Michelle Obama launched a racist attack on Trump that you won’t believe

Michelle Obama is once again attacking the President of the United States.

The former First Lady refuses to uphold the tradition of allowing a new President to conduct their affairs free from their predecessor’s criticism.

And Michelle Obama launched a racist attack on Trump that you won’t believe.

After Donald Trump correctly pointed out the fact that the city of Baltimore was a crime, drug, and rat infested blight, Democrats turned up the volume on their lies and smears about the President being a racist.

Michelle Obama pitched in and did her part by tweeting out support for Baltimore’s STEP dance team on what was “National Dance Day.”

Baltimore’s STEP dance team is a group of black female performers and the subtext of Michelle Obama’s tweet was not lost on anyone.

Obama praised a black dance group to highlight Baltimore’s diversity as a rebuke to the President that noted Baltimore failed its city’s black residents.

Barack Obama attacked the President by offering praise to 149 black officials that worked in the Obama administration that wrote a Washington Post op-ed attacking President Trump as a racist for his attacks on Democrat lawmakers.

Michelle Obama’s tweet was her attempt to add to the left-wing pile on.

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