Maxine Waters gave the police an ultimatum that Left jaws on the ground

Maxine Waters created a firestorm with her demand that protesters get more confrontational if a jury acquitted Officer Derek Chauvin.

The story is even worse than people think.

And that’s because Maxine Waters gave the police an ultimatum that left jaws on the ground.

Americans did not know the full story of Maxine Waters crossing state lines and trying to incite violence in case the jury did not convict Derek Chauvin of killing George Floyd.

It turns out Waters requested a police escort to and from the protests she attended where Waters broke curfew and called for protesters to get more “confrontational” in the streets if the jury turned in an acquittal.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters requested a police escort for her recent trip to Minneapolis, where she told protestors to “get more confrontational” in protests against law enforcement, according to documents obtained by Townhall.

Waters flew into Minnesota-St. Paul International Airport on April 17, just days ahead of a verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial. The congresswoman requested a police escort that night when she called for people to stay out on the streets if Chauvin is not found guilty and they don’t get “justice,” according to Townhall.

None of the politicians who support defunding or abolishing the police are never willing to give up their armed, taxpayer-funded security forces.

Waters was also demanding police protect her from the very mob Waters tried to whip into a frenzy to terrorize police officers on the street.

This is why House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy moved to censure Waters.

And why it was so disgraceful that House Democrats marched in lockstep to block the censure.

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