Laura Ingraham had a warning for Donald Trump about how he could lose the election

The stakes in the 2020 election could not be higher.

Many Americans believe the very nature of the country is on the ballot.

And with that in mind Laura Ingraham had a warning for Donald Trump about how he could lose the election.

During a monologue on her show, Ingraham warned Donald Trump that if he carried the Sun Belt states Democrats would try and make up the difference by swamping the Midwestern “blue wall” states Trump flipped in 2016 with mail-in ballots.

“If Trump carries Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona, along with the other states he is already expected to win, he’ll have more than 250 electoral votes,” Ingraham stated. “At that point, the only way for Democrats to win would be to sweep Pennsylvania and the Midwest with mail-in ballots.”

Ingraham warned the consequences of Trump’s defeat were real and serious.

“After being the punch line for liberal elites for years and years, the Midwest finally has its moment in 2020,” Ingraham continued. “If you’re from Wisconsin and you’re an independent but Trump’s tweets bug you, OK, I get it. But focus on what matters: Your family, their future, your and their safety, and prosperity.”

Ingarham warned voters in the Midwest that Democrats wanted to turn all of their cities into nightmares like Chicago if they grabbed total power in this next election.

“That’s the Democrats’ ideal Midwest city: Chicago,” Ingraham stated. “High taxes, pro-pot, anti-gun, anti-business.”

Blue collar voters in the Midwest – and those in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania – will likely decide this election.

That’s why Democrat judges are increasing the amount of time states have to count ballots until weeks after Election Day.

Democrat judges figure this will give Democrats enough time to find the votes necessary to flip those states blue and hand the Presidency to Joe Biden.

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