Medical Professionals Protested Melania Trump For A Stupefying Reason

Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting worse.

Irrational hatred of Donald Trump has even spread to the First Lady.

Now Melania Trump is being protested by medical professionals for an insane reason.

Melania Trump is quite literally a model.

She’s worked in the world of high fashion for years.

However, for political reasons, many top designers will no longer work with her.

Fashion magazines and cultural bloggers have made a concerted effort not to comment on her style.

Michelle Obama graced the cover of countless magazines, but Melania only makes Left-wing headlines when she’s being attacked for absurd reasons.

That’s exactly what happened recently when Melania was protested when she visited a hospital.

The Daily Caller reports:

Medical professionals rallied Wednesday at Boston Medical Center in protest of a visit from First Lady Melania Trump.

According to Boston-based reporter Scott McDonnell, dozens gathered outside the medical center holding signs as Trump arrived. “Medical professionals standing in solidarity at Boston Medical center in protest of First Lady Melania Trumps visit.

First lady visiting cuddle program at Boston hospital for babies born on drugs,” he tweeted.

The cuddling program seeks to provide comfort to infants who are born addicted to drugs.

Trump spoke with the crowd, saying, “It is so important to acknowledge and show gratitude for what you are doing. I hope today’s visit helps to shine a light on how programs like your cuddling assists in lowering maternal and infant stress.”

In the sports world, some teams’ fans are notorious for their harshness; fans of Philadelphia teams once booed Santa Claus at an Eagles game.

But the modern Left is far worse and harder to please that even those most die-hard of sports fans.

The Left has become so unhinged they literally protested the First Lady who was visiting sick children in the hospital.

The Left has been driven completely mad.

Leftists claim they want to unite the country, but they have no such intention.

They want political strife, because they live for agitation.

There aren’t many things more divisive than shouting down someone who visits kids in a hospital.

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