Megyn Kelly asked one question that could end CNN for good

Megyn Kelly continues to reassert herself on the media stage.

The former Fox News anchor is picking some surprising fights.

And now Megyn Kelly asked one question that could end CNN for good.

After getting fired by NBC and never being embraced by the network’s left-wing audience, Kelly appears done trying to appease the Fake News Media.

Kelly reacted to a story CNN agreed to settle with Nick Sandmann – the Covington Catholic student CNN and other fake news outlets falsely accused of being a racist – by asking if CNN getting hit in the pocketbook would be enough for so-called “mainstream” outlets to stop rushing to judgment to smear conservatives as racists.

CNN and others vilified Sandmann after video appeared from the March for Life that showed Sandmann standing in front of 85-year-old Native American activist Nathan Phillips as Phillips banged his drum.

The fake news seized on Sandmann wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat as evidence he and his classmates were racist bullies taunting a Native American tribal elder.

Kelly’s tweet cut to the heart of why CNN and other fake news outlets got into trouble with the Covington Catholic story.

The fake news looks for narratives. They don’t report facts and let the chips fall where they may.

They cherry pick facts and omit others to weave storylines that benefit their liberal agenda.

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40 Responses

  1. Mario A. Martinez-Malo says:

    It is my understanding that former Secretary of State, John Kerry and former secretary Of Foreign Relations in Iran are family related. John Kerry daughter married the Doctor son of his counter part in Iran, when he was the main negotiator for the treaty with Iran, and also, when the 157 Billions dollars where delivered to that terrorist state. After they received the money, they went in a rampage of terrorist activities all over the Middle East, and now Trump takes the blame for all that is happening in that region

  2. Eileen Trent says:

    Nicholas Sandman is now a multimillionaire…..

    I understand the undisclosed settlement was $275 million??

    Now on 2 Wash. Post, NBC and others…

    Sandman and his friends were getting death threats after those bogus news stories!

    Someone threatened 2 burn down their school with the boys in it….

    FAKE NEWS is far more dangerous than u can imagine….

    The good news is, it’s going 2 cost them, big time!!!

    GO NICK!!


  3. Amen says:

    so many times these posts are clearly made by those who have a lot of anger coming from HUGE chips on their shoulders, like yours Keith. It seems Trump and his supporters are drawn together by their nastiness and venom.

  4. Dr. J. D. says:

    Savvy post, Peter. I am also concerned by the depersonalization of communication. I noticed on college campuses, that students are often lost looking at cell phones rather than ever talking to one another. I go by a neighborhood bus stop and see all the young people not interacting, but hiding behind cell phones. It seems the tech world is much more alluring than the real one, especially how video games get the youth hooked psychologically.

  5. The Dems have reached such a level of hatred for the President and are SO frustrated that he beat Crooked Hillary that they have lost their collective minds !! This Coup that was orchestrated by Obama and Soros and led by Pelosi and Schiff has to come to an end and result in anyone taking part in it be charged with Treason ! This is NOT a third world country even though the Dems are trying to turn it in to one. The overthrow of sitting Presidents has NO place in the USA! It’s also time for the mainstream media to start paying the price for their fake news stories and hiding behind their freedom of the press to use phony information from sources that don’t really exist.

  6. I’ll give you three guesses WHO they are !!

  7. lou says:

    Supposedly these people have a college degree in education which means they have went to college for this. There should be no political teachings, they should teach English, Math, History and courses that are approved by their educational system. The political leanings should NOT be in the mix at all. But, yet it is.

  8. HH says:

    I almost feel sorry for the teachers in inner-city schools. Kids enter the system not knowing a things. Baby mamas just keep pumping out those babies and think the teachers will provide all of the education needed with no help from home.

  9. Betty says:

    Keith is so right. A racist is what they call everyone that they disagree with, politically.

  10. Terry L Earl says:

    Who are the idiots that voted NO on that poll. Come on man!!!

  11. gilmore says:

    They call anyone they don’t agree with liars when they know they aren’t lying. They are the liars. They are the enemy of the country & are trying to alter elections. They could never pass the shoe on the other foot test, not ever. Without the fake news media, there would have been no Clinton nor Obama. Couldn’t have happened.

  12. Keith says:

    they also seem to love to call everyone that doesn’t agree with their agenda “a racist”

  13. Susan Lemay says:

    When the media presented this event, I found myself thinking this boy did something wrong. My liberal friends were quick to point out the bad thing..but they have not yet apologized for the reality.

  14. John Redman says:

    That’s how I feel about all control freaks.

  15. Bruce E Crim says:

    All mainstream media out let’s need to pay huge finds for their fake stories and have their licenses pulled , this country would be better off without them causing trouble for billions of Americans.

  16. Peter says:

    The point is anyone chooses to be good or bad since we all have to deal with our own consciences. It’s just that being bad has so many very available subterfuges and escapes and is obviously culturally seemingly advisable. To complicate matters we are spoiled by technology which depersonalizes communication as if it didn’t matter what you say.

  17. KatahdinView says:

    Caroline, You have to remember, these are the kids from the parents of the late 60’s and early 70’s, not all are bad but this is what we have for teachers now. I feel bad for any parent having to send their kids to ANY school now.

  18. Caroline says:

    Uncle Hoppy is right on target. The current curriculum in public schools is implemented
    by elementary school teachers, many of whom could not qualify intellectually for any other major in college. Before retirement I was a university professor and shuddered to think that
    many of my students would be passed along so they could receive a degree. Standards for
    elementary school teachers are very low.

  19. Uncle Hoppy says:

    The thing you’ll notice with all democrats is they never admit they made a mistake.
    When they get caught, and they can’t blame anybody else, then they lick their wounds and go back to business as usual.
    It doesn’t matter to democrats that this kid is innocent. Just the fact that he was wearing a MAGA hat means he’s evil and deserves every dirty thing they can do to him.
    This self-righteousness must be taught to them in school.
    It’s almost like democrats think anybody that does not think like they do is not human.

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