Leftists are going to have a massive meltdown after Trump hinted at his next big move

President Donald Trump has made infuriating liberals into an art.

He can’t open his mouth without sending them into a rage.

And leftists are going to have a massive meltdown after Trump hinted at his next big move.

Coronavirus has put a wrench in the original plans for the Republican National Convention, where President Trump will accept the Republican nomination for President for
the second time.

It was initially going to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, but the state’s Governor made it virtually impossible with the coronavirus restrictions he put in place.

So in response, President Trump had it moved to Jacksonville, Florida, only for the same thing to happen.

Now, Trump is scrambling to figure out exactly what he can do, with his speech being the most important part of the entire convention.

That’s why he is reportedly looking for new places where he could host his acceptance speech.

Among them are the Independence Hall in Philadelphia and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

But neither of those two would infuriate liberals quite like Mount Rushmore, which is reportedly among his top considerations.

Mount Rushmore is where Trump hosted his Fourth of July speech, which many consider to be the best speech of his presidency.

It is also a location that many on the Left want to destroy due to the fact that they believe it is a symbol to “white supremacy.”

The New York Times ran an article leading up to the Fourth of July declaring Mount Rushmore a “symbol of racism,” and massive protests attempted to block the event from happening.

Leading politicians, including Rep. Tammy Duckworth even sided with the Left’s attempts to destroy the monument, by stating that it should be considered.

In reality, Mount Rushmore is a symbol to American greatness.

The marvelous monument is chiseled with the faces of four great leaders who made America what it is today.

But to the modern Left, the fact that it is four white men makes it racist.

They would rather destroy the statue and replace it with their own symbols, people like Barack Obama, who tow the line of the extremist agenda.

If Trump were to hold his acceptance speech at Mount Rushmore, it would send a strong message that he isn’t going to put up with the radical Left.

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