Michelle Obama was humiliated by one awful decision

Democrats are consumed by identity politics.

They assign values to individuals based on their race, gender and sexual orientation.

And that came back to bite Michelle Obama when it came time to make one decision.

The Obama’s unveiled their post-White House presidential portraits.

They selected social justice warriors based on their “representation” as opposed to their quality.

Her portrait looked nothing like her.

The work was the subject of much ridicule on social media.

The Obama’s went for “diversity” and “representation” over quality.

They ended up as a national embarrassment.


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69 Responses

  1. Joanna says:

    How come this fraud was perpetrated against America & ……Why… these portraits should never be hung in W//H this would be a damn bad big joke on WE THE PEOPLE!!!!

  2. David in MA says:

    “Michelle Obama was humiliated by one awful decision”

    bad me……. I thought the humiliation was becoming a women
    without removing the male plumbing.

  3. Bob Hunt says:

    I think the Obama’s were the least Presidential couple to ever reside in the White House!

  4. glenda LaFont says:

    Let’s face it Michelle Obama is not at all pretty or attractive. This painting makes her look half decent. I think she told the artist make me look like’
    Beyonce. As for Obama, not at all Presidential, which of course, he wasn’t. So the artist did that tongue in cheek.

    • Aline says:

      Like you said Glenda, except that ‘ michelle ‘ is michael, and the painting looks feminine…..AND ‘IT’S ‘ NOT!

    • brenda says:


  5. Jesse says:

    It is that their portraits are bad it just not them. I mean except for a couple of RARE occasions the only look she had on her face was one of disgust and anger. As for his the plants shouldd have been marijuana and did he dye his hair cause he had quite a bit of gray last time I saw his mug and a lot more lines and wrinkles.

  6. Pat says:

    I think the pictures are “great”…HAHA. “They’re” just as SLEAZY & CHEAP LOOKING as the “SUBJECTS”……..

  7. Gwyllm says:

    Aren’t realist paintings supposed to resemble the subject?

  8. Joker says:

    I am trying to figure out how they were able to transfer the chalk drawings from the sidewalk to a piece of canvas…maybe it tack board.

  9. Tom says:

    If the liberals wanted to take all the heritage statues down in the south they should just head a little further north and grab these jim daddies and put them in maybe not sure ,,house of wax or ripley believe it or not

    • Bill says:

      Like who give a rats ASS about the ‘mooch’, second fiddle to obama who partied and vacationed for 8 years on the American taxpayers dime. Really, these two need to go away, to prison along with the clintons, and in California, jerry ‘the cloen’ brown, dianne feinstein, nancy pelosi and governor wannabee, gavin newsome. These 4 thieves and traitors have destroyed much of California and in San Francisco, the destruction is evident and visible everywhere, failing and crumbling infrastructure, bums, ‘boat people’, homeless encampments, crime, dirt and general malaise.

  10. MARTY GANNON says:

    Sometime ago,it was alleged,now it’s confirmed,Michelle,is a “He/She!! The photo’s arguably show neck,shoulder torso resembling anatomy of an athlete not common w/a woman!! No wonder Barrack is such a whimp!
    Martini Gannini

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Not to mention the “junk” on the “lower deck” that’s shown up on numerous occasions as well. Biologic women simply do not have that!

  11. JayCee Scott says:

    I can think of a much better place for them to hang, the portraits that is. Hang the portraits outside of the White House and hang them both from a tree, just to let the sissy-boys couple know we are thinking about them to this day.

  12. WHO can call THAT a “lady”……???? He/she is just and will ALWAYS be a MISERABLE entity, just like the rest of THEM who are SUPPORTING this CRAP……!!!

  13. Bwa Ha says:

    Horrible, horrible pictures but fitting. Also, re: the poll about Michelle being the worst first lady? I selected “no”. I still don’t think she tops the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, Hillary Clinton. But then again, much of my disgust for her and her male companion Bill has been since they were in office. However, based on what I know now about what she did then I think the Butcher Bitch of Benghazi, hillary clinton was the worst first lady in my long life anyways. Barry’s wife… yeah, a very, very, very close second!

  14. JayCee Scott says:

    He looks smashing for a homely tranny man whom has never had a good day in his life.

  15. john says:

    If the paint by numbers guy actually made it look like her, they would sue his ass off!

  16. Michelle Obama hated this country. She said so BEFORE her husband was elected, she said so WHILE he was campaigning for President, and she said so WHILE she was First Lady. People who voted for HIM knew what they were getting in HER. What’s the big surprise she’s always been considered THE WORST?

  17. Susan M. Womack says:

    Oh, my ! And these pictures are to be put up in the “White House” ? ? ? Geez, what were they thinking ? I feel these “are not” American dignified President and First Lady Portraits – pretty questionable Artists too ? ? ? Very unfortunate and negative !😣😲😦😬😩😰😖

    • schmiel says:

      just Unbelieveable – Look into info re the woman who painted michael/michelle… you will find it SHOCKING … EX : Decap of white girl head – not kidding… Michael Savage exposing it now …
      Those 2 commissioned & did this on and/w purpose – to Violate the WH further…

    • he was never a legal president and I think they should not have their portraits hanging in the WH ,they should hang it in their own house that is more than either one would deserve PROTEST!!!! no picture of them hanging in the WH and the ones in Congress that says hang it needs to have them a copy made and hang it in their house

    • MarkOwen says:

      Hang them in the public restroon in the White House, if they have one, broom closet 2nd best spot.

  18. schmiel says:

    Michael was v. nervous in remarks, aw gee – wonder why . E’one Knows!!! & i think she/he finally figuring it out, while barry sits there in Complete Arrogance…
    GW Bush would have painted better portraits …
    Barry portrait looks like an overgrown ‘hobbit’ Sitting in a marijuana garden
    on a ‘wooden chair’ !!! …
    0nly thang missing was his straw hat & ‘choomgang’
    This is Unbelieveable & Going to the Smithsonian !!! wow__

  19. Pat anzalone says:

    Looks like the Alice in wonderland look.

  20. alex says:

    Looks like one of the Supremes. Should have hired a white artist with credentials.

  21. RAUL says:


    • gene smith says:

      There is a very simple and easily understood explanation for this……When you recall the tremendous concern Obama had about his legacy he certainly would include all aspects of this period.
      He was uneasy about the First”Ladies” picture looking like her because she is less than great looking.
      So? Easy fix….have the Artist paint the woman Obama dreamed about being pictured with…no idea who she is, but she damned sure isn’t Michael….This one looks like a Woman, imagine that.
      So there you have it, easy does it, and easy did it.

  22. Glen Graham says:

    I think Michelle Obama was a close second to Hillary Clinton for being the worst first lady. I can not however dispute those that feel she was the worst. It is a very close race for sure, with neither one showing any class or respect for the position. If Laura or Barbara Bush had shown as little class as Michelle or Hillary did the liberal press would have had a field day and we would still been reading about them.

  23. KPS says:

    Those two parasites should be erased from our history just like they’re social justice followers (SHEEP) have done to many of our countries statues and monuments. And with public audiences. The liberal progressive main stream media won’t cover the event so PUBLIC audiences like the old WILD WEST did back then, should get the message out especially with today’s social media. The saddest part of all this is, future candidates of the BO & MO vintage who may be for WE THE PEOPLE (if that’s possible) may have a very hard road ahead. SO SAD!

  24. Jen says:

    No matter how they try, they can’t grasp the ugliness of this woman, she wishes she looked like the one in the portrait.

  25. Santiago Tello says:

    The portraits show them for what they were during their entire time in the white house – an embarrassment and proof that we used to hunt down communists and ended up electing them.

  26. Chsrlene place says:

    Doesn’t do justice for Michelle not even a smile instead nothing but contempt for our wonderful country that they have put down the last8 yrs

    • Pirana says:

      You are mistaking her for someone else. YOU AND STUPID, BIND, HATEFUL Trumpites!

      • Annie says:

        Pirana, Liberals not only drink the kool ade , but obviously wear glasses that transforms what they like into something beautiful.

      • Annie says:

        Pirana, Liberals not only drink the kool ade but obviously wear glasses that transforms anyone or anything that they like into something beautiful.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Michael is the 1 mistaken; and wants the rest of us to “mistake” him for a woman! BTW, I’m no “trumpette”, but I do believe in our Constitution and TRUTH!

        • Bwa Ha says:

          Spot on Sandra. I’m not “trumpist” either but I wasn’t about to throw our constitution out the window with a vote for liberalism and blatant corruption, nationally AND globally. I felt that I had no choice but to vote for our POTUS Donald J. Trump and quite frankly now that I’ve seen him in action I’m okay with my vote. Let’s just say he wasn’t my first thought but the candidate I preferred was eliminated fairly early in the primaries.

      • Jan says:

        So you r a traitor to OUR country and people too. Anyone who can stand by these racist, lying, cheating, murdering, low life, treasonous scumbag bastards. They deserve whatever people want to do to them..personally they belong in prison.

      • Bwa Ha says:

        Ahhh, the token troll has arrived. Hello pirana.

  27. Ron Peterson says:

    Hillary (Killary) Rodham Clinton, Michael Michelle Robertson Obama, where the most DISGRACEFUL, DISGUSTING, DEPLORABLE, DISRESPECTFUL, DISHONEST OLD HAG’S and the other three are as follows=
    WORTHLESS NANCY ( lying loud mouth ) PELOSI, MAXINE ( maxi pad ) WATERS, SHEILA ( racist ) JACKSON LEE …

  28. Irene K. says:

    They have been an utter disgrace shame on the people that voted them to represent Our Great Country

  29. Mark Deprez says:

    IF that crap was paid with public FUNDS….We were Screwed AGAIN.

  30. Aline says:

    the only thing michael obozo would be embarrassed about, would be if folks find out she’s got a smaller ‘member’ than her / his / ITS ‘ husband, who should be a wife, with adopted kids!

  31. Paul says:

    The Obamas used money they did not earn and did not deserve to live like King and Queen. I thank God every day that the true Americans had had enough. Why in the world did they paint a picture of a Southern Aristocrat Lady to portray Michelle.

  32. Greenie says:

    High School art class, grade C-

  33. karen zawack says:

    Sucks that We the People had to pay for those, but then again it’s just PERFECT. Represents their “fake” persona that allowed them to become President and First Lady in the first place, and doubling of the debt they brought to the US for their social justice agenda. Hope they are both embarrassed, because they have been an embarrassment to We the People.

    Got to love that Karma!

  34. Paul Barton says:

    Michele Obama ruined the way we eat with her brain-dead moratoriums for school kids. You can’t even buy a spice cake anymore because of her. We never needed either one of them. They only got into office in the first place because senator yo-yo promised to take care of all the sex-crazed women in this country – and to hell with the country in the first place.

  35. Glenn Taylor says:

    Those portraits are exactly the way they really are FAKE!

  36. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Taxpayers got stuck footing that bill for that garbage??? It’s not ever decent “art” let alone good portraits of that pair. Neither captures anything of the character of the subject in the least.

    • schmiel says:

      the ‘representation’ is perfect… not nice, but says it all.

      • Bwa Ha says:

        I have to agree schmiel… the arrogance, the hatred, the angst… I could go on… it’s all represented. So in that respect yeah, the “portraits” are very revealing. But hey… I don’t think that was the intent of the artists. I actually think they thought they painted some wonderful portraits that will be heralded as masterpieces of beauty in the years to come. I’ll probably be dead and dust by then though.

        • schmiel says:

          the’artists’? Spirit moved Both of them to portray the Truth & they didn’t even know it. bwar har-har. (aussie laugh right?)

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