Megyn Kelly asked one question that could end CNN for good

Megyn Kelly continues to reassert herself on the media stage.

The former Fox News anchor is picking some surprising fights.

And now Megyn Kelly asked one question that could end CNN for good.

After getting fired by NBC and never being embraced by the network’s left-wing audience, Kelly appears done trying to appease the Fake News Media.

Kelly reacted to a story CNN agreed to settle with Nick Sandmann – the Covington Catholic student CNN and other fake news outlets falsely accused of being a racist – by asking if CNN getting hit in the pocketbook would be enough for so-called “mainstream” outlets to stop rushing to judgment to smear conservatives as racists.

CNN and others vilified Sandmann after video appeared from the March for Life that showed Sandmann standing in front of 85-year-old Native American activist Nathan Phillips as Phillips banged his drum.

The fake news seized on Sandmann wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat as evidence he and his classmates were racist bullies taunting a Native American tribal elder.

Kelly’s tweet cut to the heart of why CNN and other fake news outlets got into trouble with the Covington Catholic story.

The fake news looks for narratives. They don’t report facts and let the chips fall where they may.

They cherry pick facts and omit others to weave storylines that benefit their liberal agenda.

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