Michelle Obama just gave Donald Trump some really bad news

One question has hovered over the 2020 Presidential election.

Will Michelle Obama jump into the race?

She has an answer to that question and its bad news for Donald Trump.

Rumors constantly float around Washington, D.C. that Michelle Obama will run for President in 2020.

She tries to shoot them down, but Democrats keep insisting she run.

The former First Lady might find it harder to turn down these overtures if she doesn’t have to campaign very hard for the nomination.

And that’s what one brand new poll shows.

Breitbart reports:

Former first lady and former Vice President Joe Biden tied for the Democrats’ favorite 2020 presidential candidate in a poll released on Tuesday.

Twenty-five percent of Democrat voters said that they would either back Obama or Biden for the Democrat nomination, even though neither Democrat has declared their candidacy for president in 2020, according to a Hill-HarrisX poll released on Tuesday.

Several polls had Biden leading the early list of Democrat contenders in the past few weeks. One poll released in February found that Biden would serve as a formidable opponent to President Donald Trump–the survey found that Trump would beat everyone but Biden in a 2020 matchup.

Democrats believe their best chance to defeat Trump is to run an above the fray figure that can recreate the Obama coalition.

The only individual that fits the bill is Michelle Obama.

But she is well-known for hating the campaign trail.

The only way anyone could see her getting in the race is if Democrats hand her the nomination in a cake walk.

This poll makes it clear she would enter the race at the head of the field and her entry may even cause other candidates to drop out and endorse her, allowing the former First Lady to clear the field.

314 Responses

  1. ncp-nate says:

    Michele/Micheal, Who cares. The two of you should LOVE The United States. For 1- 8 years for nothing but division and drawing lines in the sand. 2- Got paid for it. 3-Retirement benefits for being President for nothing, possibly had country regress?. 4 -For life, Secret Service detail at tax payer expense.
    That’s just to name 4, I’m sure others will give more reasons YOU should be THANKFUL!

  2. RTC says:

    Bad news??? Lmao that racist tranny ain’t gonna be our President. Formerly known as Michael LaVaughn Robinson

  3. GySgt. Lew says:

    If Michelle Obama enters the race in 2020 – that is GOOD NEWS for Trump. No one will vote for another Obama to be put in the White House after what B. Obama did to us for 8 years…

    • Marilou says:

      I think Michael should have to have a physical to see if she qualifies as a woman/man/tranny. Think the American citizens should know this. Oh, and exactly how is it qualified to run for Prez. Doncha know its
      partner is choppin’-at-the-bit to finish his destruction and “transformation” of America.
      Please America do not let these two anywhere near our WH again.

    • Cliff says:

      We hope your right, but the Dem’s are very stupid !

  4. Ernst says:

    Michelle Robinson wrote some of the most vile anti-American, racist material imaginable when in college. Trump would find some way to get that material into the public domain. That would be the end of any campaign for Michelle Obama. Trump might do the same for Barry Soetoro.

  5. 1PatriotForever says:

    Pretty Sure ERIC Holder or Michael “Michelle” will make the attempt and I’d like to see them both end up on the swing end of a rope.

  6. Kali says:

    What news organizations are you watching? MSNBC, cnn( Clinton News Network)? Get a job then you will have a great life. Say NO to the Dumorats.

  7. daniel says:

    god has force the evil out of darkness into the light all his people can see who they really are its time to see god get rid of the evil an put the right ones in to lead us on the right path

  8. peg says:

    yea he is pressuring her to run so he can take over and finish ruining the country that he did not finish. she would only be pres. in name and he would call all the shots. WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!
    ifyou remember when they first start showing potential ones running the first picture was blocked out with ANNOYMOUS under it I said from the get go it was her. She is looking to freeload off the USA again. All the free vaca’s for her and the kids and mother and getting her mother a 160,000.00 pension for watching her own grandkid. That is BS!!! VOTE NO!!!

  9. Richard Tipa says:

    What qualfies her to hold the office? Being an ex Firat Lady does not a President make. This is a ploy to get her husband back in the White House. Hopefully they won’t have time to campaign due to spending too much time with their attorneys dealing with the investigations into their criminal activities involving the 2016 elections.

    • ROBERT says:

      she will just make a monkey out of herself.

      • GOD has already made fools of the obumas. They are muslim an he is gay caught in the act. She/ he was caught on tape with the ball sack hanging down. Now since they are gay the muslims have no choice but to behead them by their law an themselves because over 60% are gay themselves.

  10. Karen says:

    Please we have had enough of the obamas for a lifetime!!!!!

  11. Mikki says:

    She can run if she wants, but she won’t win. No one that I know wants to put up with Obama again. He would actually run things and would move toward the NWO. That means he would continue to try and destroy the country.

  12. Cowgirl Diva says:

    MOOchell is way too stupid for be President..! If you don’t think so, just read her Princeton graduate thesis….it’s on line for all to see..!! It’s written on a 3rd grade level..!!

  13. Mary says:

    Does everyone remember all her vacations, total waste of tax payers monies, her school lunch programs. We already suffered through 8 years of the Obama’s. They left this Country near Collapse in every aspect our GOVERNMENT. WE DON’T NEED A MUSLIM LEADING OUR COUNTRY. The Obama’s have already shown their alliance to Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Adversaries of the USA.

  14. Beverly says:

    What a horrible thought — her husband all he could to destroy our country

  15. No Way, we had 8yrs too long with Obama who did nothing for OUR COUNTRY BUT DESTROY IT. Its just away to get her crazy huband back in the WH. Forget Biden hes a touchy, feely, pedephilor, who isnt very smart either, hell none of the other DEMONRATS who are running for President arent either. Wake Up People OUR PRESIDENT has done so much already for us and this country despite all the crap these CORRUPTED DEMONRATS have thrown at him. GO TRUMP🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. GySgt. Lew says:

    It will come out and prove that OBAMA was or is NOT an American Citizen – it was proven that his Birth Certificate was a forgery.. The Bias New Media scrubbed it – hid it.. It will rise again – someone please FIND IT – it has to be record somewhere.. I saw it..

  17. Valentina says:

    God help if the biggest racist anti national anthem anti American anti jew anti Christian anti white even anti everything gets back into the White House…. They both brought more racism in America than all presidents combine.
    They both went in with $200.000 and came out billionaires and the only things they did were …..fund ISIS and BLM that brought so much grief in people’s lives.
    Not even one black American saw an improvement in their lives except Loretta lynch who was the puppet for their dirty tricks.
    The Obama’s were not even elected. They were selected. If one would recound USA elections 2008 and 2012…. one will definitely find huge rigged votes throughout the whole of USA.
    Barack Obama born in Kenya from an Indonesian father as an illegitimate child and Michelle born a boy. So both birth certificates should have been checked b4 allowing them to go in for power.
    His Islamic faith wants nothing but destruction of the west and christianity especially in America. They hate patriotism because they are anti Americans.
    If anyone votes for Michael Obama then he/ she is a traitor.

  18. Bill says:

    Yes put the most racist first lady to be president.We already know what she will do.She is one of the eleites now and America can’t be stupid enough to put her in for then they would start killing cops again and BLM would wake up again and our country would be destroyed after 4 years of her

  19. Gerri Dalakian says:


  20. Rose says:

    How can she wear a $4,000 pair of boots and say she can relate to lower America ?

  21. GySgt. Lew says:

    We sure as hell don’t want another Obama back in the White House – he destroyed us in his (8) years and now Trump is correcting it with Great success. Don’t vote DEMOCRATIC next Election, if you Love your Country………..-

  22. Jeff Abernathy says:

    If it runs someone needs to take one for team America and take it out! We do not want that American hating ass bag ruining this country!!

  23. Linda Lofton says:

    Michelle/Michael is a man. Any run for office would uncover that piece of information. It is common knowledge that Obammy was gay. Having a trans President isn’t something ( I pray to God) would be acceptable. Besides that, she is as dumb as a bag of rocks. Obammy would be the puppet President anyway and we sure as h..l don’t need HIM in the White House again.

    • John T Koszalka says:

      She knows she has burned all the bridges with her RACE BAITING and that comment of FINALLY BEING PROUD OF HER COUNTRY. Her husband theLIAR IN CHIEF SHOULD BE INDICTED BY THAN, this will give her something else to race-bait about.

  24. Barbara Cook says:

    We do not, I repeat, we do not need another Obama back into the White House, so that she could ruin everything that President Trump has done for every full-blooded American citizen. President Trump has brought more jobs back into American than Obama ever did.

    We do not need the Obama’s back into the White House PERIOD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • carrie says:

      It needs to run out of DC for all the corruption and robbing America blind anyone who votes for this idiot needs some serious help along with the ones who voted for AOC the new dumb kid on the block no wonder she was a good barmaid with those jack azz teeth she could open beer bottles through a picket fence. Those two together dont have a brain cell between them. Put another Obama in the White House and this country is doomed. I sure hope the Republicans vote vote vote and they need the Military at the voteing booths to make sure they dont cheat yet again.

    • A S K says:

      Michael Obama should run for President. Make that caravan bigger and bigger. Obama’s husband Michael is a big target easy to take down. President Trump would make it quite entertaining. Remember before Trump was president, how boring the news was? Hillary obama Jeb Bush Bernie and the likes one couldn’t get much more boring and lifeless. TRUMP 2020 MAGA

      • Theresa says:

        I agree with you, as much as I dislike anything and everything to do with these heathens. This could really turn out to be the best thing that could happen in this election.

        1) Pres. Trump will wipe the floor with her, just as he did Hillary, except more so. This big mouth, he/she hasn’t got the smarts God gave a grasshopper


        2) Can you see her in a debate with her, seriously?

        3) let her run, this would be the fastest way to expose them for the thieves they are, think about how far they dug, and continue to dig up lies about Trump, the difference will be that there is so much more to find on these two that is all there to put these two in prison forever!

        4) If she were to run, we can put reelection of Pres. Trump in the win column. There is no way she would beat him.

        5) Pres. Trump is far smarter, more educated, has run a multibillion dollar corporation for decades, knows how yo talk with and relate to the common man, has done so much for our country already that she would be lucky to get the votes if anyone outside of there own families.

        6) Let’s see what happens when they have to show there financials, there tax returns,

        7) Do you see them giving up all of the money they have been living high on since they left the Whitehouse?

        They have so much that theyedhave to produce, the team Pres. Trump has working for him, will take her apart and in doing so that he/SHE thing she married to,. And as Pres., would have to ho through a complete physucal, which is open to the public, lets she her trying to hide the pair she has dangleing between her thighs,

        (I apologize if that reference offends anyone in how graphic it is).

        All that they have dine, and tried to do to Pres. Trump and his family will be done to them now only with different results.

        If the dems, want her to run, I say great threathenme with a good time, if she does run, again I say great, let her be stupid enough, arrogant enough to think, to believe she is capable of going to to toe with Our Pres., it would give this country what they want, what we deserve


        To be able to expose them for what and who they are.




        HEATHENS. . . .

        And if they should be tried, convicted, and given the maximum penalty allowed by Our law, and is still on the books for anyone convicted of treason, well believe it or not it is the health penalty, death by firing squad!!!





        Yes I meant for that to all be in caps, to make a point.

        I feel sorry for who every should write this movie, they will have to go far, cast a wide net, pay more then any actor has every been paid before for a single, as no one is going to want to play either of these two people, since it would tank there own careers if they did.

        Sorry this is so long, just a subject with lots to say about it.

        Good night all.

        God Bless

    • many blacks will not..AGAIN ! vote the racist ticket. They’ve bee screwed by one black already………..once burned …

  25. Mark Garcia says:

    We already had his husband. We don’t need another scumbag Obama

  26. Barbara Cook says:

    We do not, I repeat, we do not need another Obama back into the White House, so that she could ruin everything that President Trump has done for every full-blooded American citizen. President Trump has brought more jobs back into America than Obama ever did.

    President Trump and our service members have just about defeated ISIS and all of the terrorists that have been doing everything in their power to destroy our country. President Trump has cut a lot of the regulations that Obama had imposed on America.

    Why in the world would we want Obama back into the White House to start off with? She would do her best to return everything back to the way her husband ran America, and that would be into poverty worse than it ever was with him in office. She would be another corrupt and crooked Democrat in office like all of the ones in the Government right now.

    Every Republican voter needs to get out next year and vote to help with keeping President Trump in the White House NOW PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I trust President Trump better now, than, I ever did with Obama being in office. We also need to elect all of the corrupt and crooked Democrats out of office next year and then in 2022 during the midterm elections, that way, President Trump will be able to fully get his agenda really full-filled.

  27. Donna says:

    I am so tired of trying to post on this site and maybe 1 out of every 3 or 4 is not posted! Now I’m suspicious that mine are being blocked for some odd reason! I’m not saying anything more than others on here are. I’m not cursing or threatening anyone, just stating my opinion!!

  28. even if michelle decides to run she will lose who would vote for her no one likes her .and she is stupid.

  29. ToxicThistle says:

    All DemoRats should be publicly executed. They are all lying, deceiving scum.

    • Kali says:

      What news organizations are you watching? MSNBC, cnn( Clinton News Network)? Get a job then you will have a great life. Say NO to the Dumorats.

  30. Lance says:

    Got a campaign slogan for you, Moochelle: “Make America Lazy Again” ! Go for it – I’d love to see your butt stomped into the ground. As you so rightly deserve!

  31. Bill Littleton says:

    Michelle Obama is a bigger racist than Barrack. These two were the most secretive, non-transparent Couple in the White House. She’s a habitual liar and race baiter. She is a total disaster and a complete fake!

  32. Steve says:

    The answer to your question is she shouldn’t. But we all know that she is like her husband. She is just as stupid.

  33. I think you should be afraid if Oprah ran .

  34. Charles says:

    She will not run because she does not like to lose and she does not like the USA

  35. She is a woman – for the people that believe everything they here. If she ran – many woman would vote for her. We need a woman as president men SUCK> But the GOV system sucks as well – so if you brought the pope or D Lama it would not change anything .

    • Shirley says:

      What the heck does her being a woman have to do with it. The sane American people do not want another 4-8 years of the destruction they caused to the U.S. The reason Trump won was because of Barry’s incompetence. I know a lot of woman who would not even have a cup of coffee with her.

      • Vera Morgan says:

        If Mitchell runs I may run my self if someone’ can run that’s a way bigger racist than any of the rest can’t even plan good meals out for schools.then any one should be able to run.and the way they all have got so corrupted shouldn’t matter just as long as you love america.and the people.and put them first.no matter where they or black white red or yellow.they have just about destroyed america look at California.the people are leaving there in groves.ever one needs to support me Trump.if not you better choose the right one or you will be helping to finish.is of communist,we will
        Leave for our kids and grand kids.thank about that really hard before you put your finger on a bitten for a democrats.you will be the killer.

    • teo says:

      Michael is a woman?

  36. Jeff says:

    She won’t run and she wouldn’t win because ever democrat believes Occasional Cortex’s philosophy! They want to fid the world of COWS Not a good thing for Moochell!

  37. Jesse says:

    It won’t matter if she runs people are sick of Obozo’s IGNORANCE and ARROGANCE so she won’t win. As for Biden no one wants that Pedophile in office. America soundly rejected Obozo’s plans for America so his wife who wants what he does and worse for America won’t get elected.

  38. trapperwv1 says:

    If she were the nominee for the dems , they would find out the real number of Republicans , independents and libertarians and non affiliates to that would vote stop a civil war from breaking out. I could see a lot of dems not voting for the Obama team because of the division they have caused.

  39. R B says:

    Personally, I don’t think M.Obama really wants to be POTUS. She’s enjoying herself by simply being on a non stop vacation and appearing on talk shows every so often so that her followers can fawn all over her. Being POTUS would take too much time away from that. Plus, she has never seemed to show that desire for power that any candidate for POTUS must have.
    If she should run and win the WH, I’d be more worried about B.Obama “leading from behind” which would be disastrous for this country because it would give him at least four more years to complete what he started while he was in office, which was the destruction of the US as we know it.

  40. Donald says:

    If butch Obama runs ,I will join you in that endeavor! However if IT throws his braw or whatever in the ring,it would be in Trumps favor

  41. Jim Forsythe says:

    Only a total fool would vote for Hillary Clinton for president! We have a lot of fools in our country, but not that many.

  42. Thomas says:

    would he run as a woman that he pretends to be or would he run as a man, what he really is. if he decides to enter the race, I’m going to start a petition to demand DNA evidence of his gender.

    • Great idea! But be careful, did you see what happened to Joan rivers when she told the world
      ” oh come on, all.of HOLLYWOOD knows she’s a man”. Funny how a routine procedure went so wrong !!!! I guess they got the CLINTONS hit people to get rid of her and her big mouth…ever Google how many people “died” who worked around the CLINTONS? So many “so called accidents & suicides”” around them, I guess they knew too much too! Someone should pull HIS pants down and snap a picture before HE pulls a JAZZ! And gets it turned inside out to make a va JJ! We can’t recover from another obama!!!!! Gotts keep PRESIDENT TRUMP
      Right where he is! We’re gonna need every vote! Cause they will cheat every way the can.

    • mhn says:


  43. Jim says:

    That’s not only bad news for President Trump it’s bad news for America ! We can’t take another Obama in the White House…. although she doesn’t have a shot.

    • iris says:

      We had enough bkacj muslim in WH. It is transgender toi

    • Beverly says:

      IF she/he runs can all say good-bye to our democracy. Her husband was involved in so much corruption during his presidency that I think that might make her think twice. She/he is black, educated but still in the gutter about America and our people. She hates us all. She would drain (again) our military like BIG O, she is not truthful and she costs us millions and millions of dollars for her wardrobe, jewelry, trips and etc. And we’d have another MUSLIM again in the White House. So much today too little a space!

  44. Sue Rich says:

    Go with your instincts, Michelle. America does not want or need another Obama in the white house. You least of all. You made bad decisions as the First Lady, and refused to stop when The People asked you to. Our Presidents work for The People, not the parties or themselves. Trump is the only one who’s understood that in years.

  45. Richard says:

    Isn’t Micheal known in certain circles as BIG MIKE??

  46. ncp-nate says:

    Nancy Pelosi wants to put a ban on President Trump’s victory coin. Too late Nancy, had mine for months know along with a gold= plated one and a “Make America GREAT Again” hat. If his victory coin bothers you so much? Declare it UNPATRIOTIC”. THE I”LL BUY A ROLL OF THEM! Nancy why don’t you invest some personal time working on your failed railing system that has been loosing money since it began? When Our President finishes straightening out this countries mess, maybe he’ll take on completing your failing rail system and again complete something in record time and under budget.

    • Richard says:

      Nancy probably owns a boatload of them.

    • Sam says:

      NCP it cannot be completed while the politicans are skimming off the top of the money to continue the project. It got off to a bad start and it is at the losing point now. The idea might be good but the process is totally under the bridge. She, Nancy, needs to pay more attention to the people who are swarming to the undersides of bridges and off the main roads where they are building shanties like the people in Brazil. Check out the similarity between San Francisco and Soa Paulo. Paulo.

      • ncp-nate says:

        Yea, I Know. I was saying a couple days ago that those serving in The House/Senate are paid 174k , Speaker/Majority/Minority upwards to 20k more. Then I was asked, “Why so many of them are millionaires”? As Maxine waters for example. My answer was, ” Well, a lot of these sons-a-bitches sell out our Country to the highest bidder and to lobbyist and who knows who else and they receive pay-offs and kick-backs, BIG KICK-BACKS. But I can assure you, whatever they do to obtain such wealth was not done with The People of The United States best interest. So, your case in point: The railing system has made a lot of Democrats of California wealthy, yet the taxes in California are some of the highest in The Nation.

  47. Patriot says:

    It:s a wonder to me why (s)he and any of her I’ll are still around. Trump promised to clean out the Deep State. He has signed a state of emergency. Maybe we are still in ‘the calm before the storm.’. Pray, people, pray.

    • ncp-nate says:

      The “DEEP STATE” is much deeper and full of more ‘Dung” than expected. President Trump Needs OUR HELP to rid this country of its fowl stench. Help The President vote these knuckle-heads out of office!

  48. Tony Truthteller says:

    If you think it’s bad news for the president, think how it will affect millions of schoolchildren who will have to return to eating garbage if she wins and oh yeah, the lying loser of husband will be back in the White House. He’s still trying to figure out how President Trump created all those jobs. He figured it was a magic wand.

  49. K. Schultz says:

    Both may attract a lot of attention with their approach to the public and easily enticed supporters. But what is really under the surface is what counts. I don’t see much there that makes me think either is an effective leader with the capability of filling the Presidential office.

  50. Don says:

    ROFLMAO…..the only thing she would push is more of the Democrat hate for America and people know it.

    • nan says:

      that’s all we’d need. biden and shelly – TWO media-made ‘celebrities’ out to destroy our beloved nation. in reading these comments, there are SO MANY dormant americans that should REALLY do their homework. only the ignorant and uninformed would vote for shelly and biden (who has strong ties to CHINA along with his own son …). (bet no one realized that)

    • Audrey Jane Budzynski says:

      Exactly. This would be more than an easy win for Trump. Michael and or Michelle what ever you want to call him/her. She won’t make it to first base much less to a nominee for President. She can shove her opinions up her you know what. We had enough of her and him both. When she said all our kids are fat and there will be no meat delivered to schools as commodities that was it for me. I wanted to strangle her with both hands. These Two Muslims need to get the hell out of our Country

    • Jacque Prentiss says:

      They say President Trump is racist. Compared to the dems & Obama’s President Trump isn’t even in the race. They were/are the most divisive folk ever. Even worse than…get ready Sharpton & Jesse.

    • committed…………. WHITEHATER !

  51. Michael Fetco says:

    No vote because her partner almost destroyed our country.

    • Jerry Lynch says:

      Her husband almost single handedly RESCUED the country (and the world) from the Great Recession disaster handed him by The Shrub in 2009. I would like to see her run, and win of course, but I don’t think she will run.

      • Joanne Mortensen says:

        What planet are you living to not see the damage done by obama and his ilk ..

      • Oldmarine says:

        You would want someone you said she had no respect for the United States …. How sad another Anti American

      • Are you out of your mind?? Obama was the worst President in history!

      • june Burgess says:

        LMAO, where do you live? Must be in a vacuum.

      • RickJames68 says:

        You have no clue what your talking about.
        NO CLUE.
        He rescued nothing. He made the worst decisions ever or should I say he did what he was told. It’s amazing to think you an others believe that nonsense. Obama had no business winn POTUS. No real qualifications in anything. The Dem’s he ran against all had done more in politics in 1yr than he had in his entire life. He was the perfect coffee colored puppet that Dem’/ knew dips$hits like yourself would get behind. You must live in an stay in a nice neighborhood an not see the world except on CNN.

      • t. jones says:

        Jerry have you LOST your mind??????I would state here if you are serious you must have sh** for brains…That IDIOT BHO was the WORST President ever and was close to destroying our country…Thank the LORD he is out hopefully never to return ..He is Evil along with his asshole buddy George Soros may he and his kind ROT in HELL….

    • Tony Maroney says:

      Almost he did destroyed our great Country the USA, But Pres Trump had brought it back. God Bless his Family anf the USA.

  52. John J says:

    We had our affirmative action administration, it was a disaster, we sure as hell don’t need another one!

    • You know the Obama’s Bin Lying will run against TRUMP. The DEMONRATS don’t have any one else, but JOE ” THE CHILD MOLESTING, WOMANIZING GROPER ” Biden … Then if she, he, it, whatever would win the election, she ,he, it or whatever it is would not be running the COUNTRY anyway it would be The TREASON TRAITOR TERRORIST Barry .. The reason I say the he, she, it, whatever is going to run is Because they are RACIST, They both Hate America and they have to always be noticed all the TIME. Oh and THEY are both so, so, so GREEDY, all the money they have plus the 10 Million or so from Net Flix , Barry’s money he get’s for the rest of his life for being a President and they stil want more. BULL CRAP…

      • Charlie says:

        This is the only way Obasterd can get a third term. He already runs the deep state. He has brought in his Muslim army and deposited them around the country in Sanctuary cities and States for when he needs them. He even has the taxpayers supporting them. Now he has Muslim women trying to run our country in Congress. He needs to be put in Gitmo for the rest of his life, with a deck of cards and the Clintons.

  53. Nana107 says:

    The ignorance shown on this sight is endless. Man-lania is a feckless woman of no substance who has shown the world all she can do is copy Mrs Obama. This alleged paid escort who lied her so called “genius” self in to the country whose immigration status is still questionable, her parents got here through “chain migration”, posed naked for money, and if you saw the pictures, looks more like a man than most, plagerizes speeches, can’t speak English clearly (how long has it been in the country??), and more importantly, may be an alleged Russian asset along with the rest of the crooks in that criminal organization they belong to, although, I think Man-lania’s role is to acquire as much botox and plastic surgery as it can so that that face can stay as hard as a brick. The only thing Man-lania has accomplished is having a son who will one day look at those disgusting naked pictures of hers. Yes, America, we have sunken to the bottom with these grifters in the White House.

    • Jerry says:

      As if Mrs O speech was original, what a joke and typical far left Waco that has nothing good to say except a ton of BS. How pathetic Nana

      • Gerald Mann says:

        Well the idiot’s dick is longer then Obozo’s and it still is trying to act like a woman , lets face it if you can’t figure what sex you are how are you going to run a country . Obama was the worse person in office and was an illegal alien to boot ! They should both be in prison , possible next time troops hit thier ptroperty they will get them for sex trafficiing..

    • Margaret says:

      nan107, There is no NEED to talk about Malania’s looks other than
      pure JEALOUSY 😂 We were discussing who’d be suited to beat Trump 2020,I thought? Bit I got $1000.00 if you put ALL the female candidates and BOXY OPERA LOOK ALIKE MITCHELL in a room with 1000 men, they’d everyone go for MALANIA 😄 Need to see a Dr. about you self ego and jealousy issues!

      • Oma says:

        You are so right but we must pity poor Nana. She must have old age brain damage and is getting confused. She needs to turn up the hearing aids to understand a normal person speaking and much harder when they use words she doesn’t know. Sad to be so jealous of such a classy lady and then dump on a child shows her grandchildren just don’t cut the mustard. She may not know what that means having such a low IQ. And yes I speak 2 languages and Oma means grandmother just like Nana does in old English. I can hear,very educated with a BA in Criminal Justice and minor in Phycology planning on opening an office for all those Trump Derangement Syndrome because they need help.

    • Stephen B Billings says:

      Talk about ignorance. You just produced the most insane and stupid comment ever made. You really need to get back to reality!

    • Kali says:

      Moron, that’s all there is to say. Meliana is the most beautiful first lady this country has ever had. At least she is not spending millions on vacatios. Like O’ISLAMIST did. They acted like the tax payers money was theirs for them to spend like it’s thier own personal bank. Get your facts straight before you post your diatribe..

    • Sharon Jenkins says:

      When you sign a modeling contract you must state what you will and will not model, otherwise you model what is brought to you….. i’m sick and tired of these tirades about Melania’s modeling career…. she’s a very classy woman and first lady….. better than we have had in years……. America is much better off with Trump than we have been in 20 years……… and the Democrats hate it that the average American is better off than under the helm. DOWN WITH DEMS in 2020

  54. Karin says:

    This woman is the one who said that she was never proud of America until her husband was elected President. And with no pride in America, she will die on the vine just like HRC. The only ones who would vote for her are the ones who figure it will be another free lunch. We must Unite to save this Nation.

  55. Mike Darr says:

    She cannot win as a Transgender, Obama affiliated ‘person’. It might be entertaining to see her run… but ‘Michael’ cannot win after ‘.. their guns and religion..’ statements… or partnering with the worst president we’ve seen since Carter.

  56. Sue Rich says:

    Michelle is tied with Joe Biden? So? He’s near the bottom of the candidate barrel.

    • Sulig says:

      America has been lied to, so much serious criminal activity and lives have been taken as Bengazhi with multiple cover-up and lies to protect criminal activity. Serious sexual ring against young people.small children and babies. Our President Trump is cleaning up up the evil and has enough with that. Though all this he has started putting America to the Ole American we loved and that was demonized. Horrid. Michelle lied also. America is finally coming to be better and what President Trump promise he is getting it done. I don’t ever see a politician becoming President again. Especially Democrat. We need to do more homework because we now know we can not listen to politicians lies any more or how they try to talk. It is all lies. Democrats have even had illegal votes. I can only hope our Trump family will keep America running.

  57. Proud vet says:

    If all Trump has to worry about is Michelle Obama or whatever it’s name is, then he has no problem this woman could even keep a law degree as corrupt as she is,or as corrupt as the bar is!

  58. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    I never trusted polls they are all biased in favor of the Communist party and the 2016 Presidential election confirmed my belief.

  59. Karen says:

    I don’t think Trump would be bothered by another 1st lady attempting to run for president. She should really be more concerned about the citizens of the United States than the current president. Trump’s supporters are Very very loyal and there is no way on Earth they would ever vote for her. I was not a Trump supporter nor a Hillary supporter in the last election, but I was glad that Hillary the unconvicted felon did not win. I chose to accept Trump as our president and I prayed for the Lord to guide him and guide our nation. Trump has become more presidential than I ever would believe. His State of the Union address was the best I have seen in a long long time. If the next election is between Trump & Michelle Obama, I would vote Trump. I have had enough nonsense from 1 Obama, I don’t trust another.

    • Kali says:

      She or he fisrt has to prove he or she is a woman. I believe it’s a man. Just look at his bulge is her or his skirt. He or she needs along with O’Islamist has to be put in prison. O’Islamist was a fraulant President. Look on utube and look up Muslim Obama not born in American and I swear you will see him in his own words that he in not an American born citizen. Please everyone look this up, then we can hopefully put this POS in prison where both belong. Look at the daughters, they look nothing like either one of them. If it were a Republican they would already be in prison. Please look this up. I will look forward to your all responses.

  60. Frank says:

    How is her running for president bad news for Trump? She is ever more ignorant than the Pretender ever was. Talk about stupidity, she single handedly ruined school lunches for an entire generation of kids and she sure as hell didn’t gain any respect for the USA while she toured the world with 20+ jumbo jets full of her handmaidens, friends & hangers-on.

  61. Silvio Marey says:

    Voté que sí porque Trump la aplastaria, tiene mucha historia oculta, no creo que pueda vencer a nuestro PRESIDENTE

  62. John Galt says:

    Are the American voters ignorant and stupid enough to elect Michelle Obama?? Probably yes. But that would be a disaster for the United States.

  63. Carlos says:

    The Dems just don’t learn, do they? They’ve already tried a former FLOTUS and failed miserably, and that’s one with more experience in govt. than Moochelle. If Barry does try to force her into the fray, they’re gonna get really pissed and she’ll have to attack all 18-20 tools who think they can win, including Bite Me. It’ll be a thing of beauty. For all those brain dead Dems who fondly recall the Obama mystique, they also need to remember that virtually every candidate he’s endorsed and/or stumped for lost badly. See Stacy Buckwheata Abrams & Andrew Geechee Gillum.

  64. Joe says:

    Michelle and Hillary, what a team that would be, and then, how about former President Obama for secretary of state ? What a disaster that would be ! God help us. ( Just kidding, just be sure to vote intelligently )

    • hiway280z says:

      Hillary would never play second fiddle to especially the mooch. Besides they hate each other.

      • ncp-nate says:

        It wasn’t secret that Lyndon Baynes Johnson hated John Kennedy yet they co-existed. However, the records of Kennedy’s assasination are to remain sealed till 2029, because We The People can’t handle THE TRUTH according to the Warren Commission.

        • Sharon Jenkins says:

          I never believed the Warren Commission, but I do believe Lyndon Johnson and Conley had something to do with Kennedy’s death…. I follow my gut….look deeper in the FBI, CIA organization…. eventually the truth will come out….. what WE THE PEOPLE can’t handle is LIES.

        • THE CROTCH BULGE was enough………

    • da oink says:

      God expects us to help ourselves.

  65. VistaCharlie says:

    This is actually good news in that it might split the rabid female and rabid black vote. All the white members of the Democrat should remember that she has always been and always will be very openly hateful of white people. I still think it would be a good idea to have obama investigated about his white house days and russian collusion. What next, have obamas daughters run for some office, perhaps the one that AOC occupies today.

  66. Ray Copeland says:

    This stupid a*s low life scumbag black B*t*h is more stupid than I thought.

  67. Gmac says:

    Worst than crooked Hillary – what makes her qualified – bring a demcrap – married to Obamass – women – having her lawyer license revolted –

    • vicky Huss says:

      Those, ‘people’-have ‘ruined’, this Country-with, their ‘”PROGRAM”, to insert ‘divisiness’, into our ‘discussions’-& ir was ‘always’ about RACE! The ‘MESS’-we have now-is all ‘due to those ‘People’,& I will HATE THEM, FOREVER!

  68. Mona says:

    Don’t make me puke a transvestite 😝 never!

    • James Pappas says:

      Remember, they will have to do a medical exam to say he is healthy and physically fit for the job. Michael will then be exposed for the trans he she really is.

      • FIREBALL XR5 says:

        That’s a very good point. But, they all “government /politicians” helped in covering up Obamas past history and birth that I’d expect covering up Michelle having a kickstand would be no problem.

  69. BigJoe says:

    Produce some pictures of her/him pregnant. What woman doesn’t have pictures of her pregnant and then with her infant children? If I’m wrong I’ll gladly admit it but so far nobody can come up with any. So let her run and expose herself or himself as the lying phony I believe she is. What makes me even sicker than her are the people that put her up on a pedestal without questioning her background.

  70. Loren Clobes says:

    I have read that Michelle is actually Michael. Have we not had enough of lies and deciet from Baboon # 1 who called himself Baraak, and then comes another clown who supposedly is a man in a womans clothing???
    We THE PEOPLE deserve much better than their “DOG amd DOG show.”
    Please, Heavenly Father, continue to Bless The United States of America.

    • Dean says:

      Agreed. Haven’t the Obama’s done enough like the Clinton’s to destroy this country. I wouldn’t vote for any Democrat.

    • RUTH A SAAB says:


      • SO VERY TRUE…we ‘d have been a lot betterroff with Joan in the White House…….

  71. Timothy Toroian says:

    To quote Colonel Potter, HORSE HOCKEY! Bad news my butt. That would a great combo to go up against.

    • George says:

      Please try very hard to get people to look up Margaret Sanger see what she stood for then started Racism extraordinaire Why aren’t black pastors preaching this truth Why are people surprised that Ralph nothing, governor of Virginia supposedly a pediatric Dr who wants to kill babies black face, Justin Fairfax rapist scolet,an activist actor race baiting liar, is there 1 clean demon craps
      Republican party gets investigated if they fart while the demon craps wear dirty diapers all day!!!!!!!!
      Please help the people who support the scum to get the truth calling them bad names isn’t going to win any elections

  72. milvetjim Humphrey says:

    She would pick Cortez as her V/P. Be a slam dunk (for the out house).

  73. Ellen says:

    Does anyone, anyone thinks she/he would have even a slim chance of winning??? If anyone does they need to have their head examined by someone who knows what TDS is!

  74. Harvey D Schneider says:

    If she runs she will have to prove citizenship since the Constitution requires the President to be a natural born citizen. If she is really a tranny her birth certificate will give that up. A tranny, if natural born, could run for and be President.

    Knowing that Michelle is a tranny, a Sexually confused individual, however would lose her, I believe, a great number of votes resulting in President Trumps reelection win in 2020,

    The voters will have 20/20 vision.

  75. Robert Van Istendal says:

    2 names I am sick and tired of hearing are Clinton and Obama.

  76. leon blood . says:

    i would never vote for him , he has already had his two terms barry was just a front

  77. Wanda says:

    Doesn’t matter what Michelle Obama does, nobody wants her or her husband back in the WH. Don’t let negative ads or comments deter President Trump supporters! Democrats couldn’t find any Russian collusion! They’re trying another tactic by trying to turn us against our President!! Stand strong

  78. Alvin D Rogers says:

    If Mickail Obama should run , more than likely she would appoint Barrack as her Vice P then if GOD borbid she by chance win she would emmediately after the swearing in “conciede ” and Barrack would immediately be on his TURD term and all that Trump has
    maga would all go down the drain an all borders would be made wide open and America would become a FOURTH place world .

    • Irma says:

      Possible, but, unlikely. Constitution is set for 2 term limits unless engaged if full term world war. So BHO will be disqualified and probanly the Speaker of the House would become President. But, yes. BHO wants the White House and believes he owns it. Maybe he will be in Gitmo by then…who knows? He did commit Treason, we all know that.

  79. Gerry Johnson says:

    In comparison, I prefer the accomplishments of insanity.

  80. Pete says:

    Michelle Obama running for President will be an early Christmas present for Trump!

  81. Richard says:


    • Virginia says:

      True. And “Michelle” is really Michael Robinson Obama. Will people accept a transgender in the White House? They did accept a homosexual, after all.

  82. Doug Griffiths says:

    She may run but I would never support this two faced liar and any one that does apparently has no brains!

  83. ncp-nate says:

    I read somewhere that Michele Obama was a transvestite? And she’s now “just-a-swingin”.

  84. Trevor Russell says:

    Begs the question.. is patriot pulse fake MAGA?

  85. DSC says:

    God help America.

  86. Steveur says:

    Maybe Obie can sing her a song begging her to be on the E train out of town and not be humiliated or tarred and feathered.

  87. Ken Hissner says:

    Michelle Obama would bring back the same divide her husband did to this country from 2008 to 2016. Like Hillary Clinton she thinks they are smarter than their husbands. I don’t think it works that way.

  88. Robert Philippi says:

    Who in the hell wants another Obama in the White House, NOT ME!!!!!!!

  89. OH Hell'No says:

    oBUMMER went on that world apology tour, Mike’ael will have to go on another one to REapologise for BarryBoy’s apology.
    Are we all not FED-UP with all that… KRAP!!!?
    We’re all a LOT STRONGER than G%#* D4m2 THAT!!!
    OOPS, I’m just a little peeved…. little, yah DON’T wanna see me when I’m warmed up.

  90. Rob says:

    All it will be is Barrack Obama getting a third term, like HRC would have done, if Trump hadn’t kicked her ass! Any Democrat win will be Barrack “who’s sane” Obama’s third term!
    We need to put all those criminal DNC turds in prison!

  91. Jerry says:

    A sickening thought !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Rob says:

    I hope that tranny skank does run, Trump will win easily!

  93. Cowdoy Randy says:

    She is to lazy to work for it the American People will do to her what the did to Hillary twice in a row not elect her/him for someone that went in BROKE they sure acquired enough wealth coming out of Office

  94. Steveur says:

    They don’t think they sunk the country deep enough in to a cesspool, now they want another 4 or 8 years… What a Laugh… go back to Kenya and run for President.

  95. Mel says:

    Liberals/democrats…what else are you thinking? You’ve had enough damage done to this country. Please show some civility and empathy to the citizen of America. President Trump is doing a lot better job than previous leadership. He could do more and quickly if you guys give us/him a break. Thank you and God Bless you. it is also for our own benefit..

    • Steveur says:

      They think appearing on Okcra’s program is the ticket…oh well Unicorns and Rainbows came up once, but I think those left town on them, after their disasterous 8 years… gagging

  96. Richard E. Hovel says:

    I don’t know how anyone could think that she would win the election! Obviously, she thinks a whole lot more of herself than anyone else does.

    • Mysty says:

      She is very well liked actually. Her book tour proved that. AND while all the other candidates have to PAY TO GO TO all the big cities to campaign in that she was PAID TO GO TO and promote her book. She was basically on the campaign trail then. She talked about herself being their ‘forever first lady’ to uproaring applause. She promoted that book to sold out audiences – unlike hitlary who had to set up a card table back by the milk cooler to sell hers.

      • Tart says:

        Unfortunately Mysty is correct.. Obutthole #2 is popular. She is even more obvious about her disgust with all things America than partner and just as divisive. It is the way to give Obutthole a third term. Let’s not.

      • Steveur says:

        A audience of 300 people does not add up to a uproaring following, Sorry but they are just something that you wash off your car.. and hope wax will help the finish.

  97. Anthony Hiatt says:

    No way I will not vote for either of them!!!! They are both p o s and tried to undermine our individual freedom’s and our country from within!!! He is a traitor and should reep the consequences of his actions!!! Life in Gizmo or hanged!!!!

  98. Tom T. says:

    Michael O. isn’t running. He’s never putting the ole Tranny Jock on again daily. LOL.

  99. Raymond says:


  100. Cristy Anderson says:

    Won’t vote for her in the first place, had enough of obama’s for eight years.

  101. Keith D says:

    I have read several times how disliked she was at the law firm she and Broke worked at because they were both lazy. I understand they both have been disbarred but that may be rumor! I know they were both at the firm as what has been called a JACKSON HIRE. This goes all the way back to his minister and the Sun Times interview in 2004!

  102. Marion Carr says:

    A good source of mine said Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton will be on the same ticke in 2020 . This is for one reason to overthrow the Constitution of the United States, to confiscate all firearms and to send Christians and Jews to FEMA camps to commit Genocide and to install a New World Order. I’ve known of her going to run for over 2 years. You people better be Prepping!!!l

  103. Gerry Johnson says:

    What could she offer our nation other than more of the same? Times change.

  104. Les says:

    Just raising campaign funding that the candidates can keep will be all the motivation Mrs Obama would need. It would also give BHO another opportunity to get on “stage” and stir up those who want free everything . . . If she were to enter into a debate about government with Trump however she would be opening herself to exposure that she is not the politician for the job!!!

  105. Randall Clark says:

    Why would ANYONE want to go back to the horrific ways of odumba??? Here is one thing I know for sure!! GOD sets up kings, and takes them out!!! And I do not believe that HE would put trump in there, just to take him out!! PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL WIN RE-ELECTION!!!

    • Norine Levy-Hughes says:


  106. B A Johnson says:

    You people, with the exception of the first entry, give me hope. I cannot even imagine the havoc that Creep would bring. Why are dems so damn dumb? If America falls their kids will be affected. It will be the end of our way of life. Dems are so blind and stupid they can’t see it?

  107. Betty Massengale says:

    I hope that she doesn’t run we had enough of that idiot husband of hers,

  108. Tom says:

    She belongs in a zoo with the rest of the monkeys. SHE can be there PRESIDENT. END OF

  109. Vicki says:

    I hope she does run. Easy WIN FOR TRUMP!!! Bring it on Michelle!!

    • kathy says:


      • Betty says:

        Michelle O, A Truly Classy White House Lady. Melania T, Nothing But A Dime a Dozen, White House WORTHLESS WHORE.

        • Gregory Sullivan says:

          Hey Betty Boop why don’t you go to Miami’s little Havana and preach your anti-Trump bs. there. I guarantee you won’t like their response from them and it just might land you in a local hospital.

        • Irma says:

          Melania is class 1 female 1st Lady. Michell (Michell Robinsons) is a tranny. She has a ‘ding-a-ling”. How have you not noticed. And BHO is Gay.He was married to a Palestinian several years before he met (Miceal Robinson.) Those kids are adopted and belong to 2 physician’s who made a deal with Obamas for cover up Political gain. As matter of fact. One of the girls, (i think the young one) who is much older, now, plans to file suite on the Obamas and the biological parents…just in case you didnt know. The younger daughter has a much higher IQ than BHO and Micheal Robinson, aka, Michelle Obama. This is abuse for the sake of fame. AWFUL OBAMAS.

        • having A BAD DAY……………..BETTY ? evidently you failed….. .AGAIN ! to get lucky on Fri nite You’re barkin like the BOW WOW you truly are

  110. c says:

    Let her run… she won’t make it through the primaries.

    • Jo Mauro says:

      Even with all of Soros’s money, it won’t help her.

      • Pamela says:

        I haven’t heard ONE DIMACRAT worth voting for….I don’t believe they have ANYONE with enough intelligence to even bother…They are all low-class and only want in power to come out Millionaires….They have proven they hate this country and want to see it go down the drain. It’s the money they can steal whilst in office they want, they could care less about the country. AND YOU DEMS, WITH NO INTELLIGENCE, ARE HELPING THEM TO DO SO.

  111. Helen says:

    cant stand the big ugly. How is she going to have time for all her wardrobe purchases that she did when Obama was in the white house.

  112. Gerry Johnson says:

    Not remotely ready for putting the marbles on the table.

  113. Howard says:

    No body other than the racist like her! She is hated as much Hillary!

    • Texas Belle says:

      I don’t think she is hated as much as you assume. Polls show that she would be a formidable candidate if she chooses to run. Never mind that she is totally unqualified to lead the country but we all know that Obama would be behind the curtain pulling the strings. God help us if these two narcissists get back to the White House.

  114. Cynthia Tennison says:

    Trump will kick her ass just like he did Hillary!! Let’s do this!!

  115. Bmad says:

    That’s all this country needs Obama back in the white house if she won
    The last one about destroyed this great country and sold us down the river

  116. TJ says:

    The sound of Mrs. President Obama…sounds really good..

  117. Danny Noble says:

    Sure she will run, if it means getting Obama back in power. Same reason the Hildebeast ran.

  118. Cliff says:

    LADY??? HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! More BS from the DEMOCOMMUNIST PARTY. “IT” (the “TRANNY”) needs to go back in the closet where “IT” belongs with Obunghole the gay mooslime FRAUD.

  119. ncp-nate says:

    I must have hit another nerve, they will not post my previous comment.

  120. Pamela says:

    If the Dems can’t find anyone decent enough to run, and chooses one of the degenerates who have already put their names forward, NO DOUBT, there will be a CIVIL WAR….

  121. Michael says:

    Yeah, I think the dirty bitch will run…her arrogant unqualified community organizer husband wants back in DC to try to finish ruining this country…and he will use her to try and get back to his arrogant trouble making…I wonder if she would get a Nobel prize for unsigned treaties as well?

  122. Timothy Toroian says:

    Let’s hear her state an opinion and then attempt to DEFEND it.

  123. Dave Miedema says:

    If Moochelle did make it to the White House, she would have the 2nd biggest ass in the history of the presidency (only behind William Howard Taft).

  124. Shirley says:

    How is she going to assume the position of President if GOD FORBID THAT should ever happen. Would she be called MR. PRESIDENT, MRS. PRESIDENT OR IT????????

  125. David Forler says:


  126. FedUp says:

    Wow, she wants to be the first Tranny President…….Ain’t gonna happen!

  127. Debra says:

    There is no way. She will be on her way to GITMO soon. She is far from innocent.

  128. Tom says:

    Bring it on….Another one will bite the dust!! She brings nothing to the Table and is only liked by Hollywood and fake polls. She is also a racist. Will bring back her husband’s failed policies so she will get some but not all of the Black Vote !!!

  129. Hugh Turner says:

    Hillabeast could not make to follow her rapist and obamonkey to destroy the country, so Mike is going to try.

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