Mexico just did something nobody expected proving Trump right on a top issue

President Trump is dedicated to stopping the flood of illegal aliens coming from Mexico.

Both the Democrat Party and the Mexican government are furious at him for it.

But despite that, Mexico just did something nobody expected, proving Trump right on this top issue.

President Trump’s latest policy imposing tariffs on Mexico is perhaps his most controversial yet.

The Democrat Party is even finding common ground with establishment Republicans in attacking Trump over it.

But Trump contends this is the only way to force Mexico to act, considering Mexico has done little to stop illegal aliens from crossing their country to enter the U.S.

And it turns out he’s right.

Just days after his tariff threat, the Mexican government took its first major action on the issue, blocking 1,000 Central American migrants, with some police even wrestling some migrants to the ground for refusing to comply.

Along with this, the first annual U.S. Mexico Anti-Transnational Criminal Organization and Border Violence Prevention Initiative was launched this week, which allows U.S. officials to train Mexican agents on border enforcement.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Mexican government is showing signs of increased illegal immigration enforcement and cooperation with their U.S. counterparts following President Donald Trump’s tariff threats.

Around 200 Mexican law enforcement officials blocked a U.S.-bound caravan Wednesday. The caravan, made up of about 1,000 Central American migrants, was heading north on a highway near the town of Metapa. Mexican police and immigration agents even went so far as to wrestle some of the migrants to the ground when they refused to comply.

The incident was the latest in Mexico’s recent efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

The first annual U.S.-Mexico Anti-Transnational Criminal Organization and Border Violence Prevention Initiative was launched Tuesday. The program aims to increase cooperation between the two countries regarding immigration and crime enforcement. U.S. officials have already begun training Mexican agents on how to better police their shared border.

This news may end up meaning Trump’s tariffs never even go into effect.

Mexico is beginning to do exactly what Trump wants them to do.

So once again Trump appears to be correct, while the Democrat Party is dead-wrong.

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53 Responses

  1. Sher says:

    Moses you are another DUMB LIBERAL. I cant believe how idiotic you Dems are. President Trump has done so much more for this country then any of the other three presidents.. Do you watch the news or read? You probably watch fake media news channels. Wake Up. SMH.

  2. Raymond Charron says:

    Moses is a dem troll. Get lost

  3. dandy says:

    we have to get rid of this jewish traitor GEORGE SOROS AND SON
    with his dirty money and 2 passports now not tomorow
    he lives in up state NEW YORK
    i am sure that he has body guards also

  4. dandy says:

    this is the yr for TERM LIMITS TO GET THOSE tit suckers bleeding us dry and
    nothing to show for it

  5. Mike Flanagan says:

    China is next and the rest of the world will follow. President Trump is the only President in the pats half century with any guts and he’s taking back what the rest gave away. Clinton’s and Obama should be tried for treason with what they gave away OH Carter too.

  6. Gil says:

    Moses, you are a no-account LIAR !!!!

  7. If the sore losers democrats would man up to what our President is trying to do and is accomplishing to make American a great country again which their president for eight years caved into other countries giving away a lot of our freedom and trade deals we all would be united as a country right now. Mexico was smart enough to realize our President means business and he wasn’t going to back down like our past president did.

  8. Ladd says:

    AGREED — send them ALL packing. Fake anchor babies and ALL.

  9. Ladd says:

    I agree, 73 years also. Only one even close was Reagan, but Trump is WAY better and actually understands the business angle as NONE of the politicians EVER have.

  10. Huyen says:

    This is a virtual border wall and mexico pay for it ! Trump is PATRIOTICALLY CORRECT !

  11. Moses says:

    Every squirrel finds an acorn that he buried by accident. Occasionally Trump stumbles into possibly the right way to do something but most of the time he is lazy, aimless, stupidly stubborn, unprepared, arrogant, doesn’t listen to any of his staff, plays with fire like his comments to Kim of Rocket Man. That statement can cause a monster like Kim to shoot off his missiles. Meanwhile cowers from Putin and kisses his butt for fixing the election and allowing Trump to launder money from Russia’s oligarchs. You must know this by now.

  12. Tom says:

    I just hope your right and the American people remember in 2020, that the Democratic Party is against the American people, and vote them out, and I hope after what the Democratic led Congress has neglected the American people, Trump had to fight tooth and nail, and accomplished very little of his agenda, that the Democrats are too vindictive too be in charge, and all Republicans need to vote in every poll, Presidential,and mid-term, if the President does not control all three branches of the government, you can’t achieve anything. The Democrats controlled Congress and President Trump fought the Democrat led Congress and achieve zip, the Democrats didn’t want to help the American people one iota, all they want to do is take down President Trump, and Pelosi wants to put Trump in prison, and not because he has broken the law, it’s just because she hates him, and wanted Hillary to have won in 2016.

  13. Gregory Sullivan says:

    Or have them executed for coming here. Irene.

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