Michelle Obama instantly regretted making one comparison about Donald Trump

Michelle Obama continues to embarrass herself.

Even in fawning media interviews she can’t help but make gaffes that would end anyone else’s career.

That trend continued when she instantly regretted making one comparison about Donald Trump.

The former First Lady traveled to London to promote her best-selling memoir Becoming.

Even in a friendly setting and with left-wing comic Stephen Colbert lobbing softballs, Michelle Obama still took the low road with petty swipes at Donald Trump by comparing Americans electing Trump to kids spending the weekend with a divorced Dad who lets the kids do whatever they want.

The Independent reports:

Ms Obama took aim at the billionaire property developer in a series of jibes during which she did not mention him by name. “For anyone who had any problems with Barack Obama, let’s just think about what we were troubled by – there were never any indictments,” she told a crowd of around 15,000 at the O2.

The Chicago native, who was interviewed by US late-night host Stephen Colbert, jokingly compared the US with Mr Trump in the White House to being a teenager.

“We come from a broken family, we are a little unsettled,” Ms Obama said. “Sometimes you spend the weekend with divorced dad. That feels like fun but then you get sick. That is what America is going through. We are living with divorced dad.”

Former Presidents and their families traditionally try to stay away from criticizing the current President.

American can only have one Commander-in-Chief at a time.

But the Obamas – as well as the entirety of the Democrat Party and their employees in the Fake News Media – don’t care about the stability of the government or tradition.

They only care about destroying Donald Trump.


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224 Responses

  1. Jan says:

    It is uplifting to read so many positive comments from true American patriots.
    You are correct regarding President Trump being chosen for this ministry,
    as the prophecy of April 2011, given to Mark Taylor, has proven to be
    true, 100%, including the hatred and assaults against him and his
    beautiful wife and family, including from previous marriages.

    This prophecy is on You Tube and is beyond denial, since it was
    documented in 2011 when Mark Taylor relayed it to a medical
    doctor, and it was a word of knowledge that Mark did not
    at that time know what to do about it..so he kept it
    close to his heart until Donald Trump announced his bid
    for president.

    And it is interesting that in the message, God said that HE
    would protect Trump ‘with HIS feathers.”

    Further word is that Trump will not be removed by any
    politician from the office in which HE is working for the
    Country and people, at God’s bidding.

    You can’t fool around with God.

    Having said all this, which can be found by searching
    the internet,
    I am truly astounded that this president is indeed the
    focus of unprecedented and irrational hatred, simply
    because he is exposing the rotten sedition that has been
    planned for over 16 years, a plan by hundreds of traitors
    to change America into a country under dictatorship.

    This plan will not come to pass. In fact, Trump is a brilliant
    and devious man of God, who has successfully set up the
    villains in such a fashion that they don’t even know it.
    They are hanging themselves.

    As for the vile poster, Diane, one can only say that
    there is no way this unhinged person will ever see
    the truth and the light. Just ignore her and don’t
    feed the wild animals. .

  2. Rickster says:

    Anybody believing in democraps by now are so brainwashed by CNN and MSNBC theres no hope for you! If you think the clown show of democraps is what you want for this country! Camel jockeys and imigrates flooding our country with trash and goverment milkers and diseases we havent had in years!! Democraps get paid from drug cartels bringing them in! One pour town alone in texas has a 3 billion dollar a year business of spending money there in a 35% poverty town! More stores than rodeo drive! If that’s what you want just move away!! This is America and it needs to get back the way it was with a goverment free of corrupt assholes weve had for 40 years! Trumps the man to do it! You better thank your lucky stars that bitch Hillary didnt get votes in!! Worthless corrupt trash!

  3. Rickster says:

    Michelle and Obama had there time 4 years to long! Now shut your nasty trap and quit messing around in our goverment business, talking to other leaders like your still president like Pelosi does! Just disappear and stay off TV running your camel jockey mouth!! Corrupt assholes!

    • ED MACK says:

      deep down(not that deep) I’ll bet Barrack wishes he had married the WHITE woman he wanted BEFORE this one.. Trouble is he forgot HE was o half-bkack

  4. Pat says:

    I know that there are rational thinking persons leaving comments here on this line, because you care what is happening in our country and you are upset about our President being constantly attacked, accused, tried, found guity and some even call for his execution!Please think about THIS—So many on the far left live by the “Saul Alinsky” playbook, which I have NOT READ, but I have been told that the idea is to cause fighting and discord among the citizens as a distraction,and We are surely seeing that now! Every time someone makes a positive statement on here , they are attacked!When the haters have no logical truth they resort to nasty name calling,that is all they know. Every other word is a nasty name like a bunch of middle school children arguing over anything that is said. I would suggest that those of us who have any respect for our country, our fellow citizens, and ourselves ,rise above these juvenile games! We know right from wrong, so lets show by example,Ignore the BS and just state your thoughts/ideas and ignore the rest OR just don’t read the sites anymore—If we don,t read or comment—They will shut them down! Just be sure to GET OUT AND VOTE at EVERY election!!! Offer yourself to take others to the polls ,who have no transportation, regardless of their political party!Do the RIGHT thing –do not let yourself be drawn into this insanity,you will only be fueling their hate! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    • DIANE says:

      Well, I sure am glad that finally a rightie has had a positive thought. I am so glad that you have risen above all the degrading and name calling, evidently you went back and read some of the post that have been posted on this site! I agree, we all need to VOTE!!! I will sure be out there! AND I WILL ADD “GOD BLESS AMERICA”!!!

    • PatrioTEA says:

      It isn’t just about “name calling.” You must read Saul Alinsky yourself. It’s not a long book, but powerfully ugly.

    • Sharolyn says:

      Good for you!! It seems we have settled into a cesspool of angry hateful and nasty name calling! If we all love our nation…maybe we need to start praying for the best…whoever whatever that may be!!

    • Rickster says:

      Hope you mean drain the swamp of corrupt democraps and never vote for one again! Its ok to say it like it is! Weve had years of morons in office so call them out for it!! Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

    • Erin Beringson says:

      Thank you for that wisdom. Sometimes the passion of what we are feeling, and the frustration at the ignorance of people takes us around the bend. It is good to remember that God created us all, some take the narrow road and some take the fast easy highway.

  5. Blue says:

    diane Dumbass, the big debt is Not President Trump’s fault, he’s trying to curtail it, as far as all the corruption, the 90 % anti-Trump media has really got you Brainwashed, geta life!!

    • DIANE says:

      Blue the Dumbass: Of course you would say that, because you are a republitard !!! I am sure you don’t remember when another number place had to be added to the National deficit clock in New York when G W Bush was in office. The National debt is growing faster today, everyday than it ever has before! As far as the news media, you surely are not trying to say the only station that reports the truth is FOX (fake), now I know a repugnican wouldn’t be guilty of that !!!

  6. Blue says:

    diane Dumbass, it wouldn’t do any good to post anything intelligent towards you, it just wouldn’t take!

    • DIANE says:

      Blue: Dumbass, nice try!!! You are incapable!!!

      • Blue says:

        Like I said diane Dumbass, it just wouldn’t take as you are so eat-up with leftist crap!

        • DIANE says:


          • DIANE says:

            Blue: Is that short for Blue dog???

          • Blue says:

            diane Dumbass, the economy has improved under President Trump, black, hispanic, women employment has risen, the military is in good shape, the USA is doing better whether you like it or not, and guess what, he’s gonna win again in 2020!!

          • DIANE says:

            Dear Dumbass Blue: Look at the National Debt in Washington and all the corruption….surely you don’t believe that is a good sign, or do you COMRADE!!!

          • k.m. says:

            Diane, we all know that the national debt was way up there before Trump. We also all know that Obama was the President that increased the debt more than all the Presidents before him. So, with that said, please start opening your eyes up to what the truth is. Obama almost destroyed this country and Trump has helped us all.

  7. harold Blackburn says:

    You cant pay any attention to Michelle,she hates all white people….She and oboma was the
    worst bunch ever in the white house…all he wanted to was play golf and vacation she took
    a whole herd when they went[taxpayers expense] they took u.s.for a ride] They run the taxpayers
    in deat so we will never pay it off.But they come out of office with millions of dollars crooks

    • Alfonso says:

      ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????hey Michelle here are your pictures.

  8. James Barry says:

    Trump is a 3x married draft dodging fraud who launders dirty Russian money.
    I’m very happy he isn’t running again

    • Maggie says:

      Trump 2020 way to go

    • DIANE says:

      James Barry: You go James Barry! I totally agree buddy!

      • DIANE says:

        Jim: Deporting illegals have been going on since the end of the G W Bush administration and through the Obama years. The big difference is Obama returned criminals and Trump does not care to return mama’s who have babies sucking their teats!!!

      • k.m. says:

        Shouldn’t try to clean up around someone else’s doorstep when you PROBABLY NEED TO CLEAN UP AROUND YOUR OWN! Trump will be running in 2020, I will be voting for him. He got rich from his business dealings, not from ripping off the tax payers. If they go back on Trump, then they should have to disclose every little thing about themselves. Fair is fair! Let us see who are the crooks! There will be more than not with that bunch. It’s just a shame that our country has came to this. We all need to hit our knees and ask for forgiveness, let the one that hasn’t sin through the first stone. God please forgive them for they do not know what they do, amen.

    • Pat says:

      You got one right a he has been married 3 times,which is perfectly legal.You nor I know the reasons for that or who wanted the marriages to end! Hate to burst your bubble,but he will run again as and I am betting it will be by a much larger margin than before! Time will tell!

    • Pat says:

      You butt hurt liberals are a real clown show. I hope the day will come when you all grow up. but I won’t be holding my breath.

    • libra says:

      WRONG–you got the wrong guy–It was joe Biden and his son Hunter ..the Russians made hunter a director in the former U.S. gas company–formerly Central Vermont Power. –It was sold to the Russian gas company GAZPROM–I know this because I owned Central Vt. Power and was shocked to find that Gazprom had purchased this business–Now Hunter is a director with millions paid to him for his Money laundering Equity Fund.. The Biden’s also did something similar in China–they are bag men and money launderers.. They also used Air Force 2 for these nefarious trips on the taxpayer dollar.

  9. Drew says:

    Patriot Pulse? ….??
    I read comments on this Website & it’s Sad, Scary & makes me ANGRY! I ask myself,.. Are these People & their comments a Real indicator of who & where we are as a Country, as Citizens, as Human Beings? I say NO!
    Its Inspires me to do EVERYTHING that I can to get the word out to ALL AMERICANS (Republicans, Democrats, Independents, No Affiliated, & Others) to GET POLITICALLY & MORALLY INVOLVED. To Speak UP & ACT OUT AGAINST ALL FORMS of Bigotry, Racism, Injustices, Inequality, etc.
    If we Don’t,.. this Country & what it STANDS for WILL BE DESTROYED. I hope that WE as a PEOPLE who Believe in OUR LORD & SAVIOUR WILL RISE UP AGAINST THE MORAL & POLITICAL ILLs OF OUR COUNTRY.

  10. John J says:

    Ugly, Racist, Moron

  11. MSPS says:

    Michelle has hoof and mouth disease, everytime she opens her mouth nothing but diarrhea and rot comes forth. She must be related to cortez, the newest idiota in the democratic party. Neither one of them have anything relevant to say so they try to be cool by bashing Trump. There is a saying I learned years ago which still holds true today, when you point your finger at somebody else, there are many more pointing back at you!
    Obama knows that her mate is the opposite of Trump. He was the worst president in history, a treasonous rat, while Trump will go down in history as being the greatest president ever-a man who loved his nation and it’s people!

    • M Smith says:

      Right on! ????????

      • DIANE says:

        M SPS: Are you talking about the liar Donald Trump who sits in the White House today ordering up Mickey D’s hamburgers from the oval office, that Donald Trump who is AKA The Liar-in-Chief! The one who had a dad that payed off a Dr. to keep him out of the Viet-Nam War because he had bone spurs (not). The Donald Trump that couldn’t even remember what leg was affected? WOW!!! What a disgraceful Patriot he is! He is nothing but a damned Russian spy! #DeportMelania!!!

        • Jim says:

          Sure Betty.or whatever your name is today.The turds are on top.Your on top of that.

        • Pat says:

          Are you in the Oval Office eve rye y day to determine what President Trump eats? NO

          Were you with President Trump’s doctor and father when his bone spurs were diagnosed? NO

          Are you a licensed physician who can challenge the diagnosis? NO

          You are nothing but a hypocrite. You accuse our President of lying while doing what you accuse him of.

          • Pat says:


          • DIANE says:

            Pat: Why don’t you shut your damn pie hole! You are nothing but a DUMBASS! Haven’t you seen all the news about his fast food habits and McDonald’s are number 1 on his list!!!! He eats fast food because he is afraid of being poisoned. I know you haven’t seen it because you only watch FOX(fake) news! With any luck he will either be struck by lightning on the golf course or clog up those arteries from fast food and fall out!!!

          • DIANE says:

            Pat: A made up bunch of BS to keep the scared bastard out of the war!!! The doctor has recently died and his twin girls are now telling the story of how Trump’s dad made deals with the Dr. to make up that phonies, phony story! I swear, you had better start watching the REAL news!!! And while Trump is in office please spell president with a lower case “p”, ok?

        • PAT says:

          My, My, MY! look who is calling someone else Dumbass! No one even has to call you names , because with every thing you post, you continually prove that you are the worst informed person to ever comment on this post. Just who do you think you are telling people what ,and when the President eats, sleeps, Or anything else! If one did’nt know better we would think you have the amazing power of being able to see EVERYONE and what they are thinking, saying, and doing 24/7! You are totally stupid when you try to tell me I get my news from Fox, because for your information, I do not even get Fox News<nor CNN, NOR ANY except locals. I get my info from legitimate sources, not hate mongers! It must be a terrible feeling to be so full of hate for ANY human being, that you have to put your soul in danger just to make snide, lies about them! How I pity you!

          • PAT says:

            I did not think you could make more moronic comments, but alas, you proved me wrong! If PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMPs ” doctor conspired to keep him out of the military and he and his daughters are now bragging about it, THAT REALLY SHOWS WHAT DECENT ,HONEST, TRUTH TELLING PEOPLE THEY ARE— Doesn,t it??YOU are an idiot, not to mention, in all probability an illegal alien, paid to spew your lies ,thinking rational people will believe you. INCREDIBLE!!!! LOL

          • DIANE says:

            Pat: Careful now, calm down, go get a drink and a cigarette before you stroke and lose your religion! I do not give a damn what you think of me, because you don’t know good crap from apple butter that is obvious! Let me make this perfectly clear I am a legal I work(without a doubt I make more than you do annually). You call liberals hate mongers, just look at the trash your republican friends have posted on this site! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Practice what you preach!

          • Pat says:

            Once again—WRONG! I do not smoke or Drink, guess your ESP is not functioning very well! No amount of degrees or “college” education” makes you smart,we see that every day! Look at the CLINTON years,YES, I lived thru those and really learned what a sorry Pres. looked like! Now try to tell me , (and history) that he was,nt guilty of all that mess! CLINTON CARTEL IS STILL WHAT IS PUSHING THIS AGENDA! You know it, I know it< most everyone on this planet knows it–you can,t change FACTS , not even with your constant bullying! I have been living thru many Presidents, and I HAVE LIVED THRU THE HISTORY, SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL BAY AT THE MOON AS TO TRY TO TELL ME WHAT TRUTHFUL PARAGONS THE DEMOCRATS ARE! I STARTED OUT AS ONE, AND SAW THE ROTTENESS OF THEM, many Republicans also–Good luck in your agenda.

        • Blue says:

          diane, wow, you are really eat-up with a bad case of the Dumbass, I bet that rock was relieved when you crawled out from under it! President Trump lives in your head, too bad only lyin’ leftist crap comes outta your stupid mouth!

          • DIANE says:

            Blue: I have not seen you post anything at all intelligent, so why don’t YOU go bck and join all the creepy, crawly things that live under rocks, you Trumptard!!!

          • Pat says:

            You are so right Tony! Diane (or whomever she(?) is—is in serious need of psychiatric help.

          • DIANE says:

            Pat: OMG, the truth has hurt you really bad!!! LOL!!! Go have yourself a Trump sandwich- 2 crusty pieces of bread, a lot of bologna covered with Russian dressing and don’t forget the small pickle! Eat it up just like you eat up all the other republican crap they hand out! YOU KNOW WHAT A LYING DISHONEST POS TRUMP IS OR YOU WOULDN’T BE SO MAD WHEN IT IS POINTED OUT!!! LOL!!!

        • k.m. says:

          You have so much hate in you. I’ll pray for you. But I will still support Trump come 2020. You haven’t changed my mind.

  12. NM says:

    DIANE April 17, 2019 at 2:51 pm
    DEE: We need to make the White House Great Again and dump Trump’s Ass!!! THAT WOULD ALSO HELP TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

    Diane, your response to Dee is disgusting. Thank God He put Donald Trump at the WH and He did it for a reason. All that you, people like you, the MSM, and the left, is promote hate AND WE MUST ALL STOP HATE AT LEAST IN OUR COUNTRY. Those who don’t stop, don’t like this country and want to change what it stands for, must and should leave…. go live somewhere else where you will be happy.

  13. Jesse says:

    There will be many prosecutions once the FBI is purged of the Mueller/Obozo pals who are protecting that TRAITOR Obozo and his Flunkies. Once Trump and Barr remove those WORTHLESS Political hacks those two Criminals put into the FBI to turn it into the Hitlery run DNC’S Attack dog there will be many prosecutions and many prison terms given to Obozo Admin and for the MASSIVE 8 year long scandal that was the Obozo INFESTATION. One of those Criminals is already looking at doing Time even though Mueller did not mean to snag him in his WITCH HUNT. It will take many months to get them all but I do believe Barr will do it. Democraps will find their Idol Obozo is bound for Prison and TREASON will be the main charge. With any luck a noose after a short stay in GITMO will be his sentence for his TREASON and all the other Scandals he allowed and even encouraged while he INFESTED the Oval Office. For those wondering what TREASON I am referring to well it was freeing 5 TERRORISTS who went back and started killing Americans that he traded for another TRAITOR and a Deserter named Bergdahl. See the Taliban knew they could free some of their people if they offered Bergdahl who had joined them of his own free will after he deserted his post and called them to let him join. Obozo being the MORON he is jumped at the chance to help ISIS and other TERRORISTS so he accepted the swap terms and thus since we are at War with TERRORISTS and it is a CONSTITUTIONALLY declared War(Democraps voted for it also) to free those TERRORISTS and do so for a TRAITOR he let walk on his TREASON charge is TREASON and 2 counts of such one for his act and the other for aiding and abetting Bergdahl’s TREASON.

  14. Tony says:

    Diane, you’re an outdated POS.
    You must be related to that other POS Michelle Obama.
    You and Michelle are two freaking idiots always putting good Americans down.
    As a retired Miltary man, I am and always will be a proud American .
    You and that other low life think and smell alike.
    If you don’t like America, you’re welcome to leave anytime. Believe me you two morons WON’T be missed.
    So get off that high horse with Michelle and get the hell out of this beautiful country the USA.
    Listen, you’re not force to stay, so please shut the hell up and crawl back with Michelle under your rock you turds.
    Since you enjoy fake news watch CNN!

    • Eric says:

      Right, Tony!

    • DIANE says:

      Tony: You are an idiot!!! I do watch CNN, MSNBC, HLN, NBC, CBS, ABC and any other news station that will report the whole story. You only watch FOX(fake) news that reports what you want to hear, they lie by omission! You are in such denial, I think you should leave the country. I heard Trump is going to Russia, maybe you can catch a ride with him!!! LOL!!! SUCKER!!!

      • Jim says:

        You clowns did a great job in the 8 years your fools were in office.Look what you did to the borders.Instead of stopping the problem.They made it 10 times worse.Name anytime he did good?I know you can’t.I know you know.He is already considered the worst president in modern day history.

        • DIANE says:

          Jim: I bet you got that BS from FOX (fake) news right??? Or have you like Trump told that lie so much, you are beginning to believe it your pitiful, pitiful self?

      • Pat says:

        If you don’t watch Fox, How is it that you know that all they say is lies????(according to you—LOL)

    • JESUS R says:

      Right Tony, this idiots (DIANE and friends) don’t deserve to live in USA

  15. juan says:

    I wish people would not hide how they feel about this witch.but they don’t want to be called a racist.

  16. Vicki says:

    You spoke too soon , Indictments are coming & you won’t feel so smug when Barry & all his buddies are sitting in jail.

  17. al says:

    This is from a woman whose children and husband are substance abusers. The poster family of disfunction.

    • Lee Martinsen says:

      IT is not even a woman, IT is a transgender mongaloid. Buhrahk Osama had a lot of firsts, like first Black (partly) President, first President to not be an actual citizen, first gay President, and first transgender First Gentleman.

  18. DonRS says:

    The woman is such an angry, bitter, low achiever, who cares what she thinks and says. She isn’t smart enough to know how she embarrasses herself!

  19. The Redhawk says:

    What can be said about “NO CLASS ” other than even GOING to PRINCETON as an “ENTITLED NO CLASS THING the same Thing REMAINS CLASS LESS … as well as a DISBARRED ENTITLEMENT “lawyer” with NO Class???
    Is She NOW proud to be an AMERICAN finally or NOT ???

  20. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Mitchell Obamarx: Go to hell. Do not pass Ho. Do not collect Sorosbux. Stop breathing.

  21. Blue says:

    I mean, someone ought to ask her or him about all this he/she crap, is it Michelle or Michael?

  22. Kamkoz says:

    She must have serious “divorced daddy” issues.
    Sorry that you feel compelled to let Trump live in your mind constantly Mrs Obama.
    You would think that a mature, responsible adult would have enough pride not to repetitively degrade someone else like you do.
    It makes a person wonder if there isn’t some form of mental instability living inside that head along with the president?!
    That’s not healthy.

  23. Nate says:

    The Obama’s had 8 years. 8 long years. All they did was, WRONG. Why can’t they leave? Leave it alone? Leave everyone alone? We need no more WRONG. So, shut your mouth and go. Just go. You can travel. Go Hawaii, go Kenya, go ? JUST GO!

  24. dlmstl says:

    Like that famous Blue Oyster Cult skit on SNL………Let’s hope we get “MORE COWBELL” from Michelle My Belle!
    Just another loud mouth, angry AA feeling her oats. And we though it was the Clinton’s who defined the word ‘grifter’?!!!!!

  25. Phyllis says:

    Sorry folks, I need a Christian President who supports ISRAEL. Trump 2020.

    • Larry says:

      *Muslim FISA spy Obama should be Indicted for Killing 4 security Officers in Benghazi Including the 1st US ambassador in 38 years

    • Pat says:

      I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE____We ALL need a CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT! This country was founded on CHRISTIAN principles! I am not ashamed of being a christian, NOR WILL I EVER BE!

    • Pat says:

      I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE____We ALL need a CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT! This country was founded on CHRISTIAN principles! I am not ashamed of being a christian, NOR WILL I EVER BE! This statement keeps popping back—They will not let a word about GOD be said!

  26. mrp says:

    What more can we expect from dumb Michelle. Every time she opens her mouth she puts her foot in it. Proud of her country for the first time when Barack Hussein ran for president? Really? As for President Trump[‘s tax returns, they should Never be released. He went into the White House a successful billionaire business man and that is not for public scrutiny. Obama & Clinton, however went in as paupers and departed millionaires. Big difference in circumstances. When they entered the White House they didn’t even own a home to call their own. Lived off friends and neighbors.

    • Larry says:

      Does anyone know when Clinton Obama sorrows tax returns will be available to the public-* The GOP senate should be on this forcing their returns!

      • DIANE says:

        Larry: You dumbass, they have already been turned in. They did that back when they were presidents. They had no problem with it because obviously they had nothing to hide! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???

  27. Von says:

    ” Divorced dad who LETS you do whatever you want”, I’m sorry who told these people it was their job to stop us from doing whatever we want? Why do they think it is even their right to prevent us from doing whatever we want? We need to take back our rights. You want to smoke, smoke. You want to walk around carrying a shotgun, go for it. You want to take you life in your own hands and drive without that annoying seat belt, then just go ahead and make them earn their pay and search for your body. I for one am really sick and tired of being penalized for idiots who need to be saved from themselves, its called natural selection, nature culling out the weak and terminally stupid.

    • Joan says:

      I suspect if we had true natural selection, these people would not live long. Probably why they want to control every aspect of our lives, because they cannot live their own.

  28. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  29. Timothy Toroian says:

    “Becoming” what? Being stupider than before.

  30. BJ says:

    Her book “Becoming” stopped short on title, more appropriately should have been “Becoming A Woman”. ???? Joan Rivers let that cat out of the bag and Joan died soon after. Trail of bodies people…….trail of bodies; behind the Obamas, and the Clintons.???? TRUMP #46 in 20 M.A.G.A.

  31. Dennis says:

    Does Allah obama like his pooper packed by mike. We should tell issis

  32. She is just like her husband RACIST That was the worst bunch in the white house ever………..sorry
    While he was in office there was nothing done………Just a big spender…..more than the rest
    put together………..They will miss all the big expensive vacations………..spending tax money…….
    Putting on a big front………….

  33. alita says:

    Because of her jealousy, hatred, arrogance, ignorance and low life, every time she opens her mouth she is spewing negative vibes.

  34. Agnes Spicer says:

    Embedded in the Liberals Platform! HoMO and RaCE‼️????????????????????

    • Jeffrey Cahoon says:

      Why is this woman still talking? She should STFU. she is no longer relevant, not that she ever was!

      • MARK says:


      • Gene says:

        She went to London to promote a funny book, wasn’t selling in the US of A. Feel sorry for them they are still living off other people, never stand on their own.

        • Kamkoz says:

          Hilarious fact …. 7.7 billion people in the world. Only slightly less then 10 million copies of her book sold. And yet publishers are trying to push the narrative that it’s going to be a legendary best seller.
          She’s promoting this world wide.
          When you take a calculator to the equation, the book copies sold are a complete joke !! I laughed my ass off when I saw the numbers.
          Ooops. EPIC FAILURE.

  35. Glenda Dykes says:

    What an embarrassment for America!! The level of classlessness is unparalleled in my lifetime. We can only pray the harm inflicted upon our Republic by these imposters is not irreparable!!

  36. USAMaid says:

    Ignorance is bliss, Peggy.

  37. *CORTEZ* This is a video of interest. It is approximately 45 minutes long. Go to ; https://youtu.be/1h5iv6sECGU

  38. Charles Moseley says:

    I can not express my true opinion of this sorry hunk of human flesh without it being depleted. I will leave it at that.

  39. Phil M. says:

    Obama set race relations back 8 years thanks to his Presidency. Remember, “that could have been my son”? He actually divided the country. He was no Martin Luther King, that’s for sure. As for Stephen Colbert, he is nauseating, repulsive and not funny at all.

    • Volada Provolaski says:

      It all was bad for the AMERICAN people day one when he got the nominatiom form the demoncraps ,it all started the day he was in rose garden drinking a beer on our dime with that supposed college idiot profit seeking ass hole and the police officer who was just doing his job giving the IDOT a summons, then comes along this idot of his you know broken back mountian oslumbung supposedly SPOUTING words of wisdom. Ha Ha Ho Ho sounds like Jolly St Nick ,enough said I can’t go on about micado moose and its words of slanderous nonsense

  40. Pete says:

    I’m still at a loss as to why President Trump and HIS State Department aren’t revoking passports when these idiots leave the US? Let them stay where they are…

  41. Buck says:

    Not only the worst,the ugliest I’ve ever seen.

    • DIANE says:

      Buck: Oh Buck, I bet you are a real looker aren’t you? You would have to be to make a statement like that! I bet you have a face only a mama could love!

  42. And your thinking is in need of repair. I do not think she is a lunatic at all. It may very well cuteness is an intelligent person. I think she may be on to something have a higher I.Q>and am with 8 professional degrees. So, Scott27 do not fix-u yourself in that box. Or do you like sudden surprises?

    • David Vranish says:

      Oh Cheyl, you are so smart! We all worship you! ROFLMAO!!!

    • anica says:

      OH …. you have 8 professional degrees ,just like every liberal turd, with no commonsense and failed completely in ethical degree .Living the dream of scrutinizing the hard working patriots of our great country ,hating successful people .You might be one of those with desire ,to move out of the country if it’s not your way . Suggesting NK would be a good place I live under such regime ,this experience would add to your 8 degrees .And tell us what accomplishments , Michelle has ,besides writing books of lies and finding fools to buy it , to make her richer than the tax payers made her . Don’t forget to mention your accomplishments WITH HIGH IQ and 8 degrees ,so we can bow or clap . Sorry I only have a degree in ethics and respect for others , you fell off of that box

  43. mspidgeMZB5 Joseph says:

    What else could you expect from a ignorant, dumb, bitch!!

  44. Craig Forester says:

    When is MIKE going to be arrested for all the theft it committed while in the White House. The fraud and theft need to be punished.

  45. Craig Forester says:

    How I would love to see both Mike and Barack incarcerated at Gitmo for the rest of their lives for the many crimes they both have committed.

    • Brat23 says:

      I agre to a point. But why should the tax payers have to support them, ? They made millions take the cost of their needs while in Gitmo out of their ill gotten gains.

    • Nunyer Binnis says:

      At first glance I thought that said “incinerated” and agreed wholeheartedly.

  46. Neal Carmine says:

    Jealousy plain n simple

  47. Alameda Duque says:

    Stephen Colbert. Is a butt puppet .Michael Obummer never been a parent but wants to chastise us Normals… What a JOKE they both are going down .. Such deception..plain evil.

  48. rod says:

    mu-slim bitch is dumb as are all mu-slim. clean the US get rid of all of them

  49. George says:

    One of the most over rated persons in the world. Also, no class.

  50. Jay says:

    It’s so disrespectful for any former First Lady to behave in the way Michele Obama is!
    She and Barack became enormously wealthy in the 20 years Barack was employed by Soros! Soros has owned Barack since he was a senator in Illinois! Soros’ son visited Barack 45 times while in the WH!
    Not to mention communist Valerie Jarrett orchestrating their every move – and Valerie now lives with them in Washington, Barack was never eligible to be President!
    But for 8 years he tried to destroy America and everything it stands for. For both Michele and Barack to criticize Pres Trump is beyond disgusting and borders on treason! Hopefully karma will not be kind to them! They are complete treasonous frauds!
    God bless America and Pres Trump!????????????????????????
    Trump 2020 our only hope !????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • USAMaid says:

      Amen, Amen!

    • Robert says:

      “OBOZO” had no right to be elected President – His deception – lies – hypocrisy will cement his legacy along with his election, being first black President – which he will be known for – a footnote in History – which will not be kind to “OBOZO”- maybe not in his or our lifetimes – someday it will all come out revealing “OBOZO” for the fraud he was – I truly believe he was not born in the US – but probably in Kenya – maybe on the plane – birth certificate issued upon landing in Hawaii.

  51. Tom says:

    The Obamas are not and have never been Americans.

  52. Kathy says:

    For 8 long agonizing years of destroying America and purposely racially divided and riots. Purposely bringing Radical Muslims into America and people love ones were beheaded and you did nothing about. A true Patriotic President doesn’t hurt America. You and your husband are not and will be the enemy of America. President Trump is a PATRIOTIC LEADER and always will be. The Obama’s are CRIMINALLY CORRUPT TRAITORS.

  53. FEDUP says:

    Where is the word “First Lady ” come from ??? She never was one and definitely NO LADY !!!

    • Notalib says:

      Right on! I will never forget the image of her in shorts deplaning AF 1. It was an ugly sight and very unbecoming of a First Lady. That is just one of many bad pictures. Add her big mouth into the equation and she was not America’s First Lady Material. Don’t forget the diet she wanted our kids to eat! Barf.

  54. A S K says:

    Michael Robbins was never very smart, his football team mates said. Always depressed. Why should anyone listen to a disgruntled malcontent that doesn’t even know what gender it is? Half man half woman documents how unstable and how unfit this individual truly is.

    • Paul says:

      If it were possible for any truth to find it’s way into both Barry & Michael heart they would hang their head in shame

  55. Phillip says:

    What in a hell this woman is doing? She thinks she is so great that she can say anything she wants.

    • USAMaid says:

      Woman? ????????????

    • Al says:

      Give them an inch and they will take a mile! I would like to see his sealed documents made public. They continually push for more of President Trumps life to be made more transparent ,why not Obamas? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and all the Lap dogs in Washington need to be held responsible for their part in this continuing abuse of power! Call your your representatives and demand action..

  56. Stephen says:

    Don’t you mean Michael? Isn’t time for a honest conversation? Honest reporting?

  57. Dewey Bowser says:

    Obama man/wife needs shut up and go play with her coc-k pump

  58. Hedy says:

    Better than spending it with a transvestite like her.

  59. RObert says:

    Glad everyone agrees that “Mike” was the worst first MAN ever! He/she has a swinging jewel!
    It will come out some day that She is a he!
    Bareback Hussein married a dude from college. He called him Mike 47 times on camera?
    Not a mistake, thats his name! Too ugly to be a woman!

  60. Yank says:

    That is exactly what Obama did to America! He was the “divorced dad”! He allowed riots, attacks on Americans by other left wing Americans, he caused such a racial divide that no other president has ever done and so much more. Then, Americans became the “red-headed adopted children” of Obama when he brought in immigrants, in droves, from all over the globe. To destroy a country, one of the first things that you do is divide said country. Obama did this! To further destroy a country, you get the countrymen and women dependent on the on the government. Obama did this, too. At one point in his presidency, he had 47% of Americans on some form of Welfare. Then, you take their weapons. You pull the teeth of the dog and he is nearly helpless. He tried this step. With all of the immigrants and illegals that came into this country on Obama’s watch, it did not help this country. It darn near bankrupted this country after Obama added nearly 10 trillion to the National debt. Paying for these immigrants and illegals then fell on the shoulders and backs of the American taxpayers. Trump on the other hand has added jobs. Trump has proof of what he has done in the job department. Obama said he added jobs but, for many months, the amount of Americans on Welfare never went down but it sure did go up! If you do not believe this, research this topic! Trump has done more good for this world and our country in 1 1/2 years than Obama did in 8 years.

  61. Gregory Sullivan says:

    First lady Michelle Obama? What a joke! Maybe a fitting name such as Last Lady would be more appropriate. She is an anti-American bitch and admitted it. She along with her Islamo-communist husband are both racists and her husband did more to divide this country than any other president in U.S. history.

  62. USAMaid says:

    First “Lady”? Obama is gay and his records are sealed; no records anywhere concerning the birth of their daughters; Michelle is actually “Michael.” AND … Obama was supposedly born in Hawaii; the hospital in which he was supposedly born, however, was not built until 10 years later. Truth and Democrat are mutually exclusive. They make it up as they go along. We have to educate the fools who drink the Democrat Kool-Aid. Our country is at stake.

  63. Maria says:

    It’s what she’s said and done since leaving the White House that has made her especially obnoxious. I had no disrespect fir her when she was First Lady. Her excessive # of staff was a concern, but it is clearly her condescending treatment of the current First Lady and the president that I find particularly offensive.

  64. Helga says:

    No scandals in the Obama years? The MSM is still covering up everything that happened but we are hearing more and more about them. These people should be investigated and charged with Treason at the very least! Michelle is a feckless quasi manufactured female. Becoming WHAT?

  65. Joan Mcculloch says:

    She is an embarrassment to our Country

  66. Steve says:

    I think they are all good comments. Enough said

  67. Susan says:

    Her and her husband will never win! They are poison and everything they are involved in will fail

  68. Gary says:

    This “IT” is disgusting and an embarrassment to everyone. You dumb ass, there were no indictments under the “FAKE” because everything was always covered up and you have the guts to speak badly about others. What a frigging joke this clown is.

    • Sandra Bryant says:

      I can’t wait for karma to come crashing in and on top of the Obamas. Each one of them. Funny that the city they hail from is the murder capital of our country. They divided this country more than it ever was. Can’t stand them!

  69. Bob says:

    She’s disgusting. Doesn’t know how to keep that big mouth shut.
    Class what class. Try classless.
    The Dems can dress her up but can’t clean her up.
    This is the same women who draped her daughters in foreign flags at the Olympics!

    • Nikki says:

      Right on

    • william says:

      A ROYAL “TRANNY”!!

    • Jerry Hampton says:

      I agree totally! She thinks that since she is black she can get away with anything. She and her husband (resident Obama) did nothing to help Americans. Instead, gave away 150 billion to Iran for a promise not to continue their nuclear program. Who in the sane world would ever think Iran would NOT continue with their nukes and take the money anyway? Obama would not fight ISIS and he and Eric Holder did their best to incite riots against police departments across America. She needs to go home, shut up and stay out of politics.

  70. Gibbs says:

    Being stuck with Manchelle obummer would be like being in the care of the evil racist stepmother!!!!

  71. Lee says:

    Better than being with a dad who cared more for illegals than he did you and would trade you for a illegal.

  72. Pamela E Beverage says:

    If you confess with your mouth “Jesus Is Lord” and beleve in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10:9

  73. Eric says:

    Actually, it’s a tossup between Michael and Hillary.

  74. Cuteness OverLoad says:

    Anyone sick of these frauds?!? We had a closet gay Muslim with a tranny “wife” and borrowed “daughters” !

    They continue on a world tour of trying to destroy not just our president but America!

    Also, they seem to be I every country during a “terrorist attack.” Obama conveniently was in NZ right after the false flag stsgefbshoitng, Podesta and Clinton just so happened to be there just days before and now we find out the ODRAMAS were coincidentally in France on a cruise ship during the fire at Notre Dame, even that wasn’t enough to stop Big Mike from stuffing his face for dinner!

    Lord forgive me but I hate these two Satan worshipping pedophiles!

    • Scott27 says:

      Cuteness, I know you have the right to be as much a lunatic as you want and say whatever, but you are one seriously delusional, ill-informed fool. It’s sad for you, though. Anyone with a sense of wisdom and class could never live inside that skin of yours. It’s truly frightening we must share this planet with people holding such out-of-touch views.

      • B. Ray Sosebee says:

        You are the one who is Delusional! Liberal Fool!

      • And your thinking is in need of repair. I do not think she is a lunatic at all. It may very well cuteness is an intelligent person. I think she may be on to something have a higher I.Q>and am with 8 professional degrees. So, Scott27 do not fix-u yourself in that box. Or do you like sudden surprises?

  75. Doris Lauter says:

    Better than coming home to two dads.

  76. Jim says:

    Look at her record.What has she actually done?She has no business telling anybody anything.She is a racist bottom line

  77. mark says:

    You would think that she would be smart enough to just SHUT UP!

  78. Cliff says:

    FIRST “LADY”???? WHAT A LAUGH!!!….First TRANSVESTITE would be more like it.
    The best thing this imposter (MICHAEL) could do is shut “IT’S Pie-hole and fade into history.

    • peggy Banks says:

      You people are twisted. Are you kidding me? Trump is a disaster. Every time he opens his mouth it is to criticize, name call and out right lie. He is the worst President we have ever had. He is a criminal and he is the divisive one. His poll numbers are the lowest at this point in history. He is being sued by how many???? His policies to favor the rich and not to tax the fortune 500 companies has placed our deficit in further peril. His lack of supporting the overwhelming climate change problems we face is only because his friends in the fossil fuel industry would stand to loose money though w if he were smart and cared o about our country he would reinvest in clean air, and clean water. He is a disgrace!!!

      • USAMaid says:

        Ignorance is bliss, Peggy.

      • Dan says:

        BS..mooschelle is dumb as a rock and doesnt have brains enough to regret a damned thing.

      • DIANE says:

        peggy Banks: You go girl!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Trump is an absolute embarrassment to our country! He absolutely spreads hate, bigotry, division and is the worst president ever!!! He will go down in history as the worst, President Obama will not!!! He is a complete liar, lies just to be lying. These Trumptards are so ridiculous, criticizing presient Obama! They must have gone to Trump University, it is as fake as the S.O.B. it is named after!!! HAHAHA!!! #Deport Melania!

        • Pat says:

          Diane, I get it that you are proud that we had an African American (?) POTUS!I prayed he would be good for the country and deserve the Honor everyone was bestowing on him, but after 8 years of proving that he only meant destruction for this country, I cannot keep my mouth shut! OBAMA was a plant and the biggest hoax EVER ! He was and is FAKE EVERYTHING!! I do not ask you to believe me—but do yourself a favor and educate yourself! Go back and watch his videos, REALLY LISTEN to what he and Michelle say—YOU WILL SEE WHERE THE HATE IN THIS COUNTRY RIGHT NOW< WAS BORN!!I am not a racist, never was, never will be, There are many people of differend races that I very much love and respect, but these two are EVIL! TheySCAMMED their own race and set things back 100 years! Mr. Trump is trying to undo the damage they have done! It breaks my heart every time I see people of his own race defending him and hating Mr.Trump, and don,t realize THEY HAVE IT ALL BACKWARDS! In all honesty and respect—PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF and stand up for your GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!

        • Nora says:

          You and Peggy are both evil, dumb and blind and should leave this country. Like the saying says: If you don’t like the heat get out of the kitchen. President Trump will go in history as the greatest president we’ve had. Obama will go as the first black president, who gave black people a very bad name.

          • DIANE says:

            Nora, Nora, Nora, get a grip!!! I am not going to leave this country just because this country elected a total idiot! That idiot should leave and go to Russia where his buddy Pooty lives and maybe you should tag along!!! Hope you can fiend for yourself because you will not get a single handout from Fat Ass Trump!!! Go, live in Bliss with that Russsian loving dirt bag! #DeportMelania!!!

      • pat says:

        Someone else Parroting the Democrat agenda! Trump could’nt live long enough to tell as many lies (or as big) as Obama did and still does!You will see what fools, you who have swallowed those lies, really are! I know there are many good moral people who are Democrat, who are being fooled, because they do not yet realize they are being used and abused! I have only to say to them—EDUCATE YOURSELF! I MEAN BY NATIONAL RECORDS ETC> NOT FAKE NEWS AND SNOPES!

        • DIANE says:

          Pat: I do believe that you are the uneducated one here! Are you kidding me? Donald Trump is as corrupt and dishonest as they come!!! I think you had better do the soul searching and GET EDUCATED!!! The Washington Post has reported that Trump has told 8,158 lies/untruths since he took office and we are still counting! He is a complete and utter ASS!!!

          • USAMaid says:

            The Washington Post is owned by George Soros. I would hesitate to quote anything written in a rag owned by an America-hating Communist. Here are the other 29 media organizations linked to Soros. Plenty of fake news to go around!


          • Nora says:

            Don’t you know that all those newspapers, like the MSM are against President Trump and will LIE about anything they can think of. Sad that you believe all they say or write. The things have done to him and his family are horrendous and would have never dreamed to do it to Obama and his (ugly) wife. The WH had not had any class since the Kennedys until finally now.

          • Pat says:

            The Washington Post is owned by GEORGE SOROS, I hear, so it doesn”t take an Einstien to realize that They will print any lie to try to discredit Mr. Trump.

      • Nunyer Binnis says:

        Parrot wanna cracker? Moron.

      • Larry says:

        Peggy Blank has the right name her mind is a blank

        • DIANE says:

          Larry: You are stupid. You cannot take it, can you Larry? You have laid on the couch and watched too much Fox (fake) news, or the Trump comedy show! You are the Blank and Narrow minded one!!!

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