Michelle Obama launched a racist attack on Trump that you won’t believe

Michelle Obama is once again attacking the President of the United States.

The former First Lady refuses to uphold the tradition of allowing a new President to conduct their affairs free from their predecessor’s criticism.

And Michelle Obama launched a racist attack on Trump that you won’t believe.

After Donald Trump correctly pointed out the fact that the city of Baltimore was a crime, drug, and rat infested blight, Democrats turned up the volume on their lies and smears about the President being a racist.

Michelle Obama pitched in and did her part by tweeting out support for Baltimore’s STEP dance team on what was “National Dance Day.”

Baltimore’s STEP dance team is a group of black female performers and the subtext of Michelle Obama’s tweet was not lost on anyone.

Obama praised a black dance group to highlight Baltimore’s diversity as a rebuke to the President that noted Baltimore failed its city’s black residents.

Barack Obama attacked the President by offering praise to 149 black officials that worked in the Obama administration that wrote a Washington Post op-ed attacking President Trump as a racist for his attacks on Democrat lawmakers.

Michelle Obama’s tweet was her attempt to add to the left-wing pile on.

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237 Responses

  1. JWalker says:

    Michelle Obama should stay out of politics and you should stop reporting what she says…..,WHO CARES!!!!!

  2. The fate of we (deminishing) white people sounds much like white people in South Africa: Landowners were given commitments that were later withdrawn. The United States will be mirroring South Africa; Merely exchanging Leadership Directorics of opposite complexions, but retaining Racial Hatreds and Animosities. Evil substituted by Evil of the same type. No mercies, no redemptions. We, the little people are doomed to a Hell on Earth without End.

  3. Dennis says:

    Being racist is bad enough, but when they do it in such a way that they think us deplorables wont catch on, it makes it even more disgusting. Moochelle sounds like she’s? Starting to feel even more empowered than when she was camped out in our house.

  4. Debra McG. says:

    Her and her husband are the most racist black people I have ever heard!! And the anti-white rhetoric that spills from their mouths is so vile and hateful, dividers!!!!!!deb

  5. William Rook says:

    Saner. Democrats would welcome her opinion! 1. She’s a democrat 2, ANYTHING negative about President Trump would be of help to their cause. Of course if President Trump was a democrat EVERYTHING would be hidden!

  6. rafal says:

    How can a Cheetah talk about our President, she must have taken all the mirrors out of her place of living

  7. David says:

    According to the late Joan Rivers, Michelle (Michael) Obama is a tranny. That opinion was good enough proof for me.

  8. I’m by no means an Obama fan, can’t stand the sight of them actually, Barack or Michelle, but to be fair, as we decry fake and bias news, I fail to see where Michelle went into a “scathing racial rant” against Pres.Trump, by simply giving a shout out to a Baltimore dance group? Pretty disingenuious, if not str8 lame.

  9. Allan Terry says:

    Yes, they should all be arrested and placed on trial. Billionaire Eitists likely make certain everyone they allow to become Democrat Party candidates has some “closet skeletons” in their past, for future blackmail use. Hillary has “dirt” on the Obamas and they have “dirt” on the Clintons. If Hillary goes on trial and is convicted, she might turn against the “First Black President” to avoid prison. Imagine the race-based violence that might result from an Obama trial! Hillary has that “race card” up her sleeve and she would play it to avoid prison. Ironically, Donald Trump would likely then pardon BHO, who wouldn’t do the same if the situation was reversed!

  10. Allan Terry says:

    Because CNN, NY Times, etc. are pushing “gender neutrality,” if she is/was a man then she can “identify as a woman” and all is well. If true, then her daughters have fake birth certificates like their father. Apparently, MO hasn’t read all the claims that Barry would be a “uniter” and not a “divider” among traces.

  11. patricia wright says:

    janet i believe that too. she is a he mikey has the parts of a man not women him and his hubby are big gorilla they are the biggest and loudest racest there are. they lost of a white man who tell it like it is and democraps dont like it they are big racest.


    Michele, where was your husband during the Bengazi attack? Where were you when Christians were getting their heads chopped off by Muslims? Is that what you mean when you say “when they go low, we go high’?

  13. Jeffrey says:

    First of all it’s an Obama so who cares just another terrorist.

  14. Marie says:

    Well said, Linda M.!!!

  15. AbortThySelf says:

    Dpk, very, very well stated. Thank you. Exactly my feelings!

  16. Hockey Puck says:

    Excuse me, DIVERSITY? Where are the white, Asian, Puerto Rican, LGBTQ and transgender representative in this group?

  17. Mike says:

    First of all .Look Who It is.Enough said.

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