Michelle Obama just revealed her intentions for 2020 with this anti-Trump attack

The jockeying for the Democrat presidential nomination has begun.

Elizabeth Warren was thought to be the frontrunner until she bragged that she was 1/1,024 Native American.

Now Michelle Obama launched a book tour that revealed her intentions for 2020.

Michelle Obama is rolling out her new memoir, “Becoming.”

She attacks Trump constantly throughout the book.

Despite claiming no interest, Obama is clearly positioning herself to take Trump on in 2020.

The Hill reports:

In excerpts from her memoir “Becoming” obtained by The Washington Post, Obama says she will “never forgive” Trump for the “xenophobic” claims that her husband, former President Obama, was not actually born in America.

“The whole thing was crazy and mean-spirited, of course, its underlying bigotry and xenophobia hardly concealed,” the former first lady writes. “But it was also dangerous, deliberately meant to stir up the wingnuts and kooks.”

“What if someone with an unstable mind loaded a gun and drove to Washington? What if that person went looking for our girls? Donald Trump, with his loud and reckless innuendos, was putting my family’s safety at risk. And for this I’d never forgive him,” she continues.

The book, which is set to release Tuesday, details the first lady’s early life in Chicago all the way through to her time as first lady, and includes her feelings of shock and disbelief following Trump’s election in 2016.

The comments are some of Obama’s most direct aimed at the current president, whom she has mostly avoided criticizing since leaving the White House last year.

Leftwing filmmaker Michael Moore has also chimed in.

In an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Moore said the Democrats only chance at beating Trump is by nominating Michelle Obama.

Who do you think would win in a head-to-head matchup in 2020?

Vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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171 Responses

  1. ih8reps says:

    Who ever said that Racism, Bigotry, People With No Morals, Hatred, Mental Retardation, Evil, Satanic, Godless People, Pro Death, Pro Murder, Animalistic Behavior, Pro War, Pro Dictatorship, Pro Communism, Hypocrisy, Diseased, Inbred Family’s, Neanderthal’s, Sick Sick People Don’t Exist Look No Further Then Patriot Pulse You Can See How Very Much Alive These Sick People Are.
    Our Country Is Infested With Mentally Sick RETARDicans That Need To Be Exterminated From The Face Of The Earth.
    Please GOD Raise You’re Mighty Hand And Strike These Animals Down And Send Them Into Darkness Forever I Beg Of You Lord My God And Savior Please Help Save You’re Innocent Flock From SATAN AKA RETARDicans And Their Supreme Leader The ORANGE ORRANGATANG MONSTER.

  2. Rob says:

    You hood-rat, tranny, bitch, nobody would ever elect your Gorilla looking ass!

    • Robert says:

      Who wants to vote for male, and Michael is a man, so warped that it cuts it sexual organs off thinking it would turn it into a female. God got a big kick out of this stupid idea from Satan, it’s husband of you want to call it that. All I can say is wait for the eternal burn. Rember Obama, aka Satan, is the worst liar

  3. Bradford says:

    Michelle Obama is just as disrespectful as every other democrat. Her husband totally screwed the country and all she did was change the school lunch program that no kid would eat.

  4. Connie says:

    Michelle Obama will never be fit to be a President of the United States of America.
    Her actions and words put her in a category
    of her own which did not complimemt
    her and only served to draw negative attention to herself.
    What kind of First Lady entertains
    Hollywood elites in the White House
    with foul music. Did she foot the bill
    or did the American people foot the bill?
    Michelle Obama never raised the bar
    for being an elegant First Lady. Her
    abuse of tax payer money wasted on
    many trips around the world for her
    mother, nephew and others. In fact,
    she took it upon herself to take 80 plus
    attendents on trips so much so that
    her husband had to take a Second
    Jet. Apparently , she made no effort
    to be appropriate and frugal but
    delighted in having no limits at taxpayers
    money. The Obama’s took full ceedit for
    using taxpayers money to feed, house
    entertain and provide travel plus
    expenses for her relatives. On top of this
    Taxpayers paid for her “work” as a caretaker
    for her grandaughters. The girld were in svhool during the first term and teenagers in the second term. Eight years of expenses?
    We do not need the Obama’s taking
    advantage ever again of the American
    Taxpayers and citizens of our Great Country.
    We need to have our First Lady, Melamia
    Trump represemt Women and Girls
    to ensure our girls and Women represent the same Elegance and Societal mind set.
    Michelle Obama is not a First Lady who has
    represented former First Ladies. If
    anything., it would have behooved her to
    familiarize herself with former First Ladies
    to ensure proper and appropriate
    First Lady ecpectations.

  5. Edie says:

    She wrote the book because they need the money. She can’t be so narcissistic to think we would want anymore Obama’s or Clinton’s for that matter in the White House. She is an angry black woman who has no class and personally she needs to move on with her life. When I see her she still makes me sick to the belly and is not an inspiration to our female culture in the United States. Our media has got this all backwards and will be very surprised who is about to rise to the occasion; it isn’t anyone that is being mentioned this far, and should have been as far back as April 2019. This is fun.

    • SBeard says:

      Agree with you Eddie, just want to add, she is the one who will be in for shocker when the world finally knows the truth about BH???? Obama. Let’s get his original birth certificate and release his sealed records. The only reason these people hate President Trump, is because he beat Killary and their corruption was discovered. She needs to get over her ugly self. She is no Jackie Kennedy or Melania Trump.

      • Tammy Stark says:

        Thank goodness

        • Bill says:

          Poor tammy stupid seems to be all you got.! Odumbo was the worst thing to happen to our country… moochelle was the 2nd worst thing!

      • KATH says:


    • Marta says:

      She really is a bitter white people hater, America hater, Marxist, narcissistic woman.
      No class, no manners, manipulative, full of hate and poison against all the white people, against our country , our traditions, our way of life !!!
      Her avid supporters?
      Of course, the mass media, Hollywood !!!!
      She can’t accept that we elected Trump and now we’re about to learn what Obama’s legacy is about , which is
      “Fundamentally transforming America”, and all the corruption and abuse of power that happened during his shameful presidency …
      Praying to God that the American people had enough of the Obama’s, Clinton’s, Pelosi who shoved their garbage “ Obamacare” down our throats, also, the unlawful “ dreamers” and so many other marxists laws and regulations .

  6. Slidenglide says:

    The only reason Obama won was first, he is black! There are so many people that have a complex about trying to convince people that they aren’t raciest!

    The other way he won was there wasn’t anyone else to vote for. McCain or Romney are both treasonous traders.

  7. Darren says:

    To hell with Michael and the gay ex president

  8. Michael says:

    What a Joke. I still think Obama is from another country…….

  9. Raymond Garrett says:

    Trump 2020 , chew on that obumas!

  10. Nunyer Binnis says:

    To HELL with Mitchell Obamarx.

  11. File says:

    Michelle and Obama need to go back to Kenya where he was born. He was born there and he knows
    it. The US would have been much better off if Obama had not become our president. He was the sorriest of the sorriest. He tried hard to take our country down.

    • Pat says:

      I agree, he is responsible for the bad relation between whites blacks and responsible for all the illegals from all over the world. He and Michell should go back where they came from and keep their mouths shut. He is no longer a member of our government and should be stopped interfering.

  12. TERRY HEBERT says:

    No qualifications, stupid, ugly. Running on the coat tails of the worst president we ever had is not a good idea.

  13. Tom says:

    Michael you already had your fifteen minutes of fame so shut up and go sit in a corner.

  14. Jasper says:

    She is a complete IDIOT!!

  15. Le says:

    Psycho tranny, makes me wanna puke

  16. pat says:

    she is a monkey and shold, be sent back to Africa ,where she belongs with the animals!!! Even her the jerk is better then HER!!!!!

  17. Agnes Holloway says:

    I didn’t know bigfoot could run for President. Much less miscarriged a baby. I know real women has a uterus to carry a baby but where would a she/he carry one?I would hate to see her run for President because we have too many brainless lunatics that would vote for her because she would be the first black she/he like they did Obama the first black president who wasn’t even American citizen and one of the worst president in America ‘s history. Being black is not the problem but hating the country and the people is a big problem.

  18. donald says:


  19. Michelle, give your head a shake. You’re beginning to sound a lot like Hillary. Just because you were a 1st Lady doesn’t mean you could handle being the 1st Man.

  20. will says:

    Ya, sure BIG MIKE run 2020 I want to c u get ur trans ass get KICKED, u sick’o ur muslim pervert mate did enough damage to this country, the American people don’t want u , u freak losers have done enough stupidity y don’t u losers just go find a rock to hide under!

  21. Bill says:

    All of this from the democrats for 2020 is plain bullschitt. “LES” Warren would like to get in on it and this “bi–ch would certainly want to make the move. But the whole process is to try to get Barack Obama back into the White House and override the third term law. Whoever runs from the stinking liberal side, should they win, will take him with them. WHY??Because he has presented the idea that everything should be free to some people while the rest pay for THEIR ride. The bastard is Muslim to the bone and will finish destroying the nation if he gets back in any capacity. If he moves back in he will be running things regardless of who becomes president. That’s the plan

  22. Herbert Portere says:

    If Michelle my belle ever wins, I will move to KENYA

  23. Denise says:

    Drop dead Michelle. I would NEVER VOTE FOR YOU nor anyone I know.

    • JINH says:

      Michael can run after the 2nd term of President Trump. it will take our President at least two full terms to clean up Michael’s husband’s blunders in the 2 years he lived in our WH. Well, at least Michael titled the book appropriate…. “Becoming”. So is he becoming Michelle?

  24. bonnie gale says:

    Michelle is really a Mike. If you look at some of the dresses he wore when the wind was blowing shows he needs shorts instead of women’s under wear.


  26. Ruth says:

    This is a man who was well known in the bath houses in Chicago…..then we find out both Barrack a nd Michelle had their past sealed so we have no idea who these people are ,and now we find out Michelle had 2 kids and a third that she miscarried by invitro fertilization? Who really is the father of her 2 kids,they had no sex??? Ever?………

  27. milvet says:

    I would vote for my neighbor’s dog before I would vote for her and I hate my neighbor’s dog. A scumb bag married to another one.

  28. John says:

    Hey michelle, do us a big favor: STHU!

    You and your WORTHLESS husband need


  29. Mork says:

    Obummers want to be the first to make history. First faggot president now first tranny president. Shim could also be first fugliest president. His husband already made first worst president and first worst faggot president. Now shim wants to be first worser president and first worst tranny president.

  30. Good! I hope she does run. Then, she will have to defend the worst presidency in American History, her husbands.

    • Gwendolyn E Mugliston says:

      I presume there are a majority of voting Americans who understand she is mentally unstable. Or are their so many people with their own starlust issues, they can’t see what Michael and Barack ave done to the US?

      What I really don’t understand is why she doesn’t admit her gender issues. I have been looking at that on the internet for a number of years and then yesterday she finally admitted the Obama kids were conceived by IVF. Well, no kidding.

      • Gwendolyn E Mugliston says:

        goggle will change my words…”their” is supposed to be “there”. Sigh

      • If today, we were defending the truth then the Obama’s would be defending their presidency but also their freedom. That is if the truth was something practiced in this Country.

      • Tammy Stark says:

        You are a clown. Hahahahaha can anyone on this site do anything besides throw schoolyard insults that really do you no justice. I would think Republicans above this childish behavior. Its embarrassing to read . I always thought the dems were the assholes. Now I just dont know.

  31. michael says:

    she would be a far better choice than the LOSER trump!!

    • Kamera says:

      That’s a funny statement Micheal, considering she hated America until her husband became president. Admitted by her in her so called biography.
      Why would she make a better president?
      I for one appreciate someone in the oval office that actually loves the country he was born in. It makes for better leadership skills. ….

    • Jimbo says:

      US can’t afford all “his” wait staff. Has the final account of the number of people that slaved over “his” wants and needs to keep him? Who had the chore of wipping “his” butt for “him?”

    • Jacqueline Prentiss says:

      Speaking of losers..GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR..SCREW UP

  32. John Flynn says:

    Sydney Blumenthal, Hillary’s close friend, associate and advisor was the one person that started the “birther movement” Why no mention of him by Michelle, I wonder?

  33. john says:

    The gorilla can’t shake the addiction for lavish vacations at the tax payers expense, it has gotten so bad that she is now deranged enough to think she could make a pimple on the ass of a president!

  34. Gonaes says:

    I hope Michelle will throw her hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination in 2020. If that happened President Trump will win by the biggest majority ever recorded in a presidential race. Not only that but Trump could win a third term if he so desired.

    • Inkpad says:

      She’s definitely a racist hypocrite her scrawny ol man has been recorded stating he was born in Kenya therefore he should have never been elected
      MAGA BLEXIT. BooooYah!!!

      • Penny says:

        I have never seen or heard of a single female sporting men’s genitalia under their dress. Michael needs to have surgery if he is trying to “become”. Not that surgery would ever make him a woman, and yes, his lavish vacations at taxpayer expense is a huge slap in the faces of all American taxpayers. And his hubby, well, you think he wasn’t trying to turn this country into a Muslim nation? Think again—it’s a long term plan, Muslims intend to take over the WORLD, not just the US. They are not twisted, evil, & the worst excuse ever for”leaders” in the White House. (I hope Pres. Trump had the White House and grounds exorcized.)

    • Eric says:

      It would make Reagan-Mondull look like a barn burner!

  35. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Xenophobic??? She is the racist! She hates white people. And her blatant hatred of President Trump is both disgusting and not becoming of a former first Lady. Laura Bush would never have displayed such open hostility toward Obama! And as far as her running for President? I would love to see her fail!

    • Ruth says:

      Her thesis in college was about the hatred of white people………I am SD o glad theygot to see the world,take lavish vacations all at the expense of the Americn people and had the nerve for the first year apologize for the American people,I never forgave him for saying that

  36. zee says:

    michelle NEEDS to see 59 sec’s Here.

    https://youtu.be/cQcd41RO25k or copy/paste

  37. Proud vet says:

    Communist party will play the old race car here and the woman thing at the same time, while they drag out all probably Winfrey to say we can make history here, I think I heard that before when they said that about Obama and how that work out for us, and secondly is do you really want to person who is so ethical that they lost their law license, and you have to be really really scummy to lose your long license in the scum bag bar as they are the lowest form of life on the earth.

  38. Open his college records if he was born here why did he get foreign aid?

    • Proud vet says:

      A great big amen and if you go on YouTube you’ll see him bragging about him being born in Kenya and also being a Muslim

    • Lola Collins says:

      Trump was not even the first person to claim obama is not a citizen. There are many who even heard her say that before he was elected. Many other Americans don’t believe he was a citizen. BESIDES, he might be in prison by the time the next election is here.

  39. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Buck Ofama. The tranny AND the commie faggot.

  40. J. W. says:

    I guess she is going to campaign on a train; that way, it can always have a banana palm available. Trump would beat her like the ugly child she is!

  41. cheryl says:

    AMEN! And I NEVER would have said this until he came out against the current President! This will be the FIRST time in our History that a former President and his wife USED the office of the Presidency to disparage the sitting President. How low class and anti american can they get!

    • AMEN…NO MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID…the democrats Trojan horse has not been a very pro American past president. His wife, a run silent run deep using her book to create issues. She is walking in the influence of Oprah! It is just another way for Oprah to make some waves, create a tax deduction for herself, rock the race boat and feel like some bodies hero.

    • Linda says:

      They have led the American people into behaving in a way that should shame them and not America.
      No other President in the history of this Nation has been treated in such a way every American should feel ashamed. We should have stopped it by showing some, We the people in this country are who put them in the jobs they are not doing. We put people where they are by patronizing their movies, tv shows etc…. Congress is there because we put them in office.
      Come on people when will it be time to stop paying them to do nothing? When will we stop watching there shows, and movies. They DO NOT OWN US.
      Yet we are helping them disrespect our President
      By virtue of our complacency.

  42. Sandra Thompson says:

    America, wake up to this one, especially if you are white. Michelle couldn’t even create a food program and exercise routine for our children; who knows what she could come up with for our children. We know the glamour is the biggest agenda here. For whom would you vote if you had the opportunity, Melania or Michelle? We did not and will not elect her, we elected her husband., and we know what a mistake that was. Please, please America do not approve of Michelle in any form. She will run this country right into the ground. She hates America as does Obama. Trump, whether you like him or not, has at least been progressive in just three-quarters of his presidency. God help us all if Michelle runs and she is elected.

  43. Jerry says:

    Where is my cry room? I need a big Teddy Bear. Where is my puppy to cuddle with? I am so distressed! I am so absolutely devastated, I may crumble, this election didn’t go the way I wanted it to. Waaaaa. I can feel my mental health deteriorating. How will I survive without my Michelle as president? Waaaaaa, I could just curl up and die unless someone gives me a cry room and a hug. Waaaaaaaaaaaa?

  44. Larry Egerton says:

    His first book also states he is Kenyan.
    He now says editor goofed
    AMERICA goofed putting this asshole in the WH

    • cheryl says:

      AMEN! And I NEVER would have said this until he came out against the current President! This will be the FIRST time in our History that a former President and his wife USED the office of the Presidency to disparage the sitting President. How low class and anti american can they get!

    • Kim Reese says:

      Yeah yr right an Michelle is a man an they can’t except the fact that there not in the WH because they live right down the street from the WH there little termites………

    • Lola Collins says:

      That comment sounds like what I’ve been saying for about 10 years now. Word for word! #1.HOPE AND CHANGE, #2. FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING THE USA. People let those words go right over their heads. If hillary had won we would be transformed by now. He also said #3. ‘We are the one’s we have been waiting for”. What did citizens think he meant by that?? Those THREE issues were the clues the voters overlooked.

    • Brat says:

      I worked with a woman who’s nephew campaigned for Obummer. She voted for Obummer but later stated she didn’t vote for him.

  45. HYPOCRITE – Example, Inviting rappers on a regular basis to White House dinners and gatherings who have constant lyrics that want cops killed and promote all types of violence in their words. And then next week she complains that she is “HORRIFIED” by a Donald Trump Tweet response against someone he disagrees with. Or a comment to a reporter. I guess she figures the rappers are just kidding. Michelle Obama figures Gillum running for Governor down in Florida is just kidding when he and his campaign calls white people “CRACKERS” . I haven’t heard any of these prominent Blacks stand up and condemn the racism they cry and scream about. Good job Obamas, your doing a fine job uniting.

  46. Judy Stinger says:

    Michelle Obamas for speech set it off when she said that was the first time that she was ever proud of her country her husband with electric. The only reason that she would run for office and hope to get it is because she’s missing the lavish lifestyle that was all on the taxpayers dime well she was in the White House. Every other first lady had for assistance she had 20. She only wore designer wardrobes. The Obamas spent Millions on lavish vacations more than any other president and their families in the history of the United States all paid for by the taxpayers. She threw lavish parties, non-political, again all paid for by the American taxpayers. She literally live the highli millions on lavish vacations more than any other president and their families and the history of the United States are paid for by the taxpayers. She threw lavish parties, non-political, again all paid for by the American taxpayers. Every chance she got she bashed the US. She, like her husband, did all they could every chance they could to breed division among the American people. Whenever question about anything she played the race card.

  47. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Illegal alien who sat in the Oval Office and pretended to be president.

  48. esther says:

    Worst bigot of them all. Remember when she said “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country.”
    when Barack Obama became president. Disgusting.

  49. Ernst says:

    No one is more viciously racist than Michelle Obama! This would come out in a Presidential campaign.

  50. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Might I add that people with less than less than 1/32 native blood are not eligible for special privileges nor should they be it is way too unfair to other racial groups.

  51. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    To be only 1/1,024 native would be going back 35 to 50 generations closer to the latter that would be approximately 900 years and that is simply not possible, if you were to trace my ancestry I have French Canadian ancestors and 1 was suppose to have been part native that dates back to the 1600s but still that would make me way more than just 1,024 get real people, no DNA test is even going to analyze that minute amount of genetic material, maybe and that is a big maybe, in regards to genetic traits they might be able to go as low as 1/256.

  52. Tom Curry says:

    Hillary, Warren, and Michelle don’t have any kind of chance, they have shown us all just how corrupt and how evil they really are!!!

  53. NOBAMA says:

    For the very first time in my life, I feel proud that my country rejected Obama’s and all they stood for!

  54. Nancy Grove says:

    I have one thing to say: Obama was not elected by the American public. George Soros overbought as many of the high rollers as he could. Another term and he sold America and our way of life down the river. Obama hates America and what it stands for. He was put in place for 8 years to drag us down. He is Soros ace in the hole. The Clinton’s are also in the mix along with other democrat high rollers. I said all this to show why I would never ere vote for her if she ran for president. Strange that the Obama’s live so close to the White House and is still sticking his nose everywhere . Still working for Soros??? Pick up some books on Soros and the deep state.

  55. chalooter says:

    He/she should both be in prison by then if all goes well! Hill/Bill too!????????????????????????????????

  56. GARY E MCEWEN says:

    When obamas grandmother made the statement that he was born in Kenya and she knows that for fact as she was there. Now i believe grandma. He can submit all the documents he want to say different but Grandma had nothing to gain by stating he was born in Kenya. Documents can be forged.

  57. James P Hutchins says:

    Who cares what this hood rat has to say she is married to a failure president who is nobody.

  58. Keith W says:

    The question should have read: “Would Trump beat Michelle Obama in a FAIR ELECTION in 2020?”

  59. Walter says:

    Michelle is married to a foreigner who was elected to be president of all 57 states-his words. Exactly where was this idiot educated. Not Columbia University where his record

  60. bagster53 says:

    well i hate to be crude , but when will you idiots figure out ,blacks are just as racist as whites , in fact i think they are more racist then whites , they keep attacking us and yous keep your mouths shut about it , 6 of the biggest racists in the country are the obomas , jackson, waters , sharpton and fairacon, when will yous learn racism , works on all sides, it is not limited to whites only

    • Fred W says:

      One should Spell check before trying to belittle someone..

      • Sandra Thompson says:

        Fred, really? Spellchecking? We are in a national opinion column, not a spelling bee. Belittling is not the issue for you? And to do so, there is an etiquette one must follow? This is a man’s opinion, not fact, and as such is not open for language criticism. You can hate this guy (He may be a pea brain, I don’t know) but he has a right to speak.

      • Lola Collins says:

        Fred W, Sorry to tell you this, but you just BELITTLED the person you criticized. Besides, we are not in ‘skool’ anymore! I understood everything in the post you criticized. The longer some of us are out of school, the easier it is to misspell. I don’t correct anyone online, unless they act like a smartass!

  61. Deborah Koch says:

    Both Obamas are vicious, bitter, jealous, America haters! They are both at the end of the George Soros puppet strings. They are angry at Trump for all of his successes and bitter for all their failures. They did not have one accomplishment for the people. Everything they did was against America. I wish these two assholes would fall into a black hole and be gone forever.

  62. John Sherwood says:

    Michael just wants to be listed as the first Tranny to run for President and then parade His boy toy around jumping through hoops.

    • jack says:

      Be careful what you say about the wookie. I was banned from facebook for 30 days for using the word “tr*nny” in asking a question.

  63. Jan13 says:

    Hillary brought up the birth certificate question when she was running against Obama in 2008. Pres. Trump, when as a private citizen decided to run with it. How come many of Obama’s citizenship papers are hidden, like his school records.?

  64. Guenter says:

    I wish all the power hungry woman would go away. All the woman that are and hold political posts are not fit for the positions. Trump will win his 2nd term I will give my vote for sure we need someone that will drain the swamp

  65. Colleen Souza says:

    There is no way she would win not after what Barack Obama pulled while he was in office he ruined that for her, putting her in the white house will be putting Barack back in the white house and nobody wants that. Plus she has said on many occasions the she hates America she’ll just want to destroy it like he tried to.

  66. Michelle is delusional; if she thinks she is welcome as a Candidate for President. She has made a fool of herself so often its a public joke to think she is even considered legitimate. Hey, you got there on the coat strings of Obama. He has nearly ruined our economy, ruined our reputation as a world country, screwed our Medical plan for the entire country, sold our military down to a point of becoming a third world Country to match his birth place, made a deal with Russia on Nuclear Material, and the sh*t list goes on.
    Michelle for President….HA HA HA!
    So Michelle, after 20 years at your favorite “church” and loosing your Lawyer status because you lied to the Accepting Board, and having your husband having a SS card without living there, and There appears that no record of him attending any of the colleges; I would say you are at the end of the line to be considered.

    • Mary says:

      Amen to that. The Obamas are the laughing stock of the country. I don’t know how they can even keep their heads up. They lie, they steal and they make perfect idiots of themselves.

  67. truckman says:

    that beating Trump is so outrageous and out there someone that we don,t even know what is and a bigot to boot and does not care about anything but money no way in hell would I vote for it for dog catcher

  68. Dick Latwat says:

    Michelle Obunghole got a full time job in Tiajuana working at the Donkey show. But the Donkey just dumped on her and walked away throwing up.

  69. John says:

    What qualifications does (S)he have to be president?
    Even less qualified than hilLIARy.
    Unless pegging someone who was president qualifies you to run.

  70. Eric says:

    Michael, needs to just wake up from her ongoing dreams to be President! After, Obama and his all too well known “”eight year failure” would anyone in their right minds even remotely, or otherwise even consider “Michael”?There’ no way in hell that she’d even be nominated for anything….well except for “dog catcher”!

  71. The Obamas and the Clintons brought so much corruption to the politics of this country it will take years to go away. Thank goodness for President Trump, who can’t be bought or intimidated and it is driving the lefties nuts.

  72. Randy says:

    This aberration doesn’t stand a chance. There’s absolutely NOTHING likeable about ‘IT’! It’s far too blatantly racist and hateful and I don’t believe America’s in any big hurry to have another Obama in the White House. Hillary and it are too chummy with George Soros who should be declared Public Enemy #1 in America. The nebulous origins (that have never been thoroughly investigated)of its “husband” alone (along with his record of non-achievement) should nullify any possibilities of a presidential bid.

  73. Sarah says:

    Ms. Obama was not proud to be an American. She ruined school lunches. She appeared in Sesame Street looking totally out of her game. She decorated the White House at Christmas with Communist figures . She was resting easy while her husband and Sec. Clinton watched the horrific murders were being conducted at Benghazi. She and her husband invited Israel Prime Minister and stood him off while they went out to diner…utterly shameful. This is definitely not a person that should be even considered for a presidential run but if the Democrat Party thinks she is the best candidate, then let them completely ruin their party with the nomination.

  74. Carole ANNE Quinn says:






  75. Lee says:

    Michelle said he was born in Kenya- you can google it – if they haven’t hid it yet.

  76. Patty Olsen says:

    Check out Obamas utube video where
    HE SAYS ” I was born in Kenya and moved to Hawaii at 2 months.

    A 2nd video while speaking to his military generals when HE CALLS Michael by his true name.

  77. GIGIJAN says:


    • LISA MARTIN says:

      I would!! I will vote for a ham sandwich is it’s running against that orange-faced kook.

      • Leelee says:

        Name one thing Obama did for our country besides f it up

      • John says:

        Unfortunately good men have died in order to give your sorry ass the right to speak like a “god-damned” fool ?!!

      • Bill says:

        Hey Lisa, get with the program, we’re talking about ‘moochella’ obama here. .Name onr thing her husband did for middle class America other than give lip service and total BULLS**T. President Trump has done more for middle class America in 2 years than his worthless liberal predecessor and total POS did in his 8 year vacation on the American tax payers dime!

  78. Milesll says:

    This woman dislikes America and really hates white people. She is the LAST person we want in politics

    • russell says:

      Milesll we run her out of the country Obama and she/he have done enough damage to America. they both should be under the jail

  79. Huy Hoang says:

    Michelle Obama Is In State Of Hallucination !!!

  80. Tom Thornton says:

    Thanks for your input, Michael O.

    • Patty Olsen says:

      Check out Obamas utube video where
      HE SAYS ” I was born in Kenya and moved to Hawaii at 2 months.

      A 2nd video while speaking to his military generals when HE CALLS Michael by his true name.

  81. Jeanine says:

    If he was really born in the USA, then he should of released his school records, instead of close them. Then he could of proved he wasn’t going as a foreign student. But since he was lying he sure didn’t want to do that. She is just trying to follow Hillary, and we all know how well that worked for Hillary. And does she think the democrats pushing people to riot isn’t endangering other peoples families? Oh, I forgot, only her family counts. They tried to take our guns so our children wouldn’t be safe, but her children were well guarded.

  82. Kara Wright says:

    Would you file as a female or a male if you ran?

  83. 2bears says:

    Moochelle take hussein and carry your negro asses back to africa and his kin ! Or hang around so we charge his ass with treason and shoot him or hang him, either would be fine with me as long as it was made public for all to see !

  84. Von says:

    She might want to just dissapear along with ‘her’ husband, There still hasn’t been a proper investigation into who these people really are. I’m not one of the birthers, I just think they are both con artists that scammed their way into the White House with the aid of all the liberal A-holes in Chicago. I can prove he isn’t Barack Obama with one single web site. Harvard has a site where they honor all their Nobel laureates, he isn’t listed on it.

  85. Ron says:

    The outcome of all elections depend on honest counting, therefore as long as crooked democrats get to count the votes, you will see corrupt results. Machelle and that pos of a husband are the authority on corruption.

  86. mjack says:

    Insulted? There is so much that the dems have done against American. Anyone who voted for them was paid or ignorant and mean as they are . A lot of Americans will never forgive you,michelle, you big eared husband, or your cronies. Hell will be full. Take your fight there. Your master awaits.

  87. Ron says:

    Everyone has a New Book ! to funny to me , I would NEVER take an autographed copy from Michelle or Hillary for FREE !What Happened , Becoming , Unhinged , Liar , Leakers, Losers , Liberals , all these books are flops ! LMAO ! Michelle Obama is a ugly tannery if you ask me !

    • Bill says:

      If offered her autographed book I’d take it and install it in my bathroom right next to the CRAPPER! I could use the pages to wipe my ass after a huge helations and stinky dump. If i could get a couple rolls of toilet paper, ( anyone remember ayatolah toilet paper?) with her image or her husbands it would be like gving back: for 8 years of BULLS**T, lies and lip service!

  88. Bill says:

    If she were to win the election for President it would for sure cause another Civil War.Another four or six years of obamacrap would destroy this country forever.

  89. Hugh Turner says:

    He needs to tell the truth a out his real sex. We dont need a Transvestite for a leader

  90. James P Hutchins says:

    obama wife is a liberal clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people.

  91. Timothy K. Toroian says:

    What the hell, lady, he spent enough time in Indonesia he may as well have not been born here. His student I.D. read Foreign Student. And his thoughts on the Constitution make you and him both kind of anti-American.

  92. jjofaz says:

    The reason Michelle bashes Trump in her book “Becoming” is because she has nothing noteworthy of her own to write about other than that she was the wife of a piss poor president. She starved the kids in her school “lunch program” and caused so much waste calling it “healthy”. Now take a look at that woman…does she look like someone that knows what healthy looks like? She would no more run for president than a Barbie Doll because she does not like to work and boy you do have to work to become president. Ask Hilary. That’s why she is where she is today.

  93. Rick says:

    Isn’t this the same woman who on day one said “I didn’t think much of this Country
    until my husband came to power” She won’t believe the millions of real Americans
    who won’t think much of her. Hey Dopey please run .Just asking I’ve never seen your
    daughters birth certificates have You?

  94. Fran Leard says:

    She needs to go back to Kenya and take her phony husband with her. I’m so sick of these cruel hateful people bashing our President for no reason. He’s done more than Obuumer ever did in eight pitiful years.

  95. Eldon Hamm says:

    she has no business running for president… totally unqualified.. and she also has stated that she doesnt like our country so i say go back to kenya

  96. Terry says:

    Xenophobic? Barry Sotoro admitted on film in a speech in a room filled with witnesses that he WAS born in Kenya! Michelle…sit down & STFU!

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