Megyn Kelly just destroyed Elizabeth Warren with these three words

The fake news media rushed to praise Elizabeth Warren after she took a DNA test supposedly “proving” her Native American ancestry.

But her story quickly unraveled.

And Megyn Kelly stunned NBC’s leftwing audience with these three words.

Megyn Kelly said that Elizabeth Warren “scored on herself.”

Earlier this week Sen. Elizabeth Warren released the results of her DNA test showing she was a whopping 1/1,024th Native American.

That is roughly the same amount of ancestry that average white Americans share.

Somehow Warren thought this vindicated her.

But she was sorely mistaken.

The Daily Caller reports:

BC News’ Megyn Kelly ridiculed Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday for her DNA test showing that she is less than two percent Native American.

Kelly rebuked the idea that the test proved that the Massachusetts Senator is Native American and chastised Warren for ever classifying herself as a minority.

NBC’s Morgan Radford argued that “acknowledging who you are isn’t using who you are.”

“It is when you are touted as the first Native American professor at Harvard Law School and you’re not Native American,” Kelly shot back, adding that it’s “not good enough” that Warren just thought she was Native American.

“She scored on herself. She scored a goal against herself,” Kelly concluded.

Kelly also pointed out a young white girl was dragged through the mud by leftists for “cultural appropriation” for wearing a traditional Chinese dress to prom as previously reported on Patriot Pulse.

Yet, so-called “progressives” have heaped praise on Rachel Dolezal – a white woman who identifies as black and became a leader in the NAACP.

Leftists have to do an impossible amount of mental gymnastics to keep track of their insane beliefs.

Their worship of identity politics will become their undoing.


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75 Responses

  1. james edward jones says:

    My great grandmother (on my father’s side of my family) was a beautiful Cherokee Indian woman, but I would not even DARE to call myself a Indian. I’m simply NOT WORTHY OF SUCH AND HONOR. How can Elizabeth Warren do a quote, unquote “war dance” over being 1/1024th Native American of some sort? How could she end up “freeloading” as a pseudo-minority in such a despicable way? HMMM???

    • Carl Smith says:

      I too have some native Indian blood mixed with my Heinz 57 other but you must understand Lizzy Warren is a Left wing Politician running as a Dim Wit so anything goes and WITH the blessing of ANTI-FI

  2. Keith D says:

    I am a white Anglo Saxon male conservative the NEW minority!! Where do I sign up for Harvard to be a Professor?? Or can I skip straight to the Senate???

    • Carl Smith says:

      Just claim your Spartacus and an ILLEGAL and you can go straight for POTUS and STEYER and SOROS will contribute MILLIONS thru several different channels

  3. Jola says:

    President Trump must pay the money he said he would — $1,000,000.00. However, he should use “Warren Math” — If 1/1024th is full blood American Indian in “Warren Math” then $976.56 is $1,000,000.00 in “Warren Math”. I suggest he donate that amount to a tribal council of HER choice. That will put this episode of American Tribal history to bed — forever.

  4. Brian Wilkes says:

    I do believe her name is suckachaweeah

  5. Elizabeth Warren is an palestinian troublemaker

  6. Ch says:

    If I knew that I would have my dream job back in 1972
    Just think of all the people who don’t have their dream job because of this

    • franco says:

      Less than 1% Native American????
      I thought she was Black!

      • RODNEY ANDREGG says:

        Perfect Franco…..”That was Excellent I will get off the floor as soon as I stop Laughing………………………………

        • Carl Smith says:

          I’m Sexist, Racist, Homophobic, Islamaphobic and a Deplorable Dreg! Can I join the Identity Politic GAME?
          Oh! I forgot Fat Octogenarian Nam Veteran who Stands for the Flag and Kneels for the Cross.

      • Breaker 19 says:

        Not Native American. They didn’t use American Indians DNA. It was Mexican, Guatemalan, and Peruvian. She said she was Cherokee. They probably found no connection to the Cherokees so they hunted until they found something if you can call 1/1024th as something.

      • Mark H Giles says:

        I’m surprised that DNA didn’t hint at her be being the first Martian that survived a crash landing. Does she bleed green?

  7. Tony Bell says:

    Well folks, Warren did us the service of putting the final nail in identity politics. Now anyone anywhere can claim themselves to be minority status or anything else without resistance. Essentially we now, including white people, are all minorities which in essence nullifies the entire minorities status. Yea. No more “need” for affirmative action interventions. Thanks Elisabeth. Content of character and fruits of labor are the true measures of judgment.

  8. Dennis Marchant says:

    Does this really surprise anyone? If Trump had claimed to be Native American and the Native American tribal council said what the said about her, Harvard would have withdrawn his diploma. With warren, no harm no foul, let’s all be friends. Glad there is no double standard here in America.

  9. allen says:

    The only thing that I see that is prominent in Elizabeth Warren’s DNA is her propensity to lie which means that her ancestors probably came from a long line of lying idiots which, by the way, makes her a lying idiotic democrat.

  10. John A Cramer says:

    Like one person said before. You have to connect yourself to the Dawes Roll in the state of OKLAHOMA. And I also think that a person cannot be less than 1/16 Indian blood to also be admitted to a tribe. Correct me if I’m wrong.. My wife is 1/8 Oklahoma Indian. We have been trying for years to get her connected to the Dawes Roll by way of her relatives . no connection yet.

    • Paul says:

      The Dawes Rolls are not in Oklahoma and they list only Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, Seminole and their Black slaves called Freedmen, who were emancipated after the 13th Amendment passed. Since Willma Mankiller was Tribal Chair of the Western Band of the Cherokee there is no percentage to enroll as a tribal member but you ancestor’s name must be on the Dawes Rolls. Many of the five civilized tribal members didn’t trust the government so didn’t enroll the first time around and some never did. Some of the people doing the enrolling thought some didn’t look Indian enough (not Native American) so were not enrolled until their relatives complained. You can find the Dawes Rolls on line. If you r wife is one eighth then have her look up her ancestor’s name on the Dawes Rolls and contact the Western Band of Cherokee in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Because of Wilma they are the largest tribe in the country.

      The Dawes Commission, named for its first chairman Henry L. Dawes, was authorized under a rider to an Indian Office appropriation bill, March 3, 1893. Its purpose was to convince the Five Civilized Tribes to agree to cede tribal title of Indian lands, and adopt the policy of dividing tribal lands into individual allotments that was enacted for other tribes as the Dawes Act of 1887. No where were Native Americans mentioned. Just like the 1924 Indian Citizenship Act which allowed we American Indians to finally be citizens didn’t mention Native American because the authors of each of these documents were smart enough to know a native of a country is one born in that country. When you used Native to denote American Indian you are killing our history just as millions of our ancestors were killed. Look in any legal historical document and you won’t see Native American as it pertains to my people. I am 80 years old my grandfather on my dad’s side was born in 1860, my dad in 1900 and I was born in 1938 three years after the last Apache was killed in the United States. It didn’t stop in 1886.

      • John a. Cramer says:

        I live in OK. I know the Dawes Rolls are not in that state. I use the word “native American’ not to offend liberals. My wife calls herself “Indian”. The things you said are true. But the others problems are that sometimes the white person writing the names for the roll could not pronounce the Indian name, so it was changed to an “American” name that could be spelled and pronounced correctly.. In my wife’s case, her GF (1/2 Indian). His father left the family when her GF was very young and did not know his name and he never came back home.

  11. Grizz Mann says:

    No Cherokee or Delaware DNA was used. Mexican and South American tribes were substituted for absence of the proper DNA. Warren’s ancestors were involved with the Trail of Tears. Yes, the guards escorting the Cherokee nation to the Red man’s paradise. BTW, Oklahoma means Red People.

  12. Steveur says:

    Warren, will probably be given a “medal for bravery” by her Maggot Party and chide the right for being Bullies and racist against Native Americans. The Fake Press will not press her stupidity, but spin her 1/1000 as a valid ticket to be recognized and claim Warren was Ill treated by the Right. In all, Warren can be stuck with a fork, she’s done, cooked, roasted, as a done Turkey.

  13. LaVerne says:

    Why do these incompetent, stupid, low IQ people repeatedly get voted in to Congress over and over? They are an embarrassment to themselves as well as the USA. Lord help us!!!

    • Stephen Serafin says:

      Most politicians reflect the values of their constituents who are most likely low IQ people themselves. But you know how the game is played; sling enough mud at your Opponent, no matter how false it is and let your low IQ Constituents do the rest. Meanwhile, the smart people who live outside the district or State who can’t vote out these low IQ Politicians see the con job happening but can’t do anything about it. If it’s anything like what goes on in my State, people beech, moan, and complain, but keep voting the idiots back in. For that, most of us deserve the Darwin Award.

  14. Pete says:

    Not even 2%. That figure works out to less than 1/10 of 1% (or about 0.098%), so close enough to zero. Native American, my ass! Even more important are what our beliefs and values are – what makes up our moral compass.
    I was born in Berlin, Germany, my father was from Hamburg, and my mother from a small town near Vienna, Austria. My late wife was Italian/Irish/English. I remember telling one of the candy stripers about our ancestry just after our first son was born. She looked puzzled, and asked “What does that make him?” My wife and I looked at each other, smiled, and in unison replied “AMERICAN!!!” It was a proud moment! I became a naturalized citizen while in 5th grade – another proud moment – and served in the Air Force during the Viet Nam era. I am a Patriot, and know which way to vote!

  15. Nashoba Losa says:

    As far as Native American Tribes are concerned, DNA percentages are immaterial. The final Dawes Commission Roll verification was effective as of March, 1907. If you cannot trace your lineage by birth certificate back to a member of the Dawes Commission Roll, you cannot be a recognized member of one of those registered Tribes today. Elizabeth Warren cannot do so, not to the Cherokee Nation or any other tribe. Therefore, in effect, she was never a Native American and will never be a Native American, that was, is or will be recognized as a Native American. I speak from actual experience here as I am a member of the Chickasaw Nation here in Oklahoma because my grandfather was registered and his name appears on the Dawes Commission Roll as of 1907 and still is today.

  16. Mayflower relative says:

    Americans living in France can’t vote in French elections. DUH Same applies here.

  17. N.Wilson Oliver says:

    The person who wrote this article needs to brush up on math. 1/1024 is a a hell of a lot less than two percent! It means 1 in a 1000 rather than 20 in a thousand! I thought it was only the snowflakes who were out of touch with math. Warren is an Idiot rather than an Indian!

  18. Stephen says:

    Several years ago, i paid $35 plus shipping and handling to get a book that was all about “Free Money Uncle Sam was giving away. The guy who put all this stuff together must have gotten rich off suckers like myself. If you qualified as a Minority; if you were a woman owned business; and maybe dirt poor, you might be able to cash in. A white guy like myself didn’t qualify but Liz Warren must have seen the same advertisement that I was reading and had better circumstances in being able to re-invent herself because her advantage was being Female. So being Female and claiming to be American Indian opened a lot of closed doors for her. In my point of view, that is how a white female could game the system. Since she benefited by gaming the system, it would seem that she should be required to pay it back one way or another. I know that will never happen, but people who cheat should be able to keep the spoils.

  19. Guil Ordonez says:

    Warren is out of her teepeen mind

  20. KJHanover says:

    Isn’t it amazing–the rank stupidity of people who actually get elected to public office.

  21. noel way says:

    All these comments made my day! Very funny (and true)! Thanks to all of you! Your the BEST of the BEST!
    Dizzy Lizzy’s IQ and DNA tests will be identical, about 2%? I have to admit, the Dem’s like and promote mental disorders! You all have a great life!

  22. MJB says:

    1/1024, I thought that was the tally of legislation she created opposed to months in office.

  23. ronald fischer says:

    I am 20% Indian and that Bitch lizzie Borden is nothing but a complete Pathetic Liar,in fact the whole Democrat Nazi Party can go straight to hell for all i care i served in Vietnam in 1968 and was in the Infantry (RECON) and was wounded along with thousands of other young kids for our country.And it was two Democrats that started that war named JFK and that LBJ who was a member of the KKK in the 1950s along with 4 other Democrats that voted against the Civil Rights bill for the Black Folks but the Republicans had the votes to pass the bill and not one SS Democrat Nazi gave a yes vote.There ancestors probably were in a country called the Confederate States Of America ,which the Democrats held the Black folks has there slaves and wiped them if they didn’t do what they were told and as for today the Blacks are still the slaves of the SS Democrat Nazi Party and use them to get there votes by taxing the American People to give them what they need along with there Illegal Immigrants that we pay for there Food Stamps,Welfare and giving them housing and free medical.We must stop these insane SS Democrat Nazi Party at all cost or else this country will go to hell and we will be fighting the worst maniacs our country has ever seen which is called TYRANNY against the most corrupt and scandalous people in the SS Democrat Nazi Party that are nothing but Pathetic Liars and that includes the most Racist people in our country.

    • Michael says:

      Also, the open-borders Marxist Democrats are now aligned with Antifa. The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have labeled Antifa “a domestic terrorist organization”. Remember the Antifa protest chant: “NO BORDERS, NO WALL, NO USA AT ALL!”

  24. Although I understand what the polled question is getting at, I do in fact believe all people born here in the US are Native Americans. Just as there are Native Russians of Russia, Native French of France, Native Cubans of Cuba etc. The question would have been better stated as…Do you think Elizabeth Warren qualifies as Native American Indian? I’m not trying to split hairs, but I do know that there is always some group or individual out there, who will try to make political hay out of this. Someone will bring up the race issue or will claim racial insensitivity.
    But to the point, Elizabeth Warren is no more native American Indian than I am, perhaps even less. She outed herself trying to prove she was something she wasn’t. Definitely not Presidential material.

    • Paul says:

      You are correct about Native American and you are not splitting hairs. You are intellectually correct. My Lipan Apache grandfather was born in 1860, his son my dad in 1900 and I was born in 1938 three years after the last Apaches were killed in this country. I have two granddaughters whose DNA shows they are 14% Apache and they are not Native Americans. They were born in the UK when their dad was in the U.S. Air Force so they are Native Britons. My mother’s side is Mescalero Apache and my father had some Mexican blood. Columbus didn’t think he was in India he thought he was on an island off of Nippon which is Japan today. China was called Cathy and India was known mostly as Hindustan. Some maps did show it as India.

  25. Jersey Prophet says:

    Pocahontas pokedherownass. I thought for Dems white privilege exists. Why does one of the whitest of the white need to fake Indian blood to get ahead? Oxymoronic!

  26. Herrmann Glockler says:

    Warren may be a native American.
    She does not qualify as Native American

  27. russell says:

    the democrats like to make fools of themselves. vote republican no rhinos please they don’t count

  28. Robert says:

    Oh Mary Navratilova, loved and agreed with you’re posting. I also realize that the Democratic party allowed Marxist to intertwined with normal patriotic people have destroyed our government. We need a hearing and start asking what party and country they are loyal to. I don’t trust Schumer, Weinstein Schiff, Blumenthal and every other Berg, Stein, Cohen or any other Marxist Russian Jew Commie. Leave our great country or face tribunal with the rest of you losers.

  29. Dan says:


    • Shannon says:

      I can’t see “not” Pocahontas getting the Democrat nomination to run for President. But, hey, if she does get the Nomination, President Trump will be a 2 term president!

  30. JungleCogs says:

    Let’s see… Dr. Ford had her own polygraph test and Sen. Warren had her own DNA test, so if one is stopped for a DUI, it must be OK for you to conduct your own breath test.

  31. Dewey says:

    Ivory soap is 99.4 percent pure. This train wreck is more pure percentage wise than ivory soap. I hope she has exposed herself as the fake,phony fraud that she has become. Every white American with relatives dating back to 1824 has more more Indian blood in them than this pretentious fool. Pocahontas has exposed herself as the bafoon she portrays.

  32. Nick Zemantauski says:

    Liar but that’s ok because she’s a commie.They do as they please. Viva president Trump. I’m a Mexican American because I drink tequila.

  33. O Olon says:

    EW you are nothing but a red faced liar and you got caught didn’t you?? It couldn’t have happened to a better person and you do deserve all that goes with your deplorable actions.

  34. Bill says:

    Lizzy is a full-blooded lying bitch.

  35. Mary Navratilova says:

    I’m almost thirty years old pro-life and pro-family relatively young woman and mother of six minors, six small children. I will never stay home on Election Day. I will go vote on this Election Day in November sixth too. I don’t vote pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats and Republicans. I vote every election against these murders of the unborn children, sodomy, feminism, gender ideology and the Democratic Party. I’m going to vote and will vote only just pro-life and pro-family Republicans. The so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. The so-called Democratic Party wants ultra-left Neomarxist dictatorship in the USA! Politicians and supporters of the Democratic Party are Neomarxist extremists and the so-called Democratic Party is the extreme ultra-leftist Neomarxist party. Their pro-abortion and pro-sodomy agenda isn’t the agenda of the American people. This is agenda of the Democratic Communist Party U.S.A. and they will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration. Remember this, a vote for a Democratic Party is a vote for ultra-leftist pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Communism. Go Trump! Vote Trump! Vote pro-life and pro-family Republicans!! The Democratic Party and so-called Democrats want to control your life, tell you what you need to hear, what to do and tell you how to live. Unfortunately some people are just too stupid to know the truth and their ignorant gullable minds are of the sheep nature, being more than willing to be led to a slaughter by the filthy dirty ultra-left wing ultra-liberal Neomarxist dogs.

  36. FedUp says:

    Elizabeth Warren does not qualify as a Native American, she does however, qualify as an absolute lunatic!

  37. Joanna says:

    Warren should pay back what she took with her lies!! What a disgrace she is of cause she’ll get away with her lying mouth cause she is a DUMBORAT!!! Vote RED AMERICA !!

  38. Fr Tom Martin says:

    She should be made to pay back any and all benefits she got by falsifying that she is Indian.

  39. Shelly says:

    Leave it to a leftist to have whatever they do backfire right in their face. All they’ve done is create chaos for absolutely no reason at all. You call that STUPIDITY!

    • Joseph says:

      Yeah, they can come up with some real wild things to promote their agenda!!!Its like Gutfeld says, “She has more DNA common to a Jeep than she does to a Native American”… If we had not allowed the Democrat/Left party to give so many of their constituents so much I would wager that they would not be voting for them, knowing the outright fakery they expel!!!

  40. James P Hutchins says:

    warren is a fake just like the rest of the liberal trash in Washington DC swamp.

  41. Maria says:

    This “big-mouth lying liberal” just did it hoping to say she is Cherokee Indian for 2020… now the idiot shot herself in the head…. This will be something to see if she runs against President Trump@!

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