Michael Cohen confessed to the one thing that left Donald Trump’s jaw on the floor

Michael Cohen appeared before the House Oversight Committee.

That was step one in the Democrats’ plan to impeach Donald Trump.

And then Cohen confessed to the one thing that left Donald Trump’s jaw on the ground.

Cohen is going to jail for lying to Congress.

He is also going to jail for violating campaign finance law by making supposed “hush money” payments to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 campaign.

Cohen claimed these payments were made at Donald Trump’s direction and that he was reimbursed by Trump.

Cohen testified:

Mr. Trump directed me to use my own personal funds from a Home Equity Line of Credit to avoid any money being traced back to him that could negatively impact his campaign. I did that, too – without bothering to consider whether that was improper, much less whether it was the right thing to do or how it would impact me, my family, or the public.

However, Cohen may have done Trump an unintentional favor.

To be guilty of violating FEC laws, Trump would have to know the payments were illegal.

Here, Cohen – who is a lawyer himself – confessed to not knowing the payments were illegal.

Trump is no lawyer.

He was counting on Cohen to follow the law.

The rest of Cohen’s testimony was a listing of every Democrat complaint about Trump.

Trump’s a “racist”. Trump’s a “tax cheat”. Trump’s a “liar”.

They go in one ear and out the other.

But the heart of Cohen’s testimony was supposedly implicating President Trump in a crime.

He failed to do that with this appearance.


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138 Responses

  1. Patricia says:

    What the man did before being president is between him and his wife and was not illegal. I judge people by their action not what someone else says. especially not some lying idiot. If you want to judge anyone go for Bill Clinton he is the poster boy for male whores

  2. N says:

    Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

    • Wondering Woman says:

      AMEN and the poor traitors to this nation do not realize they are just adding more fuel to the evidence of their treason against America and
      Unfortunately their knowing the fate of 3 new world order puppets and deep state establishment traitors to this nation – and also knowing that GWB has flipped and telling all he knows on the new world order and deep state establishment, and their knowing that Bush is spilling on them also – has them working overtime trying to come up with some way to destroy our President, because they know they will be held accountable for treason & crimes against humanity, and they know what their penalty will likely be. Pelosi and all other congressional members, on that military plane President cancelled the flight of, as well as most, if not all the DNC. have other crimes like collaboration with terrorists, conspiracy to assassinate POTUS and VP that was planned to make Pelosi president. Brazile’s faux pas of tweeting out
      “President Pelosi” before she knew the plot was foiled before it got off the ground, isn’t needed to prove this conspiracy!
      LOL! Looks like the demoncrat party is officially DOA, as it truly has become THE TREASON PARTY or TRAITOR PARTY, as anti Amerca and anti Americans as any enemy or terrorists can be, and worst threat of all, because they are working to destroy this nation from within and working hand in hand with the murderous criminally insane
      new world order, which is the worst enemy of every person on this planet.

    • yo says:

      The list is endless and appears accurate. We should give up on Trump and go to proven vote-getters with personal integrity like Mitt Romney

  3. Carol says:

    Cohen said yesterday that he didn’t want his wife to know, so then I thought, he was probably the one that had the afair with the stormy danials , not the president . What do you think about that senario?

  4. Ron says:

    I will bet that Cohen does not live long enough in prison to complete his three year term. If he does he will prabably wish he hadn’t.

  5. Edna Berniece (Murphy) Evans says:

    All of these stupid comments will not keep me from voting to KEEP PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.

    • Wondering Woman says:


    • Brenda says:

      You are crazy if you believe what you just said. When I read the comments your all making all I can do is shake my head. Is this what you really believe about this man who pretends to be the president? You know he is a liar, a cheat, has ridiculous people do his bidding and when they don’t he kicks them to the curb. He is the most ridiculous person that has ever been in the White House. He’s an embarrassment to our country. He is not above the law, he is not a king. He was hired by the American people who pay his salary and all his minions. He is a white supremist, a rapist and he disrespect for women is unprecedented. The man can’t say anything that doesn’t involve lies & deceit.
      He did with hold money from Ukraine so they would do a “favor” for him. I can’t understand that any of you don’t see it. You all seem to relate to him so perhaps that’s the reason. He should be impeached but allowed to finish his term as president but should never be allowed to run for any Political position ever again. Then when he’s done and has gone away his criminal activities will be his problems not the American people’s. I quess whatever you have to tell yourselves so you can sleep at night.

  6. Floyd Hardee says:

    Most lawyers are believed to lie. Their goal is to win cases and they will so anything to get those results. Cohen is just trying to make himself look like the victim to lighten the sentence imposed on him.

    • Antonio says:

      Demonrat candidates running for president are lawyers, crooked, like KAMALA, wants to legalize prostitution.

      • Bill Gross says:

        In all reality Antonio, legalizing prostitution would be a good idea. It would allow individuals, who are now under the power of pimps and other unsavory people, to be in safer situations.

    • Antonio says:

      There’s many RINOs in Trump’s Administration since he’s new to politics. He’s upfront/outspoken thought others be the same.

      • Ted says:

        President Trump’s , major problem is he’s to HONEST, for TODAYS CULTURE!, the Democrats & RINO’s, sense that, he greatest assets is he can select , the proper, personnel for his ADMINISTRATION!, that leaves room for ERROR, his major ability to “TRUST”, people could be a small burden. Please Mr President, take extra time in your staff selections!, some are “WOLFS “ in SHEEP skin coats. God Bless You, President Trump.

  7. Jon Exner says:

    I sure would like Congress to investigate itself about the slush fund they have used to cover up misdeeds committed by members of Congress, of course this slush fund is taxpayer money, but what the heck let’s not quibble about that shell we.

  8. Hal Lemoyne says:

    He is also going to jail for violating campaign finance law by making supposed “hush money” payments to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 campaign.

    Cohen claimed these payments were made at Donald Trump’s direction and that he was reimbursed by Trump
    Since it’s never been proven that President TRUMP had any type of an extra martial affair

    on his honorable wife and our awesome US 1st Lady Melania TRUMP ever

    and michael cohen has proven without any doubt that he has lied on/about our

    US President TRUMP on 99% on most everything he has testified on since he

    start collaborating deceitfully with the demoncrats

    I believe that it was michael cohen many sexual encounters with the whore stormy daniels

    and then stormy daniels wanted more money every time she require it

    from michael cohen

    and michael cohen undoubtedly knew where more was, but before he started

    siphoning money from President TRUMP wealthy money accounts

    he let stormy daniels in on his scheme and naturally she agreed because she was getting

    paid probably more money than she originally requested

    and so michael cohen started doing has he planned & schemed

    and michael cohen truly believed that scheming against our US President TRUMP was going to

    protect his ass and the corrupt lyin scheming neverTRUMP politicians loved

    this cohen scheme and just maybe the demoncrats were helping michael cohen

    the whole time, because their liberal medias caught michael cohen with stormy daniels

    and schemed michael cohen into their plans to corner & force President TRUMP

    to step down from their US Presidency


    it was michael cohen was sexually yum’yumming stormy daniels


    our US President TRUMP

    and President TRUMP had no idea that michael cohen was financially scheming him with demoncrats

    AT ALL

    this is as I believe is the TRUMPing Truth!!!

  9. an says:

    The “Oscar Performance”, written and directed by CORRUPT DNC, using idiot Cohen as ITS main character & narrator! Who are they kidding?
    Cohen read from a script, which clearly bears the fingerprints of DNC RHETORIC & SEMANTICS.
    DNC further guilty of NOT asking questions and waiting for an answer, but instead, asked question and were LEADING THE WITNESS, often answering the questions themselves and merely forcing agreement from Cohen.

  10. Robby Dunbar says:

    Save AMERICA
    Cohen is a TRUE RAT
    He fits right in with the DEMOCRATS THEIR RATS TOO……PERIOD

  11. Rickster says:

    Suck a big one Betty boop!! Your just another stupid retarded dumbocrap acting like stormy Danials! Another money slut!!

    • Robby Dunbar says:

      Don’t talk to Betty she’s a Rat too
      Just like the rest of the Democrats
      The more You talk to Betty the more she runs those D_CK LIPS of hers
      Betty is nothing but A HOLE not worth the the time of day……PERIOD

  12. Betty says:

    Good forMichael Cohan. It’s about time CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT once again got His Asshole Kicked Hard.

    • JD says:

      Just wait a little bit more. Yours Will be
      Kicked Harder.

    • Grieg says:

      Are you serious? This testimony is a big nothing burger! Plus did you see unemployment figures yesterday? 3.7% that’s the lowest in 50 years! Cowan didn’t effect the POTUS one iota! ????

    • Wanda says:

      Betty, you need to stop embarrassing yourself! You know nothing about politics! Nobody believed Cohen— not even CNN. So once again, we Trump supporters won again! ????????????Trump 2020! ????????????????????????????????????????





    • george says:

      yeah see how good it is for the Rat when he gets to prison, wait till he drops the soap in the Shower, the only insane idiot is the demwits like you who enjoy abortion killing of babies and putting muslims in our govt, an allowing illegals flooding our country ,, G O G O T R U M P clean out the traitor dems in our country. they are still cleaning out the oval office to get the smell out of it, willy billy was playing hide the weenie in there.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Betty Boop, do us all a big favour, as well as yourself. Find out where the nearest railroad tracks are and stand in front of a speeding train that way you can take all of your anti-Trump b.s with you, you buffalo turd!

  13. Bob Shapanski says:

    Maybe I’m missing something here but I thought he said that he used his own money from a home refi loan to pay off Stormy Daniels. Also, Cohen said Trump paid him back with his own money. That is not campaign money so how is it a violation? Second, we know how the Stormy account ended up being false and just another trick from the left and that should be considered as well. Her false allegations should be considered and understood that this was an attempted to derail Trump from running and an excuse for impeachment if he won. Third, Cohen said they did not know it was wrong or a violation and he was Trumps attorney to handle this for him. Fourth, paying someone off is a normal practice in the legal lawsuit world and it does not mean you are guilty (they like to call it hush money because it presumes guilt). One thing I will say is this; Trump underestimated the swamp. I wrote him before he got elected and told him its not a swamp but an ocean. It exists on every level of life. Business, media, entertainment, government, healthcare, education, and financial institutions. They have all been corrupted.

    • MSPS says:

      From what I have read many times Trump ran for office not so much because he wanted to, but because he was asked to. He had mulled over the possibilities, the pros and cons and made small talk about running but it was not until he was approached that he became serious.
      He had commited and was elected, having never been part of the political insiders so how on earth do you expect anybody to completely understand and grasp the intricatsies, the depth, witdth, height, volume of somethinng you have never been part of?
      It is all about perspective. If one is standing on the ground looking at a barn they will see something entirely different If they are on a plane looking down on it, even more different , and if that same plane’s elevation changes drastically, even more different. While Trump has an amazing grasp of things, he is still only a man – not God. He can only grasp the reality of a thing until his perepective changes to a vantage point such that he can see it all perfectly focused and with clarity.
      I have lived a long life, have a healthy IQ, read copiously, have a Masters degree and yet I have learned more in the last 10-12 years than my entire life. The last 18 months in particular have been a revelation. Unfortunately, with sadness and disgust, I have come to realize that our country is a nation in disgrace, our flag should have SHAME stamped across the stars and stripes. Once a shining country bringing hope, healing, education, assistance and decency which sprung from an indelible faith that God was our hope, strength, inspiration and that we are a governmnet of the People for the People and by the People.
      And now that we have divorced God from the affairs of man our nation’s light has faded, the mafia of DC now rules our country not We The People and we are nothing more but the workers of the mine paying the mafia of congress our income, animals and children and other resources until we too resemble nothing but a husk of what we began at the foot of the cross giving thanks in humility to a mighty God who had delivered from the tryanny of the crown only to turn and do obeisance to our own devilish mafia.
      Pray, tell me how informing Trump about the ocean would have prepared him. Because I think it is even larger than that, as large as the vastness of space. Because as long as man votes to excuse and embrace his evil (abortion, pedophellia, same sex marriage, bigotry) rather than striving toward a goal that demads the very mettle of him, to be the best of men, space is the only place that can harbor the swamp until eternity reaches out and sets it into an inferno that will burn for eternity.
      Can you honestly say you understand just how many that will hold? Pray you never have an opportunity to plumb those boundaries!

  14. Tom says:

    The is he may have done it again. Lied to Congress he is not a very smart man. The first thing you learn about court is answer yes or no. Do not talk so much. He went way over the line at his own peril.

  15. Bee says:

    Once it has been established that a person lies under oath, the words of that person mean nothing.

  16. Holly Schroeder says:

    Whatever happened to attorney-client privilege???? Cohen is a complete ASS!!!!!

    • Fedup says:

      I was wondering about the Attorney-Client privilege also what gives Congress the right to change the law to suit them at their pleasure ?? It was hard to listen to Cohen’s snivelling answers what a RAT !!!

  17. Eugene R Beall says:

    Cohen- once a rat always a rat.

  18. Michael says:

    A scum lawyer is always a scum lawyer…I wonder how much the Clintons and the DMV paid the SOB to LIE and violate his ethics….He had NO PROBLEM taking Donald J Trump’s money did he?…when it was good for him….The slippery SOB …(aka turncoat) now has no problem screwing Donald J Trump’s and lying like a rug for his own ass and the DMV…lousy prick

    • Michael says:

      The Democratic National Committee…not the DMV….my phone makes up things like Cohen

    • Ben says:

      When the clinton lawyer lanny davis started out wearing a s**t eating grin on his face at the begining of the meeting and go from that to a sour look tells me everything I need to know!..this was a,NO PUN INTENDED HERE,a TRUMPED UP LOAD OF BULL when it came right down to the nuts and bolts and its the same old democratic talking points that hillary spewed right after she lost the election in nov 2016…and nothing was gained other than cohen was in this clean up to his eyebrows and got CAUGHT red handed and today still trying to take down trump!!

  19. Chester Adams says:

    like a dinner rattlesnakes all of them bite at each other never saw so funny in all my life. With that many liar lined up all around how could anybody take this seriously

  20. Jim says:


    • Richard Frost says:

      Loved your analogy! Lol… You’re right about the “whopper’s” alright!
      The President was depending on Cohen to follow the law’s and rule’s & regulation’s , after all isn’t that what you hire an attorney for in the first place?
      Of course it is, only an idiot attorney would claim no knowledge of it being illegal to pay someone off with campaign fund’s!
      Democrats and Cohen both fell short today of anything evidentiary period! They made flimsy derogatory remark’s and that was about the extent of the situation, completely stupid. Just like the Democrats and Michael Cohen.

      • 2004done says:

        Richard Frost: (in your bestest leftist Gomer Pyle voice) Surprise! Surprise! But that ain’t the way MSM is telling the story, is it?

    • Robby Dunbar says:


  21. Vernon Lindblade says:

    Cohen is supposedly an atty. He knew if something was illegal. It was his job to keep things straight if he did something illegal it was his decision its on him. That’s the only reason he is squelling now is because he got caught. Now he is doing anything to try and save his own neck

  22. Cowgirl Diva says:

    Plain and simple, Michael Cohen has adopted the DEMONCRAP talking points..!! He is doing everything he can to get a reduced PRISON sentence for all his crimes and cover his smelly butt…!!! He should be ashamed of himself for being such a horrible human being…!!

    • 2004done says:

      Cowgirl: Quite right: Just ADOPTING demo’s talking points; he’s still going to jail. If he was a real demo, he’d have gotten off clinton-free

  23. Sharon Stewart says:

    I left pertinent and notable comments. However, my entire comment section was deleted. Is this due to my stepping on some democratic toes? All I can say is I should always remember “Fair & Balanced” is of the past and “Fake News” is current. SHAME!

  24. VistaCharlie says:

    They are missing a point. If the money came from Trump’s personal checkbook it never came from campaign finance. What Trump had asked was for cohen to pay out of his law practice money and then Trump would reimburse him. If no campaign money was used then campaign finance laws were never broken. As stated the desired effect of this would have been for the stripper to have a check with the title of Cohen’s law practice on it, Not a check with a title bearing any part of Trumps name that she could publicize later in a book.

  25. Barbara says:

    I just read alittle while ago that Cohan had a talk with the dems before the meeting in Congress. Tell me was that legal.

  26. Mike Martinez says:

    After working 27 years in Maximum Security, l seen first hand what happens to RATS, even in Max….good luck snitch, inmates watch TV everyday and will be awaiting your presence…..you will be PC ( Protective Custody) with child molesters, perverts, and other SNITCHES LIKE YOURSELF !

    • Rick says:

      Look what happened to whitey bulger for being a snitch, what will happen to this fool.

    • Ben says:

      Cohen going to federal prison,NOT STATE PRISON WHERE HE WOULD BE PASSED AROUND AS IF AN APPETIZER, which is nothing more than a extra security country club WITH CROSSBARS AND STEEL PLATED DOORS!!..

      • Louise says:

        It DOES happen in Federal prison! I have 3 family members who served 12, 14 & 24 years in Federal Maximum Security and trust me, it is NOT just an extra security country club! Only being in solitary and staying out of general population will protect Cohen! Rats are hated even more there. He will be somebody’s “b**** pretty quickly with that “poor helpless me” look and attitude. Can’t think of a more fitting “lifestyle” for him!

  27. Marion says:

    A bit off angle! The hush money paid was not out of campaign funds! So not illegal!
    Even if ordered by the President (though claimed done as a lawyer’s under his own volition-he was not guilty of mal-feasance just low taste), as distasteful as these things are fone often as “go away money” by wealthy people in the public figurative shooting gallery for gossipy extortion, it is also not what this article conveys-illegally paid out of campaign dollars! M. Not a lawyer, just a news follower!

    • VistaCharlie says:

      The effect Trump was looking for was that the stripper had a check that she could take pictures of (for a tell tale book) but that the check would not have Trump’s name on it at all. It would have Cohen’s law practice name on it, Not Trump’s name and not his campaign fund name. If COhen used campaign funds then he is guilty, not Trump or he misunderstood what Trump wanted.

  28. Dan says:

    Don’t know if he’s married, just wondering if he is, what is his spouse thinking about now with the way he lies so easily, flips on what is convenient to cover his butt. Wonder what he lies to her about.

  29. Jim says:

    This guy is the slime of the earth…Cohen is nothing but a habitual liar. Everyone with any intelligence can figure out what this is all about. You help us ( Demon-rats) by telling stories and lying…and we will give you less time in prison. The demon-rats are pathetic !!! They will ruin our country if they get into office. THIS WILL NOT HELP THEIR CAUSE. They are loaded with CRAZIES…Pelosi, Shumer, Waters, Warren etc.

    • Jim says:

      Trump wrote the check out of his TRUST which is illegal as hell….

      • Lilly says:

        What TRUST he has so much money he could pay anything without any difficulty or repercussions. Too bad you don’t have the means to do the same. We love our PRESIDENT so the lies and innuendos can stop now. He is doing what we need him to do we don’t care about his past.

      • Trisha Ng. says:

        The check from Trump’s trust account paid to Cohen’s Law office could be claimed as expenses for Trump’s legal activities. There’s no proofs indicating it was paid for stripper Daniels. Period!

    • Trisha Ng. says:

      Democrats are wasting tax payers $ by wasting time doing these stupids hearings, impeachement and more than 2 years investigating by Mullins’ group.
      Why don’t they use their time to make American great again?! (Haha!)
      Cohen is a lawyer who lied under Oath for his own benefits (income paid by Trump). Now he wants to be a fixer for his own benefits as well (by reducing his 3 years sentence). So, is he still creditial to be trusted & to be listened??? Why Congress wasting time for hearings from a beneficial liar?

  30. Lance says:

    Frog face Eliar Conman is having a field day chairing this Bravo Sierra (military for BS) and breaking the committee rules to suppress actions that the GOP committee members have been propose. Frog face, you have always been the turd in the punch bowl and you will never change. At your judgment by the Lord you’ll have a lot of ‘splainin to do but your lies won’t get any traction with Him! Roast, Froggie!

  31. Al Cislo says:

    Michael, start wearing your pants lower so they will not have to tear them off on you. Snitch or Informant will get him a sore ass and maybe Aids. They will be waiting for him with smiles on their face. Michael you will come back GAY.

  32. Robert Brescia says:

    Micheal Cohen is a pigeon and do you know what happens to pigeon’s in jail! they get treated as BITCH’S

  33. Ann says:

    I wouldn’t trust Cohen as far as I could throw him, he has lied all along, then to get up there and say whatever Lanny Davis (Clinton) told him to, everything the media wanted to hear! He’s the epitome of the sleazy lawyer.

  34. Rob Theranter says:

    These comm chairs are a combo of the most absurd no-minds in Congress, but what were their choices. It’s like a cartoon: Bobble head Schiff, wacky Max, Numbnuts Nadler, and Eloquent Elijah. You really can’t script this mockery of the House. Throw in the morons: Oliveoil Cortez, trash mouth Talib, and that goofy Minnesota Muslim Minniebrain. All choreographed by Nutty Nancy and supported by 7 clueless Pres candidates.

  35. delbert says:

    There sure would not even think about a pardon for this piece of crap attorney. Trump should sue the hell out of him, Any lawyer who turns on his client, is the lowest scrum on the face of the earth.
    He should loose everything he has and have to spend the rest of his life in prison. I through Mueller was trash, but this guy is 100 times worse than Mueller.

    • Jim says:

      Delbert – GET your head out of your ass your NAZI HERO is a slime ball wake up he’s destroying us from the inside grow up.

      • John says:

        You need to search the history books to figure out what a Nazi really was. People that refer to other people as Nazis haven’t a clue about WWII and the years preceding it.

      • Robby Dunbar says:

        You need to get that Democrat’s D_CK out of your ASSHOLE and stand up and walk like a man
        Obama is the one who was DESTROYING AMERICA …..PERIOD
        And the Democrats are Destroying America……PERIOD

    • JOHN P CATALANO SR says:

      Delbert, what you said, Cohen VIOLATED priviledge. President Trump would have the right to file a multi million suit for this violation. As it is this P.O.S. has been disbarred.

  36. Chuck says:


  37. Emilio says:

    If Cohen is not worth anything, democratic leaders are worth less than that broken rat; Their Hatreds are extreme and perverse, harmful to society, what misery of people.!!

  38. Betty Massengale says:

    Pelosi, and Schumer should be impeached and put in jail, they are so afraid that the public is going to find out what big crooks and liars they are, surprise we already know. Put Cohen in jail for a long time, we are tired of this dog and pony show, and build that wall,

  39. Scott Massie says:

    Not only is Cohen a liar but he has broken the code that any lawyer knows that any discussions between the lawyer and his client is confidential. He should be completely disbarred from practicing law again.

  40. Miriam says:

    And then to find out he was coached by Adam Schiff and the whoever the guy who was in charge today Cummings I believe in what to say and he to answer the questions

    • Anthony Flores says:

      Add McCabe, Obama, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Feinstein, Chucky Boy Schumer. All of them anti- American.

  41. Geno L Knight says:

    How about arresting the DNC terrorists and republican traitors, Nazi George Soros and the clintons,Obama’s and AL Sharpton Eric Holder, James Comey, Robert Mueller

    • Miriam says:

      Good idea but who is going to do it they are taking people’s weapons away from them

    • Chuck says:


    • Sharon Stewart says:

      (add Pelosi to your list)

      That action would be one of the best to happen for the U.S. The Dems have told innumerous lies, broken innumerous laws, created racial tension, are not patriotic, are not in any way supporting, protecting, or performing any actions in the Best interest of the US. They are also not accepting losing, they are not supporting our President, who was ELECTED fairly, legally, & justly by the citizens of this country. The Democratic Congress are also thieves, in a number of ways. One, they ARE NOT PEFORMING THER JOBS, REPRESENTING THEIR CONSITUIENTS, ETAL. They ARE, spending erroneous amounts of $$ for personal & unnecessary expenditures. They damn sure do not need the money. They live in unimaginable luxury, they lined their pockets w/PHARMA, they dictate to our medical physicians what medications they are allowed to prescribe. What in God’s name do they know about our medical conditions & requirements? They damn sure aren’t physicians nor qualified to be. They ARE JEOPARDIZING THE LIVES OF PEOPLE!! They spend their time attempting to impeach President Trump who is doing great job & has followed & following through on his promises. If the DEMS had a brain, with all of the illegal, unethical, actions, it would behoove them to shut up & support The President of the US. Give me a break and give me self control over those who believe the Dems in Congress & former Democratic President’s are above reproach and innocent. I could literally & factually write a book. AMERICA WOULD BE A GREATER PLACE WITHOUT THESE USELESS MORONS. I must hand another kudo to Trump — If I were President, I would have these people arrested along w/our Bill Maher, Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, Hasan Minhaj, Alec Baldwin, +++++++++++. They have verbalized enough remarks of threatening & treasonous remarks to quickly & legitimately land their worthless asses on death row.

  42. Raven78 says:

    So then if Michael Cohen is a credible witness, would that then mean the FBI and Mueller are guilty of setting him up with the charges he is currently going to prison on?

    Just a thought.

  43. Sandy Johnston says:

    Will Cohen be disbarred? Shouldn’t he, if he is going to prison for what he did? Personally I’m not sure he did anything illegal. Slimy maybe, but is it any worse than any other lawyer associated with politicians?

  44. Walter Cross says:

    Only a stupid person would believe a guy who didn’t even take his job as an lawyer serious. This guy has stepped on the attorney client priviledge. He is a man without a strong professional belief system. He is doing this to save time in jail and he will throw everyone under the bus.

  45. John says:

    He lied and all this to take trump down with the lies they put out and yet Clinton s go free what crooks we have in government trump needs to say enough and lock all the dam crooks up

  46. KARL says:

    Liar liar your pants are on fire.

  47. Karin says:

    He has certainly given the BAR a bad name, and sure made me leery of ever believing a lawyer again. With his past actions and the fact he was caught in the lies, and prosecuted, Really, the Dems figure he will not lie again? Just really shows how much hatred there is in that party and if there then everyone who put them in office is culpable.

    • Deborah says:

      IF I ever learned one thing in life is TRUST NO ONE!Keep your thoughts to yourself, never tell anyone anything about your money, your personal life etc. I had someone I have been friends with for 30 years and they said no one knows anything about you! I’ll keep it that way. Heck husband’s lie, sister lie,friends lie so we should trust a lawyer or a doctor? They are just people and people cannot be trusted forever. I think I have about 3 people I almost trust LOL

  48. MARK says:


  49. Alan Patrick says:

    He is already a convicted lier, why should anyone believe anything this man has to say now?
    Being a lawyer he would have known the laws yet IF this really happened he just committed another crime to add to his sentence. What a moron to think lying again will get him out of trouble. I hope they fry this idiots azz to the wall.

    • Scott27 says:

      Seems Mr. T surrounded himself not with “the best” people, but with a host of liars. Flynn, Stone, Manafort, Popadopolous, Gates… the list is long. My question is… why? What are they all hiding and why do they need to lie? If Cohen was such a bad guy, why did T keep him around for 10 years?

  50. if your are campaine lawyer you are to know what the laws are regarding any political campaine. cohan also has lied many times to the fbi congress and pres trump among other persons he has been affiliated with . so taking him for his word is and would be disgusting .

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