Megyn Kelly revealed one impeachment bombshell that will leave you speechless

Megyn Kelly suddenly found herself in the middle of the impeachment drama.

A relationship from her past revealed a key connection to one of the major players in the impeachment witch hunt.

That’s when Megyn Kelly dropped one impeachment bombshell that will leave you speechless.

When it became public that the alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella retained attorney Mark Zaid, many Trump supporters claimed this was proof enough that Ciaramella was a politically-motivated hack.

Megyn Kelly defended Zaid, noting the two attended the same law school and she had known him for years and that Zaid was a straight shooter.

But that all collapsed when Zaid’s tweets from January 2017 surfaced when he declared a coup was in motion and that it would end in impeachment.

Kelly changed her tune and declared that Zaid was in fact a partisan actor out to get Trump.

Ciaramella’s background as a leftist ideologue that launched numerous campaigns to impeach Trump — he stands accused of leaking Trump’s May 2017 meeting with Russians in the Oval Office which led to the FBI investigating Trump for being a Russian asset — as well as Zaid’s tweets make it clear Zaid spent years casting about for a mole inside the Trump administration to complete the coup Zaid said was in motion back in January 2017.

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