Michael Avenatti stood up in court and just found out if he was going to jail

Former Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti was the toast of the fake news media in 2018.

So-called “journalists” promoted Avenatti as the man that would end Donald Trump’s Presidency.

But his world all came crashing down as Michael Avenatti stood up in court and just found out if he was going to jail.

Last year federal prosecutors in New York and Los Angeles indicted Avenatti on a slew of alleged financial crimes and attempting to extort Nike over alleged payments to high school basketball players.

The first domino fell when a jury in New York found Avenatti guilty in the Nike extortion case.

Avenatti heading off to prison caused many conservatives to throw the Fake News Media promoting Avenatti back in their faces.

In 2018, Avenatti made nearly 200 appearances on fake news CNN and MSNBC, which stoked speculation about a potential Presidential campaign.

Fake news CNN’s Brian Stelter – the so-called “media reporter” – who hosts the preposterously misnamed Reliable Sources program even went so far as to tell Avenatti that Stelter considered the celebrity lawyer a serious Presidential candidate because of his “mastery” of cable news.

Avenatti is a symbol of one of the major Fake News Media dysfunctions of the Trump era.

And that is anytime someone rises up and speaks critically about Donald Trump the Fake News Media grants them hero status and instant credibility without any vetting of their character or background.

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30 Responses

  1. Jimmie Dudansky says:

    I’d saw Dick’s head off with a hacksaw,but that’s just me.???

  2. greg w says:

    Jerk CNNs damn license already. Put that miserably misrepresenting organization out to pasture. Their license comes up for renewal sooner or later!! And as far as stormys go-between not a lawyer( cause im sure the bar will be reviewing the jerk)..go find bubba!

  3. d says:

    He’s a hustler & you can see that just by looking at him! CNN only carries stories you used to see at the super market check out line!! All crap, all fiction, all BS. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that is just brain dead!

  4. BigJoe says:

    And yet people still watch CNN and MSNBC. I guess you just can’t fix stupid.

  5. The sweet apple of the Left, Michael Avernatti, really let the Fake news media down. Cockroaches never learn. Prison, here he comes!!!.

  6. trebor says:

    CNN will not have a new show.

  7. Bill Konrad says:

    And the public have to listen to these know nothing idiots.

  8. bill konrad says:

    Can anyone believe these idiots? These are our esteemed spokespeople. A more stupid crowd I could not imagine.

  9. travis says:

    maybe he can get the horns from. Buttigieg

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