Michael Flynn just signed the Deep State’s death warrant with one insane bombshell

Nobody has been more mistreated by the Deep State than General Michael Flynn.

But he is fighting back, and is unwilling to give up.

And Michael Flynn just signed the Deep State’s death warrant with one insane bombshell.

As General Flynn awaits sentencing for the politically-motivated charges against him, he continues to fight back.

He has been able to delay his sentencing for months in order to allow him to better push back against the Deep State.

And his attorney, Sidney Powell, just launched her biggest counter-attack yet, with her demanding Mueller’s prosecutors in the case be held in contempt of court.

Her argument is that they withheld information that would benefit Flynn, which is a Brady disclosure violation.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

General Flynn has a real fighter in his attorney Sidney Powell and she is rightfully demanding the Mueller gang be held in contempt. Powell is right no matter what the far left New York Times’ ‘Russia Collusion’ reporters say.

General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell filed a BOMBSHELL motion in his case on Friday night per investigative reporter Will Chamberlain from Human Events. The Deep State Mueller gang are finally being outed for the crooks that they are and the crimes they committed by Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell.

Mueller’s goons withheld Brady material which is not shock since they did the same back in the 2000’s in their Enron related cases as noted in Powell’s “License to Lie.”

Powell argues that the Deep State Mueller gang led by the most corrupt DOJ attorney in US history, Andrew Weissmann, withheld information pertinent to their case.
The Mueller – Weissmann gang tried to slip in some documents in some late reporting that were very important to the case and yet they claimed they were no big deal.

It is rare to have somebody who is as much of a fighter as Flynn.

He has already lost a lot, including his home, dealing with his massive legal fees.

But instead of rolling over and allowing the Deep State to win in order to get a lighter sentence, Flynn is fighting back as hard as he can.

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158 Responses

  1. june says:

    i totally agree. plus is Lawyer should ask for punitive $$$$damages

  2. S.L. says:

    Flynn should be exhonerated and all charges against expunged. Weismann should be charged with unethical abuse of power. All those who indicted Flynn and others should also be charged and required to pay all expenses incurred by Flynn and others. If Weismann is still in his post he and others who charged Flynn should go to jail and throw away the key. This is a biased frame up and totally against the law.

  3. Robert Ewing says:

    In a perfect world where true justce prevails, you are absolutely correct, Larry. However, when evil men stack the deck against you, the best to hope for might be a pardon followed by placing him in a new highly responsible , like an ambassadorship perhaps.
    the real crooks desire to put him in end his career and put him in.prison. Keeping them from doing this would still be a great victory.

  4. Hillary lost, get over it says:

    I don’t know, but I see President Trump lives rent free in your head. Not much room with all the Schittt you got in there.

  5. Hillary lost, get over it says:

    Smegma. Otherwise known as lipcheese.

  6. Hillary lost, get over it says:

    And who, pray tell, is going to do this law work? Conservatives? Dont make me laugh.

  7. Hillary lost, get over it says:

    And, after that happens, he should sue everyone involved. For every dime they have.

  8. Hillary lost, get over it says:

    Unless your muslim. Cant get them upset, now, can we? We have teachers forcing Christian students to write that horrible no god but allah crap. She refused, and got a failing grade, and state sc agreed, and allowed it to stand. What if a teacher commands students to write out the Lords Prayer? Hmmm? What do you think might happen? I sure wish a Christian teacher would try it, because then we can show the truth. Separation of church and state, unless it’s a muslim.

  9. Jimmie Chesser says:


  10. Reb says:

    Agree with you completely!!

  11. Reb says:

    You said the absolute truth!!! GOD’S law was thrown out when they allowed one person to stop PRAYERS in out school system!!

  12. Rebecca says:

    Just goes to show america they’ll destroy the life of a 4 star general decorated war hero, and they’ve already stared destroying the lives of the people of the states they run, the house democrats all 225 should be impeached for obstruction on america, continual perjury, and harassment on the President and justice Kavanaugh

  13. 82nd Airborne vet says:

    You’re correct I did put on the poll that the president should pardon him but you are correct no pardon cause it would mean a negative mark on his background. You’re correct I did put on the poll that the president should pardon him but you are correct no pardon cause it would mean a negative mark on his backgroundBut what the president could do is the president is in accepting anything but one penny. He’s a billionaire he doesn’t need there 500,000 a year for the rest of his life like other presidents get. But if I was president I would donate a pay check to his legal defense

  14. Patricia Clark says:

    Very well said, God Bless America and President Trump.

  15. Muffin Cook says:


  16. PJ says:

    You, Sir are incredibly and grossly delusional. The Deep State is a group pf grotesque individuals hell bent on achieving their illconceived and misguided agenda. You, Sir, need to embrace some reality!!

  17. alicia cervera says:

    You are absolutely right <larry! The cheaters are the criminals.! GO SYDNEY GO!

  18. Keith D says:

    AMEN!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!

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