A major Democrat is staring at prison because of this insane decision

Another major elected Democrat is in trouble.

They believe in resisting Donald Trump at any cost.

That led her to make one fateful decision that has her staring at prison.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf declared war on the Trump administration.

She warned hundreds of illegal aliens of an impending ICE raid.

While federal agents were able to capture over 200 illegal aliens – over 100 of whom had convictions for dangerous felonies or multiple misdemeanors – over 800 illegal aliens escaped the authorities.

Hundreds of dangerous criminals who should have been deported were aided and abetted by the Oakland Mayor as fugitives from justice.

Now the Department of Justice could be exploring obstruction of justice charges against Schaaf.

Fox News reports:

“The Department of Justice is looking into whether Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf obstructed justice by warning Northern California residents of an impending raid by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The agency’s acting director, Thomas Homan, told “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning that the DOJ is “reviewing” whether Schaaf broke any laws by telling her constituents ICE would be raiding the area in order to arrest people violating federal immigration laws…

… Homan in a statement said that 864 illegal immigrants and public safety threats “remain at large in the community” and blamed Schaaf’s warning for their ability to dodge arrest.

“What she did is no better than a gang lookout yelling ‘police’ when a police cruiser comes in the neighborhood, except she did it to a whole community,” Homan told “Fox & Friends.” “There’s over 800 significant public safety threat criminals … that we are unable to locate because of that warning, so that community’s a lot less safe than it would’ve been.”

Mayor Schaaf was not only declaring war against the idea of American sovereignty, she put her citizens at risk.

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96 Responses

  1. Leon Donahue says:

    “The Department of Justice is looking into whether Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf obstructed justice by warning Northern California residents of an impending raid by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

    What the HELL is the above all about. If any of us told a fugitive that the law was coming to get him/her, we would already be in jail for obstruction of justice. This will turn out to be just another coverup of a politician. We need someone in DOJ that will STRICTLY ENFORCE our laws regardless of who commits the crime, ordinary citizen or politician. Our laws are supposed to be enforced against everyone regardless of their positition in life. LOCK HER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vic Bailey says:

      Doing that could cost some citizens their lives and if it does she should be charged with the criminal that does the crime. Semper Fi.

  2. Leon Donahue says:

    This anti-American mayor of Oakland should have been arrested the day of or no later than the next day that she alerted the illegals that I.C.E. was coming for them. 20 years in Leavenworth should make her think twice about doing it again. Maybe there is a bed in Guantanamo Bay for her.

    • Mstr9 says:

      Way to go Leon. All the Trump Administration has to do is convict one of these idiots and all this crap would come to a screeching halt.

  3. ahemtonto says:

    Her’s was an act of treason against the legal law abiding citizens of America. She should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It is time to make the outlaw Democrats know the rule of law is alive and well in America. It has been in recess too long for Democrat politicians that all feel they are above the law.

  4. Gwyllm says:

    This dimwit is no different than someone who knowingly hides a fugitive in their home to keep him/her from being brought to justice. If I were President Trump, I would see that the DOJ makes a LASTING example of ‘Mayor’ Schaaf!

  5. Rich Kenny says:

    So YES!! HERE’S ANOTHER “SCREAM FOR JUSTICE” If we don’t do something for this “anti” act.. then what is next? She, knowingly “broke the law” so the message we should be sending is….. YOU BREAK THE LAW! YOU PAY THE PRICE…” end of story!! or her next act will be even more heinous, and then where do we go? Put her away — make an example of this self-righteous individual who thinks she can make up her own rules!!!

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Agreed! There needs to be a strong and consistent message that breaking the law isn’t okay, regardless your age, race, sex, position, etc.

    • Leon Donahue says:

      I TOTALLY Agree. You do the crime, you do the time and this mayor of Oakland broke the law and should now be serving time.

  6. Fat sam says:

    She broke the law she knows that the people above her won’t do anything to her. She knows we won’t scream enough to make a difference. The AG feels the same way. Nothing will be done

  7. Better yet, since she and other Democrat Officials in Sanctuary cities and states are defying immigration laws in concert with each other as a criminal conspiracy, charge her with violating the RICO Act for ruinning a criminal empire good for minimum of 10 years in federal prison!! It fits the RICO Act perfectly and the Supreme Court will support it!!!…..

  8. Dave says:

    Legal procedures should be be followed by the federal not local or state personnel and since her actions imperil all citizens the trial should be held in a federal court in Kansas City and if convicted the sentence should be served in Alaska Federal pen.

  9. Leon says:

    What the Hell is there to look at. If it were an ordinary citizen who broadcast that a raid was going to take place, no matter what the raid would be for, a drug bust or whatever, you and I would most likely already be in jail. Why is Sessions dragging his feet, bring her up on charges of OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE !

    • Michael Robertson says:

      AG Sessions is waiting for Rosenstein to give him the OK to act on this and all other matters. Not sure why either of them are allowed to continue to draw their pay.

  10. Mike H says:

    If this would’ve been a Republican they would’ve hung Her Already.Great system we have right.

  11. Robert Whitis says:

    The most important thing is filing Criminal charges against her, for every conceivable crime:
    1. Obstruction of Justice
    2. Aiding and abetting a fugitive!
    3 Accomplice in a crime
    4. Conspiracy after the fact to commit a crime!
    I don’t think a civil servant can use public funds to pay lawyers in defense of a criminal act! She would have to fund paying her attorneys! (That would probably be paid for by donations from Lefties.) She would face the embarrassment of being arrested and spending some time in jail before bailing out! Even if she is found not guilty by a jury of leftists, she would have a dose of reality and others might hesitate to go down that road! It pays to make an example of someone who is surely guilty, even if found not guilty in court!
    We should charge every last one of these conspirators who are guilty of not obeying the law! The constitution gives the President of the United States total authority over immigration laws, not a federal judge & not any elected local citizen! There is a swamp in some states as well as in Washington D.C.!

  12. Bob Knapp says:

    I’d pay good money to watch her trial and sentencing if it were on pay-to-view TV.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Well, at least Sessions is looking into charging her for obstruction, and maybe some other things.

      • JOHN T says:


        • Sandra Lee Smith says:

          Unfortunately, the LAW doesn’t work that way; and either we are,or we are NOT, a nation of LAWS. He has to have sound probable cause, supportable by evidence and then acquire a judicial-issued warrant to arrest, and be prepared with sound evidence to bring to trial. Just because “everyone knows” isn’t sufficient.

          • zee says:

            What venue did Mayor use for message ??? local television, radio, phone? Evidence is there, correct??

    • Leon says:

      I personnally would love to be on the Jury, she would GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL!

  13. Countrysunrise says:

    Any Mayor who would put the safety of Illegal Aliens before the Citizens of her State, NEEDS to be brought up on charges!! She’s no better than a person who is the lookout for a bank robber!! I don’t know why they don’t go after Eric Holder as well, who was hired as the Attorney for the State of California, who handles all of these ridiculous Sanctuary City laws!! These cities are just fly paper for illegal convicts to congregate, so they can commit crimes again, then blend in with every day Citizens, who obey the law, and work for a living, living a clean life. There are also Sanctuary Restaurants, according to an article written a while back on CNN Money. It was started by a restaurant named Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and if you do a search, I’m sure you can find out all of the information you need to know. It’s amazing that these Illegal Aliens are getting more rights than the average Citizen — especially those who break the law, who are getting the backing of some dimwit Mayors who need to sit behind bars for a considerable amount of time in FEDERAL prison, so they can re-think their position!!

    • Dana says:

      Aiding and abetting cities and States should have their federal funds revoked and State and local leaders prosacuted to the letter of the law no excuse for what THEY have done

    • Christine says:

      You forget you are talking about California. These mayors that are protecting illegals do this because the illegals outnumber law abiding citizens and because of their illegal activities can afford to pay off those who make the laws. Drug cartels can easily afford to pay these mayors to become criminals making everybody who live in their cities afraid to come outside after dark or even in the light of day.

  14. Throw her in jail and put Hillary in the cell next to her!!!

  15. Steven Coy says:


  16. demarree1 says:

    She should be in jail for aiding and abetting criminals! We have to start jailing all liberal politicians who ignore federal laws in the land of the fruit and nuts.

  17. john says:

    SHOULD be going to prison; but in our current justice system such crimes are rewarded, not punished.

  18. Jim says:

    so who will prosecute this criminal …the other criminals? America is no longer governed we are ruled by our betters there are 2 sets of laws one for our rulers and one for the sheep who are allowing themselves to be ruled by rich politicians who think they are better than us

    • Dana says:

      I’ve always said build a wall around Ca. without gates and let no one out

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        We need that wall to run from the Gulf coast of TX, up along the western boundaries of A Z, NV and clear up to the western border of ID, then across the northern border to the Appalachians and down the west side of that range back to the Gulf again. We keep the Constitution, and military, those on the outside keep the illegals and “refugees” as well as all leftists.

  19. Donl says:

    I have No tolerance for Anti American activity & speech. Jail her NOW!

  20. David Blakeman says:

    If this had of been me, they would have me under the jail. We let politicians get away with crimes that would put you and me in prison. We need to start cracking down on this double standard political/law system that has taken over our country

  21. Martin says:

    Absolutely, this is obstruction, as is so-called “sanctuary cities”, you can just make up your own rules. This federal law, it is on the books. Short of God almighty himself, no one is above the law, no one. THESE ARE “ILLEGAL ALIENS”, PERIOD. Do your sworn duty, and get after these people. If you don’t, then your bluffing and the situation is just going to get worse. Because, what is a law if it is not enforced.

  22. Brent Burrow says:

    She should be charged with treason and prosecuted to the maximum the law will allow. And when she gets out of prison she should be deported an barre from ever returning to the USA!

  23. Jack says:

    She is guilty but like everybody else lately who is suppose to be guilty in and out of government, when will any charges be levied, let, alone any arrests!!!!
    We are waiting in this age of lawlessness, appeasement, excuses and favors.

    • Michel K Cromwell says:

      If you hadn’t noticed there are A LOT of corrupt, lawless, city, state, and federal high ranking scumbags being outed nearly every day…but they’re keeping quiet as they tighten the noose…rounding up and eliminating slowly, cautiously, and stealthily. But no successful commander just charges in without taking out the little corrupt scumbags who take bribes and hush money to allow the higher ups to push and implement their NWO agenda. The little traitors, some threatened and coerced are just the tip…but it’s a battle to get to the very top elitists. I like to think of it like a spider web; and at the very center sits the powerful, venomous leader….all those connected on that web must be exposed, taken out, and that avenue of escape destroyed…until their are only two ways for the elitist(s) at the center to go…into the custody of our justice system, or suicide.

      Just because we’re not seeing or hearing a lot…doesn’t mean things aren’t in the works…some of it right before our eyes, but we’re not making the connections. So many Dems being exposed and falling from their self-appointed thrones…it’s no coincidence.

  24. Jeff says:

    Nothing will happen or she will wiggle her way out of a Prison Sentence! And GET Probation. But, she does belong in Prison! Start teaching these DEMRATS a LESSON

    • Michael Gallagher says:

      Sadly she did not break any existing law. I hope that will soon change.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Yes she did; it’s always been illegal to aid and abet a criminal before, during, or after, his crime, which includes the evasion of law enforcement officers; she broke that law to the tune of however many illegals she warned in that city counts! It’s exactly the same as if you sent police on a wild goose chase so a criminal could evade them , or hid him in your home while they searched elsewhere, for that purpose. Think YOU wouldn’t go to jail for it?

      • Michel K Cromwell says:

        Oh yes she did…this treaeon law should be applied, or at least aiding and abetting CRIMINALS

        U.S. Code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 115,
        Whoever, owing allegance to the United States, levies war against them or “adheres to their enemies” giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is GUILTY OF TREASON and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

        (June 25, 1948, ch.645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103-322, title XXX111, 33016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148)

  25. Don Malnati says:

    1776 was the start of “We the people are all treated Fairly!” The KING is NOT Protected and his Favored Friends are to be put in jail or Shot by firing squad if deserved. FDR, JFK, Obama, Hilliary and others deserve prison. Guatemala put their Catholic president in prison and now follow our Constitution. Our TOP LAW Enforcement have become Wimps. They now protect the elite but not We The People. We Can Not Allow This. Jewish people have a name for their freedom, Maccabees gave them freedom. We must become Maccabees. Our Police and our army and we the people must enforce our unique Constitution, so our children and our neighbors children will be free.

    We must fight for our freedom. Ben Franklin said we are a Republic, IF WE CAN KEEP IT! We are now a Bad Banana demoncracy and are becoming a D.C. KINGSHIP.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      You should have started sooner, with Wilson; and then you missed a few Bushes, and “shrubs” in there, like the Peanut Farmer and totally corrupt and criminal Clintons, and all associated with their regimes as well.

  26. Bob Knapp says:

    But you can bet her home has solid doors with strong locks to keep uninvited strangers from entering.

  27. She is an emotional idealist with no concept of reality. She, like the demoncrats,thinkshe can decide which laws she must obey!She is subject to Federal law! But,Federal Govt is afraid to enact the law, if ever. This post will not be printed.

  28. Donald says:

    She is an emotional idealist with no concept of reality. She, like the demoncrats,thinkshe can decide which laws she must obey!She is subject to Federal law! But,Federal Govt is afraid to enact the law, if ever.

    • Leon says:

      If the DOJ doesn’t convict and sentence her, then we may as well throw all laws in the TRASH CAN as eventually, non will be enforceable.

      • Sandra Lee Smith says:

        Certainly all efforts to get illegal invasion under control, and probably all other criminal laws, which are “teetering precariously” over the abyss of uselessness now would be “gone” for all time in the future.

      • Cliff says:

        I don’t know about YOU, but IF Sessions can’t, (or WON’T) do his JOB, I believe he needs to resign, NOW…. In MY opinion, he is just another “swamp creature” that is HIDING something about HIS PAST that he doesn’t want to come out in the open.

  29. Dorothy says:

    Apparently she doesn’t understand what the Constitution of this country says. And she sure doesn’t understand that illegals have no rights in this country, they are illegals or invaders which you prefer.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Sure she does; she just thinks is SHOULDN’T say that and laws are “suggestions” or “options” for her to choose to enforce or not as she thinks right.

  30. Dennis says:

    They should arrest her and prosecute her to the fullest. Even at the risks of Calif riots she should be jailed. She selfishly broke the law and endangered the lives of ICE officials and hindered apprehension of criminals by her going public with her statements. Liberals can’t violate the law just because they don’t agree with it. Her actions also endangered her own constituents by maybe encouraging criminals to create crimes out of desperation because of her speech.

  31. D says:

    Lock her up there abuse is absurd make examples out of 50 of them watch the rest get in line

  32. Tom R Jackson says:

    give her 10 years no parole more if even 1 of her “wonderful ” illegal buddies even spits on the sidewalk!!

  33. Not only does she need to be taught a lesson, but all the other Liberal traitors that think illegals have done nothing wrong need to be taught that they can no longer subvert Federal Law and spit in the face of American Citizens to protect their illegal voters! Not just obstruction of justice, but also aiding and abetting an illegal foreign national, endangering law enforcement officers, and for being an idiot! (ok, maybe the last one isn’t really a law, but it should be)

    • Jack says:

      Sad to say that all that is done is talk, talk, talk, talk with no action to follow through. Same is the case with chicken little (mueller) crying the sky is falling & he should be extricated from his seat & told to shut to hell up.

  34. Mike Baumgartner says:

    People that believe in Iegal immigration and rule of law pay for ICE sweeps with their tax dollar. What right does this mayor have to throw our money away?

  35. Leon says:

    As a Law Abiding Citizen I URGE everyone reading this to contact DOJ and let them know that you want Mayor Schaff charged with Obstruction of Justice and to serve prison time for doing so. You can leave a written message on the DOJ contact web form here…


  36. Bob Stone says:

    Spreading this information is extremely serious to the movement of our now President. And not American. She should stand down and take what the law puts down.

  37. deerflyguy says:

    Every law abiding citizen of this country should want law breakers to be punished for their acts. That most definitely includes higher ups in our government as well as the little people. I am waiting patiently, but for how much longer, I don’t know, for our legal system to make some examples out of some high profile people, so that this utter nonsense can come to a halt!

  38. Marvin says:

    I am sick and tired seeing day in and day out our laws broken by elected Democrats. When will we ever arrest and try them for their crimes?

  39. Ron C says:

    absolutely she should be charged, But we all know she won’t….and she won’t for one reason….because she is a democrat!
    Law enforcement believes just because George Soros likes democrats that they are above the law.
    That is what happens when the so called authorities swear allegiance to Gorge Soros…You have third world justice with the blessings of the courts!

    • mstr9 says:

      I’m not so sure she won’t be charged and convicted, just because Sessions is a Trump guy and he will charge her if the facts prove it and they do. She needs to go to jail and then maybe others will think twice before they do something dumb.

  40. Daniel Cotton says:

    Nope you idiots all she did was inform her town of a raid that was planned and executed by a governmental entity so quit trying to make it anything more then that. Your argument doesn’t hold water . What about the citizens of the town city state are they not allowed to know that a raid is going to happen so they can protect themselves from fleeing wanting to get away want to hide illegals??? I’m sorry but I would want to know of a raid coming to my town so that i could get my family inside my home and protected from these now scared and possibly on the run from ice officials illegals .so yea she had every right to inform her town city state of the raid ,

    • Michael O'Connor says:

      What do you think would have happened to this Unamerican person if she would have committed this act in Russia, China, or North Korea. I think we all know the answer.

    • Jeanne Green says:

      Who is the idiot here ? Look in a mirror. It is not her place to be warning of an ICE raid.
      Not at all. It is not a warning of citizens about approaching forest fire. Criminal illegal aliens are to be apprehended, and here is a sworn public official giving the a warning ? Take a hike Dan. – If that was true, anyone who is warning all criminals that police is coming for them would be fine too ? I guess in your delusional world that might bear true. Are you yourself an illegal alien, or do you get paid for posting as a TROLL ?

    • mstr9 says:

      You’re wrong idiot!

      • Leon says:

        Who is the IDIOT calling someone an idiot and why/what are you calling the an idiot about??? Just to leave a note saying “You’re and idiot!” means absolutely nothing.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Yeah, we have laws against exactly that when the intention, as in this case, is to enable CRIMINALS to evade law enforcement officers in the execution of their duties arresting said CRIMINALS! SHE is now complicit in THEIR crimes and a CRIMINAL too, ergo subject to arrest and prosecution on that basis. The CITIZENS were put into MUCH GREATER danger than had she kept her mouth SHUT! I presume, from your attitude, you too, are a flaming leftist more interested in protecting the criminals invading this nation than protecting the citizens and legal resident aliens.

  41. Aj says:

    As a retired law enforcement officer, I firmly believe this behavior warrants prosecution and jail time if convicted otherwise there’s no law that these politicians won’t uphold as it applies to these illegal criminals.

    • Sandra Lee Smith says:

      Agreed fully. And from there it’s a fast slide to any and all laws they don’t like or want to enforce to total anarchy.

  42. susan says:

    I agree with the AmericaWake UP Now throw her in jail and let the rest of the country know they cannot ignore federal law.

  43. Throw her in jail, time to uphold the law and send out a clear message!!!

  44. Towerlady says:

    Jail time would be appropriate. She certainly doesn’t deserve to hold office. Too bad she can’t be simply deported along with the rest of the illegals.

    • Mac says:

      If I hit somebody it was hiding from the law they would arrest me for it why not a politician I guess they’re above the law

    • Dana says:

      Why not just load her the bus without any paper work to support her National orgin and unload her somewhere very south with jungle and very few people you know like the ones she’s protecting NO Problem

  45. Sandra Lee Smith says:

    Aiding and abetting criminal activity before, during ,or after the fact is a crime in and of itself, of which she is also guilty. Her duty is NOT to the “residents” but the CITIZENS and LEGAL aliens in the city ONLY; and then to tourist visitors, but NEVER to aid and abet the CRIMINALS SQUATTING in her city illegally! ICE was correct, her act does make their job much more dangerous; she WARNED criminals who then could well be armed and thus a threat to the ICE agents, AND the citizens around them as well!

  46. cliff says:

    She should not be “staring at prison”…. She should be in an orange jumpsuit staring OUT of a prison cell. The TIME is long past due to put these anti-American, “ELITE” “pro-immigrant” TRAITORS in jail…. If this were to actually happen, I believe it would be the beginning of the end of SO-CALLED “sanctuary cites” if the corrupt “officials” could be thrown in jail for disobeying the LAW as they SHOULD BE. (just like if WE broke the law.) Time for the “DOUBLE STANDARDS” FOR DEMOCOMUNISTS TO BE ELIMINATED.

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