Michael Avenatti got shot down with these four words

CNN’s favorite “lawyer,” Michael Avenatti is desperate for attention.

He has gotten played for a fool by a woman who brought up bogus allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

And Avenatti’s latest antics got shot down in this embarrassing way.

Michael Avenatti has used up porn star Stormy Daniels.

His new client, Julie Swetnick, has alleged that Kavanaugh was a ringleader at gang rape parties in high school.

But her allegations are laughable.

Avenatti has been hounding the Senate Judiciary Committee about allegations made by Swetnick.

He sent repeated emails to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s chief counsel, Mike Davis.

Avenatti’s last email read:

“Stop playing games. If you are the Chief Counsel, then you need to do your job. Please respond to our requests.”

Davis responded:

“We have already reviewed your client’s allegations. We focus on credible allegations. Please stop emailing me.

“Thank you,

“Mike Davis.”

Avenatti is trying to position himself for a 2020 presidential run against Trump.

He has taken advantage of the Fake News networks who breathlessly report uncorroborated allegations to smear Trump.

But he’s nothing more than a carnival barker.

Now his thirst for attention could land his own client in prison.

Swetnick gave a sworn written statement of her allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.

But in a recent interview with NBC she poked holes in her own story.

She gave four names to the NBC reporter that she said could corroborate her story.

One was deceased, two more refused to respond, and the last one said he didn’t know who Julie Swetnick was!

If it’s proven that Swetnick lied on her sworn statement, she could be convicted of perjury.


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82 Responses

  1. Poppie says:

    Now let’s give credit were credit is due, he would have fit right in during the shameful Obumer presidency.

  2. sandra kirk says:

    Please stop emailing me

  3. Sue Jackson says:

    Everyone keeps suggesting that Avenatti should be disbarred. I cannot believe that he presently even has a law degree/license to practice law. There are, I am sure, many REAL Attorney’s that see the stories about Avenatti so I’m just wondering why some of them do not issue a notice or file a complaint against this clown who s single-handedly giving comedians ample fuel for making more cruel ‘Lawyer Jokes’. He is making real law professionals out to be the lowest form of life on the planet. Lets face it. Lawyer jokes are already a dime a dozen but Avenatti is definitely a very disturbed psychopath that has the ability to become dangerous to others as he becomes more and more irrelevant in our society. I can see him becoming violent and even making use of hostages when he finally snaps. Anyone reading this, if you are an Attorney or you know how a complaint can be filed, please consider putting this POS on the list of persons that need to be investigated for either impersonating an Attorney or being an Attorney that has crossed the line of ethics which they are sworn to abide by in order to practice law.

    • Jayne Cox says:

      Well said! Well said!
      I think if a couple of these clowns were charged and sent off to the pokey, they might rethink their brazen attempts to con America!

    • zee says:

      Absolutely Sue J.
      ‘Others’ ‘ In the Profession’ Need to ‘Stand -up’.
      > Are they Too Busy Working ?

  4. Mott says:

    OK, I may be a little slow here, But what where the “4 words”…….I did not see just 4 that said anything.
    Please don’t bash me like I said I may be a little slow.

  5. Joseph Edward Clark says:

    Washington DC draws sleazy people, tht is why the swamp n eeds draining.

  6. N says:

    CNN=Clueless Network News! Centralized NAZI News!Communist Network News.AKA: Fake News! MSM=Fake News, Fox News!The Pravda Commie newspapers and their propaganda machine at full throttle! Vote republican to save the country from swamp news! No RINOs, pls!

  7. Harold says:

    Avanutty is a laughing stock, he is a rat faced clown and has a mental problem after all he is a lying lawyer!

    • Marleen Davis says:

      His 15 minutes of fame stopped 5 seconds after he opened his mouth. So, as I have been saying a lot of late. Sit Down, Shut Up and go Away!!!!! Idiot

  8. RedRose says:

    Congratulations to Senator Lindsay Graham, for his courage of standing tall on behalf of Judge Kavanaugh, an honest, decent, civil, brilliant jurist, whose reputation has been unjustly and viciously widely smeared . Also to honest, civil, smart, Congressmen Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz, Trey Gowdy and Jim Johnson for their honesty, efficiency and courage in the performance of their jobs, on behalf of “true American citizens” including myself; and for their effort to try to make our nation great again.
    MEN whom the lust of office does not kill; MEN whom the spoils of office cannot buy; MEN who possess opinions and a will; MEN who have honor; men who will not lie; MEN who can stand behind a demagogue and damn his treacherous flattery without winking; TALL MEN; sun-crowned, who live above the fog, in public duty and in private thinking. For while the rabble with their thumb-worn creeds; their large professions and their little deeds mingle in selfish stride, lo! FREEDOM weeps; wrong rules the land and waiting JUSTICE sleeps. by: Josiah Gilbert Holland

  9. andy says:

    Bet the one person who says Avenatti isn’t a con man just might be Avenatti?

  10. W. Roady says:

    Michael Avenatti is the SKUMBAG PERSON (lawyer) that SKUMBAG LAWYERS believe that he takes SKUMBAG label to a even lower low. Avenatti is lower than the lowest low on the scale. He is perfect for CNN.

  11. Robert says:

    Yea he’s defiantly a scumbag, many in this country, Allred and her bitch daughter are another two scammers. Surprise think they be SAAVY on what’s coming up for all of them. Let’s just say it’s going to be incredibly evil when all is told.

  12. GORDON says:


  13. Mo says:

    Avenatti needs to stick with chasing ambulances. He is not smart enough to play with the Criminals in WDC.

  14. Daniel Mount says:

    This Michael Avenatti, Is a sleazeball so-called Lawyer just like all of these sleazeball Democratic Lawyer Politicians that are in the House and Senate that are screwing up America. Real dirtbags. What we need in Political Office are more Businessmen like Donald Trump. Lawyer Politicians need to go away.

  15. Dr. J.D. says:

    The National Council of Churches (NCC), a coalition of 38 denominations, calls for the withdrawal of the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. We believe he has disqualified himself from this lifetime appointment and must step aside immediately.
    We note several reasons for this. During his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Judge Kavanaugh exhibited extreme partisan bias and disrespect towards certain members of the committee and thereby demonstrated that he possesses neither the temperament nor the character essential for a member of the highest court in our nation.

    • Steff says:

      And this organization has been infiltrated (at the top) by extreme liberals instead of Church leaders. You are so full of yourself, try Trivia Pursuit maybe you could find out your are totally full of s**t.

    • Pepito Avila says:

      Yeah right. You bypassed the US constitution that an accused is deemed innocent until proven guilty. Christ said,” Give things to Cesar things that belongs to him, and give things to God things that belongs to God” THERE IS A SEPARATION OF STATE AND RELIGION IN OUR COUNTRY.

    • Den R Zampieri says:

      go suck an egg

    • Eldon Hamm says:

      you are so full of soros crap…. i dont believe that for one minute….. why dont you get a glass of your left wing kool aid and go in the corner.. sit down .. shut up… and drink it… you people are the slime and scum of the country

    • Terri Newman says:

      you could always go pound sand in you ass!or how about you just stick with your bible thumping holier than thou,and leave our government to we the people?

    • Gemichael says:

      Who is your GRAND WIZARD ? George Soros? I don’t know whether it is “DIVINE WISDOM” You possess or arrogant self righteousness? Oh yea I guess I do. Brett Kavanaugh is one of the finest men on this earth. So you and your 38 denominations should learn how to lead a good christian life.
      Thanks Mike

    • Dan says:

      It would appear to me the NCC should stay out of politics, stick to religious issues, and clean up their own houses of all the sexual assaults of young boys by members of their churches.

    • Linda Mackey says:

      I guess you all are truly a little bit full of yourselves and I am a Christian. Have you ever heard of the possibility that he is most likely an innocent man??? Jesus was innocent and they (the church of the day) fabricated lies about Him and crucified Him on those lies. Now Brett is no Jesus but he like Paul …(like all of us )he is walking in the grace that Jesus paid dearly for and made provision for all of our fumbling and bumbling antics throughout this life . Show a little grace my friends. I am embarrassed by your (NCC) behavior regarding Judge Kavanaugh. Would you all want your closets looked into??? And would you all want to be accused of heinous things you were not guilty of??? How foolish.

    • Dawn D. says:

      WOW, “Dr”. J.D., how about proving your credentials with this National Council of Churches. Which denomination do you represent and where are you located?
      As a Christian, I take comfort knowing you have NO deciding factor in whether or not I have eternal life in heaven.
      I want you to do yourself a favor and take in some reading of God’s Word: John 8 1-11
      Oh, and make sure it’s the King James Version, not another that’s been tampered with so much by man, for mans sake.

      • zee says:

        Dawn & E’one else. This BS drjd Is way out there. (excuse me, BS stands
        for (behavioral scientist) in his case. He also stated (on another blog),
        he has the “Highest Degree”)- oh god, of ‘what’ ??? &&& BSjd, mentions
        ‘prevagen’. & “brain deterioration” (of which he has no clue affecting
        himself). Well, some Good (wise) folk Call 0ut his KrAAP, > “Plastic Shade”.
        SAVEUSA. Keep 0N.

  16. Steveur says:

    Avanetti, must have been a star student at the University of Fraud, under tutorship of the Professor Bar reek Oba ama, who had perfected Fraud and was eventually caught up in his complicit contribution, along with one Hillarious Clintonite scheme to topple a US President.

  17. RedRose says:

    Why are we listening and wasting time on these vicious, low-minded, indecent hyenas, both male and female?

  18. Eliza eth says:

    You people can count, rjgbt?????
    Well, Avanetti used 5 words —- not 4!! !

  19. Nrenee says:

    All I can say is HA HA HA HA HA HA LMFAO !!!! Dirty rotten scoundrel !! THATS what HE IS !!! SO OBVIOUS !!!!

  20. Warren Hahn says:

    4 word should have been..” You Will Be Prosecuted”

  21. JOHN says:


    • truthistruth says:

      The picture in most dictionaries looks exactly like Donald Trump!! Wasn’t Trump the one who conned people out of millions on the Trump “University” fraud? And wasn’t Trump the one who said he only borrowed $1 million from his Dad which he paid back and now we see it was $413 MILLION? And didn’t Trump conspired with David Pecker of the Enquirer to bury and kill Karen McDougal’s story she thought would get published?

  22. Rhiannon says:

    His 15 minutes of fame are over! Get him off camera now!

    • Jerry Hampton says:

      He has had more than enough exposure during this fiasco and he has proved himself to be the ambulance chasing lowlife we all thought he would be. He needs to go away now and return to the hole he crawled out of.

  23. John Campbell says:

    The Democrats are imploding! Sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

    • Helga Miller says:

      Sorry, I am not enjoying this spectacle! The Left is so disgusting, they make me want to throw up every time I hear their names or see their faces!!

      • Steveur says:

        One thing about Leftists and the Fake News Media, they make the Mental Asylum population look and sound sane. One thing the FCC should make law, that Fake News Media should offer Barf Bags for their purported morning and evening Barfcasts.

  24. Shelba J. Holmes says:

    I cannot imagine who in this wide world would ever vote for this evil piece of gutter scum and yet he is supposed to be going for a run for the presidency? Good Lord, how insane is this man?

    • AFVET says:

      This useless POS is a disgrace to the Italians, and honest attorneys. He should be bared from practicing law. Run for president? You couldn’t run a hotdog stand. Get lost you stupid moron.

  25. Chuck says:

    Avenatti gives a whole new meaning to the term “shīster.” That had to take time and effort! Lol ????.

  26. I believe scientists about evolution Look Avenatti’s jaw!

    • Carla says:

      Notice how his clients are against Trump?He’s hoping the Democrats will funnel money his way since the law firm he works for is being sued?

  27. One more Democrat down for the count.

  28. I think when this is all over Kavanaugh should sue all the people that have lied during this hearing! They have tarnished this good man name which he might never get it back!

  29. Joe says:

    Avenetti is unfit to serve! He should be disbarred!

    • Al says:

      This guy needs to be locked up. He’s just a plain crook who is trying to con people as he has with that dumb bunch at CNN and the rest of the FAKE news who are desperately trying to stay alive by creating FAKE news about our President !

  30. Mo says:

    Avenatti is a big a FRAUD as his client and should not be allowed to keep his law license, PERIOD.

    • Richard Knoch says:

      Avenatti had to recruit this “accuser” on his most recent trip to Mars . . . she doesn’t look quite like a human, but Avenatti is used to perpetrating FRAUD.

      • Mark McDaniel says:

        Avenatti has a law license. That is a sad testament to the state of the legal system in this country. What this con artist is doing is promoting that which he knows to an utter certainty is a lie. His law license should be reviewed and disbarment proceedings initiated. Avenatti is bound by the so called rule of ethics that to knowingly lie in any sort of legal format, which the Senate Judiciary Cimmittee certainly is, can lead to one who is a licensed to practice law disbarred. This idiot has put his own client in legal harms way. She can go to jail following his advice. I wonder if this scumbag warned her of the possible legal perils she was getting into.

  31. jim apple says:

    Avanetti is a big wantabe. they should really disbar the idot.

    • James says:

      Haaa! Haa! That would include half of the Hill. Law-makers is more like law-breakers!!! Not a bad idea. Maybe then we could find some folks with common sense that can write a common sense law on two pieces of paper instead of volumes of paper!

  32. Phil Shapiro says:

    He is a schmuck.

  33. Louise H. says:

    Anything connected to Avanetti is garbage. Knew a lawyer like him in San Francisco. That lawyer went to jail and has been disbarred.

  34. Clayton Johnson says:

    time for him to loss his law license

  35. Maryann says:

    Why is he still around?? I’m so sick of all these lying filth.

  36. Albert says:

    James pretty much said it all.

  37. Fr Tom Martin says:

    She sas taken to court by 2 make co-workers gor sexual harrassment and they won. She was firedin 2006 for lying on her job application. Stated she wss a college grad. and the school had no record if her ever attending

  38. Martin Harford says:

    Toss his ass in jail!

  39. Steff says:

    Hope he goes to jail for the actions against him in court trials. He also has suits for millions of dollars against him.

  40. minnie says:

    I read his wife is divorcing him, Guess she doesn’t even like him. He’s proved himself a good and true democrat anyway. LOL

    • truthistruth says:

      No, that was Don Jr. . . . Er-r-r-r-r–r-r-r-r, could be Don Sr. also – – it is sure clear Melania can’t stand to be around corrupt Don’s presence.

  41. Timothy K. Toroian says:

    Has anyone confirmed his law degree and license?

  42. James P Hutchins says:

    Avanetti is a liberal clown puppet who is irrelevant to the American people.

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