Laura Ingraham just pointed out one truth that left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fuming

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the leading socialist revolution in Congress.

But her plans hit a major snag.

And Laura Ingraham just pointed out one truth that left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fuming.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is leading the environmental wacko movement’s push to end all fossil fuels in favor of so-called green energy.

After Joe Biden declared war on American energy, the price skyrocketed, leading to record high gas along with soaring electric bills.

Of course, Democrats refuse to let a crisis go to waste.

The Biden regime wholeheartedly bought into Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal fantasies by using soaring energy prices as an excuse to shove green energy down the country’s throat.

On her Fox News show, The Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham exposed the game Democrats are playing with Americans to push their green energy agenda.

“All right. Well, here’s the rule of thumb,” Ingraham said. “If it’s super hot out, it’s climate change. And if it’s super cold in the winter, it’s climate change.”

Whenever anything weather related happens, the Left is quick to blame it on climate change in order to push their green agenda.

“So whatever change is happening, it means you have to run out and get an electric car. All right?” Ingraham continued.

“Yeah. For all their fear-mongering, the globalists are worried that their dream of a carbon-neutral world is fading away,” Ingraham explained. “Because in just the past week, a giant climate spending bill went down in flames on Capitol Hill and then Germany’s going back to coal, it turns out. Whoops.”

Germany, which went all in on the green energy movement, is turning back to reliable coal powered electricity because its green energy can’t generate enough power for the nation.

But Joe Biden’s last chance for a major climate change bill went down in flames after Senator Joe Manchin shot down the idea.

“And, of course, Americans are seething about gas prices,” Ingraham said. “Democrats are blaming Republicans or blaming Manchin or blaming drivers who won’t ditch their gas guzzlers. And, of course, Vladimir Putin.”

With the clock ticking on Democrat control of Congress, Ingraham explained that Party leaders know their window is closing for ramming through Green New Deal policies.

“The Biden regime’s push to transition towards green energy is a transition from when you had extra money in your pocket to a time where you have none,” Ingraham added.

“From American prosperity to American poverty. And the White House believes that you should be happy to make this sacrifice,” Ingraham concluded.

The energy crisis under Joe Biden proved that the Green New Deal is an unworkable, costly disaster for the United States.

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