Mark Levin asked one question to Joe Biden that has all hell breaking loose

Joe Biden just yanked the rug out from under the American people.

Millions are furious.

Mark Levin asked one question to Joe Biden that has all hell breaking loose.

The Biden administration infuriated even their allies by announcing vaccinated Americans and children in grades K-12 need to wear masks.

Administration officials did not present any scientific evidence to back up these new guidelines.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that the new guidelines amounted to “because we said so.”

Popular talk show commentator and the host of Fox News Channel’s Life, Liberty and Levin, Mark Levin, tore into the Biden administration’s bumbling in an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox show.

Levin ripped the Biden administration’s confusing messaging on the vaccine – where the administration told Americans to take a vaccine so nothing about your life can change – calling it “stupidity.”

“Don’t you understand when you tell people that, they aren’t going to get vaccinated – on the one hand you say hurry up and get vaccinated, we are going to treat you as if you’re not vaccinated: that’s not science, that’s stupidity,” Levin stated.

Levin then referenced reports that the administration turned coronavirus positive illegal aliens loose in the country pointing out that one way the administration could help get a handle on COVID transmission would be to secure the border.

“Joe Biden, I have a question for you for health purposes: Why don’t you issue orders to secure the southern border so we can make sure people coming across don’t have the virus and aren’t spreading it in the United States? Why don’t you do that?” Levin asked.

The Biden administration now has a massive political and communications problem on its hands.

Many Americans dismissed these recommendations as absurd, unscientific, and a power grab by a group of bureaucrats who don’t want to give up the ability to run everyone’s lives.

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