Laura Ingraham sent Donald Trump a message that left his jaw on the ground

During the 2016 and 2020 elections, Laura Ingraham was one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters in conservative media.

With Trump ready to declare a 2024 campaign, he was wondering if Ingraham was still on his side.

And now, Laura Ingraham sent Donald Trump a message that left his jaw on the ground.

Rolling Stone reported that Donald Trump was dividing up hosts at Fox News based on who he thought would support his 2024 re-election bid and who he thought might back a challenger.

Ingraham was one of the Fox hosts who Trump thought might throw her support behind a different candidate.

And – in fact – Ingraham previously said she was not yet ready to commit to Trump in 2024.

But on her show Thursday night, Ingraham sounded like a full-throated Trump supporter.

Ingraham mocked RINOs and members of the corporate-controlled press who constantly tried to write Trump’s political obituary.

“That’s what’s called wishful thinking, folks, because they desperately wanted Trump gone, they let that clout — whatever sliver of political judgment they ever had, if they had any to begin with. Now, check out this map of states where Trump-endorsed candidates have won so far in Senate races,” Ingraham added.

Ingraham cited Trump running the table in Arizona as evidence that his power to push candidates over the finish line is unmatched.

“Now, for those of you keeping score at home, that’s 8–0, a record in the Senate primaries. And in the House primaries, his record is 14 wins and five losses. So that’s an overall success rate for all races Senate, House, and Governors of 95% for incumbents and 79% for non-incumbents. That winning percentage should become even more big with the now-expected victory of Kari Lake in Arizona after tonight’s new batch of counted votes. Now, whatever you think of Trump’s policies, his personality, does all of that look like the record of someone with waning political influence? The establishment view again is wrong on so many issues, and it was that Trump was bad for the GOP,” Ingraham added.

Ingraham then pointed to the fact that polls show Hispanic voters are evenly split between Republicans and Democrats as evidence that Trump had broad appeal to all segments of society.

“They said that over and over — like, he turned people off. ‘I would never vote for him, minorities would run from him.’ Well, that’s not panning out either. In fact, when it comes to minorities, the opposite is the case. Hispanics are more favorably inclined toward Republicans than ever before,” Ingraham concluded.

Many in the pundit class hoped Trump’s endorsed candidates would lose primaries so they could claim his influence collapsed.

But the exact opposite is true.

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