Michelle Obama put out one video that dropped this big hint about running for President

Michelle Obama’s possible Presidential run is the greatest unknown hovering over the 2020 election.

Many Democrats and some Republicans believe she would be the strongest challenger to President Trump.

And now Michelle Obama put out one video that dropped this big hint about running for President.

Michelle Obama announced an new initiative on her Instagram page about a video series targeting millennials to help them succeed in college.

Obama will work in partnership with Reach Higher to produce this web series in conjunction with ATTN.

And it is the relationship with ATTN that is attracting attention.

Breitbart reports:

Former first lady Michelle Obama announced a new higher education initiative on Instagram Tuesday that seeks to help young people achieve success in college.

Obama said in a video message her new series, which she is working on in partnership with Reach Higher – an effort she founded during the Obama presidency – is focused on helping students get into and make it through college.

Through Reach Higher, Obama sought “to inspire every student in America to take charge of their future by completing their education past high school, whether at a professional training program, a community college, or a four-year college or university,” the website states.

The video series of six episodes will be produced by ATTN:, a media company that creates video geared toward millennials. It will premiere exclusively on IGTV in mid-January and then continue into June.

That’s because ATTN partnered with Joe Biden to produce a “Here’s the Deal” series of videos just before the 2018 midterm elections.

Biden then announced his candidacy for President the following spring.

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105 Responses

  1. CHENZ says:


  2. CHENZ says:


  3. BigJoe says:

    The first time someone asks to see pictures of a “pregnant” Michelle her whole world will come crashing down. I’ve been asking for that evidence of her pregnancy for years and nobody has ever produced them. I’m sure the Deep State is currently working on some phony photo shopped pics but there will be experts that will be able to expose them. One of their so-called daughters will eventually slip up and let the cat out of the bag one day and the Kenyan fraud will finally be exposed.

  4. BigJoe says:

    Sorry Scotty, you are the one that is truly sad. If any one of those charges were true than why is he still the president? You bought the liberal propaganda hook, line, and sinker. They reeled you in like a dumb fish and now have you spewing their lies like the useful idiot they hoped you would be. The day will come when the world sees who is really behind the lies and people like you will fade away without so much as an apology to the people you denigrated. This is why you see more and more people switching from democrat to Republican and not the other way around. Just like so many white republicans who voted for the Kenyan fraud and believed his lies. They have since then realized their mistake and it won’t happen again. They are the true “woke” Americans. Remember, nobody really knows how ignorant you are until you show it.

  5. Scott27 says:

    The truly sad, and dangerous, thing is, Freddie… everything Joe cited is spot on truth. You really don’t have to look far with open eyes to see it. It is you, I’m afraid, who has been fooled and conned to no end. May God save us from drumpf and people like you.

  6. Alan says:

    Right. She could be president because she’s so qualified for the job. What does she put on her resume? I slept next to the most incompetent president we’ve ever had for eight year

  7. John J says:

    Stick your fishing video up your big, ugly gorilla ass

  8. Sue says:

    Joe,: You are dilluted and confused about Trump as any liberal idiot is. Individuals like you are good exanokes of how the controlled media has brainwashed and indoctrinated the mob. and hiw they have no abikity to discern tge truth or be able to research and find it. You shoukd be fkushed away with all the others of your ilk but toilets aren’t big enough.

  9. Freddie says:

    So that’s your opinion,NM?Well,as you can probably tell,your idiot opinion,doesn’t carry much weight on this Conservative site!You would be better off posting on a far left,liberal,website,that is if you can find one!

  10. Freddie says:

    I guess you are trying to make a point,Joe,just exactly what is it! Every one of your accusations is patently and totally,false,against President Trump!You have been swallowing to much of the idiot Democrat party lies and misinformation about Trump.They have been trying to get him out of office since the day he was
    honestly,legitimately and fairly elected as our president! The idiot democrats,have never been able to accept that their ‘sure thing’,Hillary Clinton,was soundly and thoroughly,trounced in the 2016 presidential election! There was no Russian ‘collusion’,no election meddling,no attempts to keep certain ethnic,religious,racial and other ‘minority groups’,from voting,just sixty four million plus,Americans,who did not want a continuation of Barack Obama’s disastrous policies,rules and regulations to gain a further ‘foothold’ in our country,under Hillary Clinton!!

  11. KATH says:

    i agree. im so sick of hearing and seeing the obamas. he didnt do nothing for our country. and neither will she[michelle] there both losers. cant stand either one of them. get out of washington obamas. were sick of your complaining you never liked our country until your husband became president. and this michelle wants to run for the presidency. go far away from washington d.c. let lost.

  12. Shelba says:

    If he/she does run for president all we are going to get is promises that like piecrust easily broken, so like my dad used to say all he/she is going to do is sh*t and fall back in it

  13. Billy says:

    I’ll second that. Especially one named Obama. Those sleaze bags should be in prison, not running for any office.

  14. James 75th Regiment says:

    Your Unicorn milk is getting cold little Joey, it’s your bedtime…

  15. you support trump so much who lies, treats women like sex objects, rescinded the laws protecting the enviornment, abandoned our Kurdish allies, left the Paris climate change accord, NAFTA, the Iran nuclear treaty when no other nation did,
    destabilized the Middle East so the Russians have more influence in certain countries than we do. He has had over 60 staff quit, resign or left because of scandal, the latter are in the majority because trump does not heed their advise or acknowledge their experience. The KKK and Neo-Nazi hate groups support him and he stirs up fear, anger, hatred, violence and racism as the FBI reports and increase in hate crimes since he took office, e.g. the Jewish Synagogue, Mexicans in an El Paso Mall, and Afro-American church – so trump is the culprit here in messing up our country.

  16. B says:

    You said it all. I AGREE!!!

  17. Gerald Ladd says:

    LMAO…just what America wants, a chick with a dick for president.

  18. Gerald Ladd says:

    Says the country, scott.

  19. Mike says:

    Even if Michael,aka Muchelle Obama did eventually run for President,he/she/it wouldn’t make it a week on the campaigne trail,there are too many REAL MEN AND PATRIOTS THAT WOULD SEE TO THAT.

  20. Sue A Madaus says:

    He cannot survive the vetting process. Although the Liberals have been working to make mainstream America accept transgenderism, what we will not swallow are the LIES.
    Obama and Michael perpetuated the lie that he was a she, right down to rented children. Most of America tolerated Clinton’s cheating and even using his power to assault, but he LIED. To one and all we feel as though they think we are stupid!

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