Megyn Kelly shut down Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with one simple observation

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the biggest stars in the Democrat Party.

Some think she will one day run for President.

But Megyn Kelly shut down Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with one simple observation.

On the latest edition of her podcast, Megyn Kelly interviewed RINO Congressman Dan Crenshaw about his social media run-in with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Kelly noted that Ocsio-Cortez loves to play the victim in public, despite the Fake News Media portraying her as a hardened political activist.

“You’ve got the AOC-wing of the party versus the more moderate, we’re told that’s more the Biden wing of the party,” Kelly began. “You’ve had some dust-ups with her including on Twitter just in the last couple of days where you know, she likes to play the victim a lot. A lot.”

“And you’re always calling her out on it, and then what I notice is if she makes a false claim of victimhood and you call her out on it, then she reacts as a victim in response to your latest Tweet,” Kelly added.

Kelly was referring to how Ocasio-Cortez lost her mind when Crenshaw compared his time serving as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan – where Crenshaw lost an eye – to Ocasio-Cortez’s time as a bartender.

Ocasio-Cortez responded to Crenshaw’s comments by launching into her “woe is me” routine and falsely claiming Crenshaw and other Republicans look down on working class Americans.

Kelly brought up how Crenshaw responded to Ocasio-Cortez breaking out the violin and trying to act like a privileged white Republican was attacking a hardworking Hispanic woman by making fun of her job.

“She’s good at this sort of juvenile argumentation, but it is juvenile. It is always below the belt. It’s never honest. It’s always a misconstruing of words.” Crenshaw responded.

“It’s just a never-ending cycle of how mean you are and how victimized she is, and Republicans writ large are just awful because of something you said,” Kelly agreed.

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