Megyn Kelly revealed one impeachment bombshell that will leave you speechless

Megyn Kelly suddenly found herself in the middle of the impeachment drama.

A relationship from her past revealed a key connection to one of the major players in the impeachment witch hunt.

That’s when Megyn Kelly dropped one impeachment bombshell that will leave you speechless.

When it became public that the alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella retained attorney Mark Zaid, many Trump supporters claimed this was proof enough that Ciaramella was a politically-motivated hack.

Megyn Kelly defended Zaid, noting the two attended the same law school and she had known him for years and that Zaid was a straight shooter.

But that all collapsed when Zaid’s tweets from January 2017 surfaced when he declared a coup was in motion and that it would end in impeachment.

Kelly changed her tune and declared that Zaid was in fact a partisan actor out to get Trump.

Ciaramella’s background as a leftist ideologue that launched numerous campaigns to impeach Trump — he stands accused of leaking Trump’s May 2017 meeting with Russians in the Oval Office which led to the FBI investigating Trump for being a Russian asset — as well as Zaid’s tweets make it clear Zaid spent years casting about for a mole inside the Trump administration to complete the coup Zaid said was in motion back in January 2017.


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68 Responses

  1. Jim Koch says:

    I barely made it through high school The minute i found out obama was a mu slim i read up on the history of the muslins and there religion Any body with common sense could figure out he was going to try to destroy the U S A AND HE STILL IS Why are we still voting for the terrible people– come one people get you head out of your ass and get rid of these people

  2. Chenz says:


  3. jack says:

    this article seems to reinforce the fact, that m kelly, is a no-Trumper.

  4. All the pages in 2020 my family will vote for Republicans Because the Republicans are near to the people

  5. James E. Schopp says:

    Great comments! So well said everyone (jjofaz, Sofia and Liv).

    Obama’s transformation of America . . . via the Saul Alinski tactics is still at play today with the vast majority of the elected democrats in Washington, with the express purpose of destroying America. They continually use identity politics to divide the electorate. So many weak minded democrats were brainwashed to believe that Obama had a plan to improve America when in fact he was out to destroy it.

    Donald Trump on the other hand wants to Make America Great again. DRAIN THE SWAMP and/or drown the rats! Thank god we elected DJT and not the corrupt Hillary Clinton. He is out to improve the lot of every American citizen, to protect them and the sovereignty of our great nation.

    The globalist dems believe in open borders and care less about the American citizen while they are happy and determined to protect all illegals and provide them sanctuary and more rights and benefits than American citizens.


    • Eva12 says:

      I cannot figure out why the Democrats and other extreme liberals want to destroy the country. Can’t they see what has happened to Venezuela and other places when government goes wrong? BHO, or whateverhisnamereallyis, is making me very uneasy, hanging around Washington.

    • Tracy says:

      You are so right! Tell everyone they want to control us. We can’t let them win. We can’t give them our guns. Trump is for the we the people. Ask yourself why would he give up his wonderful life for this? He’s trying to save our country. VOTE& PRAY!

  6. jim says:

    by the way Trump didn’t have a thing to do with Alabama losing. L S U is just a better team. Go Tigers!!!

  7. Michael A. Gilliam says:

    Go ahead, remove our DULY ELECTED President. See what happens when those of US who elected Donald Trump to drain the swamp march on Washington D.C.. We have watched both previous democrat administrations make an artform of profiting off of their positions in Government all the while trying to strip us of our rights, especially the 2nd Amendment. Well they are now completely out of control and after watching what they are trying to do OUR President what do you think they do if YOU and I were in their way? Do you think they might make up stories about us and have us arrested? Do you think they would keep us safe while in their custody? Or if we had valid criticisms or evidence of their crimes, do you think we would be safer than say Epstein? If OUR PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump, the 45th DULY ELECTED POTUS is removed from office by this illegal circus WE WILL march on Washington and WE WILL remove those who we have DOCUMENTED PROOF committed illegal acts while in office, many right before OUR eyes as we watched them commit perjury on live television.

  8. Smiley says:

    No worry folks….Donald will beat the democratic pick like a rented mule, and there’s not much they can do about it

  9. Ms. Munchkin says:

    So, was the whistleblower really named in a previous FISA report?
    Is it possibly connected to Mueller report?

    Hmmm. Interesting, isn’t it? Is that why he suddenly wanted to answer written questions from the Republicans? WRemember FISA works both ways.


    • Will says:

      He was named in the Mueller report ,,, in a side bar

    • Eileen Trent says:

      U r brilliant and caught on to all that really quickly!!!

      I also believe that serialbrain2 is actually a part of the Q team.

      Q is a worldwide phenomena!!

      The “yellow vests” in France were carrying banners with W W G 1 W G A!!

      The Canadians in a rally, that I saw in a video were holding banners W W G 1 W G A!!

      UK, New Zealand, Germany, Austrailia, I’ve seen video from all over the world people holding banners with Q on them……..Awemahzing!!!!

      Pres. Trump is loved ALL over the world!! And they all want their own TRUMP!!

      TRUMP 2Q2Q

  10. ih8reps says:

    I watched the Alabama game, I noticed they had trouble running the ball, I heard the running backs had BONE SPURS.

  11. ih8reps says:

    Alabama had not lost a home game in four years, winning 31 times, chump came they cheered him and they lost.
    During the world series they lost the first 3 home games chump showed up they booed him and they won the world serious.
    Just goes to show what a loser he is if he makes it to 2020 I’m betting he will lose if he shows up.

    • Will says:

      and just what is that you`re betting ,, how about you leave this country if ,, he wins

    • Eileen Trent says:

      Not bloody likely!

      What part of Pres. Trump having all the recorded info. from the SCIF don’t u understand?

      subversive plot against Pres. Trump soon to be revealed!!!

      Most people are CLUELESS, , but when it’s all revealed you’ll lose it!!

      Clinton Foundation is a front to fund WORLDWIDE sex trafficking of children……..Huber report soon to be released!!!

      Hillary told an audience of her supporters last week that they would see on the dark web, some evil people doing bad things!! WHAAAT?!!

      She said u would see images flash in and out……..WHAAAT?!!!

      What is that demented witch saying?!!

      Barr has the Weiner laptop…….maybe that’s to what the witch is referring!!

      Evil people doing bad things is HER!!!

      Is she trying to prepare people and claim it’s NOT her?? Or maybe photo shopped????

      Yes, Dorothy, witches still exist, and ur not in Kansas ANYMORE!!!

      Still can’t understand my posts???

      Then ur NOT smarter than a 5th.-grader!!


      • Ms. Munchkin says:

        Oh he definitely is NOT smarter than a fifth grader. But as you stated, SOON! Soon, they will all be left wondering just what happened. Their brains will not be able to comprehend everything that will happen. And then, things will REALLY get interesting. I am excited for the show, but the after party will be delightful.

      • Will says:

        I think ,, flashes in and out refers to , SB2 and she is trying to
        debunk it . Always on the attack ,, as you know

    • Ih8reps, you are as much of a liar as any other filth and scum democrat. In Alabama, they continuously cheered Trump because he was not in the stupid yankeeland with them loons and nuts up there. He was in a good and decent place, in Alabama. And Trump never picked sides in the LSU / Alabama game. Keep watching fake news and stay stuck on stupid. Now go back to your mommy’s basement and get your heroin needles.

  12. A S K says:

    Megyn Kelly? Yes she’s a good friend of straight shooter Zaid, the lawyer. Feed me more BS. Insulting this airhead thinks we are stupid. I’m surprised she wasn’t at the same parties as Christine Blasey Ford, two front doors and two on the floor and Kelly doesn’t remember when where why and who either. She just remembers Christine shot straight loads. Give me a break.

  13. Ray says:

    Be patient people, don’t make empty allegations like the left does. “IT’S GOING TO BE DEVASTATING. IT’S GOING TO RUIN CAREERS” – JOE DIGENOVA: IG REPORT DELAYED DUE TO DURHAM GRAND JURY:

  14. Zaw Soe says:

    All Liberals Dirty DemoRats Monkeys are sickening to my stomach. Must Abolished from All Governments Offices now. Before infected Diseases to all over America. We American can’t allowed them. Our duty to Exterminated likes Filthy Rats.

  15. Eileen Trent says:

    I already told u weeks ago that this was a planned coup by HUSSEIN , in a SCIF.

    I also said that Pres. Trump was aware of this plan and the SCIF that was used had hidden cameras inside that recorded EVERYTHING!!

    Pres. TRUMP has it all!!

    W W G 1 W G A!!

    • Will says:

      WooHoo,, I like the sound of that !!!!
      On aside note ,, did you ever read ::: prophecyupdate .com,,
      some good info there about things around the world

      • Eileen Trent says:

        I knew about many prophesies about Donald J. Trump BEFORE he anounced his candicacy, e.g. Rich Vera, Lance Walnau, Kim Clement, Hank Kunemen…….so many!!

        Jesus said “I tell u these things BEFORE they happen, so when they do happen, u might believe.

        W W G 1 W G A!!!

  16. Steven says:

    Go Trump!!!!!!!

  17. Jerry says:

    Obama and his lady will be remembered as very poor representation of true Americans

  18. Howard says:

    The dummycrats should all be tried for treason and executed

  19. Kurt says:

    2%. NO?? Most be the Dumbest of the Dumb DemonRats. They have always tried to Impeach Republican Presidents, But they have always outsmarted the DemonRats Because they are not the Smartest People, the reason they Newer Suicide. The two Dumbest Presidents in the US. History was NoBummer. IQ. 118, but very high for a Muslim. Bush, 122. Trump.165. Baron Trump 135. What does that tell you? As long as we got Trump The Demonrats criminal activities are at a standstill.

  20. Kirkland Byars says:

    The Alinsky playbook is about out of options. The final attempt by these desperate Democrats will be BLOCKED !!!! And Biden and Nancy and Schiff will the greatest losers of all time. GOATs

  21. CHARLES M COLSON says:

    I cannot believe that so many people actually seem to believe all this nonsense. Personally, I read most of the articles and many of the pathetic comments just for a good laugh. Have a great time.

  22. D says:

    You know these IDIOT DIMWITTS, ANTIFA GANGS, MS13, and CONGRESS ELITES like Pelosi, Nadler, SHIFTLESS, Swallwell, Waters, the SQUAD, and the rest of them are gonna push us all a little too far where there is no coming back for them. I have watched this WITCHUNT with much patience for 3 years and its becoming a little UNBEARABLE anymore. I THINK THE DIMWITT ELITES had better watch out they “might” just push some of us way too far!

    • Ms. Munchkin says:

      Just stay calm, TRUMP has everything he needs to get through this COUP. TRUST in him.


      • Eileen Trent says:

        You got it!!!

        i knew U would figure out code language and gematria…..YAYYYY!

        W W G 1 W G A!!

        • Ms. Munchkin says:

          I knew there was a reason behind it, I just needed that one right clue to guide me. And thank you for that!
          Too many things that added up but just couldn’t “get there”, you know what I mean? My sources were so close, NOW I have passed this onto them and they are blissfully awake. Again Thank you.

  23. Will says:

    That Poll question , is pretty stupid ,, we all know that is what has been going on from the get go. and is still going on ,, when the hell are they going to arrest these bastards???

  24. Irene says:

    Democrats LIE< CHEAT< EXTORT< KILL and DESTROY what little good there is in this country! Why would an intelligent US citizen vote to let DEMOCRATS continue this? Democrats have done nothing for the country or its citizens in the last three years other than to harass & disrespect President Donald Trump! They should ALL be FIRED!!!!!

  25. Unicorn76 says:

    When I was working with lawyers on patent issues, I was advised not to use emails but use unmonitored telephone communication with the attorneys on critical matters. Just goes to show how tweets and emails can come back to haunt you.

  26. travis says:

    educated hell , brain washed by communist professors. in the real world they are dummer then crap

  27. The RedMan says:

    He was hard and she was moist on the alter. Fluids were exchanged and a new birth was brought upon us. Peace be upon them in the name of Mohammed the only true prophet of Islam. Praise be for Allah who smites the unbelievers Amen

  28. James says:

    Sad Day America , When This President Is Gone Oh He’s Not Close To Any Kind Of Perfection None Of Us Are , Even Those In High Places Just Cover Up Evil Because They Are . We Need To Talk To The GOD In Charge Cause Those Leaders Behind Him Are Bad Coming Out The Gate. GOD Bless America , GOD Bless Trump

  29. jjofaz says:

    Did this esq. not learn anything in law school? Or is that what they are taught?…if you do not like the outcome of an election by your peers, then the educated lawyers can duly contrive a scheme to take that vote away and take down an elected executive official? Trump has had to fight tooth and nail, since elected, to keep his job. He has had the former president and all his cohorts trying to eliminate him while getting things done in office obama could only dream of doing. Is there a little jealousy there because Mr. o did not know how to carry out his job as pres? I would bet yes?

    • Sofie Mor says:

      Obama NEVER DREAMT of do8i ng good things for America, but just the opposite – and what he really dreamt HE ACCOMPLISHED!!! if you are saddened, angry and outraged about what is happening in our country TODAY -just remember You are living in post-Obama ERA and his fundamental TRUNSFORMATION of our country!! It is president Trump who sacrificed his worry free comfortable years of his life who is fighting to reverse that Ugly El Salvador like – crime infested America …especially in areas with heavy illegal immigration , sanctuary cities and border states. Media purposely hide the numbers of thousands of Americans killed by slime illegally crossing our Democrats and BUSHES OPEN BORDERS policies!! The corruption, money laundering, treasonous connections by SWAMP had been revealed only because Donald Trump was elected…-that is why the SWAMP creatures are doing everything to drive him out of office !!!

      • Liv says:

        Thank you for your right on the mark comments. O definitely came to office well prepared to destroy our nation & everything we stand for – our laws, dreams, culture, constitution, bill of rights & the belief in truth, justice & the rule of law. However, he misjudged our strength, courage & willingness to fight for who we are. The hope was that with all of the chaos, relentless hammering away at our values & breaking every law possible that we would forget, or give up. He was wrong. We have not forgotten & we’ve only become stronger. We know the score & what’s behind all of the harassment, terror, fires, murders & lies – it is the demorats, their leaders (o, Clinton, Soros) & their faithful followers in Congress & throughout the gov & country. They have all sold out for money & power what remains in the empty shell of their bodies is a sick, soulless creature of evil capable only of hate, destruction of anyone or anything that gets in their way. They are dangerous, but I firmly believe that they can be stopped & those quietly working on just that, will, at the right time, come forward & take them all down, or at least the worst of them.
        Our job is to vote Republican across the board & most definitely vote Trump/Pence in 2020. With them in place Trump will have the support he needs & with all of us behind him we can continue to hammer away at what’s left of them.

      • Ih8reps, you are as much of a liar as any other filth and scum democrat. In Alabama, they continuously cheered Trump because he was not in the stupid yankeeland with them loons and nuts up there. He was in a good and decent place, in Alabama. And Trump never picked sides in the LSU / Alabama game. Keep watching fake news and stay stuck on stupid. Now go back to your mommy’s basement and get your heroin needles.

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