Megyn Kelly exposed one scandal at CNN that had all hell breaking loose

Fake news CNN is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people.

But their false front is collapsing.

And Megyn Kelly exposed one scandal at CNN that had all hell breaking loose.

Megyn Kelly let loose on fake news CNN.

What set the former Fox News anchor off was a monologue by CNN anchor Don Lemon.

CNN presents Lemon as an objective journalist, but in the monologue Kelly cited Lemon compared himself to Howard Beale – the lead character from the movie Network – and declaring it was time for the American people to shout they were mad as hell and not going to take it anymore over Donald Trump’s supposed “lying.”

Kelly noted this was a clear example of a supposed “journalist” acting like a liberal activist.

It is also true – as Kelly noted – that the so-called “mainstream media” acts like Fox News and One America News Network are partisan outlets while the rest of the media practices journalistic rigor and adheres to objective reporting.

That is just a lie.

Megyn Kelly and millions of other Americans can cite chapter and verse examples of how the Fake News Media stopped trying to inform the American people and instead works day and night to advance the Democrat Party agenda.

These fake journalists and so-called “news” organization should be called out for this professional malpractice whenever it takes place.

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62 Responses

  1. Patricia says:

    His last names gives him away “Lemon”.
    Jealous people are usually the first ones to retaliate over everything someone else says or does. When you laugh at the American people and disrespect not only the President but also his family, that is just sick. He is in love Obama. Can’t wait to see him after President Trump is re-elected. Need to tape it like the View. All these people are going to go crazy. Will be a comedy for all. Somebody better get a hospital ready for the anti-Trump derangement syndrome collapse. Maybe call the hospital President Donald J Trump.

  2. HowdyDooty says:

    I agree that CNN should have their FCC license pulled. They are more than a propoganda machine for the progressive left. Don Lemon, Abilio Acosta and the rest of the crew should lose their rights to propogate fake news. They’re not objective, they are extremely biased and should not be allowed to spew lies to the country.
    The surprise is Megan Kelly, who was trying to take down DJT in the debates is saying this? Could be she’s realized the left doesn’t want her. But I don’t think anyone on the right wants her either? She’s a news whore, who will do or say anything just for money and ratings.

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