Medical Professionals Protested Melania Trump For A Stupefying Reason

Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting worse.

Irrational hatred of Donald Trump has even spread to the First Lady.

Now Melania Trump is being protested by medical professionals for an insane reason.

Melania Trump is quite literally a model.

She’s worked in the world of high fashion for years.

However, for political reasons, many top designers will no longer work with her.

Fashion magazines and cultural bloggers have made a concerted effort not to comment on her style.

Michelle Obama graced the cover of countless magazines, but Melania only makes Left-wing headlines when she’s being attacked for absurd reasons.

That’s exactly what happened recently when Melania was protested when she visited a hospital.

The Daily Caller reports:

Medical professionals rallied Wednesday at Boston Medical Center in protest of a visit from First Lady Melania Trump.

According to Boston-based reporter Scott McDonnell, dozens gathered outside the medical center holding signs as Trump arrived. “Medical professionals standing in solidarity at Boston Medical center in protest of First Lady Melania Trumps visit.

First lady visiting cuddle program at Boston hospital for babies born on drugs,” he tweeted.

The cuddling program seeks to provide comfort to infants who are born addicted to drugs.

Trump spoke with the crowd, saying, “It is so important to acknowledge and show gratitude for what you are doing. I hope today’s visit helps to shine a light on how programs like your cuddling assists in lowering maternal and infant stress.”

In the sports world, some teams’ fans are notorious for their harshness; fans of Philadelphia teams once booed Santa Claus at an Eagles game.

But the modern Left is far worse and harder to please that even those most die-hard of sports fans.

The Left has become so unhinged they literally protested the First Lady who was visiting sick children in the hospital.

The Left has been driven completely mad.

Leftists claim they want to unite the country, but they have no such intention.

They want political strife, because they live for agitation.

There aren’t many things more divisive than shouting down someone who visits kids in a hospital.


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114 Responses

  1. Gene says:

    Its time to cut there funding that hospitle woukdnt like that maybe it time they stand up to the ones out there fire them this has be came a sick game they are playing but is too will come back to hunt them the dems never learn everytime it back fires

  2. Joyce says:

    I think the democrats are so jealous because our president is GETTING things done that he said he was going to do. The former president just didn’t get it done. All he succeeded in doing was dividing the country & sending our tax dollars overseas. Among other things too numerous to mention. We are in a terrible place right now. I pray to God HE helps straighten out these lost souls. God Bless our president & first lady.

  3. Shelba says:

    Obumer wishes she had the elegance and poise of Melania Trump, that is why the media trashes Melania they know the obumer can’t hold a candle to her

  4. Jack Handy says:

    >>> 1st LADY Melania, TRULY DOES CARE, & LOVES

  5. Rebecca Blom says:

    Do you get paid to troll Twitter? I can’t see any other reason that makes sense why your comments are so irrational. I am encouraging everyone that reads this not to give this person any air, please don’t respond to this person, if he doesn’t get any response, he will go away

  6. Joe Bob says:

    He actually is correct, that it is filthy white democrat scumbags that are racist and want abortions. However, I think those democrat scumbags would rather white people be aborted more than minorities since they seemingly love muslim locusts and other minorities because us white folks are all so privileged

  7. Desert Fox says:

    Finally a real lady in the White House. Slandered by the demoncrats, and by their gullible low class ignorant supporters, the fake news media, and the fashion industry. Yes, America is divided by the intelligent and educated supporters of President Trump versus the demented dimwit immoral obstructionist demoncrats who believe nutzy palooooozi, Adumb Schitt, nutless nooodler, chump scummer, and the rest of the insane mainstream media who should go BACK TO THE TRUTH IN JOURNALISM WITH VERIFIED WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, AND WHY! The basics of good reporting.

    • Lucia Cargill says:

      I appreciate your passion, but here are some who, what, when etc.
      Trump’s a con man and a criminal who got away with it until now. He won’t. You will have to, at some point, come to understand he’s a thief and murderer.

      The cult atmosphere that developed around him is the same as Hitler or Jim Jones whatizname, who had people killing and committing suicide for them.

      Don’t do it. He’s just a guy with really awful parents and who has been mentally ill since childhood.

      • Ladd says:

        What a brain washed idiot!

      • Chris says:

        Lucia Cargill your retarded opinions proves only one thing…high degree of genuine INSANITY.
        You fit perfectly with your fellows Rats. Thanks for showing it to all those who are undecided.

      • ih8reps says:

        Lucia Cargill
        Thank You for you’re post.
        I just love coming here to piss them off, they rant on get all worked up start calling for war and murder hate and civil unrest.
        But when you challenge them with big words play with their intelligence they go over the top with anger.
        They Obfuscate!
        They’re so Mendacious!
        They’re Otiose!
        See just sit back and watch as they try to figure out what I just said I’m going to make them become educated and they’re going to hate me and attack me they’re going to call me ignorant, stupid, dumb, a moron, foolish, crazy because it’s so much easier to speak Neanderthal language and it goes like this grunt grunt grunt!
        Get out the popcorn this is going to be fun.
        PS ” I got plenty more where those came from let’s play games”!

        • Will Penny says:

          Those who have a Aligator mouth and a Hummingbirds Ass , better watch what their wishing for , especially the ones that think there above everyone else intelectuaually . The Bayou country is a very beautiful place down here in Louisiana , so come on down ih8reps , you’ll get to the King of the Bayou Country , he’ll take real good care of you have no Douht ih8reps !!

      • Marilyn Durst says:

        A thief and murderer? Really awful parents? Mentally ill since childhood?
        The cult atmosphere is the mobs demanding free everything, open borders, castrated law enforcement and absolute anarchy. The Hitler trope is tired and tattered. How in the name of all that’s holy you arrived at the Jim Jones comparison is completely beyond comprehension and any reasoning human knows it. If this is what passes for an ethical journalistic standard (who, what, where, when, why) in your world, your world is a pathetic echo chamber, completely devoid of factual reference.

  8. Laughin atyou says:

    Melanie is a beautiful person and what is happening to her is proof of the vast bigotry and racism of the liberals/ democrats. Anyti.e you see a liberal / democrat you are looking at a bigoted racist. It is that simple

    • Denny says:

      I agree with you but Unfortunately I also think a large number of democrats supporters are so brainwashed that they think they are doing the right thing. These are the stupid Useful Idiots that keep getting screwed by the democrats but donate money & time to help these corrupt b@stards. You just can’t reason with these butt-wipes

  9. Luaghin atyou says:

    Be der is just a moronic liberal/democrat. He has no idea what he is talking about. Just stupid ear to ear. Blind bigotry and racism that is all bender is.

  10. Luaghin atyou says:

    I decided hilary has no rights and we can abort her.

  11. Michele says:

    What’s with this website
    Stating I have duplicated my comment, when I haven’t even posted a comment.
    What’s the matter, afraid of posting my comment.

  12. Michele says:

    RIKKIE RIKKIE RIKKIE. Shame on you.
    In the end of it all, you will see how wrong you are. It saddens me how people have accepted the lies about the President. The Bible speaks of the last days, that in those days that people would rather believe a lie than the truth.
    That is exactly what is happening. How would you like it if people lied about you and people actually believed it. What has Melania ever done to warrant such hate. GOD HELP US!!!!!

    • ih8reps says:

      Cheeto man already well over 13,000+ lies and you believe every single one of them, did you ever stop to think that you are the one that needs God’s help?

      • Laughin atyou says:

        Ih8reps. What a ignorant person you are. You just lied in your comment. You have no idea how many lies trump has said. It could be zero or it could be a million. It still will not be as many hilary, obama, biden or Warren. You dont mind that they lie do you. In fact Warren lied about her race for personal gain her entre life. You would vote for her and probably will.

        So you really dont mind lying. Your just insane and racist about the president of the united states. Hence you are a dumbass

  13. RIKKIE says:

    The deranged are those who support this monster, his gold-digger wife and the criminals they consort with.
    If hate and division are the only tools you have to protest your own miserable lives, made miserable by your parents who wouldn’t do homework with you, your neighbors who refused to pay taxes for improving your educational institutes, for your ignorance and inability to find decent jobs, make decent wages, your pot-head, alcoholic kids living in your basements….. if the answer to these problems is Donald, The Dumpster” Trump then folks, your lives are worthless and wasted. Go extinct as soon as possible please.

    • Eileen Ross says:

      You dumbed-down libtards have gone completely mad, and continue to froth at the mouth. Through your sick hatred, you are the ones who have tuned the United States of America into the Divided State of America with your anti-American attitude and behavior.
      May God have mercy on you……..

    • Dolores Hebert says:

      You are a sick person spewing such hatred for the President. You are lying as he is none of the things that you have stated. I cannot believe the crap you are putting out in the media and neither is his wife a gold digger. Perhaps some day you will have to answer for the things which you say. No your life is wasted. Unbelievable.

    • Jay says:

      What planet are you on, Rikkie?
      Get help for your TDS and soon!
      Try being an American for a change!!

    • RIKKIE…………You obviously need some mental help. You talk about hate and division, then go on to show everybody just how much hate and division is within you. As for the medical professionals demonstrating against the First Lady, it shows just how UNPROFESSIONAL they really are! As for you deranged comment on the First Lady being a gold digger……you could not be more wrong. She has plenty of money of her own and doesn’t need her husbands. Unlike you, she is self made and all Americans should be proud of her.

      • Maria says:

        william – these protestors are probably paid
        protestors. just like the two nut jobs that have posted such sick and pathetic lies. i have read (and I believe it to be true) that many of the scumbag trolls are paid to write the trash we see posted. Millennials with degrees in gender transphobia typing away in Mommy’s basement.

      • Barbara Randolph says:

        I agree with you, William Flynn!! I am proud to have voted for a man (Trump) who wasn’t a part of the political swamp !! Voted with eyes wide open and a clear mind. I also some college. I can see the trees in the forest !!!

    • ih8reps says:

      I agree with you 10000000000000000000000%
      Nothing better then someone speaking the truth, in a country consumed with hatred and a LIAR IN CHIEF!
      Just remember Lindsey Graham said it best Cheeto Man incapable of committing a quid pro quo, in simple terms for those incapable of understanding simple English, he just called his boss an F-N moron, idiot, imbecile, jackass!
      And why you ask did he do that, it’s because he refuses to read the TRANSCRIPT.

      • Marilyn Durst says:

        Have you ever stayed awake through a civics class? Lindsey Graham ‘s “boss” is not the President of the United States. He’s an elected Senator. That means his boss is the people of the United States of America. He did not call Donald Trump an moron, idiot, imbecile or jackass. What is it that people like you smoke to cause so much brain damage?

    • Rebecca Blom says:

      Do you get paid to troll Twitter? I can’t see any other reason that makes sense why your comments are so irrational. I am encouraging everyone that reads this not to give this person any air, please don’t respond to this person, if he doesn’t get any response, he will go away

      • Rebecca Blom says:

        Again, do you get paid to troll these sights and then give horrendous comments?
        Please people do not give this person any air!!! Whoever you are I am reporting this tweet for hate speech.

    • Terry says:

      Rikkie, there you are projecting onto others what demon-crats and their brain dead supporters do and are.
      Proving once again you leftist commies all are dumber than a bag of rocks and as dense as a granite.

    • Debbie Downer says:

      RIKKIE, come back here when the trip ends.

    • Rebecca Blom says:

      Again, do you get paid to troll these sights and then give horrendous comments?
      Please people do not give this person any air!!! Whoever you are I am reporting this tweet for hate speech.

    • Rebecca Blom says:

      Just reported you for hate speech. Have a great day!!

  14. Maurice Montana says:

    Sad to see “medical professionals” protesting a positive light on their program. Are they truly against the First Lady and the hospital and staff are refusing any Federal grants and monies in support of their hospital? Probably not. The hypocrisy continues. By the way, no true medical professional would act this way. Must be the liberal tainted air in Massachusetts.

  15. Marie Oser says:

    They may be medical but certainly not ” professional”. I was ashamed that my First Lady was treated so shabbily in my city. I have no respect for that ceo who allowed this to happen and also the doctors and nurses who protested. I hope that I would never have to be treated by any of them.

    • ih8reps says:

      You want something to be ashamed of, Google her cover on Play Boy, Google her in see through clothing standing right next to the pervert himself Cheeto Man, Google her during their 4th of July celebration in her white dress, poor billionaire can’t even have the decency or maybe she can’t afford to wear a bra, how about Ivanka exact same dress code in public no class at all no morals no decency just flat out disgust and disgrace nothing less then slutty behavior and appearance in public settings.
      No FLOTUS in history or family has ever shown this level of indecency it actually makes me wish for FLOTUS Reagen or the Bush women to be back and I despise RETARDicans but at least those women had class and actually cared about how they appeared in public to the American people and to people around the world, this family represents all that is bad by looking like SLUTS.

      • Uncle Hoppy says:

        Times are different now. You Democrats started this with your women’s liberation crap. Who knows where it will end .

      • Rebecca Blom says:

        So are you saying nude bodies are disgraceful? What are you saying?

        • ih8reps says:

          No i never said that, in case you missed the point no flotus in our history has ever portrayed such indecency if you have daughters maybe that’s how you teach them to dress in public to wear see through clothing to go braless, I’ve got granddaughters and I’d be horrified to see them dress like that in public I’d in no uncertain terms let them know that a LADY does not dress like that, dressing like a SLUT is not what I was taught a LADY should do, what I said that no flotus in history ever dressed like this all prior had dignity and class and showed it in public.
          My God you people had a melt down when Mrs. Obama wore a sleeveless dress but this women shows her nipples clearly to the world and you call her the greatest thing since apple pie, I guess you love her nakedness more then I do if that’s you’re cup of tea so be it.

  16. Bender says:

    When you are part of caging kids at border and cheating in elections expect people to protest you. Even if you did just do it for $.

    • Alan Patrick says:

      You must be blind, or just have blind Hatred of Our President and First lady. I didn’t care for our last President but sure as heck didn’t act like you people have against Trump and his Family. He Will be reelected next year and you get to cry about it for another 4 years

      • ih8reps says:

        First and foremost you just like all polls haven’t a clue how 2020 voters will vote in 2020.
        2018 didn’t turn out as you predicted it would now did it.
        Off year elections didn’t turn out as you predicted now did they.
        You’re counting you’re chickens before they even hatch aren’t you.
        Now I’m not color blind nor will I predict the outcome of 2020, but one thing for sure and the results are already in, aforementioned elections look more BLUE THEN RED.
        I still believe in the colors of our flag and the colors don’t run, RED is the color of Blood shed to keep us Free, WHITE is the color of Peace and Harmony, BLUE is the color of Freedom and Rights for the people by the people of the people!
        I prefer not to see RED be the color of my Flag for that one color to RETARDicans represents Hate, Agression, Anger, War, Communism, Death and control.
        I don’t want to see one party control as so many on the radical right call for you’re presently calling for Chump family rule for decades and decades to come.
        America was founded on eliminating a monarchy our founders escaped a DICTATORSHIP to live free have rights and control of our own lives not to give it up for the Chumpster family to rape and pillage for their own wealth and ideology.
        But one thing that is a fact since 2018 people are coming out and voting against you’re supreme leaders they’re telling us they don’t like the current corruption going on in the White House they don’t like Chumpster hate filled speeches so watch out it very well could be you the one that will be crying in 2020.
        Sincerely I will be VOTING BLUE NO MATTER WHO!

    • Alan Patrick says:

      You must be blind, or just have blind Hatred of Our President and First lady. I didn’t care for our last President but sure as heck didn’t act like you people have against Trump and his Family. He Will be reelected next year and you get to cry about it for another 4 years….

    • Keith R. Christensen says:

      Obama started the caging program, Trump was only following your precious leader’s example. BTW, if Dems wanted to change the policy they have the house to initiate the new law! It is in your hands dimwit. Lastly, no collusion, get over it.

      • Bender says:

        Keith, what was it I thought Obama was releasing all the illegals with the catch and release policy he had if you were traveling with kids. Now you say he was caging them? Over 5500 kids have been taken since cadet bone spurs started his zero tolerance policy. Now the USA is starting to lose the lawsuits from these families costing taxpayers even more than giving them the free stuff you so desperately want to believe they are getting. Bug difference between being pro life or pro birth you evil people are pro birth. You guys can switch sides so quickly depending on who has an R next to their name that the hypocrisy is bewildering. Impeaching Clinton for oral and cadet bone spurs pays off adult stars is fine and Christianly. Hahaha

    • Will Penny says:

      Bender your a Liar and A Simpleton . There’s no children being put into cages down on the border , the Squad must have you sucked up to their A-holes , filling full of liberal BS . WHOSE cheating in elections , don’t even go there , the list of the dead people from the graveyards are many and the illegals the same , that’s been found voting for the DEMONRATS .

      • ih8reps says:

        Sorry to burst you’re bubble but the very last cheating in elections was none other then you’re party in North Carolina.
        Cheating has been and always be a crime perpetrated on the people from the radical right voter suppression polling places closed in poor neighborhoods across the South gerrymandering on and on.
        You people or radicals have forever claimed cheating you have investigated corruption for years on end only to find maybe a one had full of cheating in over a decade costing us millions in frivolous investigations you must be so proud to have caught one or two people great job.
        If you hate illegals so much why doesn’t you’re party arrest and fine any and all company’s that hire illegals just look at raid in was it Mississippi that chicken factory where ICE raided guess who owns it non other then the Koch brothers and guess who they give many millions of campaign cash to the RETARDicans, I guess they don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.
        You want to stop illegals from coming and MAKE MILLIONS in the process arrest and fine people like the Koch brothers that hire them, guess what no jobs available to them no illegals simple as that but simple and smart policy has never been a strong suite for RETARDicans but spending billions on a stupid wall that has already been breeched is somehow the right thing to do because all their lackey’s get billions of our dollars let’s pop the cork and celebrate the corruption perpetrated on the American people we’re making billions off those idiots.

        • Lisa says:

          You liberals when the real facts don’t go your way you make it up! WHAT A LOAD OF BS nobody with a brain would believe anything you say after this load of crap. I stopped reading after the first 2 sentences too stupid to waste time reading the rest.

          • Will Penny says:

            Lisa , I’ve always said there’s only one way the liberals will learn and one way only . They were born under the sign of the Jackass

        • Star Chamber says:

          Vasu is that you? We missed you.

    • Lisa says:

      You’re deranged nobody caged kids. You didn’t have a problem when Obama built these so called cages or used them did you? Also the media always coved Bug Mike in his/her giant yellow dress where she looked bigger than the sun. But beautiful Melania they don’t cover at all.

      • ih8reps says:

        You want to know why Melina is not covered in the media?
        Google Pincrest look up Melina in see through clothing how about her Playboy coverage shots, how about her braless look on the 4th of July celebration in her white dress how about Ivanka same thing billionaires that can’t afford to buy or wear a bra yeah real class their not covered because in public they appear to be SLUTS.
        As for Obama he deported more illeagls then any POTUS ever has yes he built the cages and yes even today chumpster still has them in cages.
        And you expect us to bow down and praise Melina and chumpster and you disrespect Mrs. Obama who had and always have far more class then these SLUTS you now down to while you’re down there kiss theirass and wash their dirty feet.
        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and looks is just a small part of it appearing in see through or braless clothing I guess that’s ok with you maybe you like looking at boobies more then men do but I prefer a FLOTUS that portrays decency not sluttiness.

        • Lisa says:

          Big Mike Obama disrespected her/himself nobody really knows what the hell that thing is. I would put my money on a giant classless beast. I have never read anything about a braless Melania it must be one of those outstanding articles written by someone at CNN or MSNBC . To make up an article like that about a sitting First Lady would only be done by the trash on the left who would never write the truth so I know that is BS. It never happened but liberals like you will believe anything if it’s negative about Trump you just eat it up like dummies. Big Mike wouldn’t know class if it was bitten by it. Big Mike couldn’t even pull off resembling a woman both her and her pos husband are trash.

          • ih8reps says:

            The simple truth is you can Google it you do know what Google is don’t you, but to do that you’d have to admit I’m right and to admit I’m right will embarrass you it will crush you’re ego you’ll be ashamed a liberal just proved he’s right my God that will be the end of the world for you, I dare you Google it prove me wrong any of you please try to prove me wrong don’t deny the facts I always tell true facts unlike Cheeto man I do not lie please Google it prove me wrong I’m begging you if you’re so smart prove it.

          • Will Penny says:

            Lisa don’t bother googling nothing , Google is a liberal own social media , therefore , all you get is the far left wing liberal Looney tunes version , which is just another lie in the many , that’s come from there mouths !!

    • Laughin atyou says:

      Bender your a moron. L er ts start with your dumb as caging kids comment. When sny single american parent gets tossed I’m jail the kids get detained and then put in foster care or orphanages. It’s been happening ing for every so why are you such a bigot you never cared about any of those people. You probably dont care becuade a lot of them are black kids.

      Now on to you election cheating. The fbi has now document over iou 0 cases of mass election fruad by the democrats in the 2016 elections. Everything from letting illegal aliens vote in California Oregon and Washington to busing people a cross state lines to vote in Illinois. Demo rats are constantly cheating in elections. Chicago and Detroit are famous for dead people voting. Washington keeps “finding” votes until they win on a 3rd or forth recount. Again you are such a bigoted radiating criminal you do not care about that do you.

      Face it bender you are a horrible worthless bigoted scum. You are trying to hassle trump becuase he is white. You fascist bigoted racist scum.

    • One of the stupidist comments posted here Bender. What does the First Lady or the President have to do with the “cages” that Obama had constructed at the Border points??

      • Luaghin atyou says:

        Be der is just a moronic liberal/democrat. He has no idea what he is talking about. Just stupid ear to ear. Blind bigotry and racism that is all bender is.

    • Desert Fox says:

      That’s exactly what obamawamadam did and with the elections check out the thousands of votes for killary in a wharehouse in Michigan two weeks before the election, sporos’s voting machines flipping votes in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and other states. And in the city of Philthydelfia not one vote recorded for GOP. Then in Virginia out of 37 voting districts in one district alone over 1000 illegal votes. In New Yo0rk the man in charge of voting (caught on video) sayoing how he bused people from one voting area to another. You are just another one of the demented dimwit immoral obstructionist demoncrats.

      • ih8reps says:

        Boy are you ever fully entrenched in all this conspiracy theory of illegal voting my God you truly have a mental disorder go seek help see a doctor not a medical doctor but a psychotic doctor maybe they can give you drugs or shock treatment to cure you, you know back in the day they had hundreds of hospitals across America to treat you’re disorder, but because of RETARDican cut backs people like you are free to run around spreading you’re crazy theories and conspiracies.
        You know only in America can this much craziness exist.

        • Debbie Downer says:

          I think there is illegal voting because otherwise Democrats wouldn’t be against voter ID.
          And Democrats wouldn’t be opposed to the census citizenship question if they were concerned with keeping elections honest. Just common sense

          • ih8reps says:

            Please give facts about voting fraud I been voting for over 50 years and I’ve always had to show an ID.

  17. Nancy says:

    god bless the first lady



    • Dale says:

      At the very least, they have drank the Koolaid

    • Sofie says:

      Those doctors should have been given a disciplinary rebuke for violating their Hippocratic oath and putting hateful politics ahead of caring they are supposed to provide !!!
      Another example if post Obama America !!!

      • Laughin atyou says:

        The do tors should have their licenses revoked and their assets confiscated. They ask them again what their opinion is when they are not stinking rich.

    • Teresa Reynolds VOGT says:

      This Nurse EMT ret. Would have welcomed this beautiful lady in, because her heart is bigger then her beaming smile and her love of children shows. Every where she goes.

  19. mikey says:

    Let’s take a vote.
    Who would we rather look at?
    Melania or Michelle.

    • Granny Neets says:

      That’s a question??? Who wants to look at Michele with OR without clothes on. I would rather wear blindfold either way. I do feel sorry for one who is so masculine – not a feminine cell in her body. Now THAT really is sad. it a miracle what expensive make up and hair pieces can do. EVEN I NEVER NEEDED ALL OF THAT!!! \
      GO MELANIA!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING A ROLE MODEL IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD TO US LADIES!!! My mom always said -in raising 4 girls – all grown
      females are women, it takes a smart, loving one to be a lady. GO MOM

    • Sofie says:

      You can put a lipstick on the pig ….
      Just because Michel was on the covers doesn’t make her outfits or designer to admire …
      Melania’s wardrobe is outstanding, classy dine with exceptional taste … having a natural beauty and amazing figure makes every outfit look even better !!!!
      The crap coming out of President and his family haters INCLUDING SO-called former first “lady” is not only appalling – it speaks volume of the character and class as well as total absence of it !!!

    • Rani says:

      This page deleted what I wrote. Another stupid bias page. I’m done with commenting because they deleting my freedom of speech.

    • Jimmie Chesser says:


    • Laughin atyou says:

      Like that is a question! Melania is amazing and more fun to listen to. Michelle is ugly and painful to try to understand

    • ih8reps says:

      I guess I must say I like looking at those Playboy pics of her, and the pics of her in see through or braless clothing, did you know she has big dark nipples, yeah real classy I must admit, I’m sure plenty of radical right women will enjoy them also to see what real boobies look like and there not fried eggs.

  20. DrD 78 says:

    It’s mainly the WHITE demons (domoncrats) that want unrestricted access to abortions. Remember, Hillary has stated that a fetus has NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    • john says:

      But will give illegals rights in america!! How stupid is that??

    • ih8reps says:

      I for one am sick and tired of you’re pro life BS.
      You’re the RETARDican party is the farthest thing from pro life that any thing or rabid animal could be.
      You’re pro birth only that’s it, once you’re given life you’re on you’re own, you get sick too bad, you go hungry not my problem, you’re homeless get a job even if you’re only one year old go to work or beg who cares you should have been born into a wealthy family.
      We got more important things to worry about like giving billions of tax payer money to the ultra rich, destroying snap, limiting you’re access to health care, how about clean water like Detroit who cares if their water has lead in it I got mine I don’t care about you.
      You want affordable housing have you ever heard about a tent go get one live in that I got mine I don’t care about you or where you live.
      You’re parents can’t afford to pay you’re lunch school debt even though they work two or three jobs struggling to get by I don’t care i got mine go crawl in a hole somewhere and die I gave you life what else do you want I don’t care if you’re old enough I got mine and I believe the ultra rich deserve it more than you.
      You’re probably an evil Democrat or you’re parents are I don’t care I don’t care if you’re white black brown my GOD is White and he said let Whittie the leader of the Free world decide if you live or die, for I’m pro birth only you’re on you’re own I let you be born now bow down and Thank me and Kiss my feet and while you’re down there peasant wash my dirty feet cause to me that’s all you’re worth.

      • The RedMan says:

        White racist people love abortion ’cause it keeps the black population in check. They can exterminate those black babies before they grow up to wear hoodies and hold up gas stations with handguns held horizontally ahahahahahaha.

  21. Truckman says:

    this is so stupid bulldog Obama did nothing for this country but line her own pockets and Melania Trump is just trying to help and encourage people

    • Sofie says:

      I beg to differ with your opinion !
      Moochel was and her husband did more to destroy our country and incite violence, hate, racial tension than anyone else EVER BEFORE !!
      We live in post Obama’s America … taking lives in our own hands every day … America fast turning into El Salvador – greatest achievement and OBAMA LEGACY !!-

      • ih8reps says:

        The only thing Obama did wrong was being born black to a white mother, you’re infuriated with that fact, he lived the American dream he rose all the way up to become president I thought that is what America is a country where anyone can achieve greatness, anyone can succeed and prosper.
        But I guess that’s only for whittie after all that’s why we call it the white house because that’s for whittie only no blacks aloud.
        The only ones taking lives today are chump supporters they’re on a rampage murdering hundreds but you don’t care as long as it’s not white folks.
        You hate illegals coming to America but you don’t want to hold the people that hire them responsible, especially you’re supreme white leader that all his life has hired nothing but illeagals, it’s very profitable just ask you’re supreme white leader you don’t have to pay overtime no insurance low wage even below minimum nothing you can treat them worse than animals who cares they’re subhuman after all.
        Go to Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and more states go to any animal processing facility I’ve been there picking up meat for export to China, people wear diapers on the processing line because their not allowed to get restroom breaks that’s only for lunch break, just in case they soil themselves, is that what you’re employer told you no bathroom breaks at all just hold it wait for lunch, just remember that next time you buy meat at you’re local grocery store where did it come from and just how sanitary was the processing facility, after all these people are not human their subhuman their colored not white like you you’re part of the supreme white race God put you here to rule over all others.
        I’m white as white can be the perfect man six foot tall 180 lbs blonde hair blue eyes, but I hate the white race yes I’m racist against all white people my wife is Hispanic the most beautiful women on the planet are the ones of color, they have nothing but love in their hearts their the best cooks I should know I’ve travelled the world in the Navy I’ve been to every state in the union except Alaska some of the nicest people I ever met were in the south and they damn sure were not white.
        Always remember who controls the south right now it’s people like Lindsey Graham, senator Kennedy in Louisiana, how about one of you’re favorite ones Roy Moore these are just a few of the biggest RACIST alive and these are the people you support so don’t lecture me on who I vote for cause I don’t support racism or these monsters you do.
        Ask you’re self one question do you really think God is going to forgive you’re hatred of other people the way you refer to the Obama’s you don’t think God doesn’t see who you are, or do you think you get a free pass because you or others are white and you’re only belief is that God is pure white how do you know for sure he’s not black or brown and if not are you going to say you don’t want to go to you’re so called Paradise because you don’t approve of the color of God, and don’t worry about me cause I know for a fact that God does not exist because of people like you the ones that think you’re Superior to all other humans.

        • Will Penny says:

          You shouldn’t be calling nobody a racist , with your bias comments . It’s you that’s the hater , preaching whittey did this and honky wants that . The black ain’t got nothing because of whitey .
          ” I hate Republicans. ” ( ih8reps) that’s you , so you say

        • Smarter than you says:

          OMG its Vasu. He got blocked but he’s back with a new name.

          • Will Penny says:

            Vasu , , ih8reps are the Redman , Sebil type personalletys , also bouncing Betty , Alaska woman and most probably several more .

        • Rebecca Blom says:

          Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Do you feel better now that you have vomited all over people? Such hate from you and you alone. Good Luck with that

        • chaly says:

          You sound like a perfect example of when I was young and convinced to change my vote when I knew I was right. Then I was told what has been proven over and over “democrats are either born stupid or they work on it their whole lives”. If you do get ‘up there’ ask the man if you are really wrong and racist!

  22. DrD 78 says:

    As the killer,Hillary once called we supporters of DT “deplorables”, I am a retired medical doctor, and these pitiful so called “doctors” at this Boston hospital are truly the DEPLORABLE ones!

  23. The RedMan says:

    Racist white folk in gov love abortions so those unwanted nigga babies can be exterminated like cockroaches before they grow up to rob liquor stores and gas stations ahahahahahaha



    • Alan Patrick says:

      Redman, is that what happened to you? You were a failed abortion? Your mother should have made sure that it didn’t fail with Your attitude. Your one sick SOB.

      • ih8reps says:

        I just love Redman he calls you out for what you are and it just pisses you off love it keep it up Redman great job look forward to more of your posts.

        • The RedMan says:

          You’re a stupid white racist too ih8reps. You vote for them racists and then pretend you’re some righteous dude bashing Trump supporters you’re as stupid as they are. Racist white inbred dumbass crackers.

          • The RedMan says:

            The RedMan
            Them blackies calling us good white people trash invading our white house killing our babies how dare they give me more free money free stuff free food free free free hahahahahahahahaha

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