Megyn Kelly crossed the one line no one saw coming

NBC’S Megyn Kelly is most famous for one feud.

She fought with Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

Now she crossed the one line no one saw coming.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos undid one of Barack Obama’s worst legacies.

The Obama administration encouraged schools to treat sexual assaults as Title IX violations.

Instead of police investigating claims of rape and sexual assault on college campuses, the Obama administration forced schools to create kangaroo courts that shredded the rights of the accused.

Kelly shocked viewers by praising the Trump administration’s decision.

Newsweek reports:

NBC host Megyn Kelly on Thursday said former President Barack Obama’s administration went “too far back” in seeking to protect college students claiming they were sexually assaulted, “completely eroding” the due process rights of the accused.

Kelly made the remark on her show Megyn Kelly Today a day after The New York Times reported that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is crafting new policies on how colleges deal with sexual harassment and assault cases that would boost protections for those accused.

“I’ve been covering this closely for years, for years, and I understand the argument on the one side that we were in a position, back when I went to school, back in my day, when the pendulum was completely against the woman, right?” said Kelly, who is a victim of sexual misconduct.

“And so there was a problem that needed solving,” Kelly continued. “But I would submit that the Obama administration overcorrected the problem and swung the pendulum too far back against the accused, completely eroding their due process rights.”

Liberals were furious.

Former ESPN host Jemele Hill – who is best known for her racist views – slammed Kelly.

Liberals like Jemele Hill hate the Constitution.

They believe the outcome is the most important thing.

And victims of sexual assault and rape deserve justice.

But the judicial system was set up to protect the rights of the accused.

Americans believe that if the government is going to deprive you of life, liberty or property that the government should have to pass the highest burden possible.


74 Responses

  1. Brenda says:

    Discriminatory social constructs have resulted in an economic and political system that is inherently hostile to women. Social constructs supports a pandemic of gender-based violence perpetuates that system. Domestic and sexual violence are not deviant or pathological acts but rather are part of a socially accepted system of control.

    Rape is the “all-American crime.” Rape is a political mechanism of male social control; a kind of terrorism which severely limits the freedom of women/girls and makes women/girls. It is a conscious process of fear and intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear. It is not the act of rape itself, but the fact that it can be done is a source of oppression. It is not an isolated event or moral transgression or individual interchange gone wrong but an act of terrorism and torture within a systematic context of group subjection, like lynching.
    The amount of cognitive dissonance it must take to blame women for their own persecution and protect, defend, excuse men from the consequences of their actions is astounding .

    No wonder the United States is rated in the top 10 of the most dangerous countries in the world for women to live in and has the distinction of being the only industrialized, Western nation to make the list. Oh yes, the US is right up there with Syria. We should be soooooooooo proud!

  2. N says:

    Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too!

  3. Johnny says:

    j hill is a disgusting racist.

  4. Ernst says:

    Criticism from jemele Hill is a compliment.

    • gator1246 says:

      Every case should check , if a person is found guilty , they should be punished . If some one accuse’s a person and its not true , they should also be punished also .


  6. K says:

    Hussein Obama slapped the faces of every rape or sexual assault victim when he changed the guidelines for how these cases were classified. In the midst of all these snowflakes demanding that real men be something God never intended by bullying them into become softer & less manly. This is BS & just another way to weaken then ruin the male race. Next they will push forward their “women can go anything a man can do” jibberish, they will probably start offering testosterone to females & hormones to men.
    So then, when it’s women being chemically altered that begin raping & assaultunh, what the ??
    I said all that because I’m trying to figure out what mess Hussein Obama was trying to avoid OR what mess he was trying to create. Guess I need to reread “RULES FOR RADICALS” so I can see any connections.

    • RufusVonDufuss says:

      That’s because O’vomit is/was/always will be a muslim male and we know how those p’sos treat women.

    • Brenda says:

      god bless people like you, who believe women are men’s personal ATM machines to satisfy their sexual, lustful appetites whenever and wherever men feel like. Who believe men should be protected and babied AT ALL COSTS, from facing the consequences of their uncontrollable, cruel, brutal, base, vile actions no matter what. (sarcasm added)

      • Charles says:

        Brenda, sounds like you have very low estrogen and very high testosterone levels. Jealous that most women won’t be you sexual ATM. I guess you don’t like the competition.

  7. HARTLEY says:


  8. Sheldon Nadler says:

    Jemele Hill is an ugly, fat, Democratic Communist, fekeless black cunt and should tarred and feathered. Oh yes. ESPN fired her black ass!

  9. Martin Korab says:

    Jemele Hill is a member of the Democratic Communist Party and she will say or do anything to obstruct the Trump Administration in any way she can. She’s slamming Kelly because she knows that Kelly is right on target. Most of the rapes and assaults in college are committed by black male students. All you have to do is check the records. They don’t want their little men children prosecuted for any crimes, no matter what they do. Well thats just too bad for Jemele Hill and anybody that thinks like her. I don’t care who you are or what color you are, raise your kids to respect the law and they will turn out fine. Raise them in a racist house that preaches hate towards white people and we will make sure they pay for their crimes. The black race is the most racist race on the entire planet and Obama had a big hand in making that happen. All I know, is the word racist, is used every time the black race cannot get their way in any argument. Anyone who does not agree with their dumb excuses is a racist. The decent, hard working blacks in this country have to be ashamed of the black people that make all black people look bad. Please don’t worry, the white people of this country are not so narrow minded and we don’t paint everyone with such a broad brush, however we will call it the way we see it and we are not afraid of any of the black militants who call everyone who does not agree with them, racists. Black or white, you want to keep your kids out of prison, raise them to respect the law and other people, otherwise shut your big fat mouths and take responsibility for your actions. Sincerely, Martin Korab

  10. catherine says:

    she was a lot prettier on Fox! A little late megyn.

  11. When Megan reached the top she took off her knee pads ,and fell flat on her face…

  12. Bob says:

    Sorry Kelly, too late to change your tune.

    • Lets give her a second chance after all Obama , Bush , Clinton who betrayed the country and the peoples’ trust was re elected . She must now realized how corrupt those presidents and their administrations are, she should have learned it by now. If she is going to be a genuine conservative republican and support conservative agenda of President Trump, I would welcome her back.

  13. Anne says:

    The biggest danger to a male in college or any man today is to date a woman. All a woman has to do today is point a finger and day her life is ruined . Even a pat on the arm cambe construed as assault. Years ago we did not ever go to any mans room alone or enter a car with a passing acquaintance. Any man accused of anything is judged by public oppinion. long before he is formally charged.

    • Rebecca says:

      Exactly!! Women need to take some responsibility also….not just the man! I was told by my Mother not to ever go to a man’s house alone, or ever to his bedroom!! You would simply be sending him a signal….it’s OK! Aside from Cosby and Weinstein (actual beasts)….most men would honor a woman who acts like a lady….but not today….the women are seeking men in bars constantly, so what you see is what you get! As for mostly black men in colleges now, raping women….it’s in their DNA to rape…..and even kill….it is inborn animal instinct….rioting, extreme emotion (low plane/ low intelligence)…..and if that sounds racist, it’s really just facts. However, the more they call whitey racist, to produce a guilt trip in us, the more I lean into being racist…..or it’s the culture, …because I really don’t like either one! I wasn’t reared the way they are, and I hold true to my own culture. Some are decent, and I respect that, but most are still group consciousness control. If I choose to be racist,….I have that right….and no amount of force can change that!

  14. The media and the DNC are all telling the same lies so it does not who you watch. The most disastrous lie that far too many people believe is that CO2 is going to make the earth too hot for us to live on. The true problem is that there is one denier that they cannot discredit. Its our sun and it is being very consistent in its cycles. What it is doing is much the same as it has been doing every 206 for millions of years. We don’t have to worry about it getting too hot but in the next 16 it will get so cold that food will not grow in most areas of the world. People will starve and freeze to death while volcanos and earthquakes will cause great damage This time it will be far worse because in 1811 and 1812 there were far fewer people and most lives on farms and we were not so absolutely dependent on electricity. The great lie is causing most people in the developed world to question or not believe what is happening even if they ever hear about it. Just ask anyone if they know about the Grand Solar Minimum and you will find almost no one does. You tell them that they better prepare but few if any will start to do anything to get ready. That is why I have set up this blog to inform people and have gotten very little response. Please take a look at it, become informed and spread the word to save lives. .

  15. veritas says:

    Well, you have to appreciate Megyn for independence in thought, because an allegation alone is not enough to destroy a person. Plus I appreciate how she saw the terrible culture of Fox with the males in charge who had ego issues and allowed blatant sexual harassment. A journalist asks TOUGH questions, but when it came to Trump, he squealed like a little girl. That man is always whining and complaining when he is not doing favors for his boss, Vladimir.

  16. Judy Stinger says:

    I’m surprised that Kelly is still on the air because it’s been reported Helen Pizmo her readings are. She is supporting President Trump but the reality is she only does with benefits her so she must see something that she can get out of doing that. Reports are saying that NBC is far from thrilled with her but she stuck because she burned too many bridges when she left FOX and throughout her career.

  17. They didn’t like my post, claiming I had posted it before which is not true.

    • T-pac says:

      HEY guys maybe she had seen the LIGHT aBoUt President Trump that EVERYTHING his ADMINISTRATION r trying to do with all the “ LEFT WING NUT CASES “ obstruction. And we can only HOPE FOR MORE DEFECTORS LIKE HER

    • LARRY says:

      they did me the same way,claimed that I posted my statement before ,WE ARE BEING SENSORED BY THE COMMIE PIGS !!!!!!

  18. Megn was a victim of sexual assault? The truth is the opposite, he turned her down.

  19. James says:

    Bottom line is that the “Powers to be” that have control of all those anti Trump shows are liberal democrats and therefore behind the shadows strike out at Trump and let the station and the show host take all the heat while they sit back and grin, even though the ratings and bottom line decrease. The don’t care because hate overcomes ratings and income. Far as Kelly goes, she was a rising star until she chose to be anti Trump at the debates and then followed up when she was at Fox and continued to be anti Trump and look how that worked out for her.

  20. Celia says:

    Too late for you Kelly- should have been more respectful to the President.

  21. Terry Rodwell says:

    Chris Wallace and Hiraldo Rivera need to go bowling. Can’t ever be sure what side of the fence they’re working, but Rivera at least is a friend (half the time) to the President. I don’t know WHAT Wallace is, but the term “turncoat” comes to mind. I think he’s just FOR himself, and that’s it.

  22. Terry Rodwell says:

    MEGYN KELLY – Maybe her very FIRST compliment to our President in two years will help her show, ’cause it can’t be for any other reason. JUAN WILLIAMS – My GOD, every single day I have to MISS “The Five”‘s entire show because I’m scrolling through his ignorant, non-sensical political CRAP. SHEPARD SMITH – Sick of watching him “perk up” and grin every chance he gets to “stick it” to our President. Does Fox REALLY need this guy? NEIL CAVUTO – When Trump first won, Cavuto cut Obama a new one. But little by little, Cavuto sounds like a scared little girl at every turn. Disgusting. BRET BAIER – this attorney is still fighting every day FOR our President and I’ve never seen any shift in his attitude for almost three years. GO BRET !!!!!!

    • Bill says:

      I’m with you. I Can’t believe how Shepard flipped so far. I can’t stand him. I like Niel He just needs to grow some new ones, and Bret is still good.

      • btaylor says:

        I remember him on the bridge in New Orleans after Katrina spewing out lies about what was going on. The people on the bridge were not helped by anyone, much less OLD SHEP. He was able to get a TV truck on the bridge, but not help anyone.

    • Patrick Murphy says:

      Jurybaby democrat-get rid of him!an Williams is a c

      • Patrick Murphy says:


        • Patrick Murphy, You are so right and I thank you! Many of the “RATS” should be impeached out of office. In my opinion, they are SUCH LOSERS!

        • Judy says:

          I agree with you but it’s ok, let everyone see what an ignorant , always one sided person he is- that will never give credit where credit is due. It only shows everyone what the left is all about! A bunch of hypocrites that drink all the kool-aid….what a shame! Such ignorance!

    • George Philips says:

      I couldn’t agree more. S. Smith just got a big new contract with FOX, I surely don’t understand why. He would fit in well on CNN or MSNBC.. We don’t watch the. Five anymore because of Juan W.
      Try watching FOX Business instead.

  23. Tony says:

    The lefties scream, holler, rant and rave about “due process “ for illegal aliens. We know every illegal is a criminal. Yet, they want male citizens to be drawn and quartered based on allegations. Sounds about right for liberal logic

  24. Merion says:

    Jemele is hateful and a dumbass. Why listen to her?

  25. Ann says:

    The media/journalists USED to have honor. They were only interested in finding the truth. Now, the truth means nothing, they only care for the biggest headlines and pushing their own agendas (or the agendas of their bosses) on the American people. It is pathetic. What happened to the truth? What happened to honor? Can’t stand watching ANY tv, movies, etc. I even find that some books I read I have to put down because the author is so obviously left in they way they write! So sad…

  26. viet nguyen says:

    Who cares about what M Kelly said or opined, she is an ambitious, and greedy woman, was high to the top
    thanks to Foxnews, then down almost unheard with the nbc FakeNews, just for the money. bad girl just wanted more !

  27. Marilyn Hopson says:

    yes I agree with all the conservatives the media is fake news and they are the enemy of the people for all conservatives may God have mercy on their souls they will have to pay for this one day and Megyn Kelly thank you for finally seeing the truth the light and the way with our president Donald J Trump

  28. Don says:

    Jemele Hill needs to go back under the rock she crawled from under. If she indeed hates the Constitution then she needs to move to Iran and see how she likes it there.

  29. GC says:

    I dumped cable, Satellite and use a $70 HD antenna. Now I get 84 channels with local news and some national news with Air Antenna but no more ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC, CNN, or even FNC unless it’s from my local station. Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Shep Smith, Neil Cavuto, and even Bret Baier and a few others have gone off the reservation and are no longer worth listening to because they all push the Young Murdoch and their wives liberal positions. Grow a pair or get off the air!!!! MAGA!!!

  30. Janet says:

    It was interesting to read Megyn Kelly’s viewpoint in agreement with Donald Trump’s policy. Looks like she’s doing some reasonable thinking these days!

    • Rodzzz says:

      Are you accusing her of being in possession of a brain? Did she finally procure one?

      • Jayne Dough says:

        Rodzzz: I doubt Kelly grew a brain, her ego is way too big for a brain to exist in her head. However, on this topic, I do agree with her. Even a broken watch is right twice a day. Meghan just got lucky. She’s still a Trump hater, so I’m not going to hold my breath for her to give any more words of wisdom…..

    • Judy says:

      I agree with you but it’s ok, let everyone see what an ignorant , always one sided person he is- that will never give credit where credit is due. It only shows everyone what the left is all about! A bunch of hypocrites that drink all the kool-aid….what a shame! Such ignorance!

  31. Rosemarie H Douglass says:


  32. Richard Worrall says:

    OOPS, now maybe Megan will pull her head out of her, as paratroopers call it, “her fourth point of contact” and do what the erst of America is doing. Watch what Mr Trump is doing, not saying! Words do hurt, but not a whole Nation as the previous POTUS did!

  33. Mary says:

    CNN, NBC AND MSNBC are all owned by the same News outlets. They stopped reporting the true facts during the debates, when they gave Hillary an advance cheat sheet as to the questions that would be asked during the the debates. They have stepped over the entire time that That President Trump has been in office. The one line that all MEDIA has respected will ALL PRESIDENTS MINOR CHILDREN was that they were OFF LIMITS. CNN, NBC have shown ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for BARON. If I were President Trump I would bann all these reporters from the WHITE HOUSE. They aren’t interested in reporting the news, they MAKE UP the news and ALWAYS WITH UNNAMED SOURCES.

    • John Flynn says:

      Don’t forget that the media have gone against one of Trump’s grandchildren, as well. Despicable!!

    • Victor Riggs says:

      But if he bans the fake news media (all of them!) we wouldn’t get to see Sarah kick their asses at the press conferences!

    • Jayne Dough says:

      Mary: I believe the collective lame street media began their descent into la-la land during the run up to the 2000 Presidential elections. They lost their minds after election day Nov 2000 when we didn’t know who won. If you recall, the Bush bashing was out of control during that time period with CNN and BSNBC leading the way. The flood gates were all opened and somewhere along the line it become OK and socially acceptable for the media to outright lie, say awful things and use vulgar language//name calling about our President. For 8 years GWBush was excoriated by the media. Then 8 years of Obama and the lying media became part of the Deomorat party cheer-leading and promoting all things Obama (continued to buy into Obama’s “blame Bush for everything” mantra. 95% of the media is so dishonest and disreputable one cannot believe anything they say or write. Liars, phonies and un-American are they all. I hope they all take the express lane to hell when judgment day arrives for each one of them.

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