Kellyanne Conway shredded Nancy Pelosi after she took this trip during the shutdown

President Trump stayed in Washington, D.C. over Christmas to try and work a deal to fund his border wall and end the government shutdown.

But Democrats aren’t even bothering anymore.

And Nancy Pelosi took a lavish vacation that set Kellyanne Conway off.

Nancy Pelosi took a Hawaiian vacation at a four diamond resort during the heat of the government shutdown.

Democrats are trying to pin the blame on President Trump for the shut down.

But that’s rich coming from the likely soon-to-be Speaker who clearly isn’t bothering to lift a finger.

So White House advisor Kellyanne Conway blasted Pelosi, saying “Less hula, more moola for the DHS and Customs and Border Patrol, funding our border security.”

The New York Post reports:

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway mocked Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi for reportedly vacationing at a luxurious Hawaiian resort during a partial government shutdown caused by a stalemate over President Trump’s demand for a border wall.

“Nancy Pelosi needs to come back from Hawaii. Less hula, more moola for the [the Department of Homeland Security] and Customs and Border Patrol, funding our border security,” Conway told “Fox News Sunday.”

“They need to come to the table and do their job,” Conway added. “A fully functioning democracy demands that both parties come together and that the Congress and the executive branch work together.”

Drew Hammill, spokesman for Pelosi, said she has been in her hometown of San Francisco since Saturday and will be in Washington on Monday and Tuesday, the Hill reported.

He also noted that Republican and Democratic congressional leaders are also absent from Washington.

The California Democrat was staying at the Fairmont Orchid Hotel in Kona, Hawaii, where rooms go for $489 to $3,499 a night, according to multiple reports.

Trump decided to stay at the White House instead of spending the holiday at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida because of the partial government shutdown.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are trying to blame President Trump and Republicans for the shut down.

However, the U.S. House passed a funding bill that would’ve reopened the government and given Trump his $5 Billion for the wall.

But Schumer blocked it in the Senate from getting 60 votes.

Pelosi has totally phoned it in.

And the American people won’t forget it.


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91 Responses

  1. Joe Maxwell says:

    Get ready for a 75+ year famine that has begun and will be total by 2028.

  2. Floyd says:

    Good for Kellyanne.

  3. Barry Brown says:

    Americans are over the IGNORANCE SHOWS NO BOUNDARIES Schumer and Pelosi spew. These people hate Trump so much they will let America be destroyed as a free country before doing jobs they were elected to. I would hate to have to explain to my children I voted for Maxine or Chucky or Nancy. These people make millions for the 173k a year job they we elected for. Sad by true, they are idiots

  4. Jersey Prophet says:

    It’s The Schumer Schutdown. He hopes to gain political points but at the end, he will be the loser. Losing becomes this snake.

  5. Pete says:

    As a past Democrat, I will never again vote for a Democratic candidate until such time as they show me they care for our country more than their own personal betterment, and show me they live their country more than they hate Trump!

    • Kay Dean says:

      They love hating Trump more than loving anything except taking our money and SS

      • zee* says:

        Levin mentioned on Radio.
        Medicare good for 7 yrs. 2026
        SS good for 16 yrs.
        ‘politicals’ Need STOP ‘taking’
        & STOP ‘transferring’ & ‘Gaming’ 0ur $ to
        ‘illegal’ programs. Plain & simple.

  6. zee* says:

    oh Yeah. Good one Conway. “Less hula, more moola”.
    hey nancy, ‘Another treatment’ ? Ahem
    cough-cough. ___

  7. Susan says:

    Leave the govt shut down until Trump get money to secure the border. The Dems have no plan of doing anything when they take over except obstruction, lying, impeachment, false chages. Put another way, just the usual garbage from them.

  8. Gerry says:

    Too bad the moron doesn’t go swimming with the sharks while she is there. I’m sure the sharks would spit her back out but at least it would be in pieces.

  9. harry says:

    It’s funny Democrats can’t find information on where Trump donates his government pay. It’s fact and it’s printed history, I bet if they were looking for something for Obama they could show at least a little intelligence by knowing how to get information. It’s getting clearer why they don’t know all Trump has accomplished. They don’t want to know or they are really dumb! or both.

  10. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    The Witch Hunt will continue as will any head way that was made on improving life for the genuinely cognizant patriots of this nation because Donald did not use extreme enough measures to go after the enemies of us true law abiding patriots, where was the demand for an investigation of election results across the nation during the Midterm elections?, Donald and the Republican party seriously failed the people in not demanding an investigation.

  11. Craig Michael Vandertie says:

    Let me tell you about a situation a state legislature scale, during governor Scott Walker’s 1st term when he was trying desperately to lower taxes while balancing the budget, in an effort to break the back of the Communist Teacher’s union which has always been a major cause of high taxes, since Republicans had control of both the Senate and the Assembly it was a given that the bottom feeding TU attorneys were going to lose much of their authority as to the always unreasonable demands they made, the Demoncommiecrats fled Wisconsin and refused to show up during the legislature session, they should have been fired or had their wages docked, and federal politicians should be subject to the same type of disciplinarian actions.

  12. Sherrie says:

    Mitch McConnell needs to pull the Nuclear Option tomorrow. Then, the Senate can vote immediately on the bill before Nancy tales office. Nothing is going to get done after she takes office. Don’t make President Trump compromise! Give him his 5 billion NOW!

  13. john furlong says:

    Obstruction is the demo vomit’s platform, because they have NOTHING to offer!

    • Fighterforfreedom says:

      They only have an agenda when their puppet masters tell them what it is which is obstruction to either negate MAGA or eliminate Trump. They should realize that they are useful idiots with firm expiration dates. You always hit the hitter – this is something they should have learned from watching the Clinton mafia.

    • Fighterforfreedom says:

      What I want to know is when Kelly Anne is going to dump her loser libturd husband and then w hf at she is doing for lunch?

      • Mysty says:

        He IS a nasty piece of work, isn’t he? Can you imagine her life at home? My gosh I bet every word he speaks to her is some curse-word-laden RANT!!! I give her kudos for staying with him because he simply CAN’T be much fun or loving to be around. I have a feeling there isn’t much pleasantry in that relationship.

    • Eunice LaSpisa says:

      why don’t the people demand IMPEACHMENT OF THE ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC –after all in the private sector, if you don’t do your job, you get FIRED! So it stands to reason- fire them! Let the people gather & demand their IMPEACHMENT!

    • MARK says:


      • John Rayburn says:

        Jefferson said something to the effect that every nation needs a REVOLUTION every 200 years or so.
        Not a civil war. There will be nothing civil about it. Those who would destroy the greatest nation on earth, best leaving now, stay and preserve it or die.
        You had best choose soon.
        I’m not advocating that, just predicting the near future John A. Rayburn

  14. mjack says:

    No surprise in what , Nasty, Wee Chuckie, and democrats are doing. I’ve watched them and everything they do is slimy, sickening, and traitorous. Democrat Party is not the same as it was decades ago. I believe that there’s a lot of democrats as sick as I am of the way democrats has decided to go. I am glad Trump became president and brought the crooks into the daylight. God Bless President Trump and Family!

  15. Vernon Clifton Jr. says:

    Have Schumer sent to Israel to learn about the wall security and Nancy Pelosi sent to Guatemala for her vacation with no return tickets. Then take down their private walled residence wall down. Have their huge house and land compound confiscated and become a housing santuary compound for illegal aliens at her house in California. Then let her and her husband leave in tent city and feed them at the new santuary compound in California with the worst of the criminal imigrants. (Ms-13 members)

    • Mysty says:

      Well remember she DID say on public TV that she would rather have her daughter marry a ms-13 gang member rather than a Republican!! Personally I’d like to see every child, grandchild & great grandchild of hers marrying into that violent mob of vicious murderers, human traffickers, drug runners/dealers, gun runners, band of thieves. And they ALL decide to move into HER PALACE!!!! I just betcha her tune would change IMMEDIATELY!!! She’d be BEGGING TRUMP to come save her! And do you think he would? Guess what…yes, he would!!! But ol’ chuckie Schumer WOULD NOT!!!!!

  16. Edward Osler says:

    I was under the impression that Pelosi and Schumer were elected by the people. But I guess I was wrong and we are no longer living in a Democracy. Ever since Pelosi and Schumer have elected themselves as King and Queen of the Democrats. These two “Sh**Heads” are only interested in hating Donald Trump and will do everything in their power to oust him as President. It doesn’t make any difference to them that Pres. Trump has fulfilled every campaign promise. That the economy is better, unemployment is better, businesses have returned to the US, that he is in talks with North Korea and China and God Knows Who Else = all for the betterment of the legal citizens of the USA. Now President Trump wants funding for a Border Wall. This wall will keep the illegals out and keep Americans safe. That is the name of the game. But Pelosi and Schumer have a personal vendetta. They are only concerned with lining their own pockets with the money that should be earmarked for the American citizen. Maybe the Democrats will open their collective eyes and see Pelosi and Schumer for the lowlifes they really are.

  17. Mica Rose says:

    Gary, thank you for this info. I never heard about this. Please give info on when this happened. I will check out how they are doing now.

  18. Judith says:

    Potus, with all his good intentions & everything he has done for our country since his time in office, doesn’t have a chance of success with the Jackass party taking over Jan. 3, 2019. I feel so sorry for him.

    • jeff boaz says:

      Don’t feel too sorry for him. The Republicans have had 2 years to drain the swamp and start to get that sewer in order. Just proves again, there is not a nickles worth of difference in any of them. No matter what they say

      • harry says:

        What? How many Senators and congressmen are gone that were anti Trump? Look at how many Democrats were also dumped who did not support Trump! Please try to keep up Jeff.

  19. Ron says:

    I guess that whichever tire company designed Nancy’s face didn’t tell her that you can’t tan rubber, no matter how much tanning lotion she applies.

  20. George says:

    I would like to make a comment but cannot due to having a knock on the door from the FBI! OK that said wish that someone should put Pelosi & Schumer against a wall and shoot them. They are traitors to our country!

    • daniel58 says:

      Next chance they get for reelection simply just have them voted out of office; thus effectively having them fired and finally terminated once and for all; then just watch as the other Democratic mouse scatter and run for their political lives.

  21. RAFAEL says:


  22. Jerrie MILLER says:

    Let’s not mess up Nancy’s holiday!!!

  23. BigJoe says:

    The deep state is fighting hard to retain power and using the useful idiots out there to carry their water. Just read some of the ill-informed fools posting here. Vicki and Lynne who obviously haven’t paid any attention to reality and continue to remain ignorant without even trying to see beyond the mainstream media’s fake news and outright lies. People like them hear a few talking points and repeat them as if they were gospel. Never knowing how dumb they sound to the rest of us who do know the truth. These two make men wish they never gave women the ability to vote.

  24. Michael Gypin says:

    Wake up America!stop electing these self centered and unrealistic people.they don’t give a hoot for you or anything that is morally good for this country.

    • Leo says:

      Democrats don’t give a damn about working class people they make empty promises to the low information voters and never even try to deliver on them. They don’t care about the people effected by the shutdown the only obstruct. We now have a president whose only intent is to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, Donates entire salary to charities and delivers on his Promises Made Promises Kept philosophy.

      • Tell me which charities he ever gave too. He never comes through….Happy New Year!!!

        • Mysty says:

          You really AREN’T paying any attention Lynne because PRESIDENT TRUMP DOESN’T EVEN TAKE HIS MONTHLY SALARY… HE DONATES EVERY PENNY TO CHARITIES!!! That is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE…get smart & do just a little research for heaven sakes!!!

        • Harry says:

          White House .gov. You should know where to get info! some of his pay has actually gone to department debt reduction os special projects!

          Can’t believe how you and most Democrats really don’t know what the hell is going on. maybe it’s your news sources?

        • Terry says:

          He gave one check to Arlington Cemetery, one he gave to the National Park’s.

          • harry says:

            Add to that, the Small Business Association, (which will go to veterans looking to get in business) bKeeping his campaign promise to NOT take a salary! Add: Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Veteran affairs. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

        • Fighterforfreedom says:

          He donates his salary to the contractors that maintain military monuments and to veteran causes. You need to quit watching CNN so you can stop being one of their useful idiot fools. Freedom loving deplorables will welcome you with open arms without conscription and you dont have to suffer from the dilemma of confliction of doubt.

        • Byron R Sosebee says:

          Go FK yourself!

        • Eva says:

          Lynne, his salary goes to different government departments, not charities. Eric’s charity went to St Jude, millions and millions of dollars went there. Not sure where Trumps charity went. He did much that was not tax deductible or “chariet” titled, such as sending one of his planes to Calif to airlift a child to NY for medical treatment when airlines refused to due to his medical equipment. Insisting a former employee rehab at Mar a Lago after heart surgery, others that I am aware of and I suspect there are many that he was successful in keeping secret. He is a very generous man.

        • Joseph says:

          Lynn…he has donated his entire salary($440,000/year-taxes, and $1, that he is obligated to accept)since he has been in office…this is public record, and you could probably learn each one if you googled it…how bad do you reallynwant to know?

  25. Harry says:

    This shutdown will never be blamed on Trump because the Democrats don’t support any security, they want the borders open to ANYBODY, the want to eliminate ICE, they don’t believe in strict punishment for ILLEGALS committing crimes and they surely didn’t care about the police officer killed by an ILLEGAL gang member. They also support Sanctuary cities that protect ILLEGALS! What does that tell you?

    • Janice Sheaffer says:

      You said it all in a nut shell! Plain and simple!!

    • Terry says:

      Democrat’s I guess aren’t smart enough to know that a Country without Border’s ceases to Exist!!! But that’s the name if their game, give it all away for Free.
      Our Military has fought to keep Our Country safe for year’s, this is like throwing salt in open wound’s.

    • Karin says:

      They just want a voting base. That is why the ‘no wall’ go for it ‘sanctuary cities and states’.

  26. Vicki says:

    Pelosi did not shut down the government, Trump did, with the Republican Senate’s help. Why should she stay in Washington? Maybe her vacation was already planned?

    • Harry says:

      Wake up Vicki before it’s too late for YOU and theU,S. !! If you don’t see the writing on the wall, then you are blind.

    • C Nel says:

      SO, in other words…you believe when there is an EMERGENCY at home, it’s OK to take off and go to a resort and pamper yourself and ignore what’s happening at home – AS THOUGH YOU ARE HAPPY THERE IS AN EMERGENCY – CAUSE YOU JUST DON’T WANT TO DO ANYTHING?!
      Typical of the “blame everyone else for what you just don’t want to be bothered with”…liberal mantra and MO!! great citizenship…IDIOT

    • Vicki, you are so right. President Trump actually said on the meeting with the Democrats that he would take the blame for the shutdown. He loves chaos and could care less about the 800,000 not getting paid. I could care less about both parties, they are do nothing for the american people….

      • Harry says:

        You also, as usual, left out the rest of his comments. I wonder why? He was basically telling Schumer he wasn’t man enough to man-up!! so he would take the blame, That will eventually come out when you see what Trump does. This shutdown will also reveal that the extra 400,00 new employees to the Federal Government duding Obamas reign are not needed any many more also are not needed these people make 3x more than you do, if you work and that is paid for by taxpayers again if you work that means you!

        • Harry, lets see what you would do without getting paid and still have to work!!! If it doesn’t affect you, you could care less….Happy New Year…..

          • harry says:

            Lynn. Have you ever held a government job? I have!!! they do little and get 3x more than private sector jobs. besides it sounds like they might all be Democrats if they can’t survive from one paycheck to the next! poor planning and when you make more money you should be saving and investing. I feel sorry for your lack of knowing what is going on! SAD!

      • Mysty says:

        Lynne, you & Vicki are BOTH WRONG. Who is at work this very moment trying to get this situation figured out so the government can reopen and get the workers back to work? Why is it that the leading demorats THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING THE GOVERNMENT CLOSED are off on ELEGANT & EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE VACATIONS WHILE THE MAJORITY OF THEIR OWN PARTY…THE COMMON FOLK WHO STRUGGLE TO PAY THEIR BILLS HAVE NO INCOME COMING IN? The facts are that YOUR preferred leaders don’t give a twit about you or any other AMERICAN. THEY ONLY care about keeping the borders open to let every murderer, rapist & freeloader leech come in so they’ll vote demorat. OPEN YOUR EYES & BRAIN!!!

      • Mica Rose says:

        Reason enough to open up the government, so the 800,000 government workers will get paid.
        Schumer caused the shutdown, because Trump has the backbone to not back down. Trump said he would take the blame, as he was predicting it would happen.

    • Bill says:

      All of the liberal democrats and a handful of Rinos voted against a proposed budget to keep the government running. Trump doesn’t get to vote in congress but he can sign or veto if they get to his desk, so …. who shut down thr government, now?

    • cheryl D. says:

      It IS the Shumey/Piglosi shut down. In addition, President Trump’s holiday was already planned. Yet, he did the “right thing” and stayed at the White House and worked.

    • Jerrie MILLER says:

      Let’s not mess up Nancy’s holiday!!!

    • Terry says:

      Delusional Democrat.

    • Raymond Shelly says:

      If I remember correctly they are only in session 168 days a year so why does she need a vacation? The illegals will continue to vote the democRATS in.. We need a convention of states to pass amendmen
      t 28 creating TERM LIMITS!!!

    • Joe Maxwell says:

      For those that believe the Democrats and don’t believe in global freezing, that has begun, will die as the world goes into a famine where food will not grow in most areas around the world. The worst will happen by 2028 but crop losses have already started. People will have to grow their own food indoors with grow lights and aquaponics. Getting prepared right away is critical because the materials required will be exhausted quickly. With all the clouds, greenhouses may not work well with the watts per square meter from the sun down 90 %.

  27. Nancy Bransford says:

    I agree withal the above. The Democrats do not care about anything but their own selves and power. Democrats are a bunch of jerks and idiots. Donald Trump is the best President we have had In a long time. And he is keeping his promises to America. I will Be voting for him adain. And may God bless him in allthings he is doing

  28. Buddy says:

    What do Islamist terrorists and Communists have in common? Democrats that work hard to destroy America!

  29. Bill says:

    Nancy Polosi should take a swim in shark infested waters.

  30. Jeff says:

    The demon rats have become so crazy there really isn’t any way to define them anymore 2020 can’t get here fast enough I would bet my life the dems have sealed their futures now thank the good LORD the writing on the wall is is to see except by these fools.

  31. Toni Boney says:

    The Democrats aren’t going to be satisfied until they give our country away to illegal immigrants in order to get their way! We need border protection and we NEED IT NOW! BUILD THAT WALL to stop the constant flow of drugs and illegal aliens from completely overrunning our country. God bless what’s left of America.

    • gary says:

      And what are YOU patriotic Americans prepared to do about it! You have too much blind patriotism to a corrupt government and the false mindsets that any government is too big to fight or fail and that any other party vote is wasted besides the current established corrupt 2 party system the rhinos and especially the democrats and their anti-American agenda tool the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! You cannot today trust American democracy of corruption and fraudulence as in elections anymore! American will Not do what the people of Iceland did to rid corruption in government i.e. storm the castles and make citizens arrest of the last administration and the medias! Americans are too lazy and spoiled!

      • Nancy Reed says:

        Comparing USA with homogeneous Iceland with small population is ludicrous. The problem is that Dems r turning far left and the GOP r far right and neither side is willing to grow up and learn compromise . Follow the Constitution as written.

      • Cat says:

        Good lord man…WHAT is wrong with YOU?? You only want YOUR anti-American (which BTW “America” consists of THREE continents…North, South and Central) comments only show how limited your intellect is – you may be school/book “learned” but you are totally, TOTALLY ignorant about what is in front of your face! ONE WORLD attitude and politics will NOT aid freedom OR individuality but compact everyone into a cell with bars where the “philosophy” will tell you where and WHAT to eat, talk, sing, look, play, THINK and do at any time and place. YOU will be killed for protesting, thinking on your own (which you don’t do now but it’s YOUR choice). Enjoy YOUR FREEDOM while you can because if your world comes to pass – YOU and your children will be run over by the padfoot drum machine! I’ll enjoy your cartoon face when it hits you and you realize what you fight for WILL kill you and your family indiscriminately!

      • Mysty says:


      • Mica Rose says:

        Gary, thank you for this info. I never heard about this. Please give info on when this happened. I will check out how they are doing now.

    • leo says:

      Reinforce the wall with Puff the Magic Dragon, machine guns and a free body bag to every illegal crossing the border.

    • Terry says:

      Exactly my thought. They talk about “rights” that Trump took away, but yet the DEM’s and Liberals are giving our Country away!!!

  32. Dee says:

    Kratz do not care about America or the American people Trump is the only one we have to make America great again

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