Liz Cheney just told one lie that could land her in major legal trouble

Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney has been an outspoken Never-Trumper since the moment Donald Trump made his way down the escalator in 2015.

So it’s not surprising that Liz Cheney was one of only two Republicans who House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would allow on her sham January 6 Committee.

But Liz Cheney just told one lie that could land her in major legal trouble.

The Federalist is reporting that Liz Cheney has been lying to witnesses by claiming she’s the ranking GOP member on Pelosi’s Jan 6 Committee.

However, since Pelosi blocked the entire list of Republican nominations, there is no ranking GOP member on the Committee, and an investigation into Cheney is underway.

Of course, just a few weeks ago, Liz Cheney blasted Representative Jim Banks for saying he was the ranking Republican on the Committee.

But now, according to anonymous reports, Liz Cheney is telling witnesses that Republicans will be present for interviews and that GOP witnesses will be represented by John Wood, a long-time friend of the Cheney family.

“John Wood works for the Democrat Party, just like Liz Cheney, who was appointed by Pelosi and is not the Ranking Member of the Select Committee,” Jim Banks told reporters. “She is misleading witnesses, before they testify under penalty of law, about the motives and the position of the person questioning them.”

House rules stipulate that both the majority and opposition Party must have representation on the Committee.

The Committee is supposed to obey the following rules:

“Consultation with the ranking minority member shall include three days’ notice before any deposition.”

“A deposition shall be conducted by any member or committee counsel designated by the chair or ranking minority member of the Committee that noticed the deposition. When depositions are conducted by committee counsel, there shall be no more than two committee counsel permitted to question a witness per round. One of the committee counsel shall be designated by the chair and the other by the ranking minority member per round.”

That means the misrepresentation to witnesses is potentially a blatant violation of Committee rules.

“If this was a real investigation, that’d land you in jail for prosecutorial misconduct,” Jim Banks said of the false representation. “Fortunately for Liz, this is a sham investigation.”

Along with Cheney, the only other Republican on the nine-person Committee is Never-Trumper Adam Kinzinger, who has been outspoken in opposition to President Trump’s claims of election irregularities in 2020.

Unless the investigation finds Cheney is the ranking Republican and a Democrat-appointed Vice Chair, there is no opposition Party representation on Pelosi’s Committee.

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