Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to answer one question that had all hell breaking loose

Ketanji Brown Jackson sat for two days of questioning by Senators during her Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

It went even worse than anyone could imagine.

And Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to answer one question that had all hell breaking loose.

At one point during the hearings, Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to answer a question about court packing.

Democrats threatened to pack the Supreme Court with additional left-wing Justices after Republicans confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Before she died, Ruth Bader Ginsburg expressed her opposition to court packing.

Stephen Breyer – the Justice Jackson is trying to replace – also opposed court packing on the grounds it would delegitimize the Supreme Court.

There is no reason Jackson could not answer this question.

Utah Senator Mike Lee told Fox News that Jackson’s silence was worrisome because it exposed her allegiance to the radical Left wing of the Democrat Party.

“You know, she gives us her answer, Brian, the fact that she doesn’t want to weigh in on political issues,” Lee stated. “Interestingly, this is an issue that both affects the court, and it is unique in that while it affects the court, it’s not something the court could ever address. It is what we call a nonjusticiable political question. It would be decided by Congress and not by the courts. And it reflects on her judicial philosophy, I think because her answer would tell us a little bit about how strongly she feels about the court’s independence. It concerns me that she hasn’t been willing to offer her opinion. She acknowledges that she has one but won’t share it.”

The court will never address court packing since this is a legislative question, as the Constitution grants Congress the authority to set the size of the court as well as its jurisdiction.

This means Jackson should have felt free to answer.

“This is a bonafide hearing — one that is focused on the issues, so she ought to be willing to answer that,” Lee concluded. “This is a really important issue.”

Jackson gave a number of disturbing answers during her confirmation hearings.

Jackson refused to answer a question by Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn asking her to define what a woman was because she said she was not a biologist.

But Jackson’s refusal to engage in court packing shows she is a hard-Left political activist.

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