Maxine Waters just doubled down (again) to incite her radical base

Maxine Waters has called on her supporters to harass Trump supporters and administration officials.

Her words have incited angry mobs of Antifa protesters.

But that didn’t stop her from making yet another dangerous statement about Trump.

In an interview with CNBC, Maxine Waters said she thinks President Trump is dangerous and called for her Antifa pals to take to the streets.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Liberal Rep. Maxine Waters Wednesday urged Americans to take to the streets and scream for an end to President Trump’s term, endorsed impeachment and vowed that the White House won’t intimidate her.

Talking on CNBC, she said, “I think he’s dangerous,” and added, “I don’t know why people take it. I think Americans should be out in the streets screaming to the top of their voice. Do something. Make something happen.”

Radical leftists have taken Waters’ call-to-action and ran with it.

They’ve forced Trump administration officials Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kirstjen Nielsen out of restaurants.

Former campaign advisor Steve Bannon was harassed in a bookstore so badly that the owner had to call 9-1-1.

Senator Rand Paul and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai have received credible death threats that are under investigation.

On Antifa group even beheaded an effigy of President Trump with a guillotine.

And just yesterday, a man wearing a Trump shirt was violently attacked by angry protesters.

As long as Maxine Waters continues to embolden her base, their tactics will become only more dangerous for Trump supporters.

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190 Responses

  1. Isn’t inciting civil unrest a felony?

  2. Glenda Kee says:


  3. Bandit says:

    If her/its speeches cause the death of another person then she/it should be held fully accountable for the death, she/it should be held as an accessory before, curing, and after the fact for inciting the violence that she/it is causing. Because of mad max you can bet there is going to be a violent death and that should slap her right in the face. A law suit would not even be enough in a case like that.

  4. Shirley Long says:

    This vile Evil woman should be in JAIL. Who in the heck does she think she is. IF she was white and sayng the same thing, would the evil un-american be arrested. I believe she would be and should be in PRISON.

  5. ronald fischer says:

    I’ve been saying the same thing for years and i’ts not only her but the whole SS Democrat Nazi Party that should be in a mental asylum,along with there brainwashed liberals that are to stupid to know what the hell is going on in our country.But if the SS Nazi Party ever gets in any part of our Government i really think there will be a civil war in the making because our country will fall to our enemies like thy did in the 8 years of corruption,scandals,lying to the American People.And that so called Kenyan Illegal Immigrant that was making deals with our enemies and the real enemies of our country were right here all the while called the SS Democrat Nazi Party that tried like hell to bring our country to a end.

  6. Mark H Giles says:

    Obviously she is a clear and present danger to herself and others. She should be involuntarily committed to a psych ward for t bare minimum of a 72 hour hold. And, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet, but eventually she will cause one or more deaths!

  7. Glenda Kee says:


  8. joseph says:

    as a former retired medical professional, this woman has obvious mental illness! She needs to be evaluated by a series of non liberal mental health officials see if she is mentally competent which I doubt they will find. They may find her incompetent, and if she is competent then the authorities need to look into her for corruption forgiving her daughter campaign funds of $750,000! Why is she not held at a higher level than the average person being a politician? I’ll tell you because she’s corrupt!

  9. Mike H says:

    So if somebody gets killed why she spews her radical Communist democratic Ways. Is she going to be tried for treason or murder? Or because she’s black and a woman that doesn’t matter now. Anybody else would’ve been in jail already. How many passes does this idiot get?

  10. russell says:

    that is what we need to do see you at the polls

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