Megyn Kelly came out of retirement to tell one truth that left jaws on the ground

Megyn Kelly made her return to Fox News.

But that was just the start of a surprising comeback.

And that’s because Megyn Kelly came out of retirement to tell one truth that left jaws on the ground.

Megyn Kelly made her first appearance on Fox News in nearly three years when she sat for an interview with Tucker Carlson.

During the conversation, the two touched on media bias.

Kelly surprised Fox viewers by flat out admitting the media dropped any pretense of neutrality and now actively works to defeat Donald Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

“There was a premise that the other media, the mainstream media, maybe they weren’t far left, but that there was a baked-in bias against people who believe in homeschooling, who believe in a pro-life position, who might have a gun,” Kelly said, speaking about how the media has changed and describing how Fox News began. “And so they made a whole empire based on programming to those people. I think what’s happened now on the other half of the country, on sort of the mainstream, is they have embraced it.”

“It was sort of passive and now it’s active. Now it’s, ‘Let’s work. He’s too bad. We have to work together. We’ll be judged. History will judge as whether we were for or against this man [Trump].’

CKelly noted this change came before voters elected Trump in 2016 and mentioned an interview she did with Jorge Ramos of Univision, who argued that journalists must become partisan and “abandon neutrality.”

“He said, ‘That’s over. You’ve got to come out and you’ve got to say Trump’s a racist. Trump’s a misogynist. Trump’s a bigot. Whatever your view is, you’ve got to say it and you’ve got to sell it, and that the time for neutrality has passed,’” she recalled. “And I do believe he’s [Ramos] persuaded — and others have come to their own conclusion — that that’s the way forward.”

Kelly should know.

She worked at NBC news for a little over a year and got a taste of how so-called “journalists” at a “mainstream” media outlets operate.

Kelly and Trump famously feuded during the 2016 campaign.

But even Donald Trump’s barbs did not color her view of how the so-called “mainstream” media covers the President.

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56 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    YOU BRING IT GIRL !!! Bring the Truth that the MAINSTREAM wont bring !! I am through with all of the media !! Megyn, BRING IT girl !!!

  2. Genevieve-Antoinette says:

    And you can actually read what trump says?

  3. Frank says:

    Fabulous, I could not have said it better.

  4. Frank says:

    Unfortunately the main stream media can not be trusted, It is their own doing
    they should be ashamed of themselves, I just don’t bother with them or trust anything they have to say. Including FOX they lost me as they have lost many others

  5. Rosalee Canaday says:

    I agree. Megan and Donna, are two that have their own “road” to travel. Donna, being caught passing answers to Hillary, and Megan, just going off, on a tantrum with wild and crazy statements, to the then candidate, Trump. Megan and Donna, made their career choices. Now they want to come back in the “fold”, Fox, does have a leadership now, that is not, as of old, and they are making the conservatives, think twice, to where the rates will, Fall.

  6. BHR says:

    Does it take you all day to make up these lies?

  7. Diane says:

    Where do get your polling numbers? I believe it is more 2/3 of women who vote for Trump! And I don’t trust Megyn Kelly as far as she can be thrown.

  8. Bob Henderson says:

    By hiring Kelly, FOX NEWS will lost many viewers. I don’t trust this woman. She is a double sided coin.

  9. Janet Crnkovic says:

    When was the last time positive things were reported about Trump.
    Hell when wad FIRST time you reported the great things Trump has accomplished, ABC??

  10. Donna says:

    No wonder she retired. This sentence is incomprehensible.
    “And so they made a whole empire based on programming to those people. I think what’s happened now on the other half of the country, on sort of the mainstream, is they have embraced it.”

  11. Elinor Ann DeMendonca says:

    I agree and I feel sad about it. I really appreciated her brains and charm. BUT during the debates she was RUDE to the now President. I felt that was/is unexceptable behavior. She came out looking like a rebellious smart aleck (for want of a better word.) I do not trust her and never will. She is a Rino, possibly placed on FOX by Soros et al. FOX is hiring some big MISTAKES.

  12. White Beard says:

    REALLY?!? I have not seen that, and it bothers me!

  13. Dr. J.D. says:

    Trump only has support from one woman in three. It is far less for his support among African-Americans (9%) and Hispanics (25%). When you have 2/3rds of the largest voting block against you, that does not look good. What most Trumpers do not seem to realize is that Trump’s style which includes belittling, attacking, a lot of malice like to Mattis and others who used to work for him . . . . it is really alienating to females.

  14. ABC says:

    You mean like Trump plays the victim of media and how they are “mean” to him? I mean the MSM does an awful thing . . . . . they show the words that Trump actually uses, even though Trump claims he did not say them. Like last week Trump said at a rally we had no American troops in Syria, when we had 1,000 in trouble and taking shells from Assad forces. Last week, Trump added another 129 false statements and/or lies to his total.

  15. White Beard says:

    I agree Carlos, you can’t trust what she will say from week to week. She has made lots of money, and now might be trying to get some more by flip-flopping again.

  16. Carlos Del Valle says:

    Megan Kelly is a frigging media W#ore she will say
    anything that makes her $47 mllionn dollar salary

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