Michelle Obama put out one video that dropped this big hint about running for President

Michelle Obama’s possible Presidential run is the greatest unknown hovering over the 2020 election.

Many Democrats and some Republicans believe she would be the strongest challenger to President Trump.

And now Michelle Obama put out one video that dropped this big hint about running for President.

Michelle Obama announced an new initiative on her Instagram page about a video series targeting millennials to help them succeed in college.

Obama will work in partnership with Reach Higher to produce this web series in conjunction with ATTN.

And it is the relationship with ATTN that is attracting attention.

Breitbart reports:

Former first lady Michelle Obama announced a new higher education initiative on Instagram Tuesday that seeks to help young people achieve success in college.

Obama said in a video message her new series, which she is working on in partnership with Reach Higher – an effort she founded during the Obama presidency – is focused on helping students get into and make it through college.

Through Reach Higher, Obama sought “to inspire every student in America to take charge of their future by completing their education past high school, whether at a professional training program, a community college, or a four-year college or university,” the website states.

The video series of six episodes will be produced by ATTN:, a media company that creates video geared toward millennials. It will premiere exclusively on IGTV in mid-January and then continue into June.

That’s because ATTN partnered with Joe Biden to produce a “Here’s the Deal” series of videos just before the 2018 midterm elections.

Biden then announced his candidacy for President the following spring.

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105 Responses

  1. JohnB says:

    If she chooses Doomberg as a running mate they could run as Big Mike and Little Mikey.

  2. DEM777 says:

    If Michelle Obama became President. We will NOT HAVE A FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT.

    But we will have the FIRST DRAG QUEEN AS PRESIDENT.

    Michelle aka Michael is a MAN WITH HIS MALE PARTS THAT WORK.


  3. Kelly says:

    Keep drinking Killary aid joseph.strychasz. Either that or have you been doing stand up long cuz your funny as hell.

  4. DEM777 says:

    Dennis B Anderson, Michelle is NOT A WOMAN. That thing was born a male called Michael. That thing still has its male parts.

    It really does not make it a female even when surgery has been done to take away male parts. A male at birth is always a male. It is in a person genes.

  5. What in the hell does this naggar of an X president know about running a country? Everything is racist with her.

  6. Star Chamber says:

    Vote for Michelle if you want 4-8 more years of Obama.
    Whatever makes you happy.

  7. motormouth says:

    Go back to Mexico. We don’t want you or need you. Freeloader. Trump is the best you will ever get. Why are you here? Just to run your mouth. boogie man i is in you. Go HOME. I hate to hear someone like you down our President, for what he has done for you.

  8. motormouth says:

    Oh, my goodness, surely American’s won’t vote for that racist. She is so aganist the whites and some of the blacks. For heavens sake do not vote for her. May God Bless us all if she was to become President. Please do not vote for another OBAMA. Bad news.

  9. mama says:

    ‘Smack’ Notice 0n Instagram ??? LMAO .
    eee gads… ‘WHY’ Am I even commenting ??? Gak.
    good nite. Happy New Year 2020. Stay Strong.
    Save US.

  10. Lebo says:

    MicHELLe Obama is one of many racist that won’t be missed when she dies.

  11. Ursula says:

    Too late, and too ridiculous. Perhaps two years ago that would have resonated…..Naa, not even then.
    She would be bringing too much Obama baggage with her and that baggage is heavy, take my word.

  12. Russ46122 says:

    Let her run on her husband’s legacy……lol!!!!!

  13. Russ46122 says:

    Scott27…….Go back to your mommys basement. You get a Gold Star for memorizing the MSM’s lies!! Now put down the Kool Aid and go back to playing with your Playdoh .

  14. Carol Murray says:

    Will Mike also give billions to the enemy like the companion Barry? Just what this country doesn’t need.. More Sewage again in the Whitehouse to destroy this Country!

  15. pancho says:

    He might be a male, but that skunk wilol never be a man.

  16. pancho says:

    Just what we need. The world is still laughing at us for this GAY’ Pervert and his sodomy behaving lover, Barry “Raghead’ Obama. This Camel jockey loving is even sicker than ‘DAH Bernicle. OH, SHE be so putry, the sickos say.

  17. BOB says:


  18. Viq says:

    Is it really true that Mike wants to raise your taxes to give ‘free’ sex change operations to prisoners and also let men with testicles who claim they are women compete in girl’s sport competitions then shower rooms in public high schools and get
    naked with our innocent teenage daughters ?

  19. Rich says:

    Thank you, Jack for that comment. She just wants to do more damage that her husband started and take this country down the drain. I don’t trust her as far I could throw her.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    She/ he would be the first!

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