Liberal heads exploded after a massive Hollywood star defended Trump’s biggest issue

No industry is more hostile to President Trump than Hollywood.

Being supportive of Trump is suicide to anybody wanting to be anything over there.

But despite that, a massive Hollywood star just defended Trump’s biggest issue, and liberal heads are exploding in response.

Over the weekend, entertainer Cher made a Tweet that reverberated throughout the elites in the entertainment industry.

In a rare moment, the music star, actress, and comedienne spoke the truth about illegal immigration, hitting the nail on the head of the issue.

She points out there are tens of thousands of citizens in her city of Los Angeles who live below the poverty line, with many on the streets, questioning why the city should bring in more illegal immigrants when they can’t take care of who is already there.

Her Tweet mirrors the position of President Trump, who has consistently argued for putting Americans first.

So, naturally, Trump took to Twitter to publicly state his agreement with Cher.

Following Trump’s Tweet, Cher quickly made her opposition to Trump clear, calling him an “ignorant thug,” and “lizard brain.”

It isn’t surprising she fired back with a follow-up.

Those in the entertainment industry know they can’t stray too far from the political status quo of the elites who run things in their line of work.

A number of stars know this well, with many likely hiding their views altogether.

The most famous example of a star facing backlash for straying from the pack is rap superstar Kanye West, who declared his support for President Trump, even wearing the President’s signature “Make America Great Again” hat.

In response, the entire media went on the offensive against West, throwing out crazy stories about him being mentally ill and losing his mind.

But the truth is, he was just willing to speak his mind.

Cher clearly doesn’t have the same courage, and would rather backtrack and attack Trump than realize he is right on the issue of putting Americans first, before illegal immigrants.


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79 Responses

  1. marleen davis says:

    Cher you are such a hypocritical ignorant slut! You say the exact thing our Potus has been saying and then your demean him when he says that. You have to CYA because you are afraid of the people you work with instead of protecting the people your were talking about. Make up your GD mind! You cannot have it both ways. Either you are a good person who cares or you are a liberal asshole. Most conservatives have brains and we have lost all respect for your the entire entertainment world. There are a few who are smart enough to use their brains and defy your brainless cohorts. If you are not one of them then keep your damn mouth shut and go hide because you are a stinkin fake and just plain useless. So stop complaining and stop bothering people that care about our country like our President does.

  2. Tom says:

    Another example of a “hook and bait” headline – – – no liberal cares that she made a point that favors Trump (I think she is right, even as a Dem) – – because she clearly sees what a lying, cheating, arrogant narcissist that he is. President Trump has a serious personality disorder, and for those who support him, that says volumes about you also. Trump has no morals – -and you can see this if you even read the redacted Mueller report and how Trump ordered numerous obstructions of justice.

  3. Steveur says:

    I didn’t know that a turd had a gender, Cher proved me wrong, her smell gives her away” But then again, she is a resident of the USSC, and the proletariat has to bow to her, like her subject, Sonny. Then another smell, she does reside in the United Soviet State of California.

  4. jim says:

    Trump no longer matters. He isnt running again so who cares what he says.

    • Dr, JD says:

      Jim, he HAS to run again even if he spends 20-25% of his time playing Gold at Mar-O-Lago. His numerous crimes can’t lead to indictments because he is a sitting president – – so when he stops being president, as Mueller said in his report, he CAN (AND WILL) BE INDICTED criminally for numerous crimes. Before that, many state investigations can also indict him.

  5. L. Shamus McQuade says:

    F%^&K these people with one Name. Get name. as REAL Name like the rest of us. Heres a name Pretentious C&*Ksucker….Hows that?…………..Besides who gives a S%^T what these Hollywood elitists think. They are not qualified or have the experience background to make strategic decisions

  6. Mona says:

    Cher’s personality matches her looks. I read years ago that she said that Sonny didn’t think she looked good. Not that he did but he was right about her. I wouldn’t buy any movies that the Liberal’s in Hollywood make. I don’t see why Conservatives support face book either.

  7. John J says:

    Cher has all of the allure as a fart in a windstorm

  8. Babbo says:

    Cher should b exported to Venezuela or Cuba to experience real freedom. She would be back whining in 5 minutes begging to be let into this terrible country. Stupid people should not shoot their mouths off trying to appear intelligent.

  9. Aldo Nova says:

    Hollywood people who want to support Liberalism should all be boycotted!Hurt them in the pocket! Their hurting you!Don’t watch their dumb movies and cut the cable cord.Cable companies for the most part support the Liberal media!

  10. The Last Conservative says:

    Cher, for a moment, spoke some clear and clarion-worthy thoughts. Some that are clear to citizens on the right side of the aisle. She must have had a lucid moment and then took cover under the fog of leftism to protect herself from total ruin. The leftists have no tolerance for rational thought or actions. VOTES . . . only votes count ! Unyielding power trumps all. It’s quite sickening !

  11. Jay says:

    If BS was music, Cher is a brass band!! She is an uneducated liberal!
    Trump 2020 our only hope !🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. Jay says:

    If BS was music, Cher is a brass band!! She is an uneducated liberal!
    Trump 2020 our only hope !🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I think the term “Lizard Brain” as a brand that all of Hollywood should wear.

  14. n wilson oliver says:

    Trump is a “lizard brain” thug–he just somehow outwitted the entire Left by appealing to REAL Americans who must have identified with “lizard brains” rather than the smelly taurine fecal matter which oozes from the pores of the elitist “entertainers” who decry WORKING AMERICANS in favor of the unwashed, demand open borders while living in multi-million$ mansions BEHIND WALLS–The blatant hypocrisy of EVERY Leftist politician and multi-million-dollar limo lib wailing for the plantation poor rather than AMERICANS who have sacrificed lives and limbs–When one finally opens her eyes, she’s embarrassed by the company she accidentally supported, Lizard Brained Deplorables (who work and fight and are proud of their great nation).

    • Dixie says:

      I just hope President Trump follows through on his plan of releasing the illegals that get apprehended into California and New York’s “waiting with open arms” sanctuary cities. They are already crying about it. I think they need a rude awakening and reality check on just how big of a problem the crisis at our southern border really is. It isn’t fair that all of us ordinary citizens get to experience and savor the gift that just keeps on giving called the invasion of illegal immigrants overrunning our communities. The democrats in congress need to have that wonderful experience of five family’s of unknown spanish speaking people moving into the single family dwelling next door. Especially when they decide to throw a huge party where they all get drunk and bar-b-que a goat while spanish music is playing very loud so you can easily hear it without having to strain your ears. Wouldn’t that be so nice?

      • Aldo Nova says:

        Let’s take it one step further and let the illegals do whatever they want when they get there!No Police protection!That will maybe smarten them up

    • Eleanor says:

      Hit the nail on the head. Thank you.

  15. Gregory Sullivan says:

    I heard a comment years ago that shows the difference between a liberal person and a concervative one that hits the nail right on the head:
    Concervatives want freedom while Liberals want free things

    • Dale says:

      The whole term, “liberal” comes from the French “liberte'” or believers in freedoms and civil protection from the control of government (i.,e. the 10 Bill of Rights). It is the “new” Trumper conservatives that do not believe even in the freedom of speech if it disagrees with them – – – like the legions of republicans, many party leaders, who might not agree with them completely. ONE BIG CHANGE is that ONCE conservatives were mostly about FISCAL CONSERVATISM (or the lack of deficit spending) bu this president has shown the opposite by over ONE TRILLION deficit spending a year! It is fiscally IRRESPONSIBLE and is another rotten legacy passed on by Trump, Mr. Conman Criminal.

  16. Anne F says:

    Who gives a rat’s butt what Cher, or the vast majprity of Hollywood types care! If not for their luck on film, most would never be heard from and the biggest mouths seem to be the has-beens, that are looking for a way to gain fame yet again. It would not ewven be that bad, were it not for the simple fact that most are just plain ignorant!

    • SGT Preston says:

      Fat as I’m concerned, let’s send all the illegal Invaders out to California and let the Californicators handle the influx. I would hope that Cher and her “friends” in California would get the Invaders settling in their backyards and making themselves at home there. Serves California right.

      • Sharon Lee says:

        Hey man, give us a break! There are 100’s of thousands of Californians who absolutely hate the current “regime.” And the one before, and the one before that. Many of us are natives and have been fighting for years against the Marxist elements thoroughly entrenched in our State Government! So please cut us a little slack and don’t condemn us all. Know this one fact if nothing else; many of the progressive/liberal/leftist/fascist idiots that are now running things here, came from NY and the East Coast areas. So… they brought their stinkin’ ideology with them. Unfortunately we’re stuck with them until they decide to move away. Don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

        • Charles says:

          Remember Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible? Seeing how the majority of California doesn’t share your same views, you may need to do like Lot and gather up your family and leave and don’t look back.

        • Aldo Nova says:

          Make them leave! time for the American people to fight for their rights

          • ann lawless says:

            I Agree.

          • Mike says:

            Shows what fascists the Trump supporters ARE! Lesson 101 – – people have the right to choose and freedom of speech – – what you are advocating is 100% the opposite. The ONLY Americans you want to have rights are those that adhere to your anachronistic and ignorant ideas. People can choose to be progressive or regressive – – the world is changing rapidly, and the Trumpers are mostly old people who resist and verbally attack changes . . . . wanting us to return to the days whites were in charge, women “Knew their places” and America manipulated other countries.

    • gretchen says:


  17. Bill Beveridge says:

    California’s government and elites doesn’t care about the regular people. They care about getting richer them selves. They let illegals in, then ship them out to other states. All they, the Democrats want are more voters so they can get more democrats in office. Orange County California, where I lived for 14 years and finally escaped, is Conservative, if just legal and living people vote. But with millions of illegals and dead people voting, the Democrats took many offices away so the tax payers in Orange County aren’t getting the representation they deserve. Wall in California and make them get passports to come into the rest of the country. Same with New York.

    • BigR2491 says:

      I do not get how the elites are getting richer by having to feed, house and school illegal invaders. There is less in the state coffers to steal or embezzle. Soooo…….
      Notice in the media that it is all in the language syntax used. Sympathy: Undocumented Workers.
      Money Laundering and Currency Espionage: Remittances. Birthright Citizenship, “Anchor Babies”.
      End the madness and exploitation of the American Taxpayer, which is only 1/3 of California’s citizens.

  18. margaret martin says:

    I truly find it disgusting the way Hollywood has grown into a class act of pure, unadulterated idiots. Their heads are so huge they believe they can spit in the face of the American people and we will still love them. Liberals have all got this superiority syndrome on a pea brain! Wake up Hollywood…you truly ain’t crap! You/liberals got the big head with Hillary and you do see what happened, don’t you????? Us “little people” are the ones that allow you to get those million dollar paychecks, think about that if you can still think for yourself! So so tired of the way people living the good life in the USA do not appreciate it and want to destroy our country!

    • Vladimir Primaky says:

      Isnt it amazing, all these so called actrsses an a tors are so hypocritical, i remember when they said if Trump win, they will leave the country andCher would leave the planet, ALL of these complainer, where are they? Oh yes still around, they have no integrity and are LIARS, if you dont like it here, LEAVE THE COUNTRY.

    • Aldo Nova says:

      Time to Boycott Hollywood!Hurt them in the pocket!Dont watch their Dumb Movies!Cut the Cable Cord!Most cable Companies support the Liberal Media!

    • lottieann lawless says:

      Well Said That’s the problem they forget who made them rich us little people

  19. Jim says:

    Cher is back-peddling, trying to insult Trump. I think Trump’s idea is BRILLIANT! Let “Sanctuary Cities” have them all, but not a penny more Federal Aid. Let’s take it another step: we build the border wall along the north and east state lines of California. Let them be that “Sanctuary State” they want to be, just leave the rest of us out of it. I’ve been saying it for a year: Trump is playing chess while the Dems and MSM are playing checkers…

  20. Bonnie Holloway says:

    I vote Republican . We don’t need more ilegal immigrants to pay for when we can’t take care of our own. That was my point !!

  21. Gary says:

    Hey cher !! You a used up worthless massively ugly OLD BROOM RIDING HAG. Its best if you shut up and hop on your broom and go to the south pols and burrow into the snow and be dug up in a few thousand years
    Best for us you used up worthless ugly inbred dense dumb stupid tramp

    • john t. sr. says:

      Your comment makes me think of Cher’s old song, GYPSY’S, TRAMPS AND THIEVES. MAN AIN’T SHE THE REPLICA OF HER OWN MUSIC? lololol

    • Ric B says:

      Gary, what a bitter, whiny old grouch or curmudgeon you have become! You speech is full of venom and vile, like many old conservatives. And you wonder how your neighbors and young people are not going conservative? It is a dying party . . . . America will be better off when the whiny old bitter ones pass on. Try finding a few good things that are happening in the world today – – where out communication is so excellent, we can reach each other within seconds, were world events are known in almost all cornets of the globe – – except for people like Trump who do not read.

  22. Ann says:

    Funny how there was a time when Cher was all for the illegals coming into Ca. and even offered to have some stay with her. Now that President Trump has come up with his idea of them moving into her city she has changed her tune.

  23. Joe Varholy says:

    Maybe one day the Hollywood crowd will find the kind of talented people that used to produce the movies of years ago that we found inspirational, entertaining and everlasting instead of the same car crashes, violence, and junk that is ground out today. It could be they have to turn to politics because they lack the talent their predecessors had to produce meaningful movies. In either situation, they fail as political commentators as well.


  25. Mike says:

    Liberals need more poor … the poor vote & they vote Liberal because Liberals keep promising them free stuff, But alas the poor are to stupid to realize they are kept POOR for their vote.

  26. Bonnie Holloway says:

    Cher spoke the truth. It is a shame that the majority of actor’s don ‘t care.

  27. Fred says:

    Say Missy Cher, Maam, your last tweet, yes, the one after The Legally Elected US President Mr. Donald John Trump approved/complimented on what you did say/reply! I Truly do NOT know where to send you, because your Brain Cells ARE NOT THINKING STRAIGHT!

  28. Archangel III says:

    Cher needs to get laid… But I keep forgetting that she’s a hermaphrodite and is genderally confused like most of Hollywood.

  29. Gregory Sullivan says:

    It’s too bad that we couldn’t send all of Hollywood’s actors and actresses to either Cuba or Venezuela on a one way ticket to those places and never be allowed to return here ever if they think that Trump is such a terrible person.

  30. Emma says:

    Most “actors” are actors because they are nobody.
    By that I mean they have no clue who they are or know how to actually just “Be”.
    They have to have someone else write their words for them and make up a character for them to be. At least for awhile they can be somebody, Even if just pretend. Sad isn’t it? I doubt they are bright enough to make a living any other way. Good thing they get paid for pretending to be somebody , sometimes.
    There are rare exceptions. Cher is not one of them. An old, plastic nobody.
    Dumb to the core.

  31. leo says:

    the democrats need illegal aliens to ggenerate fear so they canj raise taxes and make unconstitutional laws big busineess needs illegal aliens to keep labor cost down to use as political prisoners in slave labor camps and they make great sex slaves as well for politicians to trade like base ball cards for political favors

  32. S. says:

    I’ve been saying the same thing all along as Cher about not being able to care for our own, so what’s the point of adding more to the problem? But she should have stopped there. I realize it’s irksome and goes against the grain to agree on something your sworn foe had/has to say. However, you do agree whether you like it behooves you or not and leave it at that.

  33. james says:

    again more Hollywood idiots

  34. Keith D says:

    It’s the DEMON RAT DILEMMA !!! Trumps RIGHT but you arte NOT ALLOWED TO AGREE!!!! 22 months NO COLLUSION NOT! The border is made up UNTIL ZERO’S guy said it was, The economy BOOMS they say ZERO did it BUT he said it will NEVER HAPPEN! Best job numbers in 70 years for BLACKS,HISPANICS,WOMEN but they hate IT??? Base pay growing for first time in over 15 years BUT THE HATE IT!!! Trump is called everything but a LIGHT SWITCH and he calls them out HE is NOT PRESIDENTIAL??? He is NOT a politician and gets investigated KILLARY breaks 13 laws including being SUBPOENAED DESTROYS ALL EVIDENCE but after 50 years in and around POLITICS SHE DIDN’T INTEND to commit FELONIES if not TREASON????? Yeah good job DEMON RATS!!!! <Lets go murder BABIES and praise PERVERTS!!!!

  35. James says:

    Hollywood idiots

  36. Nunyer Binnis says:

    Gee, Robobitch… Nice leftist TOLERANCE. Didn’t you get your lube job this week?

  37. Wilddog says:

    I’ve always thought Cher was an idiot and once again she proves it. Just like a typical Hollywood jackass fool she talks out of both sides of her mouth and ends up making herself look totally stupid. She was one of the jerks who said she’d move out of the country when Trump became president. We’re still waiting for the dumbass to leave. She also hated Sonny because he was a republican. Sonny wasn’t perfect and he did make mistakes but it’s a fact that without Sonny she would’ve remained a poor nobody.

  38. venganza says:

    I was wrong. Cher DOES have one functioning brain cell left in her head.

    • inday says:

      I agree…the other Cher brain cell keep telling her to Stop getting Facelift!!! she doesn’t look like human anymore. LOL

  39. Denise says:

    Hollywood and their stars are HUGH asses. Cher, I am disappointed in you. It is obvious you do not think for yourself and that you are under Hollywood’s order and control.

    • Skip says:

      Denise, you hit the nail on the head. Here she is agreeing with President Trump, but then calls him vile names as if she is disagreeing with what he is doing and what his policies are (that she just said she agrees with). The back-peddling is clear evidence that she is not thinking for herself, but is stating things that keep her ingratiated with the Hollywood crowd that she cannot afford to get sideways with. As mentioned in Robert Ball’s post, James Wood and Chuck Norris don’t mind going against the Hollywood grain. I’m guessing there are others (maybe Stallone and Eastwood) who find it prudent to just stay mute on the topic.

  40. Nathan Paris says:

    Cher. She was supposed to go to Mars if Donald J. Trump were elected President. Although she hasn’t left yet? This just proves that even those who can’t get to Mars may still have in their brain what many refer to as a moment of clarity. Cher agreeing with President Trump. This is BIG NEWS. It should be on every front page.

  41. Jason says:

    The Liberal Lib-A-Ticks Democrat’s only want them here; to vote for them and their Idiot proposals.

  42. Brian says:

    She had to make it look like she wasn’t waffling in her beliefs in front of her peers. Peer pressure is a bitch isn’t it?

  43. libra says:

    President Donald J Trump 2020–MAGA

    • Emma says:

      As far as I can tell, she isn’t feeling any care for the homeless, the hungry or our Vets.
      They are simply an inconvenience to her & those like her.
      She is about as plastic as they come, but ya know, she is still old, see it in her eyes, tired, & still stupid.

  44. Robert E Ball says:

    I agree with you 100%, Skip. Many scumbag hollywood actors have lost my support and that of a lot of people I know. I say we should ship all of hollywood (except James Woods, Chuck Norris, and a few other great Americans) to Venezuela.

  45. Bailey says:

    My opinion of Cher who I have always loved just went up 1000 points. It is true we don’t take care of our own. Our country can not handle all these illegals trying to come in the country. Can’t understand why the Liberlas don’t see that. Now if Mad Max, crazy Pelosie, dumb AOC, Schummer should take in some of these illegals then I could understand them wanting to help. But they would be the last people to take illegals into their homes. We need to fix the problems and help our own first.

  46. Skip says:

    She says she agrees with Mr. Trump’s policy regarding illegal aliens (we have too many of them and cannot accommodate more), but then calls him an “IGNORANT THUG WITH LIZARD BRAIN”. Well, isn’t that substantive? That’s getting right to the heart of the issue. This is so typical. Which of his policies and results do you not agree? He is turning the trade balance with China more favorably. He has put policies and tax structures in place that have energized this economy (Barack Obama is trying to take credit for it, but he did nothing that would result in the robust economy we have now), has removed federal regulations that have stymied growth of industry and jobs in this country, and is taking positive steps to curb illegal entry into this nation. Doesn’t sound like a “lizard brain” to me, but then reality is not Hollywood’s strong suit.

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