Megyn Kelly immediately regretted attacking one Trump supporter

Megyn Kelly is restarting her feud with a high-profile Trump supporter.

It’s a desperate bid to generate media buzz.

But she immediately regretted attacking this individual the second the words left her mouth.

Kelly appeared on MSNBC and attacked talk show host Alex Jones – who is a prominent Trump supporter – after the parents of Sandy Hook victims announced they were suing Jones for defamation over comments he made alleging they were crisis actors.

The Daily Caller reports:

“The point of this lawsuit is to stop it–to stop it–once and for all,” Kelly said. “The point of our speaking to Alex Jones was to expose him for the, untethered conspiracy theorist that he is and he clearly hasn’t learned his lesson, because even in response to that, he continues with the nonsense and the lies to the detriment of the Newtown families.”

Kelly also said, “It’s about time someone tried to hold him accountable in the courts.”

Jones is being sued by parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook shooting.

Jones has made conspiracy claims about the shooting before, saying that it was fake. He later tried to walk back such claims, saying he was playing “devil’s advocate.”

Last summer, Kelly interviewed Jones on the second episode of her Sunday Night news magazine.

Liberal critics trashed the interview because Jones got the better of Kelly.

That marked the beginning of the end of any chance she had to succeed at NBC.

Liberal viewers were turned off by her performance.

Conservatives already didn’t trust her.

So this left her without any audience she could claim as her base.

Attacking Jones on MSNBC was her attempt at career rehabilitation.

But will it work?

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36 Responses

  1. Naels out . Knives in. Michelle is such a phpny!!! This is one angry woman never satisfied . That south these teerheid never impact word om, just ANGER.

  2. Debra Felder says:

    I agree, Mr. Smith needs to be canned! Shows his favoritism daily, where has his “objectivity” & true journalism gone? Just report, & I will make “my own conclusion”!

  3. Debra Felder says:

    Best one yet! She made her bed, now she can lie in it.

  4. Mike H says:

    Only idiots watch that show. And as far as the people she has on it they’re generally idiots too.Otherwise why would she even have them on. She doesn’t want any confrontations of any kind.Pushing her agenda brings her ratings. But does nothing for the country.

  5. michael says:

    her morning show is very good. she seems to be very intelligent and connects very well and connects very well with guests to bring their full story out. if she criticizes trump, who cares, i cant support the loser either!!

  6. Shirley says:

    She’s so insignificant that it doesn’t warrant a comment from me or anyone else, for that matter.


  7. NBC has already overpaid her to come with their station, they may not fire her right away but no body that has a brain watches her program, she is a total bust in the ratings and unless she turns every thing around she will eventual hear you are fired, she has jumped on the hate train for Trump so much no one wants to hear her go on and on about why he is totality inadequate to be president, seems to me he is doing a fine job even with all the democRATS , rinos and other back stabbing a**holes he has to put up with

  8. Dave Mack says:

    I used to watch this attractive lady nightly until Fox debate #1. When she started her BS I immediately saw the real mk. Dont forget chris wallace sitting next to her with the “gotcha Trump ” look on his face when she pulled off her act. Have not watched either since. Time for Fox to replace wallace and move one of their solid hitters into his time slots. It worked great for me when they (Fox) got rid of pro-clinton mk, and mike wallace also appears to be part of the D.C. swamp .

  9. Dolores says:

    Hope NBC will fire Meagan Kelly, She has no right to attack a Trump supporter just because she is anti’Trump.

  10. Rawley Jones ii says:

    Most overpaid and overrated news person ever

  11. Nick says:

    I used to have some respect for her, but she was trashing the Presiden, that did for me.
    I was glad to see her go.

  12. Tom Martin says:

    They will not fire her because they would be the laughing stock of the industry. They spent a fortune on a dud. FOX pull one over on them.

  13. Bob @ says:

    Who Cares?
    maybe she can compete with stormy in a popularity contest of some sort??

  14. Mott says:

    They will not because that this will get them RATINGS, I agree she should be fired but I don’t see that happening.

  15. Frances Shannon says:

    Megyn Kelley and Shepard Smith should both be fired. Neither one can hold back their for our great President.

  16. Edward Halford says:

    Did you ever notice that Dems are all sue happy? They sue when they’re happy they sue when they’re sad. And most lawyers are liberals too and know all the liberal judge’s. They always move the trial someplace across the country so as to bankrupt their victim. America is heading for a big crash and lawyer’s are at the wheel. By the way, Megan is just another no talent shock jock.

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