Liberal heads exploded after a massive Hollywood star defended Trump’s biggest issue

No industry is more hostile to President Trump than Hollywood.

Being supportive of Trump is suicide to anybody wanting to be anything over there.

But despite that, a massive Hollywood star just defended Trump’s biggest issue, and liberal heads are exploding in response.

Over the weekend, entertainer Cher made a Tweet that reverberated throughout the elites in the entertainment industry.

In a rare moment, the music star, actress, and comedienne spoke the truth about illegal immigration, hitting the nail on the head of the issue.

She points out there are tens of thousands of citizens in her city of Los Angeles who live below the poverty line, with many on the streets, questioning why the city should bring in more illegal immigrants when they can’t take care of who is already there.

Her Tweet mirrors the position of President Trump, who has consistently argued for putting Americans first.

So, naturally, Trump took to Twitter to publicly state his agreement with Cher.

Following Trump’s Tweet, Cher quickly made her opposition to Trump clear, calling him an “ignorant thug,” and “lizard brain.”

It isn’t surprising she fired back with a follow-up.

Those in the entertainment industry know they can’t stray too far from the political status quo of the elites who run things in their line of work.

A number of stars know this well, with many likely hiding their views altogether.

The most famous example of a star facing backlash for straying from the pack is rap superstar Kanye West, who declared his support for President Trump, even wearing the President’s signature “Make America Great Again” hat.

In response, the entire media went on the offensive against West, throwing out crazy stories about him being mentally ill and losing his mind.

But the truth is, he was just willing to speak his mind.

Cher clearly doesn’t have the same courage, and would rather backtrack and attack Trump than realize he is right on the issue of putting Americans first, before illegal immigrants.

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