Michael Avenatti got shot down with these four words

CNN’s favorite “lawyer,” Michael Avenatti is desperate for attention.

He has gotten played for a fool by a woman who brought up bogus allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

And Avenatti’s latest antics got shot down in this embarrassing way.

Michael Avenatti has used up porn star Stormy Daniels.

His new client, Julie Swetnick, has alleged that Kavanaugh was a ringleader at gang rape parties in high school.

But her allegations are laughable.

Avenatti has been hounding the Senate Judiciary Committee about allegations made by Swetnick.

He sent repeated emails to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s chief counsel, Mike Davis.

Avenatti’s last email read:

“Stop playing games. If you are the Chief Counsel, then you need to do your job. Please respond to our requests.”

Davis responded:

“We have already reviewed your client’s allegations. We focus on credible allegations. Please stop emailing me.

“Thank you,

“Mike Davis.”

Avenatti is trying to position himself for a 2020 presidential run against Trump.

He has taken advantage of the Fake News networks who breathlessly report uncorroborated allegations to smear Trump.

But he’s nothing more than a carnival barker.

Now his thirst for attention could land his own client in prison.

Swetnick gave a sworn written statement of her allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.

But in a recent interview with NBC she poked holes in her own story.

She gave four names to the NBC reporter that she said could corroborate her story.

One was deceased, two more refused to respond, and the last one said he didn’t know who Julie Swetnick was!

If it’s proven that Swetnick lied on her sworn statement, she could be convicted of perjury.

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  1. zee says:

    Dawn & E’one else. This BS drjd Is way out there. (excuse me, BS stands
    for (behavioral scientist) in his case. He also stated (on another blog),
    he has the “Highest Degree”)- oh god, of ‘what’ ??? &&& BSjd, mentions
    ‘prevagen’. & “brain deterioration” (of which he has no clue affecting
    himself). Well, some Good (wise) folk Call 0ut his KrAAP, > “Plastic Shade”.
    SAVEUSA. Keep 0N.

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