Megyn Kelly couldn’t stop laughing at this humiliating video of Joe Biden

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Joe Biden’s time in office is one lowlight after another.

It’s been a Presidential blooper reel like none other.

And now Megyn Kelly couldn’t stop laughing at this humiliating video of Joe Biden.

The Democrat Party’s pro-Hamas base is making life difficult for Joe Biden.

Biden initially defended Israel’s right to respond to the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack.

Hamas jihadists slaughtered 1,300 people in a sneak attack that blindsided Israel.

But Democrats operate their party on a hierarchy of identity politics so Israel is the enemy while Hamas is the oppressed. 

That’s leading to absurd scenes where a bearded female rabbi confronted Joe Biden demanding he call for a ceasefire in Israeli military operations to wipe out Hamas.


Megyn Kelly found the whole thing ridiculous and couldn’t stop laughing at the level of confusion in that individual.

“Jessica is a man pretending to be a woman, and I don’t know if she is pretending to be a rabbi, too,” Kelly stated, adding “She is a bearded lady Reconstructionist rabbi.”

But what’s not a laughing matter is the fact that Hamas’ spokesman promised the group would carry out more attacks like the one on October 7.


Despite Hamas’ promise to slaughter Jews, an increasing number of Democrats – including Joe Biden – are calling for a pause in military operations to allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza.

“The current rate of civilian death inside Gaza is unacceptable and unsustainable,” gun-grabbing Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy wrote in a statement. “I urge Israel to immediately reconsider its approach and shift to a more deliberate and proportionate counterterrorism campaign.”

“A mutually agreed-upon humanitarian pause is the only way to deliver adequate aid to those in need, create space for negotiations for the release of hostages, and chart a path forward that protects civilians,” Hawaii Democrat Senator Brian Schatz stated. “Continued violence will no doubt compound this already dire situation.”

“I think we need a pause,” Biden declared.

Hamas will seize any humanitarian aid that enters Gaza for its own purposes.

The terrorist group is currently hoarding 200,000 barrels of fuel in underground tunnels in preparation for its war against Israel, which deprives the people of Gaza of much-needed fuel.

But they want a ceasefire – which will only benefit Hamas – because their base is up in arms and Democrats worry about a turnout problem in 2024.

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