Mexico just did something nobody expected proving Trump right on a top issue

President Trump is dedicated to stopping the flood of illegal aliens coming from Mexico.

Both the Democrat Party and the Mexican government are furious at him for it.

But despite that, Mexico just did something nobody expected, proving Trump right on this top issue.

President Trump’s latest policy imposing tariffs on Mexico is perhaps his most controversial yet.

The Democrat Party is even finding common ground with establishment Republicans in attacking Trump over it.

But Trump contends this is the only way to force Mexico to act, considering Mexico has done little to stop illegal aliens from crossing their country to enter the U.S.

And it turns out he’s right.

Just days after his tariff threat, the Mexican government took its first major action on the issue, blocking 1,000 Central American migrants, with some police even wrestling some migrants to the ground for refusing to comply.

Along with this, the first annual U.S. Mexico Anti-Transnational Criminal Organization and Border Violence Prevention Initiative was launched this week, which allows U.S. officials to train Mexican agents on border enforcement.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Mexican government is showing signs of increased illegal immigration enforcement and cooperation with their U.S. counterparts following President Donald Trump’s tariff threats.

Around 200 Mexican law enforcement officials blocked a U.S.-bound caravan Wednesday. The caravan, made up of about 1,000 Central American migrants, was heading north on a highway near the town of Metapa. Mexican police and immigration agents even went so far as to wrestle some of the migrants to the ground when they refused to comply.

The incident was the latest in Mexico’s recent efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

The first annual U.S.-Mexico Anti-Transnational Criminal Organization and Border Violence Prevention Initiative was launched Tuesday. The program aims to increase cooperation between the two countries regarding immigration and crime enforcement. U.S. officials have already begun training Mexican agents on how to better police their shared border.

This news may end up meaning Trump’s tariffs never even go into effect.

Mexico is beginning to do exactly what Trump wants them to do.

So once again Trump appears to be correct, while the Democrat Party is dead-wrong.

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