The media is covering up one fact about the Florida shooting

Since the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida, the so-called “mainstream” media has single mindedly pushed gun control.

They have used some of the students to promote gun bans and firearms registration databases.

But there is one thing about the survivors the media is covering up.

CNN and other so-called “mainstream” outlets have devoted countless TV segments to students who survived the horrible tragedy and now pushing for gun control.

If all you watched was CNN and their like minded media peers, you would think 100 percent of the students at Parkland support increased gun control.

That is not true.

Kyle Kashuv is a Parkland survivor who is a conservative and a supporter of the Second Amendment.

He told Guy Benson of

“I’m a very strong Second Amendment supporter and I will continue to be throughout this entire campaign.” he tells me. “As of right now, my main goal is to meet with legislators and represent to them that there are big Second Amendment supporters in our community.

Through this entire thing, my number one concern has been making sure that the rights of innocent Americans aren’t infringed upon.” He says that when he visited the state capitol to talk to lawmakers shortly after the tragedy, he consistently asked for guarantees that the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners wouldn’t be attacked or abridged.

He’s waded into this debate “kind of reluctantly,” he admits, observing that at some point he realized that he was one of the few conservatives in his school who were speaking up in public. “It’s not even by my choosing, it’s just come to that,” he remarks. “I feel somewhat obligated to do this because the other half of America needs to be heard. I’m doing this because I have to.”

But he has not been given nearly as much exposure as his anti-gun peers.

And Twitter – which has verified the accounts of the Parkland survivors – has not added a blue verification checkmark on Kashuv’s account.

Giving Kashuv as much airtime as his classmates would complicate the anti-gun narrative.

As a survivor, he would give moral authority to the pro-gun side of the debate. But the media wants to stack the deck against Second Amendment supporters.


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39 Responses

  1. Question.all says:

    It is YOUR attitude that permitted Hitler to conquer YOU.

  2. Ernesto Sanchez says:

    The Media and All this protesters on gun control are all FAKES, UNINFORMED IDIOTS, BEING PLAYED BY THE DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, and as we have seen, ask them questions …. and they have no CLUE OF WHAT THEY ARE PROTESTING FOR OR ABOUT!! All their protests are place cards the media and Liberals have placed in their hands. AS THE SAYING GOES MONKEY DO …. WHAT MONKEY SEES!! ANOTHER LOSE CAUSE FOR LIBERALS. Hahahaha
    I quote the following …….. The declaration is that it’s what’s really behind the manipulations that have made the anti-gun movement the left’s latest insulting assault on the majority of the American people.
    Under left-wing direction, the Black Lives Matter gangsters preached that white Americans at heart are racists who harbor an oppressive hatred of all blacks. Under left-wing direction, the Women’s March harridans (and their #MeToo sisters) shriek that all men are sexual predators.
    Now, under the behind-the-scenes control of national liberal groups, the March for Our Lives naïfs are going the final step, to declare that Americans who believe in their right to self-defense are actually murderers in their souls.
    In the liberal mind, every one of these characteristics means more need for government wardens, more need for the state to control the lives of individuals, more need for a totalitarian system to turn free citizens into abject subjects.
    Have a NICE DAY!!

  3. Karen says:

    It amazes me that with ’all’ the talk about making guns illegal not a SINGLE word has been said about taking the weapons away from the criminals. Or do the demoncraps think ???? they will say hey, you can have every one of my guns, no problem at all! LOL I think it is absolutely hilarious how full of crap they are. Or would cops going door to door collecting guns all over this entire country be number one more important than ‘anything’ else? Hilarious lol.

  4. Van says:

    We don’t need gun control but what America really needs is Democrat control

    • Gerry says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!! We had 8 years of demoTRASH control and look where we are. Race relations got set back 60 years, violence has risen by 100%, corruption in our government ran rapid for those 8 years and obama’s disease permeated through every agency under his control, scandal after scandal, cover-up after cover-up and lies after lies. Yup — great demoTRASH control.

  5. When will they protest the death by motor vehicles which are much more numerous than deaths by guns.

  6. KAZ says:



  7. george says:

    CNN = communist news network

  8. Marilyn Hale says:

    Seems no one wants to address that the shooter into the school was using guns of his father, who is dead. Doesn’t seem to me that using a dead father’s gun is reason for holding the NRA responsible for this sad issue. Don’t families have have some
    responsiblity for the acts of the family?

    • cliff says:

      So please tell me WHO is LYING?? The “lame stream media” has “reported” he BOUGHT this rifle HIMSELF after passing a GOVERNMENT “background check” NOW you say the gun was his dead Fathers?? STILL no matter WHAT is “spun” by the LYING media, the NRA had absolutely NOTHING to do with this demented mentally-ill murderer.
      The NRA didn’t sell him the gun, NOR did they sell him the ammo.. NOR did they “instruct” on him what to do…. It was HIS own SICK ,”EVIL” intentions that pushed him to commit murder.

  9. Jack says:

    The media got the election wrong so why believe what they present; it is always their view of what they want us to know because we are just to dumb for our own good. As the elites they want our guns to control us, and, launch the criminals upon us that they helped let into our country.
    Doubt it. Watch and listen to communist 101 CNN, among others.

  10. ernaldo says:

    The media is hiding a lot of data, the most glaring omission is the fact that well over 99% of ALL shootings in schools, post offices, military bases, theaters, concerts, city hall steps, ball fields, night clubs, inner city holes, etc are committed by leftist demotards….(but I repeated myself). No matter the caliber, size, color, weight, capacity or manufacture of the weapon, no demotard should EVER be allowed near one.

  11. zee says:

    Pack it up, jazz. This ‘troll’ Has Repeatedly posted on ‘various sites’ a meme of
    See 0thers/ Yourself etc. So folks reading this, beware this ‘jazz’ character has posted same schnitt on multiple sites. Definitely A Troll or perhaps an AI Bot.
    Just so ya know.

  12. Alan says:

    Media using students? While this is true, especially for those willing to be used, the willingness must exist before the use becomes possible.

  13. Kevin Beck says:

    Those press weenies get to choose which side of a debate they will support in the debate. It’s obvious from the results of their presentations on the subject that they are advocating for one side against the other.

  14. Roger says:

    The more time passes we get just a little more of the puzzle. Just as this very brave young man couldn’t sit back without telling the truth. Listened to one teacher that told of there being a red drill that day at that time. And he thought gunfire was firecrackers to make the drill realistic until he saw a victim covered in blood. I don’t know about you as I don’t believe in that kind of coincidence. And another teacher swore that the shooter was dressed in full TACTICAL gear. Will we ever know the truth?

  15. Galen Jeffryes says:

    This young man gets it. I have to admire his courage in speaking up. Most young people would not go against the majority of their peers, but he has the strength of his convictions.

  16. BURTON says:

    What is really happening in America is the elites do not want anyone to have weapons except them so they put out these False Flag events to get people that have no idea that no one gets killed to protest guns.And in the mean time all the” Families” get a bunch of money through GO FUND ME ,Some of these crisis actors are millionaires by now.Don’t believe me? Go to GO FUND ME and put in a person ‘s name that was “killed” at the Florida school shooting.You will be shocked.

  17. DaveW says:

    Kashuv is my new hero!!! To be among such a minority and stand up when he knows the flack that will come his way, is what heroes are made of.

  18. Al says:

    Bias media. I’m keeping my AR-15.

  19. NRA Coach, Stanley Lupkes says:

    Blaming NRA for gun deaths is like Blaming the YMCA and RED CROSS WATER SAFETY INSTRUCTORS for drowning victims.
    The NRA has been actively teaching firearms SAFETY and MARKSMANSHIP since 1871. Not until the 1960s has the NRA been concerned with protecting the 2nd Amendment.
    The Government joined the NRA and put into place the CIVILIAN MARKSMANSHIP PROGRAM in 1906. The CMP is now independent of the government. The OLYMPIC COMMITTEE, NRA, and CMP conduct hundreds of shooting competitions Nation wide each year.

    • Jake says:

      That is the best comparison I’ve read since this BS started. Thank you! I wish I could be that articulate, for me I’ve always been security minded since high school. So to me all this crap is an attack on all my beliefs, the constitution, protecting myself and others and weapons, not just guns I’ve learned to use just about anything as a weapon. I’m just to angry to articulate what should be a proper response, so I always grateful to the people that can. Please continue for those that can’t

  20. Jazz says:

    Yes, CNN and the media are biased but it’s because they’re anti-Trump rather than biased against the 2nd Amendment!


    So many Americans feel strongly on this subject to send in their comments, utterances, logic, insults etc – and this exchanges are good – but does reason and logic suffer?

    I’m a conservative Trump fan but what makes me different is I live in Europe – where gun ownership is strictly controlled and trust in our government is sufficiently high that our citizens do not want guns to defend themselves against our fellow citizens or our government.

    “Courage is getting up and speaking…or sitting down and listening!”

    You’re not going to like me saying this but insularity is a problem in America! Statistics show that only about 8% of Americans have passports i.e. have been outside America. There’s a big, wide world out there that, in many ways, is very different from America.Have the pro-gun lobby the ability to calmly sit down and listen to the world – yes, the world – which tells Americans that they are crazy. Do Americans not realise that the No 1 reason why outsiders think Americans are crazy is their attitude to guns?

    America leads the world in so many ways; is it conceivable that it could lead the world in showing how it is able to change so drastically and abolish its 2nd Amendment by disarming everybody through an amnesty and incentives? Can you imagine how the rest of the world would laud and admire America for doing so?

    It’s a flawed argument to suggest that its citizenry need guns to defend themselves against their government – they need guns to defend themselves against their own crazies and, in my opinion, the easy availability of weaponry makes it easier to be crazy! American young men are increasingly nihilistic and given to malfeasance and are turning against their sources of authority which, in many cases, are schools; this increasing social problem is not being addressed by society and civil authorities!

    How many Americans would acknowledge that in their lifetimes, at least once, they were angry, raged and irrational enough that if they had a knife or gun they would have used it?

    Trouble is, in these circumstances, it’s just to easy to get guns!

    • Lee says:

      You belong where you are…don’t understand the true nature of why the second amendment is there in the first place and made the right move leaving the U.S. because of the comments you have made!!

    • Roger says:

      No our media is very biased. The ones that preach gun control are the ones that have armed guards. I live in a rural area where on a good day it takes 40 minutes for police response. Now if someone is breaking in my door and doing whatever they want the Second Amendment gives me my God given right to protect my family. Do you trust your government with your life? I guarantee you I don’t trust them as far as I can throw an elephant. Did you realize the church shooting that killed 29 was not because of a gun but was because he shouldn’t have had a gun but the Military didn’t add his name to the people refused to buy a gun. This school shooter had been visited by local law enforcement numerous times and the FBI had received reports that he wanted to be a school shooter. These tragedies are the government’s fault just as much as the shooters. But no one has said much about their criminal responsibility. Our government is overstepping our Constitution and our Founding Fathers knew government would become corrupt at some point in time and the citizens have a choice to give up their freedom or take control of government by whatever means necessary. How you live in your country is your business but what happens here in this country is none of your business. I am one that can tell the rest of the world where they can go and not to try and interfere in the Constitution or our rights.

    • Mark N. says:

      Europe may think we are crazy, and Russia too, which has had gun control since Lenin, as well as Mao, who understood that political power comes from the muzzle of a gun (and hence mostly banned private ownership of firearms). Our country, however, was founded on a profound distrust of the Government (specifically the British Crown) that refused to even listen to the colonists complaints. As far as the Crown was concerned (as had been the case since the original colonization efforts were all commercial affairs), the colonies were merely a convenient source of goods and taxes, to be suppressed if they got out of line. Things haven’t changed much; and the larger the government grows and the more power the federal government usurps, the less people trust it.

    • roy says:

      Your argument doesn’t hold water. This is about freedom, it’s why we fought your ancestors.
      The rest of the world has to put up with bombings as their source of mass destruction, there are now shootings of police officers in every country in the world, they don’t get the publicity they do here. Our journalists love to get a story they can keep on the front page as long as they can.
      They never let a disaster go to waste. NOT as long as they can use it to steal someones freedom.

      HOW easy is it to get guns?
      In Kalifornia, it is NOT EASY to get a gun IF you’re a law abiding citizen. By that I mean you don’t know the paperwork that has to be filled out, the questions that have to be answered on a redundant basis. If you purchase two guns, you still have to fill out the same forms even one may be for a pistol and one for a rifle. You are limited to one pistol per month (30 days)
      You have to wait ten days to the minute to pick up your firearm, I believe that also applies to shotguns as well.
      If you have previously have filled out the forms for a “gun” you will again have to fill out another form and wait another ten days if you make another purchase of another gun. These “stupid” laws are more of a harassment to the law abiding citizen than they are to protect the citizenry of the state.
      The Governor last year signed a bill into law that removes theft of a firearm from being a felony and makes it into a misdemeanor.
      The exception: if the weapon stolen is worth (costs) more than $950 it then becomes a felony. The prosecuting attorneys may allow a plea bargain (because they are lazy and have a weak case) so that becomes a misdemeanor also.
      California has proven they do not like law abiding citizens by establishing just such laws.

    • Bob says:

      The rest of the world should look at the USA !

      When you screw up……

      We seem to be here for you .

      Watch and learn !!!

  21. GRIZZ MANN says:

    The Democrat mantra. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel
    Even if you have to make it up. Use the children is an Alinsky tactic.

  22. Tom Sanders says:

    So far I’ve heard a bunch of stupid ones who claimed they can take your gun rights away your second amendment right away that’s something that cannot be taken away you can give it up if you’re stupid enough to do so

  23. James Stamulis says:

    You have to ask why is it congress does not seem to care that CNN is fake news and has been caught repeatedly reporting fake news and colluded with Hillary and the DNC to fix the primary against Sanders and then Trump? Why are they still allowed to be on the air with their NWO propaganda? They don’t represent us is the answer.

    • Michael Hughes says:

      After the Boston Marathon bombing: should we not also ban pressure cookers? After these ISIS wannabes used cars and trucks to mow through crowds of people, should we not also ban motor vehicles? Whatever stuff the Austin bomber used, should that stuff not also be banned?

      The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to our Constitution were included to hopefully prevent the government from ever becoming too powerful. Remove the second amendment and their would be nothing to prevent the removal of the other nine. The government is already too powerful. Nothing should be done to give them even MORE power!

  24. cliff says:

    “USED” the children is absolutely correct. I see a photo someone took covertly at the CNN “town hall” it appears that CNN had printed “questions” ahead of time for the “children” to “ask” once the cameras were rolling. These parents should be arrested for child abuse for letting a FAKE NEWS outlet USE their their children for “POLITICAL PAWNS” to push the anti-gun, UNCONSTITUTIONAL democommunist “agenda”.
    I also read in several postings that soros “organizations” as well as “other left-wing “groups” were furnishing the funds to bus these “children” to “protest”. (basically BRIBES to push their anti-American agenda)

  25. Joanna says:


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