Michelle Obama admitted she almost ended her marriage to Barack Obama over this scandal

The Fake News Media makes keeps pretending Barack and Michelle Obama are America’s Royal Family.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

And Michelle Obama admitted she almost ended her marriage to Barack Obama over this scandal.

Hollywood is continuing the revisionist history surrounding the Obama family with an upcoming movie about how Barack and Michelle Obama got married.

It will be a typical, sensationalized love story that you are tired of seeing on the big screen.

But even Michelle Obama admits in her bestselling memoir, “Becoming,” that things were not always so rosy.

In fact, Michelle said she threatened to leave Barack because, when Barack traveled, he told her he would communicate with her by letter as opposed to phone calls.

The Daily Express reports:

In her best-selling autobiography ‘Becoming’, Michelle told readers of the ordeal she endured when trying to bring Mr Obama into the 21st century while travelling away, and the serious warning she served him.

She wrote: “Barack told me, ahead of leaving, that he preferred letter writing.

“I informed Barack that if our relationship was going to work, he’d better get comfortable with the phone.

“I announced: ‘If I’m not talking to you. I might have to find another guy who’ll listen.’

Had Michelle Obama followed through on this threat, who knows how history would have played out.

Her connections in Chicago made her one of Barack Obama’s prime assets during his political rise.

There is even a good chance Obama never who have become President without Michelle by his side.


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118 Responses

  1. Mr. Bill says:

    Like my granddaddy said SON you can put lipstick on a PIG or a HOE and they are still just a PIG or HOE.I’m a dem. but vote GOP all the way any dem running for office for congress or POTUSA will look you in the face and LIE to you and smile.Hello I’M from the Govemut I be here to help ya’ll ho ho ho and i”am SANTA and got the sled double parked outside too. We are all like mushrooms they keep us in the dark and feed us BS if you let them.People better wise up or get ready for a gulag in your future.

  2. The Redhawk says:

    So what WAS it?? mIckey tired of a Woman or barry unable to stay with a BIG woman???

  3. Jack Handy says:


  4. Mike Huntstinks says:

    Fishsmell’s book “Becoming” must deal with him trying to become a female. Everybody knows that he’s a transvestite. That makes Obammy a faggot queer. The “becomig” actually is a take on what Fishsmell said , “My dick gonna BE CUMMING in Barack’s mouth.”

  5. jack says:

    he/she would have looked better on the arm of richard simmons.

  6. Don Juan says:

    Oh, wow! This story makes me feel so good inside that I’m going to rush down to the bookstore right now to get Michael’s latest book………. NOT!!!

  7. A S K says:

    You know what makes me gag? Fantasy articles like this. No one believes the Obama’s are a royal couple. Only a writer of this article could believe that. Obama’s have serious mental health issues. They think , that because they were in the WH people thought they were royalty. NO WAY. They are a dysfunctional couple. Their money and power have given them grandiose narcissistic ideas. Like Hitler, both of them.

    • Linda M. says:

      ASK: You are so right!! And frankly, who cares about ” their ” marriage. Just like them ,it’s a sham !!

    • Julia Gurule says:

      I tend to agree with the article because I know of Jews who seem to think of these two as “royal”; they see nothing negative about them! They must have a “veil” over their minds because these two despise Jews unless they can “USE” them in some way. I’ve met so many people who still seem “in love” with these two and for the life of me I can’t figure out WHY!!!

  8. theolddog says:

    Ask Marla about ending a marriage..

  9. Maddczech says:

    Hah hilldabeast neds to be hung out to dry for the birds to feast upon, for treasonous acts.
    Slick willie needs his willie etcetera removed, then put in a zoo with other animals.
    Start building the gallows on white house lawn… they will be well worn before removed….

  10. Maddczech says:

    The biggest hoax of treason ever imposed upon the people of the USA, was the Barry Soetero imposter in the White House.
    Hang him and all involved.

  11. mlhtd51 says:

    O-B-A-M-A = One Bad A** Mistake America

    • leeann says:

      That nappy headed gorilla women someone needs to take the blame for the black ass Jack ass being president might as will be her. It was a bad day for the country an the worst 8 years .

  12. Yosemite Sam says:

    How could Barry Soetoro be his birth name and his birth certificate read Barack Obama?Barry Soetoro was never our president! He is nothing but a fraud! The less I hear about Barry Soetoro the happier I get, go back to Kenya where you came from Barry, we won’t miss you! Oh, by the way, you were never my president, we never had a 44th president! Move on!

    • Patricia Overbey says:

      amen I always said during those long eight years I respect the presidential office however not the person in it.

      • ElenaMar says:

        Patricia, that is exactly how I feel. Respect the office, but if the person who sits in that presidential chair is of the same ilk as this former president, he didn’t deserve to sit in it. BTW, I detest the crude remarks of some of these posters. Not very American; just very nasty and does not speak well for the Republican party. Just remember that.

        • ElenaMar says:

          Again, of course it is alright to post how you think of him as a president, the poor way he ran this country, his bias – but please do it civilly, please. The filthy talk does not speak well of those posting. Hope I am getting my message across. I do not like the Obamas whatsoever, but I would never post the garbage. Thank you.

    • Mary says:

      so well said, both of them should leave this great country, go back to Kenya, both were frauds. the liberal media worshiped them and should be totally ashamed of their lies.

  13. Alaska Woman says:

    The right-wing just cannot stop with the Obama attacks and insults. It is an embarrassment to this Nation. It speaks to the very deeply entrenched racism that exists. No, it is not simply white v. black. It is white fersus everything else.

    • glen says:

      A W its people like you that makes president Trumps job so hard to maga.

    • Ernie says:

      Alaska Woman. You are a blithering idiot. You must be one of those green haired nose ringed morons from Anchorage which in reality is nothing but a 3rd class Seattle libtard refuge. I live in Alaska and KNOW that your idiotic, “RACIST, RACIST, RACIST” rant is so contrived that you do nothing but say the word when it is not full of tofu.

    • Wicked Woman says:

      Alaska Woman: The Left-Wing just cannot stop with the Trump attacks and insults. It is an embarrassment to this Nation. It speaks to the very deeply entrenched Leftist hate that exists. Racism has nothing to do with anything…except Mr. Obama using it to divide a country. I have no clue what you mean by “It is white fersus everything else!” If you mean “It is white versus everything else” then you are…simply wrong. Swallowing too much Kool-Aid is not good for you.

    • Patricia Overbey says:

      AW it is not fersus bot versus check your posts before submitting. Typical liberal democrat. TRUMP 2020 God bless President Trump.

    • A S K says:

      AW why do you lie? Are you gay black Muslim in Alaska? Before Obama Americans were color blind. Obama brought disunity and hatred to America. There’s a reason so many of us used to be democrats. We are tired and sick of lies and cover up from big government. We want TRUMP for four more years because of the obstruction caused by liberals. TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2024

      • Mary says:

        so perfectly stated, so many of us feel that way. GO TRUMP 2020

      • ElenaMar says:

        And my hope, A.S.K., is that many, many more Democrats see where this country will be heading if any one of the Democrats “debating” right now wind up taking the White House, Hopefully, they will join you in becoming a Republican. Here’s hoping.

    • Linda M. says:

      AW: First of all , how do you know what race these posters are? You are naturally” assuming “everyone that leaves a comment are all white and they are the only ones who knows what bigots, and traitors the Obama’s were and are. And you have the nerve to tell us we won’t stop with the insults and attacks against the Obama’s? They deserve every insult slung at them. But what have you radical Leftists been doing ever since Trump became president? Non stop harassment and witch hunts costing the tax payers millions because of their hateful revenge. No, what IS an embarrassment to the nation is the conduct of the Demon party. Not Trump. Not the Conservatives. Take your blinders off and see what your party is doing to this nation!! Shameful……

    • Brat0203 says:

      I am not right winged. Also you misspelled versus. I also have several black friends therefore am not prejudice.

    • Pat says:

      Like a good little liberal, you can’t open your mouth without making nasty comments about conservatives. The words “racist” and “racism have been worn out by liberals over the last four years. The only thing you clowns haven’t labeled racist yet is a roll of white toilet paper. It’s only a matter of time.

    • Jean Phillips Brown says:

      it is not RACISM when we all know the big “O” should NEVER have been president of our country. Ask yourself, “how did he ever come from an unknown from Chicago to catapult himself to the largest seat in OUR USA? Who paid to get him there? Doesn’t take much imagination to guess who does it? Why did he rush to seal all his records and again WHO paid for it all! He was a fraud that was allowed to suck on the teat of the American taxpayers. He did some real damage but I thank God EVERY DAY for Donald J. Trump who is spending his days trying to bail us out of the quagmire so many former presidents have gotten us in to!

  14. Lei says:

    “Ann Soetoro’s close association with members of the Subud cult will be documented below. But first, note in passing that of all the persons — Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Hindu, or you-name-it — that could have been installed as Director of the State Department of Health in Hawaii, Hawaii alighted on Fuddy — a leader of a small cult with roots in Indonesia and connections to Ann Soetoro — Obama’s mother. Second, observe that Fuddy assumed the Director position in Hawaii in January 2011, just a few months before the release of Obama’s long form birth certificate.”

    • Alaska Woman says:

      Garbage piled higher and deeper. Will it ever end? Probably not. Racism is deeply embedded in American culture. Do not make the mistake of thinking it is black vs. white, as it applies to everyone and everything “different.”

      • BigJoe says:

        Did you ever think people might hate you just because of you and not how you look? Assholes come in all colors, sizes, and shapes. I will admit there is a difference between an asshole and some too ignorant to be able to see the truth. Which one are you?

      • Pat says:

        AW, you seem to be leading the pack so you have no business blaming anyone else.

  15. Bender says:

    Let’s see rethuglicans trash economy in 2000-2008. Obama’s stimulus revitalized it into cadet bone spurs term. Now starting to slow have to give farmers welfare under rethuglicans again. I liked it better when we were friends with Europe and enemies with Russia not there puppet. When we wouldn’t give 2 bit dictators like Kim the time of day let alone a world stage. I liked it better when the president cared when assault rifles were used in schools and didn’t pander to the NRA and white supremacists agenda. When the government wasn’t caging children at the border. Back when being a Christian meant you were kind and liked people. Not nasty and hateful racist.

  16. Lei says:

    Chicago is also one of the few important locations for the cult his mother was in.
    Hawaii, Chicago…..were their prime locations for the weird group.

  17. Cg says:

    You mean the man bitch and queer illegal muslim obama??? Good riddens, the sooner the better

  18. Jesse says:

    America would be better if both of them just went away.

  19. H Lee says:

    I did not read the article . The less I hear about the obama’s the better.

  20. Gerald Ladd says:

    Is Barry going to suck Mochell’s dick on live TV? That’ll be a big seller for the LGBTQ crowd.

  21. Texas Belle says:

    No doubt the movie will be a sellout everywhere but I will not be one of those who watches it. I can’t stand to look at either one of them or hear anything about them except if Barack is arrested and put in prison.

    • Theresa Bollman says:

      I’m w/you, Texas Belle. After the major BS the MSM helped the Obama’s shove down dumb American’s throats, neither vetting them or revealing the truth when they found it; I will never allow myself to have witness it again. They were & are a couple of lowlife opportunists who NEVER trulyreached any of the heights they bragged of…and what they did accomplish was with the help of Affirmative Action, The NAACP, Perry Sutton, & a Lot of Commie money. Its why they had to dish out (well, somebody dished out) almost 1/2 million bucks to hide everything in their pasts…especially Barack’s. Get real… if YOU ad a degree from an Ivy league College & reached the Level of Magna, would you pay to have it hidden & sealed for life? I didn’t think so. How about first time registration papers for college? What didnt Barack want us to see??? Registered as a foreign exchange student to get a break? As in NOT American. I could go on for hours. I don’t know who should be hung first…The dirty Obama’s or the dirty paid off, Mainstream media!!! They all make me sick. We should be able to sue the Professional media…their stories hold a lot of weight because people mistakenly believe their are bound by professional standards to tell the truth and to also LOOK for the truth. Sadly there are no real Journalists anymore, just a bunch of Leftist hacks ho would sell their mothers down the drain for a bit of power. Pundits are paid to give opinions…Journalists are not.

  22. allanallen says:

    hey, i have an idea…why don’t you stop being part of the FAKE NEWS and admit Michael is a TRANNY, he has NO Vagina…those girls are a Doctor’s that Michael used to work for…get real

  23. Robert Glade says:

    Who cares! Beside I thought there weren’t any scandals in the Obama Administration. Ha! Ha! Ha1

    • Scott27 says:

      Quite amazing, Robert, you consider her asking him to call rather than write constitutes a scandal?? Of course, while your dear leader’s people go to jail, and his family are skimming millions of dollars of you and me? Yeh, you’ve got it all figured out.

  24. Laura says:

    Much to do about nothing, certainly not the headline posted. Have trouble with accuracy? Or just stuck in wanting to strike out at someone? What about Rosie O’Donnell again?

  25. Arbie Viau says:

    I really don’t care anymore!! I just wish they would go away and stop showing their faces we’ve had enough of them. I want them both in jail for their 8 years of stealing taxpayers monies, and become rich for being criminals.

  26. 2WarAbnVet says:

    So, nothing about those men’s bathhouse visits?

  27. CAROLE says:



  28. Protect babies from dem terrorists says:

    The fkbamas were illegally forced on this country with voter fraud. We want them in prison for fraud and treason.

  29. Desert Fox says:

    Hey, butch, or is it britch? There was no marriage…….and where are the school transcripts and the birth certificates; not only for the”girls” but yours and miss obamawamadama’s, too!

  30. Rich says:

    Sounds like a “Made for TV Movie” where the “heroine” realizes how foolish she/he/it really is. 😊

  31. Loretta says:

    He was put in by New Ayers, Farrakhan, and Muslim buddies and Rev. Wright. Not by Michelle.

  32. A Seeker says:

    Hope never have to hear the O. NOTHIG ~ ZERO’S names again!!! God was, is and forever will be with our be LOVED : The UNITED STATES of America! We are UNITED through SICK and THIN! Presidents came and presidents went….But, we the PEOPLE, will forever be here to HOLD UP our NATION!

  33. Tink says:

    He took some of that 150 billion cash he sent to his buddies in Iran, that’s how they got rich…same with killery and bill, she was standing in the room with odummer and filled her pockets as well! Do some investigating and it all makes sense. Remember when killery said they left the White House broke? Ha ha ha ha ha! Whatever!!!

  34. Tink says:

    Who are the odummers you ask?? A couple of has been nobodies that’s who!!! Why are they still in the news???? Go away odummers, the whole lot of you!!!

  35. Joan says:

    I don’t think Michael trusted Barack with another male, he was also I heard went out with Kamala Harris.

    • DEM777 says:

      Kamala Harris is NOT Obama type. Kamala Harris does not have the male part if you know what I mean. Obama and Michelle aka Michael are total HOMOSEXUALS.

      • tom zrev says:

        kamala Harris went out with a married congressman
        who GAVE HER jobs so she could progress her career
        and she only had to sleep with a man twice her age, then
        left him for another millionaire and married a Rich WHITE
        MAN. there s a name for a woman who sleeps her way
        using men to get ahead, Kamala is one Hillary is another
        Michelle or Michael go her/his husband from Rev Wrihts
        church in the DownLo club for homosexuals and michelle
        was given her jobs from Jesse Jackson, these women
        did not have to work to succeed, they were part of the
        worlds oldest profession

      • Melania says:

        DEM777, you really need some medication for your sickness and venom.

        • DEM777 says:

          Melania, I do not care what you think.

          What I was saying is that Barry Obama and Michelle aka Michael is both HOMOSEXUALS.

          If you want think what you want about me. I could care less.

          Truth is truth the Obama’s are both Homosexuals. That is all that I was trying to say.

          If you do not believe me, then stop calling people names or whatever and start doing your own research.

  36. The Real M says:

    Soooo tired of the Obama’s! They are continuing to hog the limelight while growing their wealth and feeding their enormous egos! We don’t care that Michelle is Michael, a trannie drag queen, we are reconciled that we have had not our only first black President but, he was our first gay President, BO has the distinction of being the worst President in the history of our Country, nobody but liberals want to read her lousy bad selling book or see a stinking bad movie about them, etc., etc.!
    Conservatives are still in a rage over BHO’s planned and partial success of the destruction of our great Country! There is absolutely nothing we can do to change history and the Obama’s don’t care how hostile we feel toward them. They are enjoying life and we should also!
    I want journalists to find something else to write and talk about so the Obama subject will finally die on the vine. Of course, we could help that by not writing comments at the end of these articles, right? Right!
    I know I am done with the Obama’s and all that matters to me is we STOP the possibility of another Presidency equaling or worse than BO’s!

  37. Loydf says:

    The Obamas situation is oftheir his own doing. Tell me where he got money to buy a 15 million estate, he sure didn’t have much when he left the office of president. I am strongly oppose giving the socalled first familys money for the rest of their lives both presidents & senate, congress member live off of us , I’m for that when their term is up, go find a JOB, instead of a total handout.

    • Tink says:

      He took some of that 150 billion cash he sent to his buddies in Iran, that’s how they got rich…same with killery and bill, she was standing in the room with odummer and filled her pockets as well! Do some investigating and it all makes sense. Remember when killery said they left the White House broke? Ha ha ha ha ha! Whatever!!!

    • joan Patterson says:

      AMEN so am I for that.

  38. Loydf says:

    The Obamas situation is of his own doing. Tell me where he got money to buy a 15 million estate, he sure didn’t have much when he left the office of president. I am strongly oppose giving the socalled first familys money for the rest of their lives both presidents & senate, congress member live off of us , I’m for that when their term is up, go find a JOB, instead of a total handout.

  39. Dan Gibson says:

    The Obama’s — BOTH of them — need to move on. They are making the same mistake that the Clintons did. The longer they stick around, the more the book on their “real life” opens to the public. I could barely tolerate the bumbling, incapable “W”, but at least as soon as he left office, he had the good sense to tuck his tail and get the hell out of the public eye … SO ENOUGH !

    Is “she” really a “HE” ? Are the two Girls truly their daughters ? Was he as corrupt as the revelations that are now surfacing ?

  40. DEM777 says:

    Just two homosexuals. Why do anyone has to keep calling Michelle Obama – that thing was born a male and still has his parts. It’s name is Michael.

    Sick hearing she/Michelle. Why can’t anyone be honest to the facts.

    Even if Michelle/Michael had the guts to have his male parts cut off, HE WOULD STILL BE A MALE IN DRAG. Can not change a person true makeup. He was born a male and he will die as a male.

    • ABC says:

      well, you clearly are neither gender, but a snake who wants to impose their venom on others. Let’s see, probably are an older male, not college educated, did not accomplish much in your lifetime and only gets social security and does not get along with many of his neighbors.

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