Kyle Rittenhouse said four words that has the entire Fake News Media quaking in its boots

The Kyle Rittenhouse case was as clear as it could have been.

But the Fake News Media stations like CNN, MSNBC, and CBS still ran Rittenhouse’s name through the mud.

And Kyle Rittenhouse said four words that has the entire Fake News Media quaking in its boots.

When the Kyle Rittenhouse trials were taking place, Americans were fed two entirely different versions of the story.

The truth – which you found out if you watched just a few minutes of the trial – was that Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself against Marxist Black Lives Matter rioters in Kenosha and that he was entirely in the right to do so.

He was also not illegally carrying a weapon at all.

In fact, before the court jury eventually cleared Rittenhouse of all charges brought against him, the judge even threw out the charge of illegal carry because it had no legs to stand on.

The Fake News Media, however, made the most egregious lies on air to smear Rittenhouse.

They claimed he was a white supremacist, that he was illegally carrying his weapon, and that he had somehow premeditated the whole tragedy.

So of course, when Rittenhouse’s name was cleared, conservatives looked to Rittenhouse to go on the offensive and sue the major Fake News Media stations like CNN for defamation.

And it looks like that is on the horizon.

Appearing on Fox News, Kyle Rittenhouse said “there’s going to be some media accountability coming soon.”

Fox News reports:

The media could be facing big consequences for the way it covered Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial, the 18-year-old indicated on Monday.

“There’s going to be some media accountability coming soon,” Rittenhouse told Fox News during an interview.

Fox News had asked him whether he thought a trend was developing in which the media was starting to face consequences for its coverage of people like him and Nick Sandmann.

Sandmann recently settled with a major network over its coverage of his viral confrontation with protester Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial in 2019.

“Good for him,” Rittenhouse said when asked about the settlement.

Rittenhouse has every right to sue the men and women at the Fake News Media stations behind the lies that led to his name being run through the mud countless times.

This comes on the heels of a confidential settlement between the Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann and NBC after he was similarly smeared based entirely on lies.

There has to be consequences for lying to millions and millions of Americans to defend your political narrative, especially stooping so low as to perform outright character assassination.

And after Nick Sandmann has settled with NBC and Rittenhouse looks poised to go after his attackers and defamers, the Fake News Media actors just might want to watch their mouths before they take to the air to lie to Americans.

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