Megyn Kelly revealed something about cancel culture that left viewers speechless

Megyn Kelly is trying to make a comeback.

The former Fox News host was fired by NBC after social justice warriors waged a campaign to oust her.

And now Megyn Kelly revealed something about cancel culture that left viewers speechless.

As part of her comeback, Kelly’s launched a podcast and an independent media company.

Now that she is back in the media spotlight, HBO host Bill Maher interviewed Kelly on his Real Time show to attack the woke politics and cancel culture that infects American schools.

Kelly revealed that she removed her three children from one of the most prestigious private schools in New York City after multiple lessons pushed left-wing culture war ideology.

The former Fox News host decried one program that Kelly claimed tried to recruit young children into being transgendered.

Kelly said her children were forced to sit through “an experimental trans education program on these 8- and 9-year-old boys. And it wasn’t about support. We felt it was about trying to convince them, like, ‘Come on over!’”

In addition, Kelly detailed how the school made her children read a letter that she blasted as “racist,” which claimed that “black bodies dropping around us” were the result of white supremacist killers.

Finally, Kelly recounted to Maher how school officials promoted cancel culture by forcing the students to write letters to the Cleveland Indians baseball team demanding the franchise drop its nickname because it was also racist.

“Then, our kindergartner was told to write a letter to the Cleveland Indians objecting to their mascot,” Kelly added. “Now, he’s six. Like, can he learn how to spell Cleveland before we activate him?”

Woke indoctrination and forcing students to take part in cancel culture is unfortunately all too common in American schools.

This deranged ideology as well as the teachers unions exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to shut down schools have more parents exploring homeschooling.

Kelly’s interview should help that trend as it will make some parents begin to pay more attention to what their children are being taught in school.

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