Liz Cheney just found out some bad news that she never saw coming

Liz Cheney is trying to resurrect her political career.

After Cheney lost her Primary by nearly 40 points to a Trump-backed challenger, she is now trying to position herself for a second act.

But Liz Cheney just found out some bad news that she never saw coming.

In her speech following her 37-point landslide defeat, Liz Cheney strongly hinted that a Presidential campaign was in her future.

Cheney compared herself to Abraham Lincoln – who lost multiple Congressional races before winning the Presidency in 1860.

A 37-pont loss is not the normal launching pad for a Presidential campaign, but Cheney feels compelled to run out of her blind hatred for Donald Trump.

Cheney lost her Primary by such a massive margin because Republicans viewed her as effectively being a Democrat due to her work as the GOP face of Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee and the manner in which leftists in the media lavished praise on her for her continuous attacks on Trump.

But if Cheney is looking for Democrats to save her in a 2024 Presidential campaign, she needs to think again.

Democrats will not support her because she is a Cheney and the Left still views Dick Cheney as a war criminal for lying America into the Iraq War.

“I admire her, but when I’m voting for President, I’m voting for someone who shares my economic views and my foreign policy views,” Massachusetts Democrat Congressman Jim McGovern told POLITICO.

“Having said that,” McGovern continued, “I think she has tremendous appeal because Washington is not a place where there’s a lot of profiles in courage. Yet she has demonstrated what that looks like.”

GOP strategist and former Mitch McConnell staffer Scott Jennings told POLITICO that Democrats only heaped praise on Cheney because they see her as no threat to their power.

Jennings added that Cheney’s support on the Left eliminated any chance of her having a future in the GOP.

“As a purely political matter, I think Democrats are willing to say nice things about Republicans at the moment if it serves their short-term interests, and if they don’t perceive that person to be a future threat. I think they see her that way,” Jennings stated.

“Having all the right enemies is a way to get ahead in the Republican Party. Conversely, having all the wrong friends is a way to get dragged down,” Jennings continued.

A Liz Cheney 2024 Presidential campaign is laughable.

Cheney alienated 90 percent of the Republican Party by virtue of her alliance with Nancy Pelosi.

But Democrats also would never support Cheney due to her hawkish foreign policy.

If Cheney ran for President, she would learn the hard way – like John McCain and multiple other RINOs did – that the Left only propped them up because they were useful idiots for helping Democrats attack conservatives.

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