Michelle Obama launched a racist attack on Trump that you won’t believe

Michelle Obama is once again attacking the President of the United States.

The former First Lady refuses to uphold the tradition of allowing a new President to conduct their affairs free from their predecessor’s criticism.

And Michelle Obama launched a racist attack on Trump that you won’t believe.

After Donald Trump correctly pointed out the fact that the city of Baltimore was a crime, drug, and rat infested blight, Democrats turned up the volume on their lies and smears about the President being a racist.

Michelle Obama pitched in and did her part by tweeting out support for Baltimore’s STEP dance team on what was “National Dance Day.”

Baltimore’s STEP dance team is a group of black female performers and the subtext of Michelle Obama’s tweet was not lost on anyone.

Obama praised a black dance group to highlight Baltimore’s diversity as a rebuke to the President that noted Baltimore failed its city’s black residents.

Barack Obama attacked the President by offering praise to 149 black officials that worked in the Obama administration that wrote a Washington Post op-ed attacking President Trump as a racist for his attacks on Democrat lawmakers.

Michelle Obama’s tweet was her attempt to add to the left-wing pile on.

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259 Responses

  1. CrawfishFestival says:

    Michelle Obama’s motto, when they go low, we go high!

    Just have meant high on drugs, bc their Golden Shower Russia Dossier that
    HRC as former Sec of US State funded and devised = “Trump hired prostitutes in Russia to urinate on a bed that the Obamas slept in”
    was UNTRUE – and a complete DISGRACE to our country!
    PEEPEEGATE is what The Obamas wanted.

  2. CrawfishFestival says:

    Pathetic First Lady, w no class. Goes from looking like Moms Mabley to Hedda Lettuce. It’s Netflix documentary “becoming ” BOMBED. And rightly so = PROPOGANDA.
    Not even Democrat liberal loons could stand it, to view it, in its entirety.

    It is so sick, it misleads itself to believe it can become President – wighats and all.


  3. CrawfishFestival says:

    Pelosi’s father as corrupt Mayor is responsible for the deteriorating condition of Baltimore,

    just as Pelosi is responsible for the deteriorating condition of San Francisco – w junkies crashed out in public, syringes spewed all over the sidewalks and people defecating in the streets.

    Health hazards do not concern Pelosi and her MOB family,
    or her nephew California Governor Gavin Newsome.

  4. David Davis says:

    The most corrupt administration in history of American presidents…so of course she’s going to scream RACISM…..ON NATIONAL PRAYER DAY her husband barak obama assaulted the christians and jews her and barak are the biggest RACIST right along with malcolm x….they are traitors to this Great Country

  5. Bob says:

    I just got to stay in b more I went to school for a week by the airport. From my hotel over looking a industrial park. Shots rang out three of the five nights I got to see Micky ohboona s great city. I miss the all black racist dance troop. Why no whites allowed

  6. John says:

    Racist, well I guess when you have nothing else try to make everyone feel guilty by yelling RACIST, not everything has to do with race. Like spoiled children , if they don’t get their way it racism, next time ,Mike, try holding your breath, stomping your feet, and crying, if you’re going to act 4, might as well do it right. I believe AOC can help you in the ways of childish behavior, I believe it was her major in college.

  7. Peter Giger says:

    Michelle is trying her damest to force Trump into turning into a dialogue based on racial undertones. Unfortunately for Michelle this Jones too well with the defeatist rhetoric and rationalizing of her fellow Democrats. So race aside with E PLURIBUS (parentibus) UNUM (genus) let us call this a generalized WAR OF NERVES probably very much reflection of the way Michelle and Barry interact in their marriage. Evidently another marriage of convenience made in Hell.

  8. Bobby says:

    Don is right on the money about Jerry Moore.
    Don’t sink to their level. That’s what separates us philosophically.
    Listen everyone…..when you get in the mud with others…..at least you know which species you’re dealing with.
    Stay classy. They will inevitably reveal their true colors.

  9. greg w says:

    Wheres the meat of the article? This article went five directions at once with no substantiation.

  10. Joseph says:

    I’m not surprised. All you have to do is disagree with these crazyl ibs/dems and they attack you with horrible claims of racism. Pathetic childish behavior

  11. Richard says:

    I really do not care for Michelle Obama, but the premise of the article is invalid. Her shout of encouragement to the dance team hardly qualifies as ” racist “, no matter what the timing. Baseless, inaccurate headline and article. Click bait. And as a former caucasian resident of Baltimore, I can say that it has alot of great people, sports teams, museums ( National Aquarium, B&O Railroad Museum, Walters Museum of Art), restaurants, pubs, neighborhoods, architecture, historical sites, and all the other things that make up a great city. But it does have a few crime-ridden cesspool neighborhoods too, due to decades of inept Democrat leadership and mayors, including Nancy Pelosi’s father.

  12. Mike says:

    This poor excuse of a woman doesn’t know that Baltimore is a cesspool.All you have to do is take a trip and see for your self.She is just talk.Thats about all she’s good for and not much else.Keeping this fool away from the White House .Racist should be her middle name.

  13. Donald mackay says:

    Jerry Moore you are an idiot.

  14. Donald mackay says:

    Jerry Moore you are an idiot, the adoption of Hillarys hippocritic & stereotypic label of Trump supporters is a fun and humorus way of giving her a cordial F. U. But to actually make it your battle cry, as you apply the very tactics of her and her party of felonious, derelict democrats, with divisive, scurrilous, inciteful gibberish, with no factual basis ie. “fake news “, while using hateful, deragatory, str8 disrespectful language, ie. “Stupid mfr” “ugly” “shut her stupid mouth”? You become them and everything despised about them, in short, you are acting deplorable. Just saying.

  15. Jerry Moore says:

    The deplorable communist Muslim Obamaies need to be deported from the USA to the darkest part of Africa

  16. Jerry Moore says:

    Let’s start with telling the deplorable past First Lady you are proving how mfing stupid you are why don’t you just shut up your stupid ugly racist mouth jerk

  17. Julia Ainsworth says:

    What does 149 female dancers who happen to be black have to do with the President’s comments about the state of the city? Nothing! And as for the black politicians who worked in Obama’s administration, if any of those were from Baltimore, they should be ashamed of the state of their city.

  18. Jack says:

    Stop paying Obama,Joe Biden,Bill Clinton, all they done is cause more anger in a politician government and I also don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

  19. Homeofthebrave says:

    Amen, Donald. There is no basis for this article, nor its title. Give us professional journalism, not tabloid journalism we expect from the fake news media!

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