Michelle Obama admitted she almost ended her marriage to Barack Obama over this scandal

The Fake News Media makes keeps pretending Barack and Michelle Obama are America’s Royal Family.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

And Michelle Obama admitted she almost ended her marriage to Barack Obama over this scandal.

Hollywood is continuing the revisionist history surrounding the Obama family with an upcoming movie about how Barack and Michelle Obama got married.

It will be a typical, sensationalized love story that you are tired of seeing on the big screen.

But even Michelle Obama admits in her bestselling memoir, “Becoming,” that things were not always so rosy.

In fact, Michelle said she threatened to leave Barack because, when Barack traveled, he told her he would communicate with her by letter as opposed to phone calls.

The Daily Express reports:

In her best-selling autobiography ‘Becoming’, Michelle told readers of the ordeal she endured when trying to bring Mr Obama into the 21st century while travelling away, and the serious warning she served him.

She wrote: “Barack told me, ahead of leaving, that he preferred letter writing.

“I informed Barack that if our relationship was going to work, he’d better get comfortable with the phone.

“I announced: ‘If I’m not talking to you. I might have to find another guy who’ll listen.’

Had Michelle Obama followed through on this threat, who knows how history would have played out.

Her connections in Chicago made her one of Barack Obama’s prime assets during his political rise.

There is even a good chance Obama never who have become President without Michelle by his side.

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