Megyn Kelly slapped Joe Biden with a fact check that you won’t see on CNN

The corporate-controlled media is working on behalf of the Biden administration to push a radical socialist agenda.

But they got some bad news.

That happened when Megyn Kelly slapped Joe Biden with a fact check that you won’t see on CNN.

On the latest episode of Megyn Kelly’s podcast, Kelly interviewed Michael Shellenberger, the author of Apocalypse Never.

Shellenberger has made a career out of debunking the lies and hysteria the Left uses to power their so-called “climate change” agenda, which is really a prescription to turn America into a nation of socialist vegans.

Kelly brought a speech Biden recently delivered where Biden claimed the earth would cease to exist due to so-called “climate change.”

Biden claimed that “climate change will threaten, literally, the existence of our planet if we don’t take global action.”

Shellenberger pointed out that Biden was not fact checked for claiming the earth would “literally” be destroyed by climate change and that it showed how the corporate-controlled media was all in on pushing climate hysteria and fear mongering.

“It’s ridiculous and sad and also, as a reflection of the state of the news media, there was no fact-checking, there was no correction on that, there was no Washington Post story on that,” Shellenberger stated.

Shellenberger added that for the Left so-called “climate change had now replaced organized religion.”

“It just tells you the extent to which climate change has become a religion for secular, Western elites,” Shellenberger added.

Shellenberger told Kelly that the Left rallied around climate hysteria for three reasons, which are “money, power, and religion.”

The author explained that by elites loudly declaring so-called “climate change” an existential threat to the planet and then supporting any scheme to combat it, elites could latch on to something to virtue signal about so people will admire them for their money.

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