Megyn Kelly instantly regretted this backstage explosion

NBC must regret hiring Megyn Kelly.

Her career at the Peacock Network has been a combination of controversy and poor ratings.

Now word leaked out about a backstage blowup that has Kelly on the hotseat.

Kelly has tried to repurpose her flailing morning show as a platform for women to speak out against abusers.

She had three of the women who lobbed questionable accusations against President Trump on her show to speak out.

But it turns out Kelly is the one who may have a problem.

Kelly allegedly berated a makeup artist when she was at Fox News in such profane and abusive fashion that the woman was awarded $25,000.

Breitbart reports:

“Megyn Kelly reportedly verbally abused a Fox News makeup artist by calling her a “f**king bitch,” which forced Fox News to give the staffer, the late Alexis McKinney, a $25,000 payout.

Kelly is trying to present herself as a champion of women’s rights, but a Daily Mail report also notes that Kelly was “insensitive to another makeup artist who had a miscarriage” and once deliberately kept a female guest clueless about her show’s topics “while flirting with the men also appearing on air” because she did not want another female potentially upstaging her.

According to the report, when Kelly co-anchored Fox’s America’s Newsroom, she was upset one morning because “she didn’t have an appointment to get her make-up done.”

“By the time she got to the third make-up artist, Alexis, she was upset. Alexis was working on Fox & Friends guests and they all had to be finished before 9am so it was impossible for her to take Megyn,” the insider told Daily Mail. “When Alexis told her she didn’t have time to do her make-up, Megyn turned around and called her a ‘f**king bitch.’”

Another source told Daily Mail that McKinney, who passed away in a car accident in 2014, was “deeply upset” after Kelly’s verbal abuse, which was the “last straw.”

Nothing positive has happened to Kelly since she left Fox News for NBC.

One of her shows was quietly pulled from the schedule and her morning show has been nothing short of a disaster.

The only question remaining is will NBC find a way out of Kelly’s contract or will they wait her out?


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29 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    Jelly ruined herself with the first 3 statements during the 1st debate; when she showed her ignorance about Rosie! If she had done her homework, she would have known that it was Rosie who started with Trump ( who in the beginning ) ignored her remarks but when she kept it up he rebuttals and she didn’t like that! That’s how that whole thing started; but Megan is just stupid & she thought she would make a name for herself which backfired on her

  2. Bob Hunt says:

    Apparently this very angry girl’s chickens are coming home to roost!

  3. Don Franks says:

    My wife should be writing this but she wanted me to do it. She controls the TV remote from early morning till supper so during the morning and afternoon we watch what she wants. She was already unhappy with the Today shows 1st 2 hours. Mat was a jerk and all the good females kept leaving! But the 3rd hour with Al, Dylan and Shanelle was great! We both loved it!! We also both enjoyed Kathy & Hoda. When the show dropped the 3rd hour format to add Megan my wife got very upset. Soon I agreed with her. She immediately stopped watching any of the Today show! When all our kids are home we have a total of 6 ladies together. Thanksgiving my wife asked the gals what they thought of Megyn. 2 answered together, “I hate her”. Another said, “I can’t stand her”. A discussion ensued. None will watch her. Since the 5 kids work they have to DVR the show to watch later. They have all stopped taping the show and will not watch any of the Today show except on Sat. when they get to see some of the people they enjoy such as Dylan and Willie or Carson. Please get rid of Megyn and bring back the old 3rd hour format with Al, Dylan, Shanelle!!!!!

  4. KAZ says:



  5. Godfrey Buquet says:

    Ms. Kelly has failed some time back. She either changed her political picture or was no longer hiding her true beliefs and either way, she is done. It is sad because she had it really going until she let it get personal between her and Mr. Trump. To get into a tizzy with someone like Donald Trump is really a failure. She just didn’t take the time to realize that people like Trump can return answers much quicker than the likes of people like Kelly. One must realize that Trump has been stronger in answers than she will ever be. When one plays with the big boys they have to suffer the consequences. It’s just fate and she made the mistake, not Trump. Sorry Megan but you don’t have a strong personality, as evident with your Vladimir Putin interview. The man wiped the floor with you. Your best bet is to retire and write a book on the truth how you got to where you are.

    • Nancy Bernard says:

      NBC deserves Meghan Kelly. Self centered, egotistical, bitch needs to learn to keep her mouth shut! She sure didn’t learn her lesson after attacking Donald Trump did she. What’s with women like Meghan and Oprah, do they honestly believe every person in this country lives for their final word, that they are akin to God? That goes for Hollywood celebrities and Football players who take a knee and insult the country they made millions in because of a Capitalistic Society, yet, they want it to change into a liberal’s idea of Communism! Thank our Father in Heaven that the majority of Americans have something these people lack, common sense.

  6. Robert Whitis says:

    The main street media’s bias has become so common that they Would do or say anything (True or Not) to bash Trump! I don’t think they realize that half their audience like Trump and still do as they are willing to put up with “Non-Politically Correct comments and non thought out statements as long as he is getting results! He IS getting results that are good for this country! The bashers are getting fewer and fewer viewers as their antics are getting old!

  7. Janusz says:

    Who cares if she is fire or not . Since 2012 NBC is garbage anyway.

  8. Gerald Ladd says:

    NBC= Nothing But Crap. She fits right in with them

  9. Donna says:

    Real women do not respect Megyn. She is a fraud and Hillary supporter. She totally messed up her life when she turned on Trump. She is not a woman of common sense at all. I have not watched her since the debate. She is not worth my time.

  10. Dominic says:

    Megyn Kelly seems to be following in Hillary Clinton’s footsteps. In 1975 Clinton got two child molesters off with time served, then laughed about it on an audio recording after which she denied it was her. She then tried to re-make herself as a champion of women’s rights.

  11. Robbie whitehead says:

    , I left Fox News for Oan one American news the greatest News Network on TV you’ll never watch anything else Channel 347 on DirecTV you get more news in 30 minutes then you do in 8 hours on the

  12. I always called her Dogface Megyn Kelly; because, I have always envisaged her as nothing more than an animal.

  13. Gideon Rockwell says:

    Megyn is the result of cosmetic surgery and silicone. I think all that collagen and silicone is causing her to have delusions of adequacy. Pretty and perky does not equate talent though it may earn her a job as hostess at a high end eatery.

  14. george shores says:

    i cut her loose long before fox did, her first couple questions to trump during the first debate did it for me, and Bret bear, was another one at the debates, i think him and megyn was in it together!

  15. Capn Jack says:

    Never watch, any of the alphabet networks, I so don’t care.

    • Trump supporter says:

      I agree…all the networks except FOX have gone so far left that their only aim is to bring down President Trump…broadcasting the factual news is DEAD…. the purpose of a news broadcast station is to inform the public of the FACTS of what is happening in Washington, the other states n your hometown … all u get is left wing politics…enough already….here’s a message to the left…..u lost the election n the people have elected a man who wants to make America great again…..GET OVER IT !!!!!!

    • Brian says:

      Same here bunch of women sitting around bashing people!!!!

    • FRANK CLARK says:


  16. Bev Campbell says:

    Megyn is exactly the kind of woman that women in general HATE, no point in trying to take the stance as a champion of women, we neither like nor trust her.

  17. Jan13 says:

    Don’t know, don’t care if they do. When NBC and the other alphabet networks start treating Pres. Trump fairly, I may start to care about them. I don’t watch any of the “big “3 networks.

  18. David says:

    They are waiting on “Hugh” returning, reopening the “mansion” and hiring her as one of the drink servers.

  19. Bill Wilson says:

    My take on Megyn Kelly is that she equates herself with our solar system. She is the sun and everything revolves around her. The major problem for her is that she ain’t the brightest light in the universe.

  20. Glen Robins says:

    They do not have the guts to fire her

    • Godfrey Buquet says:

      They know they made a mistake in hiring her and to fire her would be admitting such. She’ll play out her contract and revert back to a dizzy blond. No insult to any other blond because they, as a whole, are much smarter than Ms. Kelly. Have a good one.

  21. Cp123 says:

    We are so sick of the same old stuff. Who cares about Metoo anymore. Come up with something original and relevant or go away.

  22. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Far as I’ve ever seen of Megyn Kelly, all sheeverwasiseye candy to draw male viewers. NBC would do themselves afavor to cut her loose too.

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