Laura Ingraham just found out she could be in career-ending trouble

The left targeted every Trump supporter in the media for destruction.

Laura Ingraham was at the top of that list.

And she just got some bad news that no one saw coming.

The Liberals’ preferred weapon of choice to run Trump supporters out of the media is the advertiser boycott.

Liberals targeted Ingraham’s advertisers with fake boycotts after she mocked anti-gun activist David Hogg for getting rejected by every college he applied to.

Over a dozen sponsors dropped her primetime Fox News show.

The left kept up the pressure on the radio side and eventually Ingraham announced she would end her daily radio show and transition it into a daily podcast.

The Wrap reports:

Fox News host Laura Ingraham announced Wednesday that she will end her longtime syndicated radio show and transition into a new career in podcasting.

“While hosting a prime-time television show and raising three children on my own, continuing a three-hour morning radio show was no longer feasible,” Ingraham said in a statement, saying that the demands of her Fox News program and early morning radio were too much.

“Although I will greatly miss my radio listeners and affiliates, working late nights and early mornings has taken a toll on my family life. Plus, my radio audience is smart, savvy and committed, and I know most will follow my new show in the format that is revolutionizing the audio world — digital podcasting,” she said.

Liberals cheered this development.

The left-wing website the Daily Kos claimed this move was made in response to increasing pressure on her advertisers to drop the show.

Conservatives can expect liberals to see this move as justification for their boycotts and move to targeting Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin.

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