Liberal heads exploded after a massive Hollywood star defended Trump’s biggest issue

No industry is more hostile to President Trump than Hollywood.

Being supportive of Trump is suicide to anybody wanting to be anything over there.

But despite that, a massive Hollywood star just defended Trump’s biggest issue, and liberal heads are exploding in response.

Over the weekend, entertainer Cher made a Tweet that reverberated throughout the elites in the entertainment industry.

In a rare moment, the music star, actress, and comedienne spoke the truth about illegal immigration, hitting the nail on the head of the issue.

She points out there are tens of thousands of citizens in her city of Los Angeles who live below the poverty line, with many on the streets, questioning why the city should bring in more illegal immigrants when they can’t take care of who is already there.

Her Tweet mirrors the position of President Trump, who has consistently argued for putting Americans first.

So, naturally, Trump took to Twitter to publicly state his agreement with Cher.

Following Trump’s Tweet, Cher quickly made her opposition to Trump clear, calling him an “ignorant thug,” and “lizard brain.”

It isn’t surprising she fired back with a follow-up.

Those in the entertainment industry know they can’t stray too far from the political status quo of the elites who run things in their line of work.

A number of stars know this well, with many likely hiding their views altogether.

The most famous example of a star facing backlash for straying from the pack is rap superstar Kanye West, who declared his support for President Trump, even wearing the President’s signature “Make America Great Again” hat.

In response, the entire media went on the offensive against West, throwing out crazy stories about him being mentally ill and losing his mind.

But the truth is, he was just willing to speak his mind.

Cher clearly doesn’t have the same courage, and would rather backtrack and attack Trump than realize he is right on the issue of putting Americans first, before illegal immigrants.

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77 Responses

  1. marleen davis says:

    Cher you are such a hypocritical ignorant slut! You say the exact thing our Potus has been saying and then your demean him when he says that. You have to CYA because you are afraid of the people you work with instead of protecting the people your were talking about. Make up your GD mind! You cannot have it both ways. Either you are a good person who cares or you are a liberal asshole. Most conservatives have brains and we have lost all respect for your the entire entertainment world. There are a few who are smart enough to use their brains and defy your brainless cohorts. If you are not one of them then keep your damn mouth shut and go hide because you are a stinkin fake and just plain useless. So stop complaining and stop bothering people that care about our country like our President does.

  2. Ric B says:

    Gary, what a bitter, whiny old grouch or curmudgeon you have become! You speech is full of venom and vile, like many old conservatives. And you wonder how your neighbors and young people are not going conservative? It is a dying party . . . . America will be better off when the whiny old bitter ones pass on. Try finding a few good things that are happening in the world today – – where out communication is so excellent, we can reach each other within seconds, were world events are known in almost all cornets of the globe – – except for people like Trump who do not read.

  3. Mike says:

    Shows what fascists the Trump supporters ARE! Lesson 101 – – people have the right to choose and freedom of speech – – what you are advocating is 100% the opposite. The ONLY Americans you want to have rights are those that adhere to your anachronistic and ignorant ideas. People can choose to be progressive or regressive – – the world is changing rapidly, and the Trumpers are mostly old people who resist and verbally attack changes . . . . wanting us to return to the days whites were in charge, women “Knew their places” and America manipulated other countries.

  4. Dale says:

    The whole term, “liberal” comes from the French “liberte'” or believers in freedoms and civil protection from the control of government (i.,e. the 10 Bill of Rights). It is the “new” Trumper conservatives that do not believe even in the freedom of speech if it disagrees with them – – – like the legions of republicans, many party leaders, who might not agree with them completely. ONE BIG CHANGE is that ONCE conservatives were mostly about FISCAL CONSERVATISM (or the lack of deficit spending) bu this president has shown the opposite by over ONE TRILLION deficit spending a year! It is fiscally IRRESPONSIBLE and is another rotten legacy passed on by Trump, Mr. Conman Criminal.

  5. Ric B says:

    Too bad you even have less allure than that.

  6. Tom says:

    Another example of a “hook and bait” headline – – – no liberal cares that she made a point that favors Trump (I think she is right, even as a Dem) – – because she clearly sees what a lying, cheating, arrogant narcissist that he is. President Trump has a serious personality disorder, and for those who support him, that says volumes about you also. Trump has no morals – -and you can see this if you even read the redacted Mueller report and how Trump ordered numerous obstructions of justice.

  7. Dr, JD says:

    Jim, he HAS to run again even if he spends 20-25% of his time playing Gold at Mar-O-Lago. His numerous crimes can’t lead to indictments because he is a sitting president – – so when he stops being president, as Mueller said in his report, he CAN (AND WILL) BE INDICTED criminally for numerous crimes. Before that, many state investigations can also indict him.

  8. Steveur says:

    Mona, Well said, I don’t throw my money away to any Hollywood piece of crap and definitly closed out face book.

  9. Steveur says:

    I didn’t know that a turd had a gender, Cher proved me wrong, her smell gives her away” But then again, she is a resident of the USSC, and the proletariat has to bow to her, like her subject, Sonny. Then another smell, she does reside in the United Soviet State of California.

  10. jim says:

    Trump no longer matters. He isnt running again so who cares what he says.

  11. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    F%^&K these people with one Name. Get name. as REAL Name like the rest of us. Heres a name Pretentious C&*Ksucker….Hows that?…………..Besides who gives a S%^T what these Hollywood elitists think. They are not qualified or have the experience background to make strategic decisions

  12. BigR2491 says:

    I do not get how the elites are getting richer by having to feed, house and school illegal invaders. There is less in the state coffers to steal or embezzle. Soooo…….
    Notice in the media that it is all in the language syntax used. Sympathy: Undocumented Workers.
    Money Laundering and Currency Espionage: Remittances. Birthright Citizenship, “Anchor Babies”.
    End the madness and exploitation of the American Taxpayer, which is only 1/3 of California’s citizens.

  13. Skip says:

    Denise, you hit the nail on the head. Here she is agreeing with President Trump, but then calls him vile names as if she is disagreeing with what he is doing and what his policies are (that she just said she agrees with). The back-peddling is clear evidence that she is not thinking for herself, but is stating things that keep her ingratiated with the Hollywood crowd that she cannot afford to get sideways with. As mentioned in Robert Ball’s post, James Wood and Chuck Norris don’t mind going against the Hollywood grain. I’m guessing there are others (maybe Stallone and Eastwood) who find it prudent to just stay mute on the topic.

  14. Mona says:

    Cher’s personality matches her looks. I read years ago that she said that Sonny didn’t think she looked good. Not that he did but he was right about her. I wouldn’t buy any movies that the Liberal’s in Hollywood make. I don’t see why Conservatives support face book either.

  15. John J says:

    Cher has all of the allure as a fart in a windstorm

  16. Babbo says:

    Cher should b exported to Venezuela or Cuba to experience real freedom. She would be back whining in 5 minutes begging to be let into this terrible country. Stupid people should not shoot their mouths off trying to appear intelligent.

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