Michael Avenatti could not believe who just ended his challenge to Trump

Michael Avenatti – the creepy porn lawyer who represented Stormy Daniels – wants to run against Donald Trump.

But his political career just went up in flames.

And no one could believe who ended his campaign.

NBC dropped a bombshell story.

They claimed Avenatti lied and allegedly submitted a false sworn declaration to Congresss.

Avenatti claimed he had a witness who backed up Julie Swetnick’s allegations that Brett Kavanaugh spiked the punch at high school parties which led to girls being gang raped.

But when NBC contacted the woman she changed her story.

She said she never saw Kavanaugh do such a thing.

When NBC reached out to Avenatti he reacted angrily and then the woman wrote back claiming she stood by what she wrote in the statement.

But then she spoke with NBC over the phone and restated that the she never saw Brett Kavanaugh spike the punch at a party or act inappropriately towards women.

NBC News reports:

After NBC News received text messages from the woman refuting some of the claims in the declaration, NBC reached out again to Avenatti, who defended the declaration.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” he said in a text. “I have a signed declaration that states otherwise together with multiple audio recordings where she stated exactly what is in the declaration. There were also multiple witnesses to our discussions.”

He sent a follow-up message moments later: “I just confirmed with her yet again that everything in the declaration is true and correct,” Avenatti said. “She must have been confused by your question.”

Roughly five minutes later, the woman sent a formally-worded text backing Avenatti. “Please understand that everything in the declaration is true and you should not contact me anymore regarding this issue,” the text read.

Avenatti’s only hope to mount a Presidential campaign was the fake news media giving him billions of dollars in free air time.

But many in the press blame Avenatti for ruining their chances to stop Kavanaugh by bringing forward Swetnick’s outlandish allegations.

Now they appear ready to stick the knife in his back.

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