayer again except for you butt buddies and I’m more than sure you can’t whip yourself out of a wet paper bag also did you know cheeto man likes women too pee on him putin or epstien has the tape why do you think he got killed in jail when that one shows up on you tube even he doesn’t want that to be shown but he’ll deny it and you’ll deny it but the whole world will be laughing at him and all retarded retardicans for supporting him what a fantastic legacy the only potus to love girls peeing on him VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO!!!!Right now the count of gop members leaving 16 at least yeah that’s a great sign also of disgust and dispair from within you must be so proud to see your party crumble right before your eyes oh I’m sorry you deny everthing your a low information voter rush calls you people that listen to him that everyday but you think he’s talking to the other guy but the only ones listling to him are low information everybody else too smart to listen to him magayers like you

        • Ms.Jan says:

          Racist much? Fat white pigs, slant eyed commie pigs? It just occurred to me, your wife is an illegal alien and is about to see her family members who weren’t lucky enough to marry a dumbass American, shipped back to wherever they slithered in from.

      • Charles says:

        Irish 19…………………..it’s her big fanny that draws attention………..whewwwww……it it ever big. Spanky would love to kiss it.

    • Richard says:

      Is that all you got? Same old liberal trash! Trump in a landslide in 2020!

      • Cynthia says:

        Spanky has to be black. The american is just a plain moron. Michele O is a man. You are both delusional. Besides being ugly, Michael was a disgrace to our country. Obama and the he/she have a place in hell. Trump 2020. God bless America.

      • Spanky says:

        Richard. It must have taken you all day to come up with that one but i guess you couldn’t find it I’ll bet, let me help it’s on the first page of how to become a retard the only sliding he’s going to do is sliding on all that pee on the floor from his golden showers.

    • Joe Penor says:

      Spanky seems to be the real moron. Anyone who has to use the foul “f'” word can’t be too bright. Obviously he drank the godless, liberal koolaid. Good luck with your mouth! MAGA 2020

    • Kep says:

      You sound like a card carrying communist par3member. Keep that communist propaganda and lies flowing.

    • Gary says:

      You have all the key words and phrases memorized. Your mommy must be proud. Run upstairs and show her.

    • Mysty says:

      Spanky it sounds to me like maybe you & your boyfriend have been spanking each other a little too much.
      You really need to see a plumber about that ???? that’s blocking your brain waves. Way too much anal fog from head up butt syndrome.

    • Pat says:

      You must be one of those assnine Democrats. You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face. You can’t compare it Obama to the most beautiful lady in the White House.

      • Spanky says:

        Pat. Being a slant eyed tranny commie is not beauty you must be buba the nascar puppet that jeff dunham uses in his shows I’m sure, you sound just like him also, and your house is on wheels you came home one day and you couldn’t find your house because it rolled 1 foot you go get them BUBA JOE

        • Dr. J.D. says:

          Hey, Spanky, thanks for mentioning a great comedian, Jeff Dunham! After reading most of these posts, I think a lot of these Trumpers act just like WALTER, the ultra-cranky, whiney, nasty old man – – – and some of them are “Wandas” or the female version of Walter!! Trump by age and gender, only has one category of support, among white males over 45! You will find if you can sift through all the racist and venomous posts, that most of these people are old, whiney, gripey, complaining white males who are out of touch with the young, the females, and certainly with doing anything other than their right wingnut Kool Aid!!!

          • The Real M says:

            JD, Wow, way to go! Your comment sounds exactly every other liberal troll! You write like a doctor of nothing much less a liberal with a doctorate! Come on, give everyone some more of the “real JD”!

    • Braveryder says:

      I see you are back, Spanky, making comments filled with ******** language.
      May I suggest you purchase and use a quality dictionary so you can look up synonyms for
      ****** words you seem to enjoy using. Maybe you will be able to expand you quality words and use them in your comments.

      • Spanky says:

        Bravado. And your completly OK with all the other comments on this site such hypocrisy, but hey i get it their your butt buddies, thats where i learned it from, you retards can’t help yourself, but I’ll admitt when it comes to vulgarity you retardicans got me whipped i could never match your low life comments ever, but there is one thing about me I’ll admitt when i get out done, out played in the word games, retardicans are the best when it comes to using vulgar words or comments as displayed on this site denying that does not make them go away so use all the ****####%%%%&&&&@@@@””””::::you want to it ain’t goin stop me ever I’m here to stay I’m in it for the long haul I’ve got resiliency I’m driven like nothing you can imagine bring it on retards bring it on come out and play but make sure to get mommy or daddys permission because this is an F’d up wed site

        • Braveryder says:

          Spanky, I’m so glad my suggestion hit a chord. You post a great deal, I see. Maybe you should be Red Flagged for your comments.

        • Dr, J.D. says:

          I don’t like to use vulgarity and have chided a few common posters about it. I was shocked how Trumpers cannot seem to handle issues, but resort quickly to vulgar name calling. The kinds of words a few of the posters use about women or say minorities is particularly vulgar and hate-filled words. When the Trumpers don’t have anything to back up their points, like even Rep. Congressman and Senators can’t defend Trump’s Ukraian and Syrian behaviors, they resort to either calling one a “troll” or “dumb*ss.” They are masters of name calling and they absolutely H A T E anynne who might disagree with them.

  84. dlmstl says:

    Like BJ and the Hunchback of Chappaqua, Barry and Moochie Can always depend on protection from their buds in the MSM. They’ll undoubtly put a positive spin on these two grifters $14.9M sea man’s on Martha’s Vinyard. This bogus book charade ranks right up their with that equally phony Nobel Prize for nothing.

    • Irish19 says:

      The Nobel prize is a fraud. Just look at past winners. All left wing nut jobs. What did Obama do to deserve it?Because he was the
      2nd black president? Big deal. He should then give it back because he was the worst President of any color to hold the office. What a POS. Should be tried fro treason
      . He sold out this country at least 3 times in his presidency. How does he and Michael afford a 15 million dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard? Can anyone explain that?? Yes he was the second black president. Remember when the dems declared Bill Clinton their first Black President.

    • Mary says:

      The Nobel Prize is given for a person’s accomplishment, Obama’s was for what he wanted to do. He didn’t deserve the prize at all. Didn’t meet the requirements to warrant the prize. As for the dumb, dumb Spanky, it’s NOAA and it wasn’t wrong it was one of the early tracks for Dorian’s landing.

      • Spanky says:

        Mary. Tou-che noaa not noaw tou-che that still does not excuse him from making such an ignorant and stupid claim when at that time on sunday it was clear it was not going to get close just because he has a mental disorder and won’t admitt his stupidity dose not exonerate him from being a total ignorant BAFOON, also when he forced ” noaa” to make an apology to him thats what dictators do this idiot is very dangerous to america, what if someone made false claim about nuke missiles and he pushed the button because he got that stuck in his sick head, i guess that would be OK because you support him no matter what stupid thing he does or says but everbody here is to busy complaining about the Obama’s to even worry about that moronic idiot BAFOON or what he’s up too. As long as I’m alive I’ll never ever trust a retardican your just to dangerous to human life. Anialation of humans not fitting in your agenda of White Supremacy is a very sick and dangerous place to be. We can never have to much oversite of that ORANGE ORANGUTAN MONSTER.

  85. According to the Illinois State Bar…Michelle was disbarred for some type of fraud…not surprising for this meat grinder of a female!

  86. Scott says:

    I would not but anyone’s book who said they were ashamed to be Americans!

    • Roy Roper says:


      • Mari says:

        We think the same thing about the voters who put a communist racist disbarred lawyer in office for 8 long years!!!

        • Jonathan Conover says:

          Mr Trump demonstrates many characteristics of a wanna be dictator. Some of the signs are putting your name in giant letters on the property you own. Appointing relatives to positions of power, receiving financial gain through the office that you hold, desire to hold military parades including hauling missiles down the streets , speaking of being President for life, calling the media enemies of the people. Allying with other world dictators. Mr Trump checks all the boxes. The sooner the Chosen One is gone the better.

          • Edward says:

            How is stock portfolio doing now compare to the Obams’s time. How is the unemployment now compare to Obama’s term. Where have you been

      • John Green says:

        your just ignorant .

        • Spanky says:

          J C had to use your reply button edward to chicken to leave one anyway he’s babbling on about stock portolios how incredibly great things are “another trump troupe” i guess we’re see two different reports the one I’m seeing has flat lined teetering on the verge of collapse and when it hits it’s goin be a big collapse I’ve seen plenty of them going back too nixion I’ll say this edward bend over grab your backside this one’s goin destroy your portfolio guaranteed

      • Jenna says:

        Why because our Country is finally going the way it’s supposed to?! Instead of being led by Hillary’s buddy the thief Obummer?. He stole as much as she did! It’s all coming out! Why did he refuse to really show where he was born for 4 years and suddenly come up with Hawaii?. He’s a liar, just like his frigging wife who was dis-barred from her job as an attorney for dishonesty and suddenly this was covered up! pay attention to the real world idiot!

      • Sick of snowflakes says:

        Typical ignorant words. Again I will say it snowflake go get a job move out of mommy’s basement and get a life

        • Spanky says:

          Snowflake call your mommy and make sure your still wecome because when stock market crashes and you lose it all just repeat these simple words MOMMY SNOWFLAKES COMING HOME PRETTY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

      • Irish19 says:

        You are so much a liar. He will be the greatest President of all time and with any justice, Obama, his administration and his DOJ will be indicted for treason. Trying to take down using Russian lies, Candidate Donald Trump then President elect Donald Trump. Good thing we have one news outlet who reports the news, real news not fake news. Lowest unemployment rate across all racial and gender lines. Great economy. Worlds largest producer of natural gas and oil. Seems the only people that hate this president more than they love America are losers like you. Keep it up Mr.President. Every success for America creates
        more anger from the left. He
        just keeps on winning and it’s why the USA is winning. MAGA 2020!!!

      • Richard says:

        It’s still tough to be a loser. YOUR life will never be the same. Make sure you have plenty of coloring books handy in November 2020!

      • Jeff Weil says:

        comrade roy roper, do you need mental help or are you just a hypocrite?

      • Spanky says:

        Roy Roper. Ya hoo an informed voter you got that right i still can’t believe that any one is still civilized you just made my day i guess i can go to bed now and return to war tommorrow THANKS FOR RESTORING HOPE IN ME ALL’S NOT LOST JUST YET 2020 WILL BE OUR YEAR TO START REBUILDING AMERICA AGAIN

        • mlhtd51 says:

          Hey, Spanky & Roy Roper, Did You Get To Keep Your DOCTOR, because the One you have now is Feeding You some really BAD Drugs. And the “TDS” you have there’s only one cure it’s Move to Venezuela or back to wherever you came from. “TRUMP 2020”

          • Spanky says:

            As a matter of fact i know you hate the truth but yes i did I’m on medicare you get that you know when you turn 65 that’s why i vote blue I’m trying to protect my rights as an american something your party is trying to destroy just listen to MOSCOW MITCH THE SNITCH that’s his main talking points ss income medicar medicade food stamps any and all life saving programs and you call yourself pro life please you fool republicans all the time but you can’t ever fool me any time your the enemy just like russia is you know trumps personal close friend putin and how Mitch The Snitch just lifted sanctions on russian oligarchs to build factory in kentucky do you know how much danger we’re in with these traitors in our house the peoples house not just your party’s house the sooner you all realize this the sooner we can secure america from known enemy’s

          • The Real M says:

            mlhtd51, I am glad you wrote your comment to Spanky. “Its” reply to you explains a lot about what the hades is wrong with it. It has advanced dementia or Alzheimer and in its condition it may say or do anything. The bad drugs and adrenochrome it is taking are definitely working against the brain disease. People with brain disease ramble on and on like a parrot programed with Democrat propaganda. It will soon expire and leave us…………..

    • Joz Lee says:

      The former First Lady was used to always getting her way.

      But she just suffered the biggest humiliation of her life with this defeat.

      Many authors believe making The New York Times bestseller list is stamp of career validation,

      If you top the chart, it means you made it in the literary world.

      But that is not the case.

      The bestseller list is just as fake as the news The New York Times prints about Donald Trump.

      And that harsh truth was exposed when Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro’s book not only outsold former First Lady Michelle Obama’s book last week, but also outsold the book that The Times listed as number one on the bestseller ……..list.

      Barak bought mega copies, Oprah bought mega copies for her booke club, michelle bought her own copies, and some leftist michelle turds bough some to make it look like a best seller sales #1 list. but but but: PULSE POLL: Would you buy Michelle Obama’s book?
      YES 1%
      NO 99% THERE YA GO! PROOF that us ‘normal’ Americans would not even spend .01 cent to use it for cat litter box lining!

    • Mark says:

      An overwhelming number of real American citizens would buy a book about picking their nose’ and how to prepare the magic nose’ goblins for consumption before buying anything about either Obama’s fictional life… Anything written about either Obama by them is nothing but fairy-tales of the sociopathic pathological lying looney toon variety…
      What else would you expect from the two biggest sociopathic pathological lying race hustlers to ever inhabit the White House!!!

      • Spanky says:

        Mark. Just because you need a book to show you how to pick your nose proves your retarded just don’t forget to eat them that’s what inbred hillbillies like you do it you go get them buba joe them boogers that is check for hairs you might choke I’d hate to see that

  87. Jean says:

    I have no desire to read her book but I can’t imagine that it would be about anything except their many “vacations.”

  88. arthur pierfy says:

    That is great for Judge
    I thought biggest humiliations for her were marrying that Jackass Barrack and she was shaken to the core when she heard Trump utter the p word in 1997 but she was not shaken when that jackass Barracvk used it at a speech at Columbia University

  89. Truckman says:

    the obamas are nothing but trash there latest thing is trying to get the government to take away a trade mark and panted name from a small business that they have had for years so they can have it because they have been illegally using it to sign a deal with netflix and they think they are more deserving to hell with those two t

    • Mark says:

      The title, “Self entitled elitist’ scum!” fits them nicely!
      We can expect to see an Obama judge not recuse themselve’s and favor the Obama’s! Human scum wins again in our FAKE justice system! Of course the MSM won’t cover this or they’ll vilify the real victims!

    • Kathe says:

      What you have written is true. The Obamas think they should not be denied anything. For this company having the Higher Ground label years before the Obamas came along, now have to fight for their label, the cost it is taking a toll I am sure. So I hope they will yell for help for those who want to help with the lawyer cost; and he seems to be competent and knowledgeable but with the way courts and laws are corrupted by Democrats, one never knows what the outcome will be.

  90. renato says:

    I would never ever buy her book it’s all fake story about her family I rather buy PENTHOUSE or PLAYBOY

  91. renato says:

    I would never ever buy a book anything related to the Obama’s I rather buy PLAYBOY or PENTHOUSE
    at least I see some beautiful women not ugly ones and besides all fake story anyway all made up for her
    and her family and the author will make any kind of good story to tell to sell the book.

    • Liza says:

      No decent American cares what MO has to say – she’s bitter, nasty and has chip on her shoulder, not to mention she’s a terrible speaker, she’s a poor excuse for a former First Lady

  92. Littlebit. says:

    I just wish the bitch would go away.

  93. Shelba says:

    Why would anyone want to buy a book that gossip says was written by a fake woman, M. Obama has been outed that she is a he, so if she/he would lie about her gender what makes people think she/he wouldn’t lie about every thing she/he has written in this book

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Why do you need to embarrass America with lies?
      You make Michelle Obama look like a saint.
      Obviously, you must feel threatened by her.

      • Patricia Overbey says:

        Alaska women you need to get in out of the cold your brain cells are freezing.

      • Patricia Overbey says:

        Alaskan women, who would feel threatened by someone who was ashamed of AMERICA until she invaded the White House where she & hubby spewed hate & discontent. TRUMP 2020.God bless President Trump.

      • Spanky says:

        AW and just remember they themselfs call you and i vile vulgar nasty stupid and worse look at the things said about Michelle Obama or Barack Obama and how they stand around pounding their chest like some wild animal all agreeing with one onother the hate they have is overwheming, what makes this realy dicusting and scary is that they proclaim to know God they talk to him go to church brag how Holy they are read the Bible carry it every where with them in thier car womens pursues how can you have any conection to God and say the things we read here on this site this one is deffently the worst one I’ve seen, they talk about how we the dems took God out of our schools even if it’s constitutional seperation of church and state i totaly agree because look at the results on this site and it’s all comming from the right for the most part taking God out has severely damaged the minds of republicans, I’ll admitt I’ve said some bad things but the claims about Michelle Obama is just so far past my thoughts and I’m a truck driver we’re known for our volgar language but with almost 30 years on the road i never heard such terrible things, none of this can be connected to the dems all this started with trump when Obama got elected he just kept pushing it for his run for president he created so much hate that when he announced his run i knew we were doomed, I’ll make a future prediction just like rush likes to do that are never correct this one is correct though with 100% accuracy any more time with this guy and we’re deffently going to see WW3 no doubt about it you can’t take to the bank because there will no longer be banks or pretty much anything else left

  94. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Would you buy Michelle Obama’s book??
    Just why would I buy anything that would profit any damned demoncrat and/or


    BUT my awesome hope is to permanently eliminate & silencing the

    whole damned demoncratic party off of our Earth

    however possible
    Amen & Amen!!!

    • hat says:

      I have too many Amen”s To follow up to your Amen.

    • Morton says:

      Yes i would buy her book if and only when i run out of toilet paper!

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Freedom of religion is the very basis upon which our country exists. The first person to die for the freedom you enjoy was a Muslim, and a slave: Crispus Attucks.
      America’s first, and most faithful ally, is a Muslim nation: Morocco.
      Stop insulting everything our Founders fought and died for.
      If you canot honor our Constitution, get out of America.

      • Bruce Gregory Bell says:

        That’s not a true statement. The first martyred were Christians. The first martyrs were early first century AD.

        Christians have been and still are the most persecuted, killed, of any demographic group.

        Don’t forget that Christians found the Americas in late 15th century.

        Also remember from history that Christians and Muslims were not bosom buddies. There is a long history of animosity between the two groups. This animus stretched from Northern Africa through Europe.

        Before the late 1400s pagans were killed for their beliefs.

        No Muslim by any extension would have been brought to the New World before 1600s. The Muslims were the first slave traders that trafficked the black peoples to the Dutch. The Dutch made a business trafficking to Europe and America.

        The traders that came were European. We have them documented in the 1500s.

      • Bruce Gregory Bell says:

        The Founding Fathers wrote extensively concerning Shariah and Christianity. They ABSOLUTELY warned that Islam not be allowed on our shores.

        By their own writings they succinctly explained that Islam is ANTITHETICAL (their word, not mine) to Christianity and our Constitution.

        Do yourself a favor and read the Federalists Papers.

        • Spanky says:

          Bruce i don’t care where you got your information the simple fact that only you have the one and only facts only confirms what I’ve said so many times your a know it all and anyone who has any other fact you must destroy it we’re not talking about 200 or 500 years ago those days are long gone but with this know it all in the white house at this time we have far more to worry about than some stupid federalist papers we have a known traitor to america with all his power his kids with access to highly sensitive information and or secrets and your worried about some past history how about paying more attention to all our problems at hand with this complete idiot in charge that has only one intention and that is to anialate human life completly off this planet the problem is right before your eyes he’s big and he’s orange kind of hard not to see him

  95. John Hull says:

    Moochelle “The Sasquatch” wrote a book? It must be in crayon so no one would take it seriously! The “First Sasquatch” is devoid of coherent thought. It must be It’s attempt at a comedy. I would relegate it to the room with the crescent on the door with the Sears and roebuck catalogue on the floor. I suggest reading the catalogue and using “Its effort” to wipe yourself with. At least that way “It’s” literary effort will be of some beneficial use and not a total waste!

    • allanallen says:

      what gets me are the supposedly truthful sites…pretending Michael is not a TRANNY, a man without a vagina, pretending to be female…he never gave birth to those two (rented) girls he and Obama claim are their daughters…geesh allanallen

      • Spanky says:

        allan and your probaly a preacher in church how discusting and I’m a truck driver we can take most anything but yours and so many others you people truly are sick the lowest of the low far lower then dems congradulation you people have finally out done dems in sickness you all must be so proud so sick but proud none the less

      • FIREBALL says:


  96. lzib says:

    The Left is Cheating again?! Really?
    So what else is new?
    Frankly, I am surprised anyone wants to read the gibberish and self-aggrandizing drivel that comes out of either of the Obama’s mouths/books but who really expects the NYTimes to be honest?

  97. John Galt says:

    Whatever happened to truth and impartiality in the media??

    • Brad Fisher says:

      It’s clear they never had any to begin with.
      Now it’s just more evident. It took President
      Trump to call them out and reveal just how
      untruthful they are!!
      I see M Obama’s book in Costco but would not
      open even the cover for fear of being contaminated.

    • Spanky says:

      John. It was overtaken by the radical lieing so called christian comunist right to overtake america with lies and deception and boy is it ever working with you unedmucated idiot know it all idiots problem is ya don’t know S###

  98. pat says:

    i KNOW personally two people who have had their books on the NYT list-they do not make that list based only on total sales. They have had specific STORES with the books in stock that they count. If an author knows WHICH stores-it is fairly easy to get the big sales by focusing promotions and in person book signings AT THOSE STORES…which gets u on the top ten list and from there, if u have name recognition, it sprouts into even bigger, nation wide sales because alot of people want to read what OTHER readers read. That is what i understand from what i was told.

  99. Theresa Bollman says:

    Barack and Michelle never truly earned a thing they got… she used Legacy to get in to good schools that said she didnt qualify, and when he wanted the Law Review Job at Harvard (again not nearly qualifying) he got Percy Sutton and the NAACP to pressure Harvard to screw over the students who had busted their butts to qualify… by their please to “Please give this good boy a chance” type thing. They were both taught a home how to use the system and their color. Now she can’t make it on her own to the top of the Best Sellers List and the give it to her anyway…”Not to offend her”.. WTH???

  100. Larry Woldt says:

    Michael is a liar and cheater just like hubby. You could not give me her book.

  101. Kevin says:

    Baboon girl must have made a deal with national geographic that’s how the book sold that many copies!!!!????????????????

    • alicia cervera says:

      YES! SURELY!

    • James Howard says:

      Michelle is not female. At best he is Mtf. Male to female, but most likely male made up as female
      Transgender in any case.

      For real news go to OANN (One America News Network).
      Also: THE EPOCH TIMES, Truth & Tradition. Dedicated legitimate legal Xtian immigrant patriots who escaped commie China & know they are finished unless they continue to fight the commie HORROR regardless of consequences.
      To remove the blinders & psycho propaganda MASK Read:
      TIPING POINTS: How to Topple the Left’s House of Cards. LIZ WHEELER (OAN Commentator).
      MAKING LOVE GREAT AGAIN: The New Road to Reviving Romance & Winning at Relationships. DEANNA LORRAINE.
      TAKE NO PRISONERS: Battle Plan for Defeating the Left. DAVID HOROWITZ.
      BIG AGENDAç President Trump’s Plan to Save America. DAVID HOROWITZ.
      JIHADIST PSYCHOPATH: How Hw Is Charming, Seducing & Devouring Us. JAMIE GLAZOV.

    • Inkpad says:

      Her photo was in National Geographic years ago when they had a story about aboriginal she/males.
      So NY times thought they better not show the real rankings.


  102. ILCon says:

    When I heard that ‘Becoming Michelle Obama’ was going to be a book, I was certain it would be written by her reassignment surgeon. I sure doubt that she included details about how and why she lost her BAR card and how Barry lost his. The country should be done with her fleecing us!

  103. Dave Miedema says:

    I might buy one and put it in the bathroom. That way, we have it there in case we run out of toilet paper and we’re both too sick or injured to leave the house to go grocery shopping.

  104. Vasu Murti says:

    The Ted Cruz campaign put out a nude photo of Melania in 2016 and warned conservative Republicans: “Your next First Lady.” Dr. Jordan similarly comments online: “How can you compare a nude uneducated model to a Ivy League graduate who has a law degree? It is sad to see how prejudice and ignorant you people can be.” While the media was taking note of what Trump later dismissed as “locker room talk,” at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama was practically in tears, warning her fellow Democrats and the American people in general, “We need an adult in the White House.”

    If we Democrats prove to the American people *we’re* a “big tent” too, we can easily win, even in red states.

    Fifty-nine percent of Democrats favored a ban on partial-birth abortion. (Gallup Poll, November 1, 2000)

    Eighty-nine percent of Americans favored informed consent for women seeking abortions. (Gallup Poll, 2002)

    Sixty-seven percent of Democrats would outlaw some or all abortions. (Gallup Poll, May 5-7, 2003)

    Forty-three percent of Democrats agreed with the statement that abortion “destroys a human life and is manslaughter.” (Zogby Poll, December 2004)

    Seventy percent of high school senior females say they would not consider abortion if they became pregnant while in high school. (Hamilton College/Zogby Poll, January 2008)

    Seventy-seven percent of Americans believe abortion should have stricter limitations. (CBS News Poll, January 2008)

    Twenty-nine percent of Democratic Convention delegates disagreed with the statement, “Abortion should be generally available to those who want it rather than under stricter limits or not permitted.” However, 52 percent of Democratic voters as a whole disagreed. This large discrepancy between party leadership and membership indicates a serious problem that Democrats For Life of America wants to rectify.

    During the 2008 campaign, Reverend Jim Wallis (of Sojourners) advised Barack Obama to support a plank in the Democratic Party Platform that would aim to reduce abortions by focusing on supporting low income women and making adoption easier. (This is the 95-10 Initiative, advanced by pro-life Democrats in Congress.) Reverend Tony Campolo served on the Platform Committee and has issued a strong statement in support of a pro-life position.

    A “conscience clause” which appeared in the 2000 Democratic Platform (but not in 2004) acknowledges that there are pro-life people in our Party and we respect their views. It reads as follows:

    “We respect the conscience of each American and recognize that members of our Party have deeply held and sometimes differing positions on issues of personal conscience, like abortion and the death penalty. We recognize the diversity of views as a source of strength and we welcome into our ranks all Americans who may hold differing positions on these and other issues.”

    Kristen Day of Democrats For Life said in 2014: “Roughly a third of the Democratic Party is pro-life. And while many do not call themselves liberal, they share the values which seem to identify with liberalism, particularly a commitment to helping the vulnerable and providing a social safety net.”

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

    • alicia cervera says:

      Jackazzess, bla bla bla bathering as usual. You must mean Democ- Rats for DEATH of America, you have practically destroyed our country.

    • Trumpster says:

      Moron, if you believe in what the Gallup Poll and CNN Polls are as fake as they get. You and your party should get back to the bible. With the way your party is I want have to worry about seeing you in heaven. My friend with the statement you made you need to look it up in the bible and see if voting democratic idea will get you there.

      • James Howard says:

        Democracy is every tyrants favorite form of government.

        America is a constitutional republic.

        Democracy eats itself alive by voting in a tyrant con artist who gets votes by promises of all free stuff, the delivers a bucket of rocks.

      • SAD TIMES COMING says:

        trumpster how hypocritical your already claiming you have a first class ticket to heaven, and yet here you are spewing your RACIST HATRED.
        I had no idea that your God only will alow radical right racists to enter sounds typical because all of you whorprship PAGANISUM.
        I’ve read the real bible and nowhere in it is anything to back your claims, just as i thought you read from the white supremacists hand book that preaches hate and racism.
        I’m not going to ask you to read the real Bible, I’m not going to stoop to your level, I’m not going to pray for you, i will tell you this much and all your followers you have not a clue of the climate of hate your party has created, only that we shall all be judged at some point in the future, and what you do now and in the future are you so sure it will be favorable.

    • Jeff Beard says:

      Vasu Murti, You are a total AS*HO*E !!!!

    • SFC RET DENNIS says:

      In that case why do you not vote out the old leaders and vote in new leaders? If you want gun control then punish criminals and not those who obey the laws. I have done nothing wrong yet you want to punish me for owning a gun, criminals don’t care what gun laws you pass they well do as they please it is a proven fact that gun free zones do not stop criminals from bringing in guns and shooting up the places lets be responsible about our gun laws and make sure criminals are punish and not those who obey the laws.

      • Spanky says:

        SFC then write open letter to mitch and demand he take action before it’s too late it only takes one bad apple too spoil the whole bunch thats military lesson 101 work as a team or all shall get punished I’m not for too much gun control but weapons of war have no place on our streets period.

    • James Howard says:

      Another Leftist traitor diatribe by Vasu Murti the swamp reptile.

    • Spanky says:

      Vasu. One must remember that all these retarded NEANDERTHALS that somehow avoided extinction and walk amongest us today and voted for that ORANGE ORANGUTAN MONSTER you cannot take anything they say as anything intellegent just remember all they can do is grunt at each other in a cave man mentality grunt grunt grunt is not a modern language let them grunt they will return to their caves in 2020 to once again become extinct

      • A S K says:

        Take your mask off, Spanky. You are ANTIFA. It’s sll about color with you low life. Hate. Before Obama America was colorblind since the 1960s. Kill murder maim, you hateful devisive creatures. That’s why President Trumps popularity is increasing growing more everyday. THATS WHY MANY OF US ARE NOT DEMOCRATS ANYMORE! Last weekend was very profitable for his campaign in dirty disease filled high taxed over populated with illegal aliens in 1950s infrastructure California. We are desperate for a leader like President Donald Trump.
        KAG TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2024

    • Evie says:

      I’m sorry but the people writing on here can’t read nor comprehend anything that is written. They are ignorant low class Southerners, most of them.w

      • Spanky says:

        Evie. Yes and who holds most political seats in the south the retardicans.
        Remember the racists did not leave the democratic party, the dems left the racists behind only for the retardicans to swoop in and fully embrace their racists ideoligy giving us the biggest racist since george wallace remember segregation now segregation forever, how uncanny that cheeto mans claims of mexicans is so identical in policy and thiking.
        And just look at how vehemently they deny and or defend their RACISM!!!

    • Jim says:

      Low life libs like you are destroying America.
      Democrats have a Nazi mentality just like Hitler, when he said:
      ” To conquer a nation, First disarm its Citizens”

    • Patricia Overbey says:

      blah blah blah blah almost as boring as obama’s speech’s.

    • A S K says:

      You have just detailed WHY I AM NO LONGER A DEMOCRAT. Many like me, since President Donald Trump have renounced being democrat and are all in for our very popular widely respected President. We view comments like yours with disdain and disgust. Lies and propaganda worked in Nazi Germany but America is above that low life dictator state, of power through ruining people, going after them personally. Making it not about policy and issues but dehumanizing good people. How dare you compare Michael Robbins aka Michelle to our First Lady. He is a rude angry ungrateful transgender man with privileges most Americans will never know or experience. Obama’s policies for America were not healthy, and that is why we voted for Donald J. Trump. Many of us believe he is the best president America has had in our history. That is why he will win in a landslide victory. I predicted his win in 2016. Many here in the Pacific NW and down in Southern California didn’t believe it then. Today with me, they solidly support our President and our USA. We are all very proud to be FORMER DEMOCRATS.
      KAG TRUMP 2020

  105. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I wouldn’t accept her book even if it was given to me as it is probably chucked full of racist anti-white garbage which I’d.promptly throw in my fireplace without out even opening it.

  106. Steve says:

    Why would you buy a book of lies from a tranny ‘wife’ of a terrorist ? !

  107. Joh says:

    She needs a book on economics. Hope not to freeload on someone else’s dime.

    • Mike Otrok says:

      THE CHOSEN ONE IS AN EXPERT AT ECONOMICS! I like the tranny comparisons. You must feel clever being an idiot. You stare at women and imagine your gay son?What are hamberders? Why won’t anyone tell me? GRACIAS! How is Obama a terrorist? Trump is buddies with Russia,North Korea and Saudi Arabia. What’s with the mullet?

      • Bill E. Bob says:

        Michelle’s bulge is bigger than Obrokeback’s.

      • Jim Tierney says:

        Mickey, you’re out of your league here. You repeatedly ask what a hamberder is. I don’t know but any adult with an IQ in double digits can figure it is probably the misspelling of the word hamburger. Maybe that’s why you’re having so much trouble. Please save your unfactual comments for people your own age and of like mind, or lack thereof.

        • Rodney says:

          Jim, I told him a while back, to watch “THE PINK PANTHER” with Steve Martin, and see where he is being taught how to say Hamburger!!!!!! But I guess he/it is to dense to under stand the AMERICAN LANGUAGE OF ENGLISH!!!!!!!

        • Spanky says:

          Jim boy did you ever get suckered into that hamburger thing and you want to guestion his IQ funny funny stuff thanks for keeping us laughing

      • Jim says:

        How about letting people in from foreign countries that hate us. Especially the Muslim. It’s their way or no way how much more do you need?

        • Spanky says:

          Jim. Oh i don’t know, but how about your supreme leader wanting the Taliban to come to camp david for peace talks just remember we’re told that they attacked us on 9/11 or better yet was it our CIA remember the assinations of the Kennedy’s and MLK need i say more or you’ll always beleive whatever your told your such a good boy you’ll believe whatever your supreme leaders tell you as long as they’er WHITE.

        • Patricia Overbey says:

          Don, thank you for posting I am ashamed to say I was not aware of a lot of these FACTS thanks again & God bless. TRUMP 2020

      • june says:

        How about obamas fast and furious his first term in office where he had the FBI selling unmarked guns (they took the numbers off) to the Cartels in Mexico. Guess what guns were used to kill our citizens and border patrol. How about going around the world to apoligize for being an American , or how about those crates of money sent out to the middle east to our enemies so they could buy guns to kill us with. wake up fool we HAD 8 YEARS OF THE MOST CORRU[T PRESIDENCY EVER.

        • Spanky says:

          June. So untrue if and that is a big if you could read you’d see everything you typed is a complete lie just because you heard it from all the retards rush sean tucker c. fox news amongest others does not make it true in any form whats so ever last weekend we witnessed the probaly biggest joke ever perpetrated on the american people ever SHARPI GATE the whole world not just america watched as your supreme leader made himself the laughing stock of the world everbody still laughing also in China their already declairing victory on the trade war telling their people we’ve already won saying look at that BAFOON we’re dealing with the biggest inbred neanderthal to ever walk the planet VICTORY IS OURS PEOPLE OF CHINA THE BIGGEST BAFOON EVER IS ON THIER SIDE.
          And all of this made possible by the biggest group of INBRED NEANDERTHALS THE RETADICAN VOTERS.
          THANK YOU ALL YOU IDIOTS!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • Spanky says:

        Mike O. Not true on being buddies well not completely true anyway their LOVERS they write LOVE letters and when they are together their BUTT BUDDIES why do you think cheeto man didn’t want anyone in the room with him and putins meeting in russia they were busy packin each others S### get it packin S### HA HA LOL LOL,????????????????????????????????????

  108. Raine says:

    I wouldn’t buy it at a Penny Yard Sale!

  109. Jeff Simmons says:

    I think that most people know that the NY Times loves books by liberals and does not really care what a book by a conservative has done.They used to try to screw over Bill Of silly and his killing book series

    • another view says:

      Jeff, the NY Times loves books that SELL and make them money, and Liberals tend to buy books and read. A larger share of Democrats are college educated and buy books.

      As I started to look over most of these posts on this issue, I noticed that #1. this topic has lead to a large number of responses, and #2. many are just filled with venomous, vile hatred. Many of the posts were venomous KKK postings. Do you even self-reflect and realize you are a group with so much anger, so much vile, so much HATRED? OMG! Do you realize what that much venom does to your health? As Atticus wrote centuries ago: “We drink the poison our minds pour for us, and wonder why we feel so sick.”

      • The Real M says:

        another view troll, My my my, what a rank amateurish attempt to talk down to people who don’t agree with you! You Dems are so tiresome trying to convince people all of you have impeccable education and intellect, much more than Republicans. Baulderdash! You are just rude, louder, angrier, pushy, and nastier, than Republicans, shall I continue? No, well okay however, I would like to write in closing, most of you Dems are loathsome, negative, ruthless, unreasonable creatures!

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