Melania Trump was just attacked by the media in the worst way

No First Lady has been attacked more by the national media than Melania Trump.

They’ve criticized everything from her choice of high heels, to the way she decorated the White House for Christmas, and even her Slovenian accent.

But this latest headline was a blatant fake news assault against Melania.

Newsweek staked out their territory as #NeverTrump during the 2016 campaign.

They’ve run stories pushing the Russia collusion narrative (which has become little more than a year long fishing expedition).

But while criticizing the first family’s personal affairs was previously off-limits, Newsweek just launched an attempt to smear Melania Trump’s character.

Newsweek published an articled headlined: Melania Trump Orders Removal of Near-200-Year-Old Tree from the White House.

The Daily Caller reports:

At first read, Melania sounds like an evil tree-killer who wants to purge the White House of any pre-Trump history. What other reason could she possibly have for removing a beautiful 200-year-old tree?

Well, as the Newsweek article goes on to explain, the tree is dying.

The tree in question is a Jackson magnolia, and it has been on the south facade of the White House since the 1800s. Tree specialists determined on Tuesday that the tree, which is the oldest on the White House grounds, is structurally unstable and is being held up artificially.

The situation is so bad that the tree could apparently fall at any time, most likely killing anyone who has the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Newsweek’s tweet of their story was retweeted thousands of times – spreading a blatantly misleading headline devised to tarnish the First Lady’s image.

But those who read the article saw that keep the tree would be dangerous to White House visitors.

Newsweek’s anti-Trump spin was nothing more than fake news.

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27 Responses

  1. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Thank- you and you’re welcome. I hate seeing people tear Melania down because she wasn’t born here; I grew up among too many just like her, who came here to BE Americans and became much better citizens than a lot of those born here.

  2. Patriot says:

    B E A tiful!!!???????????? response, I’m to angry of a person to respond to a libtard racist that should be hung by the neck till dead in such an awesome way. Thank you

  3. Jesse says:

    Newsweak is like CNN they would rather LIE than report a story that make the Trumps look like anything but bad.

  4. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    You know not of what you speak; there is an “avalanche” of sorts coming and much sooner than you think; but it will be melting, since its main component will be FIRE! Last time Yhwh God stepped in, it was a flood, but He promised next time it will be by FIRE, and that time is very near, now! What’s coming in between is going to be bad enough that you’ll be WANTING that “avalanche”!

  5. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Yes, it is, what you SAY: but without any basis for saying it! We, on the other hand, are describing the behaviors of leftists, which IS a sound basis for saying so.

  6. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Would you PLEASE explain to me how you get what YOU claim out of what I posted? Your response makes absolutely NO sense in the context of what I posted.

  7. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Not unless you count telling the truth about them; which, technically, isn’t “bad-mouthing”, for all they took it as such and claimed it was. There’s just NO way to compare the differences in the 2 people who have occupied the office of FLOTUS, or those occupying the office of POTUS, for that matter. It’s like trying to compare the sun and Pluto.

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